Remember when Zig Forums used to be good? How can we cleanse this board of filth and make Zig Forums great again?

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Forgot to mention the Contrapoints eceleb thread as yet another Zig Forums tumor

Ban incels and crypto-fash/socdems.

Is BO even active here? I know there are a few active vols.

How to fix Zig Forums:


Is the moderator thing some sort of “ebin meme” or do you really hold such an extreme aversion to authority that you think even Internet boards should lack it? I can understand the sentiment online since moderators can often be egotistical assholes, but how do you view government, laws and the state in general?

make a good thread then instead of just clogging up the board with your whining

The entire reason for leftpols creation was to avoid the annoying banning and deletion sprees that BO loved doing. Sure we do got invaded by Zig Forumslacks alot, but we just laugh at them and make them feel idiotic.

And all idpol is idiotic, both the Feminist liberal kind and the similar aut-right bullshit. You two are just the two sides of the same liberal idenity-obsessed coin.

Reminder that Adolf Stalin/Jim Profit aren't even leftists but grifters who try to claim some lolcow fame with their stupid "moderator" meme (and hilariously failing in regards to that as well).

Sure of ourselves, aren't we? I've seen many instances of Zig Forums bullshit permeating this board, see nationalism threads, feminism threads, incel threads, LGBT threads, etc. - just look at the Contrapoints thread. I hate Contrapoints to, because she's a liberal, but people here think she's a liberal not because of her shitty opinions but because she's a tranny.

Anti-IdPol doesn't mean adopting right-wing IdPol. In most cases the former leads to it though, because when you are paranoid about IdPol, you immediately retort to your own suburban white male IdPol when someone genuinely wants to express some legit gender/race/sex-based discrimination they experienced. The problem with anti-IdPol is that it is a stance that you can only afford if you are not affected by it. To be concrete, and I'm getting shit for this: If I was Palestinian, I'd support Hamas 100%, no matter how many books of Marx I've read.

This thread is going places.

The entire reason for leftpol's creation is revisionism of Leftypol's BO. Now, with advent of Juche, the posters are the masters of their board and the [b]Leader[/b] is the Sun of the Communist future, which is why we must all be united and organized.

Juche threads are american LARPery at its worst.
The same yank fucknuts to whom 'death to america' is just another spelling of leftism in their LARP threads are the ones worshipping Americunt of Colour's revolutionary reformism.

Aside from making the catalog look messy, do the 1000 idpol/eceleb/clickbait threads actually kill any of the higher-quality threads? Quality threads are (sadly) slow, and as such repeatedly get bumped when an effortposter deigns to grace them with their presence. Shit threads invariably rocket past bumplimit (usually from back-and-forth between two autists in a derail) and sail to the bottom of the catalog.

Mods are unironically 1000% garbage, even good people who assume the position are constantly tempted to overreach beyond their one legitimate task of spam control, inevitably either corrupting them, or burning them out in favor of replacement by social climbing subhuman parasites.

Overmoderation is the cause of death for every single online forum I've been among the diaspora from.

Hopefully, one day, some democratic, decentralized, collective combination of CAPTCHA and killfiles will solve the spam problem without ever involving mods, and we'll be able to return to how things are supposed to be: USENET

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Found the incel.

The thing I want to delete most are Juche LARPers, holy shit neck yourselves.


A few more general threads for specific national politics might be nice, the US/UK Politics Generals are some of the few good threads left on Zig Forums.

Really anything to attract sane posters, we don't need any more transplanted reddit brainlets since Zig Forums is full of them.

The solution to shitty content is to make good content. Go make some threads.


Butthurt anarkiddie detected. The Juche revolution is without end

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Will have 10 replies max. Nobody here cares about this.

Waste of time.
Classcucks are embed in ideology to the point were they cannot be converted even if the light is right in front of them.

Masturbating to the past won't accomplish anything.
What does it matter that some comrade did something heroic in the past if our current predicament won't allow the same to happen again?

This is very Zizekian where people just point it out what is going on but do not have any solutions.
Well mister thank you for saying that my boss is shitting over me but I have already figured out what's going on, what I really need is solutions not a captain obvious stating things that I can see myself.

Waste of time.

Waste of time. Besides we don't get any new visitants here curious about leftism anymore.

We need at least 1500 users for this to be effective.

Do you have alternative suggestions for good content or are you just here to be unreasonably negative.

I guess we should just make more incel threads

Why would Juche/ Songun supporters back AOC?

As a Juche / Songun supporter, I think we are producing some of the better content on this board lately, honestly. It is your failure to understand Juche philosophy that leads you to ascribe all DPRK posters to being vulgar anti-Americanists. We are anti-American imperialism, not blindly hating all that comes out of America. I can only speak for myself but the only “LARP” I do as a Jucheposter is laud the Kim family, but that’s just for fun’s sake – Songun and Juche are still an advanced form of revolutionary theory

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Muh moderators. You wanna suck their dick too?

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And by the "Leader" you mean BO.

God lord, all Juche posters are just liberal American LARPers.

Not to mention that moderation lead to the problem on Zig Forums that cuased the creation of Zig Forums in the first place. BO abused their power and began banning people over simply disagreeing.

is right, moderation eventually becomes overmoderation and causes forums to die.

