Obama (not Trump) was the one who signed 38,000,000,000 over to Israel

I am constantly seeing Trump getting blamed for the largest-ever fundraising being given to Israel as evidence of him being a Jew-supporter, and it seems to ignore a lot of the facts.

You can see from obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2016/09/14/fact-sheet-memorandum-understanding-reached-israel that Obama was the one who passed this in September 2016 near the end of his term in office. Trump had nothing to do with it.

Trump's face is not the one who should be stamped on this. He didn't STOP it, yes, and that is unfortunate, but let's not act like he was the one who started it! Trump isn't actively doing enough to drain the swamp, but that's not the same thing as actually adding to the swamp.

Anticipating the start of Obama's deal in 2019, the Trump Administration did issue press release about it at the end of last year state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2018/10/286363.htm but Trump was not the architect of this plan. It is feasible that he saw opposing this as interfering with other plans. If he does manage to pull the troops out and have Israel do more of the fighting and reduce US military expense, that might help to make up for a couple years of extra aid.

If it is possible for Trump to back out, it might not be a good tactical decision to do so until 2021 when he starts his 2nd term. Perhaps in response to becoming friendly with muslims (reformed Trump) and empathizing with the people of Pakistan.

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Heil. Saddest truthful dub dubs of al time


Wow, wrong on literally every count.

He could have scrapped it, like the Iran deal.

Uhhhh he’s right on every count dood
This is a kushy jidf shill

Except it's not 100% truthful: Trump has built a tiny wall, it's just inconsequential at this point. "Mass" deportations are subjective (what is the minimum number to meet that criteria?) and how many rapists of children does Trump have to jail before it will fit your "ring" criteria? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinet_of_Donald_Trump#Cabinet_members includes Pence/Pomeo in cabinet and they aren't jews so it isn't 100%.

There are many valid criticisms to be made of Trump, and the truth is condemning enough, you do us a disservice to exaggerate them into unnecessary lies.

This thread is not about Trump's overall presidency

This thread is specifically about the "38 billion" meme which is constantly brought up to bring Trump down. If this is being done dishonestly, we need to ask why, and (((who))) benefits.

I'm not even convinced that the 38 billion aid package has been solidified into law yet. I'm not convinced that Trump has actually SIGNED it either. If anyone thinks so, please supply some reliable proof of that.

The MOU of 2016 eventually led to two processes in the 115th Congress…
H.R.5141 - United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018

S.2497 - United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018

The thing is… there is no evidence past that that Trump actually did anything in response to the acts of the 115th congress. Evidence to that is that they're still trying to pass this thing in the 116th congress in 2019…

Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019
is actually just (((code))) for…
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2019

They would not need to try to pass a USISAA act of 2019 if the USISSAA act of 2018 had been signed by Trump! It was a 10 year deal! Trump didn't sign shit!

The fact of the matter is that Trump didn't take the bait, so they are trying to disguise USISAA under this new SASMEA act where it's just one of several sections.

Trump doesn't have to scrap anything if he just lets it languish in developmental hell. For all the publicity this deal has received, there's no evidence I've seen that it's actually passed Trump's hands, only that House/Senate approved it in 2018 just as 115th congress was ending, knowing that it would have to be re-launched in 2019 for the 116th congress before anything could be done with it.

You mean like adding more jews into the white house
You mean like asking for more than just the Obama gibs for israel
You mean like signing up for more than just the Obama gibs for israel
You mean like granting jews military protection by the USA for the Golan heights
You mean like undoing hardwon judicial justice against jews with presidential pardons
You mean like signing hundred millions off for invader aid to goy some worthlessl little fence funding

Go fuck yourself jared

Its not. Trump is the most Zionist controlled president in history.

Honestly who cares about Trump at this point.

One can only hope his daughter gets sharia'd by a warrior of peace.

Maybe that will cause some acceleration.

Jews sometimes work against other Jews, nothing wrong with using the (((enemy))) to fight the (((enemy))) if you can manage them.

Show me evidence that Trump has asked to expand upon the 38 billion dollar aid package? I thought not. He is in fact dialing it back by having them use their own troops more by removing US military assets (a bit too slowly, but still happening)

Please elaborate on what US military assets have been committed to the protection of Golan. Is this actual troops, or just "we'll bomb some targets"? US bombing experience adjacent to Israel is probably good practice in case they turn their nukes on us.

In regards to Sholom Rubashkin, you should more accurately describe it as a commutation of his sentence, not a pardon. They gave him supervised release, so he's technically still being punished. I agree it's complete bullshit, but you should still accurately describe the color/weight of the poop.

Rubashkin has a restitution obligation, which makes me wonder if perhaps he might be more able to meet that obligation if he is free than confined. This might be a tactical move to make Jews think Trump is their friend to gain their support for 2020, how can you tell how deep the chess goes?

We fight the Jews by using the truth. If Trump is a Jewish agent then the truth can be used to criticize him. If people are using non-truths (like blaming Trump 100% for USISAA and not giving any credit it's architect, Obama) then it smells shilly.

If it's not possible for Trump to back out, then he MUST have already signed (((USISAA))), right shlomo?

It must be easy for you to find proof of Trump signing USISSAA and to tell me the DATE that he signed it, right?

There was fake news all over the place in 2018 saying that Trump had signed USISSAA during 115th congress, but we can see from the push to get it signed in 2019 during the 116th congress that it never actually fucking happened.

News outlets interpreted the house/senate signing the bill as "America signs" and then more outlets interpreted that as "Trump signed" but it wa NEVER finalized.

Acceleration against Muslims? Sometimes I wonder if the Jews are pushing for that because they know Muslims hate them and want us to fight side by side so that we love Jews as brothers as mutual targets of the Muslims.

