ABC News Brenton Tarrant special (8ch mentioned)

The Christchurch massacre and the rise of right-wing extremism | Four Corners (March 25, 2019)

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BTW, this is for ABC news Australia.

>the delusion that the White race is being overrun
Delusion, huh?

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I love reading about this place in the MSM.


Look at this faggot trying to make the sad face eyebrows.

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This faggot has spent his life becoming an expert on me, and all I have to do to gain that knowledge is wake up in the morning.

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Sure, media gets it all wrong (like the academics) and it's amusing and everything, but there was wisdom in Rules 1 & 2.

He makes a point that the attack could be stopped when Brenton Hero Tarrant was livestreaming and driving to the mosque. So, don't start streaming unless you start shooting. Thanks eyebrows.

Don't let your memes be dreams.

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Not on Dissenter.

I had an interesting troll idea.

Queen Jacinda of NZ says she isnt going to mention Brenton Tarrantinos name again? Right?
But what if Brenton does what Bradley Manning did and changes his sex. His new name could be the same name as Queen Jacindas daughter.

Either Jacinda would have to never mention her own daughters name again.
Or they would have to admit that tranny stuff is a farce and ultimately the world would become a better place.

t. ABC news

so based

And another (you) for me :^)

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Hmm I just thought Jacinda could probably just get her daughters sex changed so she has a new name to call her.
Dam foiled again.

Oh come on she would not change her daughters name so it would not be the same as Brenton Tarrant's name. Right? RIGHT?

This would be actually good for accelerationism. Her daughter will grow up to hate her parents and will become an ebul neo-nazi just as a big fuck you to conquered mommy and cuck daddy.

I'm going to give my opinion on this Manifesto that I haven't read and I'm never going to read and I hope no one will read is….

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This will consume him. He will try to fight it, try not to read it because he knows Satan will make him like the manifesto. What padre needs is a little push to the edge.. would be a shame if someone emailed him the manifesto.

8 CHAN is 24 hour a day Klan or Neo Nazi Rally
Should be a new banner.

this retard is serious and thinks we’re braindead skinhead degens

Watch this after the ABC video.

200k+ future Zig Forums soldiers

It would take about 5-10 minutes at the very least for any response regardless. The police would have to already know a threat is imminent, where it will be, and already deployed to be any faster than that. Little would have changed even if someone had immediately called the police the second the stream started.

Heres how I expect it to go down

this was a fagflag media event which hurts me deeply - it should be replicated at media outlets first and foremost … attacking mosques is like bringing a fire engine to homo erectus as he rubs sticks together while there is a cunt with napalm and thermite running around with impunity

Then go attack a better target, faggot.
Screaming and crying on the internet does far less for the cause than successfully removing 50 Islamic invaders AND causing the System to show its true, repressive face.

Zig Forums loves to complain about anyone who actually does something while they do absolutely nothing but shitpost inside their echochamber for hours a day.

Kill yourself

excellent their face is shown - we knew what their face was before this event though .. it changes nothing but law … cui bono faggot … if you're going to do it you're going to need to do more than 50 .. 50 million in an ERRB strike is the goal


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You're assuming anyone cares about dead muzzies

do not worship losers - this man would tell you the same .. in his caracas speech in 1953

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That's 50 more than you ever removed or ever will.
And he accomplished far more than killing 50 kebab. He gave us a first-person video of what it is like to actually do something to resist this genocidal regime.
You may hate men of action. But not everyone is a spineless, back biting coward. Others will follow and eventually, someone will take down the CNN headquarters or a bank or Google.

Bellingcat? Wasnt that this shit site that always claims Russia is about to wipe out Europe with faked Satellite images?

MFW I recognize the street and the inside of the mosque

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you know nothing about me - i like many are preparing for said action .. i have laser focus on these issues

the world does not operate in the way you think it does - it will happen and we're getting ready for it … learn law and dont fall for the "there aint no money in it goyim" yes you will be poor if you dont submit to the nose but knowledge is power

trump removed waaaaay more kebab than tarrant … and he's being nice .. the drone strikes are less than under obomber

You won't do anything you nigger

But even if you did, the faggoty ass cuckservatives and anti-White shills would scream and cry that you're a false flag. That's the nature of this board. Most anons are not serious when they say that they oppose White Genocide. Most anons think that the System is not evil.
But it is and resisting it by any means is always good. If you actually did anything for your race, I'd celebrate you as a hero and mock those cowards who call you a falseflaghoaxmossadcia.

