Stop calling yourself white and call yourself european or even aryan

I reject the concept of “White” vs ‘Others’ in which the current cultural/political divide is characterized.

People who have ‘white’ skin color are Europeans and what is under attack is European history/culture/values. Some ask the question:
When will Whites (e.g. White Nationalist) take their stand against the anti-white onslaught?

Rather, to my mind: When will Europeans (i.e European Culturist) take their stand against the anti-European onslaught?

For example, I read awhile back that the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania has removed the picture of Shakespeare (i.e. White- European) and replaced it with a picture of (can’t remember name – surprise!) a Black (i.e. African) Lesbian poet. Note the word ‘Shakespeare’ does not simply denote a ‘Dead White Man’. Rather, it connotes the European history/culture/values embodied in his works. Rejection of ‘Shakespeare’ is a rejection of European history/culture/values.

Again, this week the Sorbonne was force (i.e. physical intimation) by Blacks (i.e. Africans wearing shirts referencing Africa) to cancel a production of Aeschylus’ (European) play “The Suppliants (see: The American Conservative “Aeschylus The Afrophobe?

A 5th century BC European play to be performed at a 13th Century European University in a 1st Century Roman founded European city cancelled in the 21st Century because it offends Africans. As with Shakespeare, the rejection of Aeschylus is a rejection of European history, culture and values. Africans denied Europeans their 2500 year continuous evolutionary history (in street parlance: ‘What’s up with that?).

A Clash of Races or Clash of Historical Cultures/Civilizations?

I applaud Facebook et al rejecting ‘White Nationalist’. Hopefully it will force ‘White Folk’ to focus on the real issue of who were are … Europeans who just happen to have white skin pigment, and who are our adversaries; regardless of skin pigment. Our skin color does not define who were are. Rather, our history/culture/values. And, we must rise up to meet the challenges being presented to our history/values/culture.

Is a term coined by our enemy to portray us only in racial terms

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The fight is racial.

Is a war against everything europeans achieved , is a war against the glory of our ancestors

So proudly and fully i embrace my EVROPEAN identity

Death to Fake Tan Race Traitors

Imagine the thing you are proud of is your white skin and your temporal characteristic .
Only a moron would call herself White

We are gonna do it my evropean brothers

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Ok please explain is an eastern european white?

We are gonna do it TOGETHER

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Aryan is superior and excludes kikes, who often claim to be 'white' but are blatantly not Aryan. I agree.

This peak is the perfect representation of all europeans against the struggle of a crumpling world .
Could some user edit it with european countries atached to it, im with the movile

who cares?

Don't you get it,
"White" really doesnt matter, its European.

'Eastern' >European< means you are included in this fight.

We are not strong enought to fully embrace it , evropean is good enought , for now….


So if a nigger accepts "European culture" , then he is European too?

Civnat cucks need to die first

Yuppa boys let's kill some kikes

There are a few niggers who aren’t moronic chimps jumping on car roofs. It’s a real tiny percentage, but they exist

Kikes dont even deserve dead only seeing the beauty of the rebirth of evropean world would be enought penitence for them

are you saying White works better than European?

Aryan, I see, nvm.

no, 'europe' is grave for aryan, not cradle
the best, but (((jews))) will give label 'nazi'

Fuck the jews dude who cares anymore what they say about da big bad "nazis"

jfc don't be a sperg and say Aryan
and while implying unbreakable solidarity between Europeans, also use the plural form "European peoples", which sounds dignified, demonstrates ethnic awareness, and definitely freaks anti-Europeans out


them not accepting the culture is kind of the problem with niggers in the first place, isn't it?

that's ok fed friend, i was talking to the europeans

Cut out a picture of Shakespeare and tape it over the whoever you're talking about. Message sent.

I might as well as identity my race as Anti-Semitic.

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The reason the term White Nationalist is still relevant is because we are not the Other Europeans. We are the White Nation, which is the English-speaking European Nation, composed of all the English-speaking Europeans in that thing called "America," "Canada," Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, etc.
We are the largest of the European Nations, but our Nation has no real name. We have been systematically denied any sort of identity, and the only one that comes close to describing who we are is the White Nation. We aren't Other Europeans. We aren't Bulgarians, Serbs, Russians, Germans, Dutch, etc, etc. We're the White Naton, the English-speaking European Nation.
The greater European struggle is second to the struggle for our Nation's National Liberation. We can't do anything to help Germans, the French, Lithuanians, etc, etc. They have to do the same thing we have to do. They must have their own National Liberation struggles, to liberate themselves from international Kikery. The only possible way we could help them is to first complete our own National Liberation War.

i thought we were anglo-saxons


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Millions and millions of Other Europeans have integrated themselves into the English-speaking European Nation, especially in that thing called "America." We are not simply Anglo-Saxons.

Kill all the non-whites. Problems solved.

This must be the lowest form on communication on the planet. Anonymous incels jizzing onto their keyboards over fags like Brandon. Shitting out words about the lost white race. Face the reality migration is THE human story

You niggas care way too much about race. Why not go out and get laid more instead

When I was in school, what you're calling migration was called invasion.

Are you that pajeet sperg who doesn't accept the naming convention of the USA or something? Regardless, German American, Italian American, Irish American, etc… they've all assimilated into the anglo-saxon protestant lifestyle by now, unless they're fresh off the boat. If you aren't American, our school system specifically teaches a lot of our own history in order to promote a unified identity, which involves "us" winning our independence from Great Britain, despite a lot of people having zero ancestors in the USA at the time.