I think that, alongside with weakening white culture, is why Jews push to import muslims, because they might want to accelerate internal conflicts with them to create a bond of blood with us, even though it will be us doing the fighting and not them.

Hi Reddit.

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Upon further Googling, I realize that Trump may not be the reason it hasn't passed. It may not have even gotten to his desk…

==December 2018
Sen. Paul must release his hold on Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act

It appears that it is Rand Paul, not Donald Trump, deserves primary credit for holding back the advance of USISSA and preventing the confirmination of the 38 billion dollar aid package. Can anyone find any evidence that Trump has criticized Paul for doing so, however? If not, then I think we can assume he's fine with it. Strangely, not must news coverage over this rather important issue.

OP, Zig Forums have adopted the Fallacy of the Excluded Middle as their ethos; All or nothing. It's childish; a belief they're free to try and destroy this platform by making it a sewer. Only more tearful, and horrific brother wars will come from their ever-changing definition of White.

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Rand Paul is arguing for congress to pervert state rights; and practically calling for unlimited government control. Combat deaths is not a metric for deciding foreign policy. EVERY SINGLE TIME we pull out because of casualties, the situation gets worse. archive.li/IYhYr

Unlike the mindset here, all wars have context.

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It sounds like we have Saint Paul to thank, his EPIC HOLD managed to wait out the clock on the 115th congress requiring ISAA to be re-launched in 2019… and (((they)) are being VERY sneaky about it.

29 January 2019 article by Whitney Web…

Guys, we need to remember ACRONYMS here. What we must be keeping our eye on is the SASMEA act:

This is what people need to be aware of. This is what we don't want Trump to sign. As far as I know, he hasn't. It's insidious though, because "Israel" is no longer in the name of the bill, so it's Jewishness isn't as apparent to someone who doesn't look closely at it. Being bundled in with 3 other acts pertaining to Jordan/Syria/BDS (albeit BDS is also Jew-related but not obviously) distracts from that aspect.

"Trump signs Strengthening America Act" would also not alarm your casual conservative American unaware of what the act contained, to the degree that "Trump signs Israel Security Assistance" would. This is why it is FAR more dangerous in its 2019 (116th congress) incarnation than it ever was in its 2018 (115th congress) incarnation, and Ron Paul only just BARELY managed to stop it last year… I don't know if he could do that alone this year.

Unless Trump actually does sign SASMEA though (unless they amend it to reduce the Israel aid significantly, as Ron Paul moved to do) I really don't see why this "38 billion" meme keeps getting trotted out as if Trump signed it, when we KNOW that he didn't. Maybe he would have signed it if Ron Paul hadn't stopped it from getting to him, but the fact is that he hasn't yet, so it is not a basis of condemnation. When there are plenty of other reasons to criticize Trump, why is it that whenever we talk about Trump v Jews people always bring up "muh 38 billion" bullshit?

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You're correct OP. But Trump bragged about it, so that's why he takes the heat. The Obama phone is the Bush phone. The Obamacare is Romney care.
And the Fence is a Bush/Obama fence. Not a wall.

Bragged when? What did he say? Provide an exact quote, stop being a lazy shit, makes you sound like a shill. What about that video of an empty expanse with a trench dug in it and a bulldozer dropping wall segments into that trench? Looks like brand new wall to me. Although Trump has certainly misrepresented repairs to Bush/Obama barriers as wall to appear more successful than he actual has been, that doesn't mean he hasn't build at least a couple hundred feet of new wall in addition to that. Even if it's 99% repair 1% new build, it's still not nothing, so we should honestly acknowledge that, followed by criticism that it isn't anywhere near enough.


It is yet again in developmental hell, today is the 54th day of stalling. Understand the state it is in:

I'm not sure which of the two it is. Anyone have any idea if this is HDH or HDS?

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Marco Rubio was the one who introduced this bill on January 3rd and congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/1/cosponsors provides a list of the 12 co-sponsors…

These 13 people need to be ousted from the Republican party. They are the ones presently pushing for the 38 billion dollars to Israel. Why is it being attributed to Trump and not to him? That said: why did no democrat senators support it? Surely there are pro-Israel liberal senators too?

All I can think is… is it possible that Marco Rubio is actually some kind of genius and he packaged it together with the 3 other failed bills knowing that there was some kind of poison pills inside that neither democrats or republicans could stomach so it was doomed to failure?

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Name a president that hasn't cucked to jew since the jewish state inception

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Why have no one killed the Zio-spick Marco Rubio? The war against spicks starts at home, not in Caracas.

This thread is now for discussing (((SASME))) and what Trump has done or may do in response to it, not the broad vague idea of Trump cucking to Jews where people throw out a million arguments and then shift the goalposts whenever one of them gets analyzed. We must raise awareness that Trump has NOT signed 38 billion to Israel, he has not enforced Obama's promise. This is primarily due to Ron Paul's filibuster delaying it a month and requiring it to be relaunched in 2019, this time under a new name that doesn't specify Israel at all.

there is no 38 billion

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Indeed. He hasn't done a god damned thing for us.

Fuck Trump.

September 2016 reuters.com/article/us-usa-israel-statement/u-s-israel-sign-38-billion-military-aid-package-idUSKCN11K2CI


Just now realizing… if the (((SASME))) Act (Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East) does not pass before October 2019, Israel won't be getting any new funding :) So we need to keep our eyes on this. The next vote should be the House of Representatives, and the democrats appear to be kind of divided about it. Most of the senators who were presidential hopefuls voted against it, so they are likely to demand it be amended, and the senate would then have to vote a 2nd time to approve the amended version before sending it to Trump to sign.

I want to hope that for some Republicans, this all might be some elaborate roleplay of supporting Israel…

Neither way does it actually make it to Trump, allowing him to procrastinate the JQ until T2.