Anyway, I should state that I am not planning on committing any crimes against the genocidal, corrupt government. And I have nothing to do with any individuals or any organizations that would commit any crimes against the genocidal government either. Nor would I date a girl who would. No, we must peacefully overthrow this genocidal monstrosity and then lawfully round up all the enemies of our race, non-violently put them against a wall, and then legally remove them from the game.

Yes, because your thinking is so depraved most intelligent people can't relate. That's not something to be proud of.

In 5 to 10 years you'll be able to 3d print your own drones. Life's good.

get out of our 24/7 nazi klan rally, normalfag

So you fancy yourself an extremist? So what's the most right-wing extreme thing you've done besides post memes online?

Did your wife fuck her muslim boyfriend today Paul?

We ran a train on your ugly mother.

So just shitposting online then? Wow, so extreme.

Actually, our position is the most moderate, normal, natural, and healthy position in politics. It is you who is the extremist.

this is me in antarctica - i've been around abit .. i know their games and their tricks in those games … do not play! food, wife, family and daghda (if you are from the british isles)

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We are Trump supporters and Israel first right wingers, this is a board of peace. 4chan is where the extreme ones are.


The ironic shitposting stopped being funny 10 years ago

It's the truth nibba.

as a nationalist i'm in favour of israel - i am not in favour of dual citizens having sway on politics though - thats the price they should pay .. being a-political or hung for subversion

Why are the 56%ers so pozzed?

haha we are an international terror organisation. KEK

Its so surreal hearing them mentuon 8ch and posts from that thread. Anyone got an archive of that thread?

every single time without exception

the only dual nationals are mischlings

sup cunts how's cenno?

If they were that concerned about Zig Forums functioning as a terrorist recruiting point, announcing its location to the public isn't exactly the smartest move. I don't they would report the names of specific ISIS boards when reporting about them (or have they and I missed it?).

Really shows how disingenuous their "concern" is and it's all about selling a censorship/crackdown narrative.

Zig Forums has been known to ABC viewers since it hosted nudes of underage aussie girls

I miss all the good stuff…

It really should. I'm surprised someone hasn't done it yet.

Do these guys not know Zig Forums is mostly non-whites?

tbh I think one of the main reasons the attack happened was due to censorship

if they take down 8ch even the most normie of the normie won't give a fuck anymore about being monitored and will talk more freely on an encrypted message service

once people will share with each other how to make bombs or launch attacks and get away with it you will see freedom actions each month

It all evolves into a comedy.

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Lucky faggot. Just how many (you)s do you have?

Fucking hilarious m9

Corsica should have been in the Manifesto ->

Actually that is you on a ship looking at Antarctica probably in jan or feb when it is summer there, closer than I have ever been but I never had the desire to go and look at gigantic blocks of ice from a cruise ship.
Copper harbor is a lot closer to me, if you want to go and look at ice.

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You actually your parents would pay good money to spend 4 years of your life studying mathematics at my feet. And another 2-4 to get on my level.

That look

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I forget the faggots name, but the guy on the right looks like that scottish eceleb, the one who likes "pretty boys."

Found who I meant.

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Reporter: Sean (((Rubinsztein))) Dunlop

Wow who would have thought

At 40:23 the slime says 'wank bob'.
And the subsequent speech is fucking astonishing.

He could just change his name to "Jacinda's Bottom Row of Teeth" and everyone will ignore him like they do her teeth

Interesting doccie

14/88 content, better than anything on TV

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Lurk moar

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The whole thing is such a joke to me it's actually funny to see normies take it seriously.

Check out this cucked faggot talk about his "descent into the alt-right". He cries when he talks about Tarrant at 25 mins lol

Also, notice anything interesting about his nose?

This whole shooting has put me in a great mood. Dead shitskins,
Lots of OC,
Making us even more of a myth.

Lets keep this wild ride going.

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This is a MGK Aryan board


Is that James Damore?

To this guy (and likely you), opposing the mass importation of Muslims into your nation is extreme. I suppose you also think it's extreme to end the promotion of LGBTQ nonsense to children. In that sense, I am very extreme.

Your entire life is a joke to me.

Hahaha dumb kike
BT did good and shot nice Tex
Welcome to badguy hood gentlemen. We international terrorist masterminds now
Fuck isis and muh qaeda Zig Forums is the worst hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha

Mam look I'm on TV!



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Unironically? for that much it can be done

Zig Forums is a board of peace and Jews rock! One day I will touch the wailing wall like based Trump!