AOC admits that she's not really a leftist and that her political views are the same as most Republicans. She's so right-wing that conservatives don't actually disagree with her politically, the only reason they attack her is because she's a stronk independent womyn.

Looks like the skeptics were right all along, she is confirmed to be a plant intended squash the actual left. Zig Forums will have to keep searching for a leader.


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She’s not wrong, look at how ass-mad she makes Republicans and how much they obsess over her. She might be on to something. Still a pseudo-socialist

She's completely wrong.
And they wouldn't be doing the same if she were a man? Are you retarded?
even a pseudo-socialist would be attacked by conservatives if they became as high profile as her out of nowhere. So if the only reason conservatives attack her is because she's a woman, then she's not even a pseudo-socialist, she's just another liberal conservative.

Never ever trust an idpoler. Even one that might utter lefty things sometimes. They always go full vaginism/noirisme/etc. when push comes to shove.

Who in the fuck on Zig Forums thought Age of Consent had potential to be a leader? She accuses people of classism for telling her she's using the word socialism wrong.

Oh, you don't say?

Nice anti-woman idpol, fascisf

"AOC suggests that Republicans are sexist, prompting OP to sperg out and make a shitty reaching post on Zig Forums"

We, anarchists and some marxists, figured that out a long time ago because she's a socdem.
That's part of it yeah, you have to have your head in the sand to not realize the idpol preferred by reactionaries and conservative liberals is routinely anti-woman as well as racist, homophobic, etc.

Not to anywhere near the same extent. Along with being a woman, being so young, being a racial minority, and mouthing off (theoretically coherent or not, it's all the same to rightards) socialist rhetoric. It's sort of the whole package. Notice how they've been passing up countless opportunities to take potshots at Sanders to screech autistically about AOC?

I mean, look at OP's clickbait thread title, you can almost feel the asshurt radiating off him.

All that said, they certainly can hold their noses to look past any one of those except the socialism part, as exemplified by figures on the right like Sarah Palin, Alan Keyes, or Condoleezza Rice.

Oh boy the intensely-homosexual falseflagging faggotry I predicted in the Benis Sanals thread has started, and because the mods are fags and kowtow to the dickless eunuch terrorists running the UK government, I'll get b& if I give this thread the chemo it so desperately needs

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she didn't suggest they were sexist, she said that's the only reason they're attacking her which implies they don't actually disagree with her politics.

has been in politics for 30 years and had no support before 2016. It's not even close to the same as a 29 year old with no education who is suddenly the center of the spotlight for the left. That's why she's being attacked, but she wants to be given special treatment and doesn't want to be criticized like male politicians would be.

there's your problem

She was never a socialist to begin with. At best, she's a necessary evil to push american politics left.

motherfucker did you even read the article

It's more because she's a Democrat. Remember how they called Obama a communist even though he's a right-winger. A lot of morons can only understand things in terms of their favorite team.

And she herself is on the "(pokemon) go team blue!" bandwagon

Sadly, she still doesn't make as good of r34 fodder as a lot of the other Porkymen media

F-f-fookin' 'ell that's a bit of a mouthful.

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Did you even read the OP?

You sound like a misogynist
And a racist. That is the only reason that a conservative would disagree with either of them.

Say what you want about her SJW fake "leftism" but if you wouldn't suck her toes then you gay


Calm down, Zig Forums, she's just an e-girl that's well aware the media will lavish attention on a stronk liberal woman of colour that CLAPS BACK at kkkonservative straight white males, and is acting accordingly.

tl;dr this is just the MSM's version of "Ben Shapiro DROPS LOGICAL WHITE PHOSPHORUS on TRIGGERED SJW"

Literal idpol from Alexandria of Colour. Workers have been forgotten, it's all about her vagina now.

for fucks sake she's not Eduard Bernstein

Zig Forums astroturfing idpol media stories to diminish and obsfuscate her pro-working class stances and how she won her seat despite working against an incumbent corporate backed Clinton crony Democrat Joe Crowley.

Anything to not talk about healthcare , min wage, paid vacation, maternity/paternity leave etc

I don't get how you people obsess over and still not realise that "culture war" news is just propaganda and noise to make you forget that actual stuff is going on.

She shouldn't mix idpol into her pro-working class stances. Zig Forums is retarded, but a lot of her criticisms are self-inflicted.

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Like all women. They are toys.

What's that supposed to mean?

So you're saying that AOC is spreading propaganda to make us forget about real issues?
Are you really trying to pretend that this MUH VAGINA talk isn't an actual issue? It's not some Zig Forums boogeyman, it's an actual thing. And we're losing. I can give AOC the benefit of the doubt because she usually cares about actual issues but this is strike 1. And I doubt it will take her long to turn completely over to the feminist idpol side where she thinks the most important thing about her is the fact that she's a woman.

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>Lena Dunham is slated to throw her weight behind Hillary Clinton
"A-R Built like Lena Dunham
When I shoot I don't miss"

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You niggers have more in common with Zig Forumsyps than we do

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sage is not a downboat nigger



please just kys, it would make everybody you know happy.

I'm not even white faggot

LMFAO "r/4chan"
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Also this:

yes prole, enjoy the spectacle

They want her to be the face of the party, she is a net liability