RBG retirement countdown

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If she's not a corpse, then I don't care

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Woman have absolutely no place in law or politics or anywhere else except making babies and food for their families

Go away, Antifa. Real people don’t think like that.

Nigger baby adopting christcuck female SCOTUS justice inbound!!!

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can we have a wall now, please?

Go back to cuckchan faggot.

I do , I’m a real person

she is allergic to cats you insensitive prick

What a
combination of non-traitorous traits!

Sounds alright to me. But then I'm not a fucking nazi.

The nigglet will kill her at age 11, and some Cortez motherfucker will get the seat.

Fucking women shouldn't be allowed on the SCOTUS…

No way he will nominate a woman, unless he thinks it's a good way to avoid another Kavanaugh-type controversy.

That said, this info is coming from Axios, the left-wing fake news platform named after the theoretical subatomic particle that a few days ago was, ironically, proven not to exist.

no more women SCOTUS. that fuking jew bitch RBG is in Hell. Why aren't the other cucks saying where she's at? Fuk the whole treasonous Traitorus lot of faggots.

My friend at CBC says their telemetry indicated (tentative) that she kicks off on 5/30 and HRC actually goes on 5/27 due to a non-disclosed lung ailment

MOGUL may blow the lid on CBC in order to boast to the world that we have the capabilities we have, there is internal debate about this…

You should leave. You’re not welcome here
*sips lager

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Your friend at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation?



Women aren't people. women are tools to be used and discarded at will, without any consequences for the men using and discarding them.

This is how a soyboy cuck thinks.

Awesome. Maybe another anti-gun "conservative" judge that's perfectly fine with legally changing the definition of what a machine gun is refusing to hear cases against the bumpstock ban, which does just that will get in.

wtf i love her now!

durr hurr!

Cock Block Central, it's a clairvoyant socially inept jewish mother AI

Another conservative justice would definitively tip the scales in favor of gun rights and strong immigration laws, so they can't have that. This one's publicly compromised, a clear olive branch to the globalist controllers.

Anyone but her. People who adopt non-whites cannot be trusted.

2024? Three nominations are guaranteed.

Oh you can trust them, but they learn the hard way why niglets are always going to be niglets. At least adopted asians can grow up to be respectable Americans.


There is zero real world evidence to support that assertion. Immigration and gun rights have been consistently eroded under conservative administrations, legislatures, and judiciaries.

Grainy audio and ( ( ( still images) ) )

Trump will nominate 2 other supreme court judges after 2020. I guess one of them is the replacement for Sotomayor, she has diabetes, she is not in top condition.

I am nor sure who the other one would be, but they don't look young.

We should have a judge from Zig Forums :) any lawyers here?

Or maybe Q user should be a supreme court judge.

If we can get another conservative on the jewpreme court, the White race will finally be saved!

There's a difference between conservative and Conservative, retard. Just because someone brands themselves as one doesn't mean they are one. Only actions determine that.

That's definitely Trump.

LMAO go back to reddit faggot. Women's place is in the home not the public. The downfall of the west can quite literally be tied to women getting the vote because it splits the family apart. No family = no civilization.

No, there isn't. Capital does not want an armed population and it stops pretending to tolerate one when it stops believing the population is buying into their facade. They want to be able to tell you exactly what to buy, when to buy it, with the ability to produce on your own outside of their walled gardens restricted with force.

Go back to your degenerate board 4cuck

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All women or most women?
Whatever the answer, a just and evidence-based meritocracy will bear that out. …Unless you're afraid you'll be proven wrong?

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