Hispanic Thread


Sorry but please explain why they have to go back when they do more for the economy than all you fags? Most of you dont even have a job.

This isn't a matter of killing them all or sending them back its a matter of you fags being unable to compete.

No fags there was only one person with the balls to do anything that came from Zig Forums. Brenton Tarrant he was the only one the rest of you fags are just losers who suck his dick and use his accomplishment as your own so you feel like you actually matter.

Sorry Zig Forums you can bitch all you want but its true and you cant deny it

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Mexicans don't take jobs, they chase jobs away.

LA USED to be a world center for auto, aircraft, electronics, etc MANUFACTURING. Hell, they even used to make furniture in LA.

evidence? because theyre increasing in employment

note that anything worth a fuck in Mexico is 110% imported from elsewhere, including any people.

None of the US, Jap or German automakers do anything except cheap slave labor in Mexican plants.

Its really telling the total lack of Mexican advancement or contribution to Civilization after 200yrs of being lucky to live right next to USA.

Imagine a semi-intelligent and semi-productive race such as Koreans or Iranians with the same advantage.

Are you really going to waste a fucking thread forcing anons to educate your dumb ass on why your theory is classic beaner bullshit?
Save us all the effort, and just go back.

They undercut the market while the rest of their families leach onto social programs. Eventually they turn to crime and overrun the law enforcement in previously white areas. You sound irrevocably stupid OP, but surely even you can see that Mexico is not flourishing. Why should one expect Mexicans to do better just by virtue of being in this nation. Magic dirt?

U R dumb.

did CA get richer or poorer with lots of Mexicans over the last 50yrs?

I'm done pushing you uphill.


still do you have any evidence this was caused cause of mexicans or cause of programs or anything else. youre not showing me anything

Obligatory qweeeeeeen post.

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sorry bobby boy but youre just mad at the superiority of the beaners


They destroyed the economy, drove down wages, increased rental prices, and destroyed the culture. And they practice tribalism by taking over entire industries.

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Let this really sink in as to why "conservatives" need to be exterminated. The economy is not something people exist to serve, it exists to meet the needs of the people.

proof other than a meme? so far youre just mad that a beaner is more competent than you so they hire them instead. stay jobless you useless fag

point is theyre more important than you fags but you like to larp as if youre superior

Good god I want to fuck that spic unconscious.

You and me both, borther.

too bad you cant and too bad if you did your tiny picker couldnt do the job

More important to whom? The companies running out of raw materials to turn into junk products and shrink wrap that they are in turn running out of places to dump them?


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society we are only on Zig Forums cause we dont matter to society

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Because we want to, and we are Gods, superior to all other races. Our will is absolute.

I’m bi-curious.

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Might take half hour, he's got to get all that grease off his hands to be able to hold a camera. Actually, might take longer, he's got to steal a camera. You know how poor spics are.

beaners are descendant of Spaniards unless theyre natives but theyre not really beaners in that case and those are just desperate beaners most likely illegals and their position in the economy shows they're a valued ethnic group of society

im sorry….. can i please borrow your camera you bought with mommies creddies? oh noies!!! its covered in grease! you really gotta wash your hands after you eat your totters user

99% of hispanics are incapable of doing any kind of work other than physical labor, and that is soon to become obsolete with automation.

Jobs are actually irrelevant to this discussion though. I really do not give much of a fuck about who is taking jobs and who is not. It's a simple matter of "This is my country and it is for my people. Not for anyone else." It's that fucking simple.

Spics have Mexico. They can stay there. I have my country. I will stay here. Just fuck off and get out of my country because it is mine and not yours.

Shh. Here's some traditional spic music. Let it carry you off to your straw bed for a good night's siesta.

you really gotta see the doctor user youre not in good health! you gotta stop eating so many totties and go out for a walkie!

Are leftykikes truly this retarded?

You must be confusing Indians with spics or something.

Don't worry, there's already to many "legal" ones within the United States to prevent their demographic takeover without genocide. You'll be getting your based Cristiano-Hispano no matter what, but when they out number you, remember its what you wanted!

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