One way to improve the left / post-left / anarchist situation would be treating certain Democrat rallies the same way...

One way to improve the left / post-left / anarchist situation would be treating certain Democrat rallies the same way we treat Trump rallies. Isn't anyone else tired of people saying that the militant far left is liberalism / DNC shit? So let's list which candidates are right-wing fascist scum and discuss which ones pose the greatest risks to the future of USA, if we submitted an article to ItsGoingDown about an "official statement" about addressing the Fascists in the Democrat party we might actually win working class approval and distinguish leftism from libs and idpolers.

- Elizabeth Warren: Super capitalist, etc etc
- Kamala Harris: Literally a fucking cop
- Cory Booker, Pete Buttigeg, John Hickenlooper, John Delaney, etc: the same boring "centrist" guy copy and pasted too many times.

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The Man is the Man even when hes a black woman

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that hoodie is a ski mask the slump god line


I suspect that Americans are so deeply invested in RED TEAM VS BLUE TEAM that this would just make most people confused and upset. Zig Forums would have one or two 'Z0mGGGGgggg ANTIFA Is BASED and REDPILLED?????' threads before coming to their senses, twitter vampires would conclude that they're secret fascists, regular people would think they're scary mean extremists and violence is bad :☘️ we can talk out our differences :(( ugh :☘️
I know its a a shitty cliche to talk about 'generations' but I really do think millenials are generally soft fucks driven by a desire for things to be comfy and nice and all OK, more than anything else.

Forgot the filters. s/☘️/((/



The problem lies in demographics of these organizations/councils. Most irl anarchists would not follow through and are useful idiots. Individual terror is much more frightening than mindless trashcan soccer.

I.e, DIY be like Blanqui, not like some liberal college kid.

Unless they're doomer types.

What im saying is that you'd get so little support from so few peopld it'd just end up doing more harm than good. That the situation with the dems are like a bloated, sentient tumor thats outgrown the host, and you're attached by the hip.

fair enough. But, as someone who'd probably be called a doomer if I had to be one of those memes, I think you'd have better luck getting them to commit arson or plant bombs on those /nightwalk/s. It crosses my mind sometimes when I go out at night at least.

Oh don't doubt it I would

T. Doomer

Have fun walking around in public self declaring as an edgy doomer like some autistic Charlottesville larper.

I don't do that in that public or do activism you fucking faggot

He's relating to the meme. Because it describes a collection of qualities meant to describe certain people, and he sort of fits it. Not picking out a costume like a 12 year old.

Nice try FBI

the only costume I want to wear is your mother's skin

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Let a nigger nut, ok?

Spencer is not extreme enough

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