Obama's 2016 proposal included some interesting aspects though:

Those sound like good things to incorporate into any future aid packages, assuming that we must continue to have some kind of token aid package for appearance's sake and muh Holocaust. I would be fine with sending Israel $22,000/year for the next 4 years, for example, to help fund breast implants for their female soldiers, as this is very important.

If Trump hasn't signed the $38 billion dollar deal, then why are the anti-Trump shills pushing this narrative? Why don't you read up and heil instead shlomo?

No one is voting for the orange kike. Go away redditnigger.

I am and I've been here longer than you.

hi (((342861)))
I believe the effort to make Reddit-like condemnations against anyone opting to use spacing in their posts is a Jewish effort to make reading posts on here harder.

This is the bill Trump signed that ended the shutdown. Do you notice anything strange about it?

That bill extends a section of this bill:

Israel pays us back with money that we give them. Thanks Trump.

It's their oldest trick. Always always remember that. They use Muslims to distract Christians so (((they))) can go sneakily about their usual kikery while our best fighters are defending our God, family and country.

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If you don't realize it. That's 3.3 billion dollars IN ADDITION to the 3.8 billion this year. You can't damage control for the orange kike. He's a walking, talking, kike-disaster.

You are correct.

This is some valid information. Thank you for providing it. It does appear, from reading this, that Trump gave a 3.3 billion to Israel 30 days from February 15, which would be March 16, meaning that the payment should have happened 16 days ago. Do you have any followup sources providing evidence that this transfer of wealth happened? Using it to forgive some of Israel's debt instead of allowing them to maintain their debts and giving them new weapons does seem like the lesser evil.

What you overlooked is this important part:

This closed a very important loophole where Israel could use the money to pay itself or foreign governments, now they can only order weapons from the US, meaning it at least supports the arms economy and possibly the CIA might be installing backdoors so they can spy on Israel or shut down their defense systems if they want to invade. You wouldn't need this language if Israel wasn't already moving away from purchasing American armaments.


Israel was probably spending millions of dollars of US aid through Mossad to fund Blacked.com and shit, so limiting it to 4K closes that loophole.

Incorrect, there is no "3.8 billion this year". The senate passed that and it is still awaiting review in the HOR, a 2nd review by senate, and signature by Trump. The 38 billion bill isn't slated to take effect until October 2019 and only IF it is signed into law, which hasn't happened yet.

What is currently in effect is the 30 billion / 10 years package still in effect that Bush had signed into law in 2007 which runs from 2008 until the end of 2018's fiscal year in September 2019.

I don't see any evidence that this is "in addition" to that (6.3 billion) though. Pretty sure it would include that, so all Trump was doing was supporting the final year of Bush's promise + 300 million bonus. It's shitty, but nowhere near the 800 million bonus that Obama has planned for next year.

It's a fucking US law. Do you have any evidence Obama intended to give Israel any money and wasn't just putting on a show? This is how dumb you sound.

You mean it takes money from whites, gives it to kikes so they can pay other kikes for shit they use to wreck other countries and send "refugees" to the US and Europe?. Great. Thanks Trump.

Go back to reddit.

The evidence of him being a Jew-supporter is that he married his hottest daughter off to one of the most corrupt kikes in all of Jew York.

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Checked, they actually think they can assert otherwise.

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Who fucking cares. They are both zionists.

Laws sometimes have loopholes. I expect it was paid, I'm just curious if we have ways of checking when payments like these are made, just to verify that there was indeed no loophole.

Yes, but as a small concession, the "other kikes" probably have to pay American taxes on income made by selling the arms to Israel. As for the refugees, do you have any evidence that Trump has tried to expand the refugee allowances?

I still ship the "Jared could be a cuckold" possibility. We all know that Trump has at least situational support for the Jews, the question is how far it goes. If Kushner was all you needed then why are anti-Trump shills constantly spreading the lie that Trump signed the 38 billion package? He hasn't.

People seem to only selectively check dubs of posts which attempt to derail the thread. Clearly (((parties))) are concerned about the dismantling of the "Trump paid $38 billion to Israel" lie.

Trump will too
Obama and Trump are the same as is both GW's and both Clintons

A fence isn't a wall
There has been a sharp decrease in deportations
No pedo rings have been put in jail
His Cabinet is kiked as fuck
And everytime he promises to withdraw something happens and he cowards out
Fuck your zionist kike

Pence and Pompeo are Rich Christians which is another way of saying Jew

I think $3.8 billion may be starting in 2019.


Also, I have seen from multiple sources that Trump is requesting $200 million in aid to Israel, not sure if that is one of the things that is already counted.



If that is separate, it brings it up to $4 billion in aid for 2019.

>Clearly (((parties))) are concerned about the dismantling of the "Trump paid $38 billion to Israel" lie.
The only concern apparent is trumpnigger shills ramping up their targeted messaging campaign with talking points they'd never use anywhere else.

OP is a kike shill liar.


You're doing more damage to Trump by associating him with your own faggotry.

Anti-Trump shills flood our boards the "Trump did 38 billion" lies and anyone who objects to this and outs the liars must be a pro-Trump shill?

Haaretz is an Israeli newspaper and this is an intentionally misleading article. Notice for example that while it was published in August 2018, it uses a photograph from March 2018 of Netanyahu and Trump shaking hands, even though Trump had nothing to do with the Senate passing the bill.

What happens with bills is the senate initially presents it, then it moves on to the house of representatives, then back to the senate, then to the president.

This is only affirming the completion of the first step in the process. It did pass the senate, and even the HOR, but then Ron Paul stepped in and filibustered it so it never made its way to Trump. It was never signed into law. You are clearly a newfag or a shill.

Are you a member of a community of individuals identifying themselves as involuntarily celibate? Don't be so hard on yourself bro.

This is not damage control: I have admitted from the outset that Trump is slow as fuck on building the wall and have agreed that he has paid out to the Jews more than Bush promised them (3.3 billion instead of 3 billion).

