Let me get this straight, most of you believe global warming is real, and is caused by humans...

Let me get this straight, most of you believe global warming is real, and is caused by humans, some believe global warming is real and not caused by humans, some of you believe politicians are purposely weak on climate-change policy because they are part of a conspiracy to send "Climate Refugees" to Europe and North America, as well as to keep these countries economically strong seeing as they are corrupted and are the main enabler for the Zionist agenda. Then some of you who believe climate change is not caused by humans, and/or global warming is exaggerated by the media, and it is part of a conspiracy to use a carbon tax to fund military spending to help Israel and eventually weaken the western world economically, which by that time Israel will have already become a world super power. Is this all correct?

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Is this bait?

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Neck yourself.

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Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) are capable of swimming incredible distances, according to a new study published in Zoology, which recorded polar bears regularly swimming over 30 miles (48 kilometers) and, in one case, as far as 220 miles (354 kilometers).May 3, 2012

The sun is driven by electricity (Electric Universe Theory), and therefore it's output can be variable to an extent few can even imagine. Almost all of science is now literally a Bad Ad-Hoc Hypothesis. KYS.

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Global warming isn't real. But climate change is. It is our weapon to purge the unworthy from this world, with the awakening of the ancient weapon that once reduced human populations to a mere fraction of what it is today.

The process cannot be stopped. My advice for you is to live your life to the fullest - and if you dare, survive.


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It's real and caused mostly by natural causes (these things go in cycles throughout history) and what little is caused by "humans" is by pajeets and chinks. Also polar bears are not endangered by any means but are actually overpopulating and becoming a nuisance.

Look up climate gate circa 2009. Also climate gate 2.0

Literally climate scientists would loose their funding if everyone knew global warming was not real so they conspired to lie about so they could keep their jobs. Says a lot about the state of academia.

I literally caught my physics professor on the phone explaining to another faculty member how to basically embezzle money from meteorology department. Most scientists really don't make the money. They have to hustle.

Also Al Gore is a fraud and he should be in prison for use global warming to swindle money out of people.

Polar bear populations are actually up 27%+.

Ice core samples suggest there is a trend of warming and cooling that is independent of humans. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is gulped by ocean waves. During hot period carbon dioxide is released from the ocean. So the correlation between CO2 and hot weather is real but CO2 is not the causality. Based on the trend of ice core samples we are approaching another cooling period.

During the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) also called the Eocene thermal maximum 1 (ETM1) carbon dioxide levels were high but the global year round average temperature was only 8C warmer meaning everything just got tropical. That's not a bad thing because it's the period in history that the first primates appear in the fossil record. If it's good for primates it's good for humans.

Look on YouTube for documentaries about "science for hire".

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OP you are casting pearls before swine.

The people here will cry endlessly about how subhuman chinks and pajeets are for destroying the oceans with unregulated waste disposal and making the air in cities like Beijing hard to breathe and then turn around and say that it's all a big hoax perpetrated by the kikes… all because their fat whoring pedophile daddy figure moron told them so. It's so sad and pathetic that they claim to be woke on Jews while defending oil companies and their Jewish lobbyists/owners.

Global warming is caused by racist whites.

Correct, Zig Forums is not one person and collectivism is a waste of time. There are in fact very different beliefs that run around.

If any Warmers believed their own shit their first and only priority would be ending Turd World over-population and immigration into the West.

Its pretty clear that once the White vote is submerged in the West that no one will be caring about "the environment" anymore than you see in Mexico, China, India or Africa.

It's a cult. They think humans are causing global warming. Some of the extremists think we should be culled to save the earth from us. That makes it a death cult. You can look at ice core samples that plainly show that the temperature fluctuates wildly long before people had the capacity to make any noticeable impact. Now we can terraform the planet a bit and maybe that is a good think if ice ages are a possibility. I would rather move to high ground on a temperate planet than freeze on a frozen world. A lot of it is a moneymaking scam too. Most cults have moneymaking pyramid schemes built into them.

I'm looking forward to future days where advanced A.I. filters out all the human bullshit and confronts us with the basic physical realities we ignore at our own peril. No matter what temperature this world is, we do have problems with pollution, disease, greed, corruption and anti-human malice.

Problems have solutions.
People overfish the oceans.
The answer is to limit fishing for a short time.
This will hurt businesses, some people may go hungry or die. In the long run this results in the most to gain for the biggest number of people over the long term.
Unfortunately the world is run by shortsighted cunts.

You should be more worried about the methane your shitskin pits are leaking into the atmosphere. CO2 is nothing compared to that.

GGhav ftbn dng.

You are badly misinformed.

No, you stupid faggot. First-world countries are "strong" on climate change because they use it to justify their sentiment of "us evil first-worlders have ruined your lives, dear dusky foreigners creatures; please come into our countries and fuck our children". "Climate refugee"? Fucking seriously? Every time some third-worlders shoot themselves in the foot (whoopsie; turns out that when you cut down tropical rainforests you end up with desertification) or some shacks on a beach get washed away the people leading the charge against climate change beat their breasts about how the people affected are owed a new life in a white country.

An astounding amount of money and political capital is tied up in climate change. Even scientists who really don't give a shit and know nothing about climate science have to toe the party line. AGW is basically the "the Jews" of science.

Lmao what. How does that even track?

Most assuredly.

They've been a world superpower since their inception because every white country on earth has given them more or less unconditional support.

AGW is an attack on White nations' economies; one of many methods in a multi-pronged attack. Like hyper-immigration, it exists specifically to destroy us.

No matter what anyone says, we can all agree that pollution is bad. Even the most pig-headed asshole will agree that plastic doesn't belong in the ocean, and that industrial and biomedical waste and sewage don't belong in rivers.


