Don't let this die

The Brenton Tarrant shooting is the most significant event of the last five years. It has opened the way for our victory in a way that nothing has up until this point.
I've been a Zig Forumsack for a long time now, and I've never actually been hopeful of any semblance of victory; in fact, I had always simply hoped for a good death in service of my people. I legitimately thought that was the best we could do.
This attack opens up a whole new world for us, and I am serious in asserting that I've never been so certain of shill activity as I am now.
The phenomenon of the schizo false-flag poster has been turned on us by the Jew because they're fucking shitting their pants at the possibility of us taking the manifesto to heart.

This comes pretty damn close to being our only shot – so, let's do as we should and fight the shills for control of board consensus. Not only here, but also on cuckchan

This is far too important to let something like board culture stand in the way, we must fight on all fronts to spread the message that this is the real deal.
This very much includes halfchan.
A wise user once told me that for every content creator, there are a hundred posters, and for every poster there are a hundred lurkers. The outreach that winning the culture war on halfchan would have is enormous, and this wouldn't even be a raid or anything like that. Good anons on halfchan are constantly trying to tip the scales in our favour there, and at the current moment it seems like the board is divided close to 50/50 exempting the cucks, who i'm not even mentioning because they're irrelevant

I'll be fucking damned if I let our best shot fade away due to some IDF operation exploiting our natural skepticism and warping it into some type of mental illness induced defeatism.

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I'm only just realizing how detailed these infographics are getting. One thing I haven't seen people comment on - that one website, the Intellectual Observer. It's a visibly unfinished fake news website that was being used to associate the shooting with Mossad.

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naw the election of trump has done much more than this crazed lunatic

Valuable observation Comrade! I do wonder how deep into gaslighting they try to go.

how about you post the fucking mp4 or webm or even a link to the post where it's already linked faggot

Tarant broke like the least functional leftists want to happen to all their enemies
Decent people live in peace
Not Islam’s bloated false dignity of domineering peace either, but actual peace



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Yeah, Vote YangGang right goys? Gommunism is the only way to save the white race because Communist China is actually Fascism. Sean Hannity told me so.

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1. The do nothing ever goyim shill.
2. The everything is fake you have no heroes shill.
3. The optics cuck shill.
4. The "oy vey he didn't give jews an eternal victim narrative, I'm mad he didn't criticize jews more explicitly" shill


Many shills tried, all failed. Every one of the above points has been disproven.

Shills cannot produce a motive, a reason Mossad would fake this attack.
If they were to do something like this, why would we have posts of his from 2017?
Do they really plan these things that far in advance?
Why would they include this part of the manifesto?

Why would jews want whites to kill powerful anti-whites? Wouldn't these people end up killing mostly jews anyway? Hasn't the gameplan of ZOG always been to erase any traces of white autonomy and racial identity? If you kill your enemies, do they win?


John Mark's video was very insightful, and actually makes some solid arguments that lend credence to the notion that he was a genuine accelerationist vs an FFer.

Either way, I recommend going after elite shot-callers. And I mean the REAL shot-callers, not the political figureheads.

IOW, lookup the roster of Builderberg meeting attendees, and take your pick. Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, etc, etc.

Imagine if Tarrant had lit up the Rothschild family reunion, for example. Imagine that shit-storm.


Are you talking about that 1st person shooter game they b& in nz?

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learn to read



fucking weak response
generic meaningless bait
you should be fired

look, I made a haiku

Here's the post where the video is embedded, so anons don't have to log into kiketube

right let me just post a 35 minute webm
oh wait

I'm going to assume you're arguing in good faith, and aren't simply provocateurs.
Read the picture in the OP, it debunks the claims you make easily.

I'm not involved in any Yang stuff, I'm not American and I haven't voted in god knows how long. Don't implicate me in your stupid cuckchan meme.

Piss off, retard.

This is a major piece of evidence that the (((skeptics)))/(((schizophrenics))) are being used by the powers that be.

If that's your idea of what a "decent" person is, they're all going to be dead or bred out of existence within fifty years.

This shooting really spooked them.

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Definitely, and if you're in any way still unclear on why that is, watch
And of course, read the manifesto.

Not sure why this sperg keeps posting the exact same bullshit on thread after thread. Who does he think he's convincing?

The "movement" is the reason they give to exterminate us. The "movement" is the reason Whites can no longer fight back.


Great post!
I agree on all points. I have actually spent some time since the shooting on half-chan trying to push memes that will radicalize people into action. Ignoring half-chan and those who would be our closest allies is a grave strategic error. We don't want them HERE, but we should definitely be pushing our message THERE.

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Hes a shill. Hes not paid to convince, only to shit up the board.

and even more

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Shills are sliding something, I think it might be this thread.

Me too, This place is absolutely invaluable as a headquarters for the more initiated. God knows it's been that way all the way since 2014.