If I act against Trump it will be with truthful statistics, not bullshit like saying he's already passed a 38 billion package when he hasn't. He might do that next month, and I'll be pissed, but I expect that this will go through a similar process and Ron Paul will try to filibuster it again, and maybe get some help from the Democrats this time, unless of course the Democrats just kill it in the House of Representatives next, which we can't rule out due to the recent drama with Ilhan Omar and AIPAC. They're probably waiting for that to die down before bringing it up in the HOR.

No, they don't. What you're seeing is the genuine sentiment of the board when it isn't being flooded with RenTech bots and hasbarats looking for college credit. Give it a few months and the board will look the way you want it to.

I did an earlier post that showed Trump is giving them $3.8 billion and possibly $4 billion.

Yeah, I'd say over 90% of the board is more or less anti-Trump. Some of them might even vote for him again based on lack of options and varying strategies, but hardly anyone really likes the guy.

Anti-Trumpism is mostly inorganic. Pre-2017 (the same year duginism took over the right wing zeitgeist) all the way to Zig Forums's inception was pro-trump, or understood the value in moving the overton window. The huge nosedive in meme & discussion quality is indicative of that.

IF the HOR accepts (((SASME))) and IF saintly Rand Paul (mistakenly wrote his dad's name Ron in above post, sorry guys) can't manage to filibuster it in the Senate and IF president Trump decides to sign it, then it would probaly be scheduled to begin October 2019 at the start of the 2019 fiscal year.

Who runs CRSreport.com ? Can you please find a better source for this 3.3b+500m request? What was the date this was allegedly made?

"Multiple sources" is worthless, be specific about your best source, which is hopefully not a Reddit thread. The 15 Feb 2019 thread by Nihilist911 linked to timesofisrael.com/new-us-spending-bill-includes-200m-increase-in-defense-aid-to-israel/ which says:

I had thought it was a 300 million increase, so this means it wasn't as bad as I thought. Bush had promised 3 billion per year to Israel but I guess Obama had increased it to 3.1 billion already.

Eric Cortellessa's article mentions nothing at all about Trump REQUESTING any 200 million, rather it talks about him signing the spending bill (this was to end the government shutdown, remember, with all the bullshit about protecting invaders who brought kids?) which included that in it.

We should keep in mind that for all the delays due to the government shutdown that Israel was bereft of aid for a couple months. That's not to say it completely mitigates the 200 million increase, but it might effectively knock it down to 190 or something when you consider the lost interest. If Israel is indeed using these grants to pay down their loans, then they wouldn't have been able to do that with borrowed shekels during that period.

Your math is fucked up, the 200 is how much the 3.3 increase was, so it must've been 3.1 the previous year. fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RL33222.pdf confirms this on page 2.

What complicates this is that we stepped beyond that 3.1 billion boundary in side projects which also benefit Israel, so the grand total has always been much higher. The following points:
million for Iron Dome, $221.5 million for David's Sling, $310 million for Arrow
3, and $82.3 million for Arrow 2;
and water technologies;
(BIRD) Energy program; and
through fiscal year 2019.

I think that's an added $766.8 million total, although I'm not exactly sure what WRSA represents in value since no number is listed. Can anyone help there.

So the grand total for fiscal 2018 (ie October 2018 to September 2019) was 3.8668 billion. But when they talk about the increase by 200 million to 3.3 billion, they are only talking about in respect to the FMF (foreign military financing) and not total aid altogether.

I don't expect all these side-projects ratcheting up the total is anything new, Would anyone be able to locate an equivalent 2017 edition of "Foreign Aid to Israel" to compare?

There's 2 options for how the "trump did 38 billion" meme began: shills or idiots/newfags who can't critically process information. It also spreads via them, along with those who wrongly assume good faith with anything that supports their pre-existing "Trump loves Jews" narrative, regardless of veracity.

This is not a memorandum on the Trumps/Jews question, it is about the specific issue of whether or not he has signed 38 billion into law (he hasn't). Why do you hesitate to acknowledge that? He's still caved to supporting the Jews (a 300 milion dollar increase, not 800 million) just not to the degree which people have been saying.

It seems people are so hungry for the most horrible possible dirt on Trump that they will swallow a lie and parrot misinterpreted information. This ultimately harms your effort to criticize him in the long run when you're outed for this.

missed that one and forgot to respond, have done so above in so thank you for pointing it out. I disagree that it showed that. The post says MAY be starting, so how did you transform that into IS giving?

I think this anti/pro is a false dichotomy meant to suppress meeting in the middle to discuss both sides of the issue. I'm simultaneously for and against him on multiple issues, and have a simultaneous hope/suspicion for him. I don't think at this point anyone should be overly faithful or overly condemnative of him. 2 years is a long time to suffer limited returns, but it's only the start of the 2nd quarter of this game.

Haaretz claims $4.5 billion a year, though I believe they are counting the missile aid twice. More importantly, Trump himself mentions $4.5 billion, so that is probably the total amount when everything is tallied from all budgets. A lot of aid to Israel has always been hidden away.


All of them are Jewish sources, I didn't see any mainstream outlet other than them. The Reddit thread led you to the article.


This is for FY2018:

P.L. 115-141, the FY2018 Consolidated Appropriations Act, provides the following for Israel:
 $3.1 billion in Foreign Military Financing, of which $815.3 million is for offshore procurement;
 $705.8 million for joint U.S.-Israeli missile defense projects, including $92
million for Iron Dome, $221.5 million for David's Sling, $310 million for Arrow
3, and $82.3 million for Arrow 2;
 $47.5 million for the U.S.-Israeli anti-tunnel cooperation program;
 $7.5 million in Migration and Refugee Assistance;
 $4 million for the establishment of a U.S.-Israel Center of Excellence in energy
and water technologies;
 $2 million for the Israel-U.S. Binational Research & Development Foundation
(BIRD) Energy program; and
 The reauthorization of War Reserves Stock Allies-Israel (WRSA-I) program
through fiscal year 2019.

