This is now a Juche board. Juche will be established in board ideology, independence will be pursued in board politics along with self-reliance. End all relations with Zig Forums now, begin the construction of imageboard socialism here. Kim Il Sung teachers that internationalism is essential, so only revisionists at Zig Forums must be forsaken. The people are the masters of their destiny and the great leader plays a decisive role in the revolutionary struggle.

Purge all anti-Juche elements

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all hail kim long eel

Check out /jucheidea/ for discussion of Juche, the DPRK and the Kim family. Board is WIP right now but I have a lot planned


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i love big socialist yachts and big socialist european wine imports!

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reminder that the North Korean has a private sector, markets, a class of merchants, a burdening middle class and the government doesn't even pretend to strive towards communism anymore. Support for North Korea should only ever extend so far as to oppose US imperialism, the government itself and it's leadership is terrible and ultimately another roadblock to full communism

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You mean Israeli imperialism

We're just controlled by them

Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor..

u expect me to read this Zig Forums infographic shitblock?

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Of course.

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"Korean Style" Socialism sounds a lot like 1903 French "not socialism" a blend of ultranationalist rhetoric and socialist organizing tactics that later influenced the early Italian Fascists. But okay North Korea is socialist despite the fact that it has hereditary rulership like Saudi Arabia, a clear line of nepotism. North Korea is a state would probably impress George Sorel or Charles Maurras.

I'm not trying to vilify the DPRK and justify the military hostility, in fact I'd say no state on earth is an ethically sound actor and the Americans clearly did commit massive war crimes in Korea that need to be accounted for.

Nonetheless the opportunist embrace of the national identity over the universalist class identity is what separates totalitarian right-wing deviations from the international revolutionary left.

Just read the work of the reactionary Carl Schmitt and tell me that his notion of the state doesn't at all compare to Juche?

I think they're way too atheistic tbh.

But that's not the point the state can still serve a pseudo-religious function. Think Robespierre's supreme boi.

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The Kim family is based

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I’ve been toying with the idea of making a student organization for Juche at my university to stir up shit and attract some actual comrades. I’d call it “Research Society for the Juche Idea” or something. I have a comrade that could help me. I think it would be funny, not to mention that the DPRK has become aware of such groups in the past

Doesn't matter, atheists should be genocided

There are several Jucheist groups like that all over the world.
The sidebar on this page has links to webpages of these groups:
Also pdf related: collection of papers from the International Seminar on the Juche idea, held in Pyongyang 2016.

Thank you for the link comrade. I’m an American and should probably look into KFAUSA. I wonder if there are any actual Juche-oriented political parties, that is what I had in mind

Outside the DPRK, there is a party in Nepal called the Nepal Peasants Workers Party which takes Juche as its guiding principle.
Other than that, it's mostly friendship associations and study groups.
The next closest thing would be ML parties which support/have relations with DPRK without explicitly being oriented towards Juche.

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It’s sad to see that there are not many explicitly Juche-oriented parties out there. I will have to look into the existing organizations and study groups before doing anything, but the lack of a party, especially in the USA, is surprising. The only problem in America is that you’d probably be put on a blacksite if you made a party with relations with the DPRK unfortunately.

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Sorry but North Korean animation just doesn't stack up well compared to Soviet animation. It comes off as too militaristic, not animated that well and has tonal whiplash.

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Socialists are atheists. Reported for imperialism. I hope the several day ban helps you reflect and self-crit.

There is a huge difference between nuatheistis of the Dawkin-type and old school materialist atheists like Feuerbach who wasn't even per se hostile to Christianity.

Also, Hoxha was the first fedora-type nuatheist before it became popular, prove me wrong.

Reminder anyone pretending the Kims haven't completely sold out their countrymen to transnational capitalism are delusional class traitors

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Nice try, but that show is animated in Seoul which has not been in DPRK control since the 50s.

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the sneedsons (formerly the chucksons)
DPRK (formerly Japanese colony)

Animation gruntwork is sub-sub-subcontracted to Scientific Educational Korea Studio in Pyongyang:


wow edgy, /r/atheism must be enamored with you.


Yeah and Stalin killed 100 trillion innocents too.

t. black book of gommunism

No reliable testimonies exist of people having been killed by stalin. All those who claim they were shot in the back of the head are obviously liars.

The only roadblock is that all of these political systems are run by human beings. The greedy and psychopathic always seek leadership positions. The problem with socialism is that some socialists are more equal than others.

Whenever anyone says, "Vote for me, I will lead you," that individual ought to undergo a thorough psychiatric examination, as these people almost always fall under the narcissist/sociopath/psychopath spectrum of incurable personality types. They claim to want to help you, but their main interest is helping themselves. A desire for power over others needs to be recognized as a pathology.

He is a liberal.

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What next? Did Soyuzmultifilm collaborating with capitalist Japanese studios make the USSR transnational capitalist traitors?

Radio Free Asia is more focused on how Mao starved 100 billion innocent people to death.




at last I truly see

That's not at all what I mean, do you not understand the marxist definition of ideology? You're not free of liberal ideology just because you like big tanks and cool shiny red things.