Remember, if you're not American and are thus not protected by the constitution; stay ambiguous, stay safe. Use language anons understand and letter agencies do not.
If you're German or Swedish, you'd best be behind 20 proxies. seriously, you're going to get vanned if you're german and careless


Keep up the work throughout all the Tarrant threads, link important info between them. That way they all stay bumped and nothing gets memory-holed. We want as many anons as possible to have "the full story", so that they can then relay it to others not in the know.
If anons can fill the holes in eachother's knowledge and can combat the shills at every turn, we win.

This is important, don't let up

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Thank you

Just to elaborate…
White Nationalists
are either a bit challenged upstairs or willing to economize on the facts to allow them to keep up the "Nazi LARPers off to save white/western/european/albino/havetheyevensettledonwhotheyaretryingtosave civilization" role play.
Somehow they all end up being in bed with Israel.
Too many examples to list, past and current.
In a war I suppose you would send these ones to the front line to soak up a bit of ammunition.

go to bed JIDF. You're not fooling anybody

I'm being opressed

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

Good post, OP.

Here, have a sage.

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Clear NATO psyops.

go to bed fbi-kun

So $50,000 is a "lot of money" to you? Damn, what are they paying you USACAPOC faggots these days.

>and read the ASIS psyop document for fuck's sake

It was 500K AFAIK.

begone pest

Op is not a fag.

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Regardless of the whole acceleration deal, just the possibility that we can convince somebody to take action and deal some actual damage to the (((GLOBALIST GROUPS))) is the only justification needed to push the message.
Ignore Shills.

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Bump. OP is correct and not homosexual.

Well said. I have not visited 4cucks in years but from what I hear it is a lost cause. If you say 4/pol/ is divided 50/50 that is better than I expected. This board on the other hand is far from lost.

The division over is actually helpful in readily identifying who the schizos, boomers, niggers and libcuck/jidf shills on this board are. If you watched the footage and weren't grinning ear to ear by the end, you are not one of us. I felt it, you felt it, and so did any other white man who understands this struggle. Tarrant named the jew subtly, and tactfully directed the battle cry towards their foot soldiers; millions of muslim niggers being imported into our lands. I only wish the shooting had happened somewhere in Europe for the symbolism. Maybe the next one will.

(((They))) would not dare admit the significance of this event, and anyone else unable to recognize this incredible turning point is my enemy.

Acceleration does not require violence. When you think about it, IOTBW was also acceleration. It caused a similar type of response, but on a much smaller scale.

im sure from 14 march there are many,many many leftist/jewish trolls on 8ch or halfchan,whose mission is ridicule Brenton
just do your jobs guys,we will se who is gonna hang on the Europe streets

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Well said.

It's exactly as you said, even they feel it, and that's why the shills fear it.
His deeds and the manifesto are being censored on a massive scale, they're trying to contain it as much as possible, and how far they're going to get with that is up to us.

Jews know it was a Mossad op. Even the Muslims know it was a Mossad op. Leave it to nu/pol/ to cheer.
Old/pol/: "What's the weather like in Tel Aviv?"
Nu/pol: "Maybe we should head to Tel Aviv for some Krav Maga training."


So this one time, our enemies say what you retards have been saying about everything that happens, and you BELIEVE them?
Such hypocrites, believing the media when it suits you.
Well, whatever you've got to tell yourself to justify your cowardice.

tarrant was a NATO/Mossad
used to trigger white disownment, grabbing white men's guns

We have to beat the reality of this event into their brains on this board and everywhere, then we must follow up on what Tarrant started. Redpilling, propaganda and memetics are useless if none of it manifests to real actions down the road.

Those among us with training and the means, make preparations for followup pranks NOW. Stop grabassing and shitposting, put off the grilling, dirt biking and camping trips and get in the game. Keep up the momentum. Don't let the first anniversary of Tarrant's work pass without a single supplementary event.

if you're not up for a mass shooting then work in the shadows and select interesting targets - any user with tor, a weapon, and a little bit of creativity can make himself useful


Let me let you in on a little secret. The fedposting meme was started by feds to seed mistrust and paranoia in predominantly white, online communities (your local hunting forum, /r/guns, arfcom etc..) to discourage the advocacy and encouragement of violent action. There is nothing the government fears more than even a handful of white men operating against the system at once. If dozens of us simultaneously began tear assing around killing bankers and destroying cell towers the country would be in chaos in a week. LA riots x 10. There wouldn't even be a civil war, it would just be over.

A dozen lone wolves brings makes them tremble. A hundred brings the system to its knees.

Find your niche, fulfill your calling. Honor the legacy of your ancestors by fighting for your race. Live and die as an Aryan.

Kill your self faggot

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a jew in israel is no enemy of his! wow so based and red pilled

It's true, redpilling normies on facebook is a vannable offense. However, kikebook is not the place to redpill people. You need to redpill them in person.
I've personally redpilled my family, those of my friends that weren't already and my coworkers.
You wouldn't believe how easy that is if you put your mind to it.
Ther German people are far from the meek sheeple they appear to be. Most regular, hard -working Germans have been getting more and more angry at the way things are going, but only in private would a German ever admit to that, since the thought police is always on patrol in Merkelistan.
Hope is not lost - the fire rises, Kameraden

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Brenton Tarrant did literally nothing wrong. Read his scripture, study his teachings, seek the kebablessness within yourself.