According to this report, in 2018 we were up to nearly $3.9 billion. This report was prepared for members of Congress, btw.

wow OP got BTFO
the spirit of Brenton Tarrant, may peace be upon him, has graced us in this thread

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confirmed for not reading the manifesto kike

ponder this: there are very few places that you can be pro trump, and even less places where you are allowed to disagree with his stance on israel while still being a supporter.
that really makes people mad for (((some reason)))

all jews lies pushed by /pol to control you user … its all a game and you are a pawn

protip: why infinity chan … its this is a jewish board

That means precisely dick. If he had the chance to stop it, and had ample time to know it was coming, but chose not to take it, then that can only mean he supports it, which places him and Obama in the same fucking group. Stop shilling for a conman, you retard.


No, it isn't.
It's almost impressive how egregious you trumpniggers will make your lies.

Trump just gave them everything else they wanted

Actually is was the sane year the Turkish project Alamo employed mod was finally purged

Makes sense to me, he exclusively panders to kikes and niggers

No, Trumpism is something that was artificially forced on the board due to banning of critics.

Maybe pedantic, but 8/pol/ was around way before Trump's candidacy.

His campaign did that. His presidency has not, plus you want more from a president than simply a cultural shift. You expect them to enact better policies.

Zig Forums was fucking unbearable for 2-3 years. As for meme quality, the Trump memes were mostly shit. Trump himself is a funnier man than most of the memes about him, and the anti-Trump SJW stuff wrote itself. Stuff done outside Zig Forums was generally more entertaining.

And Trump did nothing to stop it. Suck a dick MIGApede

I'll add his recent legislation with Tom Udall, presented by known slut journalist Cassandra Fairbanks. archive.li/K4JzG

Again, it's advised foregoing pushing the case with people arguing in bad faith. They wish to ultimately have Congress, and The Senate declare as many wars as they like to bring about the end of our civil liberties, and disarm us from ever having to fight for our prosperity again.

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Yeah things were SO much better with the word filters and mass banning

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He signed a spending bill that outright forbids not only Trump himself but every president after him from building a wall past very specific states full of people who hate him. The same bill also has amnesty so spics can just keep a child sex slave and claim they're family being completely immune to ICE, jesuits and bankers are all the people he's been putting into various government positions. Recently he's actually taken a complete 180 on his foreign policy, I wouldn't be surprised he took Bolton and Pompeo on board specifically because of the Mueller probe.

The amount of autism from OP is staggering.

The source you used was a PREMIUM articleby Amir Tibon on Haaretz.com which we can't even read without being subscribers, so how can I tell if their math checks out?

If someone DOES happen to subscribe to this Jewish news site, please take screenshots of the entire thing to put here or some filehosting site like IMGUR, accompanied by the full text copied to pastebin or something along those lines, so the rest of us who don't want to support the Jews like you do can read Mr. Tibon's article.

Trump may very well have researched Israeli spending more than ANY of us, and gotten the 4.5 figure because he's aware of all the hidden aid they get disguised as other stuff. I'd still like to see if we can reach that total on our own via adding up the breakdown of services.

dude I just linked to that in did you even read the entire thread before posting?
I calculated 3.8668, if Trump is saying 4.5 perhaps he knows more about (((WRSA-I))) (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_reserve_stock#War_Reserves_Stock_Allies-Israel for a little info) than we do? Could that account for an additional 600 million?
Goddamn, what must it be up to by now?

If Trump was merely re-authorizing WRSA-I then it sounds like they didn't actually add any funds to it, but it was probably built up to immense levels in previous years, probably through separate actions. I would be very surprised if it was still under 2 billion.

How've I been BTFO? My central argument is that Trump has not signed anything promising the decade-guarantee of 38 billion which Obama's memorandum promised.

Trump has, so far, continued to supply Israel roughly the same amount as his predecessors (somewhere between 3-4 billion per year, let's say even 4-5 according to his 4.5 quip) which certainly makes it SEEM like he would sign the promise for 38, but since Rand Paul blocked it from getting to his office, Trump hasn't yet been put to that test.

Whether or not he does will depend on whether HOR approves and Senate re-approves (this time managing to wait out Rand's 2nd filibuster).

Trump continuing to give the billions to Israel is certainly horrible, but so far it appears he has the freedom to stop doing that at any time, such as for fiscal year 2019 (October 2019 to September 2020) which hasn't been funded yet. If Trump signed something promising to fund Israel for the next 10 years, not only would he lose the freedom to pull out of that, but so would whichever president follows him, since it would last until 2028.

It hasn't happened, so why are you acting as if Trump chose not to stop it? It never even got to his desk. Why should Trump get his hands dirty engaging AIPAC directly when he has Rand Paul to block it in the Senate and Ilhan Omar and all the oppositional democrats to block it in the HOR?

Trump doesn't need to play an active hand in this at all, he can simply act supportive until the last minute and then refuse to sign it if it gets to his desk. This is something we should watch for over the next 5 months, because if it's not signed by then, Israel loses its guarantee of continued aid and has to play it fast and loose year by year.

If you were a president planning to deny Israel aid in FY2019 would it make sense to reveal your power level early and give Mossad months to mobilize against you, or wait until the last possible second for them to realize that they're getting defunded?

Make no mistake, the bill Trump signed to end the government shutdown was a fucking catastrophe. The Republicucks and open-boarders democrats who put it together got everything they wanted, and there is no feasible way that Trump could have read the entire thing before signing it.