Global warming is 'real', and that's a good thing. How much land in Canada and Russia will become fertile as the earth warms. Imagine all the mineral wealth locked up under the ice in Greenland and Antarctica.

As tempratures rise so does the pan evaporation rate. And let me tell you, 70% of the earth is ocean. More evaporation = more rainfall. Deserts will shrink and dissapear in lush grass lands and forests.

Many plants need to open up stomatal pores to collect CO2, but this also causes them to dry out. When CO2 levels increase they need to do this less and retain much more water, requiring less water to stay alive and grow. We are already seeing the effects of this on desert plant life.

For billions of years CO2 levels have been dropping as plant matter turns to coal and oil, this is called the great carbon sink. Just forty million years ago (when primates and dolphins first evolved) CO2 levels were 5 times what they are today. CO2 levels have been getting so dangerously low that with a few million more years of pre industrial levels would drop to the point where many plants could not survive at all.

We are saving earth by releasing CO2. Nature loves global warming, it's just humans who are too greedy and lazy to either protect themselves from the weather or move. But the Dutch have been doing it for thousands of years. White countries will survive and adapt. Other countries should be left to fend for themselves. If they are not evolved to the point where they can collectively adapt then they should go extinct.

pollution doesn't do much to the Earth, the excuse isn't that's it's bad for the planet, it's just bad for humans because it makes the QoL worse. The planet itself is just fine and can handle anything we throw at it

Maybe the rock beneath the layers of lifeforms will continue to exist, but life as we know it is already suffering from pollution and its effects. If you want to turn Earth into a toxic barren rock, then keep spewing the Corporate excuse for dumping heavy metals and sludge into rivers.

Most of us don't believe the Chinese are humans.

Over population is more of a problem then anything else, in nature there's ways it's controlled but in our society everyone wants to live too long and never want to go to war or make 100 kids. The trend can't continue and we already have pollution laws anyways

Always use CA, the Sixth Largest Economy in the world, and basically a Country.
CALIFORNIA; Smog inspections are required for all vehicles except motorcycles or those vehicles manufactured prior to the 1976.
Good luck finding CA annual revenue on smog checks, registration and license fees for the 15,000,000 registered Vehicles.

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CA; California Wildfires Emitted a Year's Worth of Car Pollution in Less Than a Week.

Hello reddit

To determine weather or not it is caused by humans you would need to know how much greenhouse gas are caused by nature.
Which we have ABSOLUTELY no idea.

A really funny example is when skeptics jokingly raised the question of how much Iceland should be billed for it's CO² emissions for the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010 reveled that volcanologists themselves had ZERO FUCKING CLUE on how much a SINGLE active volcano produces (let alone climatologists).
The Italian institute of volcanology (one of the best in the world. Italy is rather small and has lots of active volcanoes, with Japan they're the two that get actual state funding) started to make a full comprehensive studies and their first results was that the estimation (that really just a complete guess so far as it's actually very hard to document since gas release from volcanoes happens all around and not just were lava comes out) and realized that said guess was off by a factor of at least 6.
And non-active volcano do emit CO² all the time (and there are 0 studies about it, volcanology isn't exactly a big field, need to do exciting/important for public safety shit to get funding) and volcanoes that are studied are the literal the visible part of the iceberg there are around 500 active volcanoes on the SURFACE, most of them aren't really surveyed (around

And all of us will tell you that almost all water from rivers in Europe and North America in 2019 is drinkable when it reaches the sea and that once the pollution issue was discovered it was quickly addressed by whites with fairly simple technical solutions and discipline.
Two things some hominids have never and will never be capable of.

Go ahead look up where almost all of the ocean pollution is coming from.

You see a pollution problem, we see a symptom of a much bigger biological problem.


You dunce. Which gas is the cause of global warming then? CO2 has no effect.

Higher ed has always been a sham. Its no different in engineering and management schools. Nobody has any real world experience, they come in straight out of school or a cush make-work job, and they set about gathering the NSF gibs however they can. Finance has completely fucking ruined academia.

Grand solar minimum. NOT humans.

No. The effects we are currently seeing in the weather has to do with the Grand Solar Minimum and the fact that our solar system has crossed the Galactic Meridian.


P.S. That whole "Mayan" calendar ending in 2012 thing, it was actually referencing the fact that it was the end of the downward cycle, now we're swinging up, going topside. This will expose us to all kinds of new and unusual happenings.


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Here are a few more sites you should check out with an open mind. These guys are going to rewrite all Scientific Law, because they aren't subverted by kikes.


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If global warming was real then either
a) Our leaders don't give a flying fuck because they keep importing millions of niggers and arabs into Europe so they'll consume more shit, all the while flying around the world and having a much high carbon footprint than any 100 people
b)Its real and 70% of all emissions are created by China and India and they aren't stopping short of being nuked into the dust
So if its real we are already fucked so theres no point worrying about it.

Whether warming is currently happening to a significant extent is unclear. I believe it’s possible sea levels could rise to levels seen 2000 years ago, and it could happen in much shorter time. But it’s unclear what should be done to prevent the possibility if anything. So far proposals have been counterproductive and consist of enabling high polluting countries to pollute even more.

I followed a link to the video describing the electrical scarring of mars from here. If it was you that posted it, I can't thank you enough. I've been glued to videos from the ThunderboltsProject for weeks now and doing my own research to substantiate their claims.

I recently studied physics at university, and I was always aware that most of the university structure had deteriorated to shit, but I guess pride and complacency stopped me from fully realizing just how fucked up my own discipline had become. Now that I know, I can understand why this research isn't seen in the mainstream. Who can I tell about this? Who do I even want to know? Knowledge is power, and the implications of this research is staggering and will certainly change the course of history.

I was considering writing some essays here to outline the main theories and consequences here. Has this already been done? It definitely needs more attention.


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