I migrated here after Christchurch, the shilling that this attack was mossad was just too much to fight back against.

I'm glad people still see through that shit.


I would, seeing as I've had quite some experience in this regard myself.

Observing this, it is then easy to justify why Tarrant went after muslims, and only mentioned jews in a dogwhistling way for us in the know.
The average person is very fed up with immigration and Islam, but feels there is nothing he can do. Had he mentioned jews he would have turned off all the average people programmed to dissociate immediately when the "jewish conspiracy" is mentioned.

These are things some Americans don't understand, hence why we've got mongoloid #1 here

It is only in these dire circumstances that the chance to free ourselves would arise at all.
I've known that for a long time, and to see the era dawn at last is liberating in and of itself.
Now the challenge is to signal to the fed up white man that HIS era has come, and to prevent that is exactly why these shills are here now.

There is already a consensus among real Zig Forumsacks. The shills are standing out like never before. "FALSE FLAG" lmao they are fucking scared shitless

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Funny how it still comes down to that, after all these years. Meme shooters are hilarious and that's reason enough. Everything else is just a great bonus

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Exactly, but that's why the focus should be on the less informed and undecided. Someone is going to get to them, and if it's not us it's going to be the shills and schizoposters.
All we have to do is keep our presence strong; overpower the shills and show we have an overwhelming consensus. Post the infographics and arguments debunking schizophrenic arguments, etc.

This is exactly the time when we need those who are on the fence to hop down to our side, explain the thought behind acceleration and they will understand Tarrant had it all figured out.

Here's the video explaining in webm form.

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You sure are, moishe. It's a proven false flag. The manifesto itself proves it. No one has fought back. No one has risen up. Nothing has happened anywhere else. It wasn't the "start" of anything. It wasn't anything but the latest in a string of false flags.


hah the scottish terrier at the rastenburg headquarters that he said looked like a dirty rag. he actually commanded none of the photos with him and the dog be allowed public release.

You guys really seem to think that our entire board jargon comes down to (confirmation) + (jewish first name), don't you? You stick out like a sore thumb.

Oh yeah, because the manifesto of course orders everyone to just walk out the door and start murdering kikes, right? Wait no it doesn't you massive retard.
Sounds like you're just trying to get anons to implicate themselves as planning an attack, isn't that right, officer?

Keep shouting in the dark, human garbage.


just read about it in hitler's war by david irving

I'm naturally quite sceptical of Hitler ever calling any dog "a dirty rag", seems completely antithetical to his personality.

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well, i can't find the reference for a screen cap. it may also be one of the scottish terriers with him at the berghof. looks like masurian terrain though, ie rastenburg.

here it is. he refers to it as a dirty scrub brush according to his secretary christa shroeder's diary.

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Not really. It's not an insult to call it that. The pattern on the coat does look like a dirty rag. Even so he still hung out with it and permitted photos be taken with the dog.

The dog may have also just not been properly groomed, or groomed as frequently needed. Scottish Terriers are related to Schnauzers and their coats grow out of control real fast. Infrequent grooming is bad for representing good discipline, so if it shows that Hitler is with a dog known for looking messy, it's not good for propaganda as Goebbels would say.

Thanks for the source.

I do suppose you guys are right, making an innocuous comment about a dog's appearance is not the same as hating it, or even disliking it.

Good point.

Is it just me or does it somehow actually seem like the shills are gaining more steam? A couple of days ago claiming it was a false flag would net like 5 angry (you)'s, while now that seems like it has all but vanished.

I've seen posts saying that the fervor in favour of Tarrant convinced them that it was a false flag? Somehow these people seem to gain more steam the more discredited they are.
Perhaps they're ramping up the shills in the hope that anons will become demoralized and will hesitate to take action.
Don't lose heart, keep the pressure up.

I would be excited if he shot up a bank or one of those insurance companies transferring millions to jews whenever some old piece of crap of theirs gets vandalized by muh racism. All he did is shoot some palestinians for the jews.

It will die, and Tarrant and his fanboys change nothing. Whites and non-Whites will increasingly collaborate in shutting down Jewish power. Those who hope for "Moshiach now" hope in vain. The poetic justice in all of it is that the Jew will adapt to these new conditions and save himself, while the Shabbos goyim will be left out to dry. The people who are betting on Tarrant are betting on a lame horse.



Well, at least you stopped trying to spread your retarded schizophrenic false-flag nonsense. Now you're just claiming shit with absolutely no arguments whatsoever like befits a Hebrew gentleman of your status.

Show me where this is happening, or any indication that it might start happening.
Hint: There is none.

The manifesto clearly states he has no problem with a jew living outside of our homelands

Such a jew does not exist, hence, it was tongue in cheek.
He bothered to put clear indications in there to show us that he was legitimate, but I suppose that doesn't matter when you're as obtuse as a fucking rock.

Remember the 50

Steven Bishop admits London mosque plot

Lucky 31. Remember Ebba. Remember what was stolen from you.

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That was actually a great book