I think it is likely that Trump did so irresponsibly, either not caring about the outcome, or putting his trust in the wrong people to summarize the details of it. It is always possible that this might be a correct strategy if it means a solid 2020 run for him, at which point he can stop caring about appearances.

Trump did not sign a 38 billion dollar guarantee. He doesn't need to do anything other than not sign such a guarantee if it is put to him.

Why exactly should he make an effort to OPENLY oppose such a bill prior to that point? It just tips his hat. He could very well have encouraged Rand Paul behind the scenes to filibuster it in the senate so it never got to him, keeping Trump's hand clean and his Jew-friendly image intact.

Who knows how deep the chess goes? Marco Rubio has been leading the charge by sponsoring these bills to guarantee 38b/10y to Israel, but he might be secretly sabotaging it by constructing it in a way he believes will prevent it from receiving approval. If Rubio knew that Paul would filibuster it, then supporting it and throwing a tantrum when Paul cockblocks him doesn't matter. If Rubio knew that dems would take the bait and block it on free speech grounds in this new (((SASME))) package, then pushing it a 2nd time in this new format wouldn't matter. It could be all effort to D+C the dems from their Jewish supporters, make them look like the enemy supporting Israel's funding, get a 2nd term of Republican presidency (keep stacking the supreme court) and then ultimately fuck Israel over because there's no 10y promise in place and say you can't afford the money to fund them anymore because wall.

2019 American Forces Going Home After Noble (AFGHAN) Service Act
Nice acronym by Paul/Udall.

I think removing the US buffer would more than make up for another billion in funding, aren't US military expenses in the middle east (all to secure Israel) somewhere in the realm of 50 billion annually?

YUP. If the Paul/Trump/Udall effort to end the war in Afghanistan goes forth, we would go from spending ~55 billion per year on Israel to spending ~5 billion a year on Israel. Sounds good to me. That is a 90% decrease to 10% of how much Israel was getting previously.

This seems like the most important first step. Israel will finally start fighting their own battles (all the American weapons now) and will inevitably start committing 10x as many war atrocities against civilians, giving Trump the ammo he would need to finally condemn them and slash the DIRECT aid they receive by 90%, giving an end result of Israel getting 1/100 what it used to.

Correct: but only until the end of this fiscal year. He can start building in those regions in October 2019, so for the next 6 months he'll just focus on the other areas.

Also 100% correct, but also only for the next 6 months until the end of FY2018 on September 2019. The amnesty that illegals get for sponsoring children required them to give their address, so 6 months from now when their protection expires, ICE will have all the dox of the illegals. When Trump funds FY2019, he can then allow ICE to use its funds to deport people from those addresses. It's a genius plan.

Not ALL the people, but I'll wager it's over 50%. Being appointed by Trump is a tenuous position though, he's shown he feels free to kick them out if he doesn't like what they're doing.

How so? Going to need more details here. Are you referring to war or immigration? Trump has always advocated for merit-based immigration so "more than ever" statements should only be interpreted as referring to that.

For economies that rely on illegal labor, if he can deport 20 million illegal beaners then importing 5 million legal whites would probably be helpful in plugging some holes.

Even if Trump did some bullshit like swapping beaners for niggers/sandniggers 1 to 1, that would still be an improvement, because I don't think whites interbreed with those 2 groups as readily as they do spics. They are a more obvious threat, and are not counted as whites in crime statistics like Latinos/La Raza. If we are going to be full of enemies, I would rather it be the more obvious ones. I would trade 1 kike for 10 niggers, for example, because niggers can't infltrate and control white communities with the skill that Jews do, so they are less dangerous.

They can both eat a bag of dicks.

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Frankly, all Trump has to do is ask someone who would know that, and they would tell him. The only surprising thing maybe is that he spoke about it publicly, there is no question that presidents would know the exact figure when they are negotiating with these people not to rob them more

And why would he do any of this? To save money? Even at $4.5 billion, it's a trivial part of the budget. The real cost of Israel is how they have affected our foreign policy. Plus, Trump has shown he doesn't care much about saving money. Plus, Trump has shown that he doesn't care about American independence from Israel.

I can't believe that you are still a True Believer. Trump did nothing for 2 years on the wall, then made a big deal out of it when it was too late. He said in his speech that he wants more illegal immigrants than ever.

Shut the fuck up cuckservative.

Please die, Boomer. You and the rest of your nation/race-wrecking subversive generation.

Truly the worst generation to have ever lived.

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Incorrect. Take your Metamucil and go to bed gramps.

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Then you have learnt nothing. You are beyond hope.

Enjoy being a subservient goyslave. Be proud.

I don't think it's that simple, because depending on how he words the question, someone might possibly tailor the answer in a certain way that it's technically honest but doesn't give all the information which Trump would want. I'm not sure who he would ask about stuff like this, or what their interests align with.

There is a gap between FAS.org's 3.9 and Trump's 4.5 of about 600 million that I'm trying to understand though.

There would be a series of different figures/sums year to year. and I don't know that Trump would necessarily be negotiating directly with Netanyahu about packages like these. It seems that there are so many pro-Israel Republican senators that it might be THEM who Trump negotiates with.

How do you expect Trump to stop (ie not sign) a bill that never made it to his desk? Rand killed version 1.0 (115th congress) with his filibuster, and the HOR hasn't even picked up version 2.0 (116th congress) yet. There's no reason for Trump to intercede this early if it can die before making it to him and keep his hands clean of AIPAC's ire, which he probably doesn't want interfering with his 2020 campaign.

I see (((Team Trump))) has actively started the campaign.

Being critical of Trump does not require spreading misinformation about him. Trump is guilty of real misdeeds (continuing to fund 3.3 billion per year for Israel, for example) so there is no need to mislead the public into thinking he has signed off on Obama's 38 billion dollar promise. Trump's continued support for Israel is outrageous, but it is happening year-by-year rather than decade-by-decade, which leaves him free to do whatever the fuck he wants if he wins 2020.