You are your ilk are just upset that Juche is becoming more in vogue here at Zig Forums. It is no surprise either, many have began to realize that Juche is an entirely new philosophical development for the construction and solidification of socialism in Korea and worldwide for the modern era. There is a reason we are living in the Juche era. Juche realizes that the masses are the masters of the revolution. Man is the master of his destiny with the power to seize this destiny. It is an anthropocentric, collectivistic outlook recognizing man as he IS, the social-being, for the construction of socialism, realizing mankind’s desire for independence, creativity and consciousness – the intrinsic feaures of man. The popular masses, centered on the revolutionary army, are the decisive force for constructing and defending socialism.

Juche also focuses on the decisive influence of the leader in the revolutionary process, along with the development of revolutionary consciousness. Juche is universal and must be applied in all ideology, as well as Songun politics, flowing directly from the profound teachings of the Juche idea.

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Juche is not difficut to understand. It is just retarded.

Brilliant criticism

Calling Juche supporters "American liberals" is one of the most retarded things I've seen on this entire board.

Self hating nihilists id say. I don't support them because of family reasons. My grandfather didn't go fight in a war just so I could Dookie on his grave. That's why I'm more of a Pol Pot can than anything. Vietcong hated them, China hated them and I bet the DRPK did too. It's a real shame when the CIA creates better communism than the rest of the Asian world. In classic Kojevian sense Pol Pot was the best American Socialist/Communist of all time. Sucks when inbred burgers best everyone at your own game. You're welcome.


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In that case, follow the dictate of the supreme chairman and check in at the nearest labour camp whenever you catch yourself using the internet.

You should see your own post, god damn.


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Lmaoing at the people that call you a mod for wanting to delete incel and fascist threads. This is why the board died. I doubt the people that made this board in the first place over the Rojava shit in leftypol even are here anymore. Probably not.

This board has been completed shit up by Zig Forumsyps, liberals and trolls. It’s sad too, because a year ago it was better than Zig Forums for a short time. Now even Zig Forums is becoming slow

They have limited internet access in universities as confirmed by foreign lecturers. The rest of the country is airgapped against imperialist cyberwarfare and uses the Kwangmyong intranet, to which a lot of content from the internet is copied.
And there are pro-DPRK Korean residents in Japan who use the internet and they aren't being gulaged or gulaging themselves for it.

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I fucking warned everyone in the change of BO thread that Space is a lazy fuck who will be the end of this board. No one listened, some even defended Space. I fucking told you so.

Please ban the LARPers.

Pretty pathetic

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You don't contribute anything of value to this board whatsoever. All you do is shit up the catalog with your 500+ juche threads that nobody wants to read. You have your own board to do this on yet you still choose to shill this shit that was irrelevant even when Zig Forums was at its peak.

Any discussion with a jucheist on this board is like debating a dumb religionfag because whenever you make a legitimate criticism they sperg out and go: "MUH INCORRUPTIBLE JUCHE YOU ARE A ZIONIST NATO SPY!"

Why don't you take a break from spamming the board with this drivel and actually read some real Marxist class analysis instead of this hack shit.

nigga are you high?


There are like at max maybe 2, your dengist sympathizers don't count.

You will never stop the immortal science Jim Profitism

Not true China supported them against Vietnam, you need to brush up on your history there J Barg

of course, magic blood I dine on from the blood of dead asian infants. muh spooks n sheeit. everyone is a spook but me. solipsism taking to the logical conclusion. existence is imaginary.

yeah ya told me but it doesn't make any shred of sense that China would support a country that kills their own people unlike how western countries operate (at least after ww2)

neither Profit or I care about fame, we actually want people to hate us. that's the point. no use in being an activist anymore, everything is poop and just let the world go to shit. believe me, I love doing videos on other things, you know things that most leftists ignore like metaphysics and ethics and whatnot. beyond political shit. but you decide on one specific unifying factor between me and Jim, and while he's not wrong, most people don't a) get that moderation/bosses/bureacrats (even though sometimes it works only if there is one, but that would just be autocracy) are all connected in more demystifying ways than you can shake a syndie fist at, it unbelieveable how ignorant you are that controlling discourse has also been the root of corrupt governments and businesses before you were shot out of your dad's tiny balls and b) do you even try and watch my other videos? I doubt it.

Because NO states are moral actors and that they do things out of material interest?

well nowadays I'd be more inclined to agree with that sentiment than I used to. fair enough.

also "America big capitalist dumdum meme" is just as idiotic as Zig Forumss "them joos done everything"

its time to stop. you guys are a fan of self-crit, right? why don't you look at yourselves and try to improve your own outlook on the world at large. I mean I could say mean things like "succdem Sweden AIDS infested the U.S. starting in the 90s" but that would be just rude. figure it out yourself. we're not the best. no one is THE BEST. every country has good and shit qualities. my fucking god.

Can you not into history? China and the Americans backed the Khmer Rouge to undermine Vietnam which had aligned itself with the USSR. It was real politik.


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So basically make it like leftypol? Let's just delete this board tbh.

killing yourself

After a stint in the gulag, you can be allowed to come back.



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Overmoderation is the cause of death for every single online forum I've been among the diaspora from.

Hopefully, one day, some democratic, decentralized, collective combination of CAPTCHA and killfiles will solve the spam problem without ever involving mods, and we'll be able to return to how things are supposed to be: USENET

can't believe I actually agree with an ancomm of all people.

ching chong potato

its not that I care either way, HE DID NOTHING WRONG. LITERALLY NOTHING.