Cristian banks is the ultimate redpill

The church is the only institution widespread all around the west that could built a real alternative to the kike world order.
The strict hierarchy and live dedicated to crist make it hard to subvert and easy to comand , you only need a couple of cardenal to decide telling to the priest of every town that all the believers need to putt their money in their sacred "bank" , and knowing how much credibility and ascendence those priest have in little town it would be really easy to do .
50 million of cristian in usa putting the money in the cristian banks would automatically bankruptcy their entire system and we could buy for penies all the assets( media, technological comanies…) that kike banks control now.
Then buying politicians would be the easiest part

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Cristian" banks" should have a lot of limitations with the interest rates and how the credit are given , the church should transform the concept of what a banck should really be

If the pope devide tomortow to create them in less than a year the entire kike system would implode .
We have all the money but we arent organized enought to use it in our favour


Yeah, it's been done and failed. Besides, Christianity is dead. Anons on here don't even read the books or know the culture, they just want feels. Larpers

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And here it came the blackpilling kike , shoot yourself

The church is the most autonomous institutions by difference in the modern western world and seeing sll the kike press and hollywood denigrating the church it make them even most cer5ain of their impartiality.

Dont even reply kike

two words,

Islamic Banking


You know the Pope is a fucking Templar gnostic pedo right?
You want to give him your money, go ahead.

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All non-violent solutions are useless and will fail.
Violence is the only solution. Kill all kikes. Anything else will fail while kikes are alive.

There is a lot of ancient wisdom in the Bible, but the Catholic church is indefensible, and all other Christian churches are really no better.


I agree. It's the only way to get back at the black kids that bullied us at school.

They actually made Anor Londo into a real thing…

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You can't have any banking system with the jews still around and if the jews were to all go away then Christianity would collapse because Revelations states that jews will be around during the end times. So no jews means Revelations is incorrect but, with jews means no fair banking system.

ummm what the fuck…. leftypol….. likes niggers! that's where fucking zimbabwe came from….. and took away rhodesia!

I'm noticing a pattern here.

Leftypol gets beat up by niggers because they live in cities where most violent niggers are.

The church has been thoroughly corrupted. The gays (only the pedo aspect is publicized, as it is a limited hangout that further damages the reputation of the church, but the root cause is faggotry) and neocons have infested it for decades. The pope loves third world muslims more than Europeans and, to boot, is a fucking commie.

The kikes didn't just infest our secular institutions. The church was one of the first things they killed during their long march through the institutions.

Too late for this.


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Dont use a clown meme if you dont want to be seen as the retarded shill you are

An institution that is one of cornerstones of kike world order can be an alternative to kike world order


4/ 10 shill , more convincingthsn the clown one
Try again i will evaluate your shill skill

yeah, and odin is a boyfucker and semen slurper for "power"
stop giving cover to faggots by playing the religion card

what in this blue hell is with those fucking clown memes?

The "church" and Christianity as a whole is inextricably linked to Judaism and lacks any will or desire to counter the "kikes world order". The church would sooner take 10% of its congregation paychecks and send it to "god's chosen people" in Israel than ever fight back against the kikes. Christianity along with Judaism and Islam are pure cancer and so are its followers.

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Christians were forbidden from taking interest from any loans in Middle Ages. Muslims are forbidden till this day. That's why kikes got into banking in first place.

Christianity is inherently international, it transcends racial and cultural bounds for a religious identity, therefore I reject it.

The only religion Europeans should have is the faith in their people.

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No, the church needs to die.
Or at least, the fucking Vatican sure as fuck does.
The "church" is not longer christian.

Confirmed for having never read the Bible

Yes, it's superior…But to be fair, Christianity has the same rule in the bible or in the Catholic Tradition (a.k.a no usury) but the Vatican stopped preaching that message.

and who stole our lolipops

You know, Muslims store their weapons in Mosques with the full support of Imams.
Try that with a Christian church and the priest or pastor would turn you in to the fed for nothing more than a pat on the head from the System
The church is our enemy.

Never change, k1k3s.

but user, the church is part of the jew world order! they have you worship a jew on your knees and take your shekels and everything!

Could but isn't, since it's kiked to the core and a major player in the negrification of Europe(they are spending their money already by helping niggers feel at home in Europe).

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Well, considering the Pope is a new world order pawn…I think you guys are missing the point. He wants a one world religion. I love Christianity, and I am a Methodist but call a spade a spade. The pope is a Globalist pawn, bought and paid for in 1800's. The Rothschild's gave the Catholic Church a huge loan. Bolsheviks, The Anti-Moses, anti-Jesus guys etc…

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Fuck off jew.