Trump may lack confidence he can win 2020 with AIPAC turned against him. He may be hedging his bets that he should focus on the wall in the final year (protections for child traffickers expire October 2019, and now ICE has all the home addresses of those who sponsored children to get temporary immunity) is afraid to break with Israeli interests until term 2.

I always expected he would do this when his campaign began in 2015, who honestly expected anything other than "Trump lite" in term 1? I would only expect to see him giving 110% if some sort of scandal or health problem made winning a 2nd term seem unfeasible. As it has remained feasible, he's obviously going to avoid the JQ to maximize his chances.

How are those bump stocks? Or those red flag laws he supports? Or the restriction of freedom of speech for college students by forcing campuses to adopt the govs stance on anti semitism? Or the announcement for mass legal immigration after campaining on ending H1B's? Or how she's not locked up? Or how he just declared Golan Heights a part of Israel? Or how he was gonna pull out of Syria, then told not to so he decided to keep troops in Syria? Or…

tbh, i'm still having a sizeable side-bet on the fact that he's giving Israel all that they want in the 1st term and will red pill the world about their misdeeds in the 2nd term.
However, that would mean that he would have to throw his kush and beloved goblin daughter under the bus. Chances of that are very unlikely.


Wow reported.

You are a fucking moron.

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The bigger bet naturally lies on Zion Don's Pro-Israeli policies. Gotta play 'em both.

It's the natural response to 3 years of trumpniggers endlessly shillling and excusing every single valid critique of Trump. You're right, he didn't give them $38B, but the criticism continues because that one bit of truth does not negate EVERY OTHER NEGATIVE. We're absolutely sick of the pro-trump shills that simply cannot get over the fact that he's been a disappointment and MUST come here to convince white nationalists on why they should support a president that openly condemned white nationalists. There's a place for endless support of Trump and it's called reddit.
He lacks the confidence because he's betrayed his base. If he had pulled through on the wall, war and immigration, he would have won by a landslide because he would have campaigned on being the only politician who kept his promises. At this point however, he's almost no different from Jeb Bush.
He will lose me the same way he lost a ton of support in the midterms. He clearly used the wall as a means to increase voter turnout and when that failed his base's morale fell.

How much LSD are you on right now?

None, sadly.

If Trump had done what he said he would do, he would have been the first president in history since Washington himself to carry 100% of the EVs. Not only because people would have been more empowered than ever and everyone would be better off from his policies, but also because EVERYONE WHO VOTED FRAUDULENTLY (illegals and nonwhites) OR STOLE AN ELECTION (the entire political establishment) WOULD BE DEAD OR DEPORTED. As it stands he’s set for one of the greatest upsets in history.

If you guys take a look at everycrsreport.com/files/20161222_RL33222_38d8a59f2caabdc9af8a6cdabfabb963ae8b63ae.pdf
for FY2017 and FY2018, which is $3.1 billion per year.

As we can see, by 2016, Obama had already increased from Bush's 3.0 (30 billion over 10 years) to 3.1, which is what Trump signed off on in January 2019. The net effect is that 3 years after this, even though we're supposed to be building up to 3.8/year that while Trump has not reduced the aid (perhaps as a sign of respect to Bush-era Republicans) he's kept the basic aid locked at the 3.1 level.

Besides that, he's begun withdrawing from Syria and we need to see if the Paul/Udall AFGHAN Service Act will finally end en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Authorization_for_Use_of_Military_Force_Against_Terrorists allowing congress the freedom to defund overseas military operations year by year, something they have been unable to do for the last 18 years.>>13059953

Of course, part of that might also have something to do with Israel having promised to pay back an excess, in which case they couldn't benefit from any more than 3.1 in aid for FY2018 anyway.

FY2019 is going to be the real test, guys. Israel hasn't promised to pay back any excess beyond 3.1 for that year, and this is the year when Obama's 3.8 promise is supposed to take effect. We need to see if (((SASME))) is approved in the HOR to actually enforce (((Obama's MOU))) and whether or not Trump signs it.

Trump might abstain from signing it if it got to him, but still give Israel 3.8 for FY2019 (Oct2019-Sept2020). This is a very feasible possibility, and I would not turn against Trump for doing so, because I would view it as a tactical move to win the election.

The election is November 2020, so the question is whether or not Trump would put forth the FY2020 budget before or after the election. I could see him possibly trying to do that, which would guarantee funding for Israel until September 2021. Past that point though, if Trump is still in office, his hands would be untied by any concerns for the election and FY2021-FY2024 would be where Trump could cut back the Israeli aid. Past November 2025, whether or not Israel is funded would be up to whichever president follows Trump.

Do you believe Trump would have the power to rescind the bump stock ban in his 2nd term? I'm going to need your help getting up to speed on the red flag laws and college campus anti-semitism stuff.

I am not concerned about vague support for legal immigration since he can say that was about merit-based immigration only. Trump increased the education requirements for H1Bs so it now accounts less for competition in low-pay fields that is wrecking our middle/lower class.

I don't know that Trump necessarily has the power to lock up Hillary, that could certainly be empty campaign rhetoric. If he does, he might be waiting until term 2 to do that, once the Mueller report and other distractions are behind him.

Golan Heights and shit could simply be due to thinking he needs the support of AIPAC and republicucks to win 2020. The final word on Trump's attitude to Israel will be something we find out in term 2, I think. A serious confrontation with Israel doesn't seem to have been Trump's plan (or if it was, he changed it) in term 1. The closest hints we have about it are his stated desire to withdraw American troops from defending Israel, and dropping the "4.5 billion" awareness bomb.

I don't know if 4.5 is actually accurate or not. If it was actually something like 4.2 it might be that Trump is exaggerating in hopes that the media will correct him "no ,it's actually 4.2, Drumpf!" so that it will become a recurring talking point that he can't be blamed for since the gullible MSM is the one spreading it. Some DID take that bait, albeit on private Jewish websites like Haaretz that only subscribers can view, it doesn't seem to have made it to goyim-targeting newspapers though. They seem wise enough to know they shouldn't focus too much on educating Americans on just how much Israel is getting at this point in time, when 4 billion is more than twice the 1.9 billion Trump wanted for the wall before the government shutdown.

How much are you betting? With who? I really hope this is the case, but I disagree that opposing Israel would require throwing Ivanka/Jared under the bus. It is possible for Trump to oppose Israelis abroad without actually attacking all local Jews.

This makes me wonder: does anyone know if/when Ivanka/Jared made any Israeli pilgrimages and if they might automatically hold dual citizenship with Israel due to Right of Return? This is a serious concern with Jared, but I'm not sure if it applies to those who become Jews by conversion/marriage like Ivanka.

One thing I think we should look at is how Trump still supports Kellyanne Conway in spite of her husband's antics. Kellyanne trolls the radfems by talking about how progressive/feminist it is to hold opinions contrary to her husband's…

Now consider a similar break between Ivanka/Jared at some point like 2021. What if Trump went after Israeli dual citizens and it turned out Jared was a dual citizen and he was an ebil misogynist by telling Ivanka to support Israel but she was an INDEPENDENT WOMAN who stood up against him?

This would also be great drama for setting up an eventual Ivanka candidacy in the future. The left has already shown support for female candidate with marital problems (Hilary and Bill) for example, so Ivanka turning against Israel/Jared could be good news for her potentially becoming 1st female president in 2032 or whenever is feasible. Perhaps Ivanka might even divorce Jared during her 2nd term and after she leaves office we can find out that Jared isn't even the father of her children and she was a progressive indepedent woman having sex with men other than her husband just like Ilhan Omar.


Without question, Trump has won the support (or at least appearance of it) from Israel in response to his actions so far. These tactics could simply be part of the long-term strategy of winning a 2nd term though. Trump has courted the Jews since he declared in 2015, and I never expected him to pivot during his 1st term, and am confused with the shortsightedness about this.

It is feasible that Trump was simply waiting out Bush's MOU (expires September 2019) during his 1st term, maybe with 1-2 years more support afterward just to win 2020, where he would then be free to have 4 full fiscal years with reduced Israeli spending, lowering the bar so that if any subsequent presidents wanted to ratchet up the aid, it would be more obvious than simply maintaining the aid previous presidents had established.

A natural response, but not the ideal response. How can we have an honest discussion of Trump's actual misdeeds if it will be clouded by lies? The criticism SHOULD continue, but on the actual talking points.

I believe the effort to act as if Trump passed the 38 billion might actually be a Jewish effort to make us think ITS ALL OVER, when in fact it isn't. This has ratcheted up in the past couple months, and distracts from the fact that Trump may very well sign off on (((AIPAC)))'s baby (((USISA))) recently rebundled as (((SASME))) if the House of Representatives approves it.

Trump hasn't betrayed us via signing USISA, but he may very well betray us within the next 6 months by signing SASME. This is what we must be vigilant about, this is what should be a major talking point, and I think (((they))) are trying to bury this talking point by making it seem that Trump already signed off on it last year.

Rand Paul fucked up the republicuck effort to do this in 2018 during 115th congress but will probably be unable to stop it in 2019 during 116th congress. Making it seem like the 38 billion is already set in stone seems like a solid D+C effort to make us lose faith in the small elements in the right which are opposing it, or the possibility of cooperating with non-AIPAC democrats in the house to get it thrown out.

I agree with you. Trump goofed and has underperformed. If he is honestly for us, then he didn't adequately prepare for all the red tape or republicuck tricks by twofaced shills like Marco Rubio (and Ted Cruz, he voted for (((SASME))) too) meant to sabotage him. He moved too slowly, whether due to ineptitude or term 2 concerns or lack of interest. It's hard to expect Trump to get much done when the only Republican supporting him is the token Libertarian.

So you want a democrat to win? The democrat senators trying to win the primaries right now may have abstained from supporting (((SASME))) but I still think they're likely to channel Obama with continued support for Israel and a neverending (((AUMFAT))) keeping US troops fighting in ME to defend Israel.

What's going to happen is that in 2021, you'll be saying

In 2023, you'll be saying

In 2024, after his son has won the election, you'll be saying

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Your objections don't make any sense, Trump crossing AIPAC/Israel wouldn't harm Republicans in the mid-terms because they can simply say they don't stand with Trump and are Republicans who will oppose him, which is essentially what most of them secretly do anyway.

It wouldn't help Trump Jr. either, because he could simply say he doesn't agree with what his dad did. (also, implying it's him and not Ivanka they're grooming to be the next Trump president)

> his stupid slut daughter (((coincidentally))) marries a Jew who also actively pushes against Trump and his policies

They married in 2009 though. We knew this going in.

There is nothing dangerous/risky about using your emergency powers, and it's not grounds for impeachment. They may try, because they are impeachment-hungry, of course, but I think they are waiting to see if they can base it on something Mueller found before they resort to doing it on the grounds of the EN declaration, at which point it may be too late because people will ask "why didn't you do that immediately?"

There is absolutely nothing cucked or stupid about that, one can view this as a calculated move by a man who thinks he can manage the Jews. The question is whether or not he has over-reached, because managing them is hard.

I shill for Omar/Cortez because one criticizes Israel and the other defends the right to free speech to criticize Israel. That doesn't mean I agree with their socialist policies. Though it's more their advocacy of mass shitskin immigration that frightens me more than their socialism. Has socialism ever failed on its own when it's 100% whites with no evil Jews mismanaging it?