So yeh, use anglo-saxon, it just werks.

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Because we aren't niggas. Niggas aren't allowed here, neither are Nigers, or their cousins the Niggers.

You mean Brendan Fraser? I really feel sorry about the guy, you shouldn't make fun of him, he has been through a lot.

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Theater worker women are fine, I was told to divest and the water was free.

Thanks Sarah.

You will never outrun the fact that Zio Anglo Saxons betrayed the whole of Europe. You can seek redemption. Don't expect too much sympathy if you choose to do it again.

No anglos though. They are just jews of a different flavor when it comes to backstabbing.

how so

Not anglo saxons
Jew Sucking Anglo Saxons

who are they lol

ehhh, wow
Is he white?

And they are the ones who would be allowed to live and prosper. In their own countries.

European is a geographic term, and therefore a misnomer. Race is biological reality and is not subject to various (((interpretations)))

No, them being disgusting, smelly, retarded apes is. Them accepting European culture is an offense to European culture, and a cuckery for themselves as well. Civnat is the worst kike cancer that ever existed.

OP has a point.
European or Aryan excludes the (((tribe)))

He's Irish. You looking for a date?

Try leaving your room once in a while and tell us how much more sophisticated people on the street and plebweb are. I imagine the real issue here is that we discuss courses of action instead of endless meaningless trite.

Who is Rudolph Hess?
What was Winston Churchill?

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I could have a more coherent conversation with my dog tbh

lol "courses of action"

nice one

Whites are a bit smelly and retarded for me

Ironically the tribe are totally Aryan and not even slightly semitic.


Whites are fucking lazy about culture.
That's why there is no white culture
A few incels wanna blame migration for that. Harden up you faggots
Show us your culture
Oh that's right shooting up defenceless people who don't give a fuck about you
I call that murder

I'm calling myself by my ethnicity, as anyone should. White is stupid, just like black. European is atleast good in the sense that it excludes the kike.

"America" isn't a Nation. "America" is an interracial homosexual pornographic film, created by someone with the last name Bergstein.
The line separating that thing called "America" from that thing called "Canada" is an imaginary line, separating the single English-speaking European Nation. Just like the line separating that thing called "Austria" from German is an imaginary line, separating the single German Nation.
A unified ZOG-identity.
The "American" revolution was an anti-nationalist revolution, an illegitimate separatism, splitting the single English-speaking European Nation.
Go fuck yourself, ZOG-ling.

Ill call myself white if I want to. It's the colour of my skin right? why not?

Im not fucking aryan faggot, Im not bending the keen. We can have cooperation but dont fucking try to control me.

european is a continent not an ethnicity


I get that, but they label themselves as semitic - thus would have to un-attach themselves from the label to tie themselves to European/Aryan thereby negating any claims against them are 'anti-semitic'.

Dogs are pretty smart nowdays.

We will overcome

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We will endure

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I think its a case of humans getting dumber

We will rise

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jesus that dude is white
albino even

you guys know there are IDs on this board right so why are you spamming retarded shit if im just going to hide all your posts anyway lol

nice glutes

spam? you don't like this?

Is not europe is a continent europeans are the native inhabitants
Evropeans is a reference to the land , to the people and their history and culture
Meanwhile white is an unclear racial term that in usa include jews , moorocans , iranians and even indians

If you follow this to its logical conclusion you have to separate Jew (the people) from Jew (the disease).
The disease stems from betrayal within our own ranks and the most fundamental level of that betrayal is the money system. The fact that we are content to use money that is 100% owned by the banks relies on the "I don't give a fuck" tendencies of each individual.
If I have money in my pocket I can ignore the fact that I will never own that money AND someone else is paying 10% on that cash.

Krieg bis sieg

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is he getting a blowie?

This , white is not even valid as a racial term, only an absolute retard or((( them)))would use the term

Now for wrath! Now for ruin! And the world's ending!

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Yes you are totally right and that is exactly what they are doing right now.
LARPing as hebes is so passe.
They want to claim NAZI all for themselves.

That's actually really sad, though.

Fuck Europe, I'm Italian.
What's so fucking valuable about europe anyway?
The german people?
The french?
Fucking sweden?
You only need Italy, we breed inventors, artists, mathematicians and our food and recipes are as good as they are plentiful.
Spain MAYBE can be redeem but everyone else should just die already and make space for Italy.

Cry more mudshit

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Its a little a little cringe but wharever….

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brother, I brought you a wheel

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Nigger, you know you can embed that shit?
Are you too fucking stupid to realize that?
You're "european" alright.

Fuck yourself you degenerate kike lover. I hope you choke on your dad's kosher cock

Sweet ride bro

I'm new

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fuck you I'm staying

Im late to the party bros

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Oh wow how cool and edgy.
Go back to reddit you idiot, no wonder you act like a fucking retard.

By the end of the century we will be very close to achieving full globalism (we already have de-facto globalism)

You guys are truly idiots lol.

However, please keep doing what you are doing :)
Very soon the full weight of the system will be forced to come down on your ilk like a hammer. Not yet though, we will wait for you fools to lash out in more desperate and paranoid attacks for the time being.

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Call it the eurosphere, eurospheric culture is being attacked from all angles, but mostly from within by foreign elements of a wholly semitic origin.

Back in the aids-chamber.

European blooded.

Yeah, and the jews were let into Europe through rome/Italy, and the jews were harboured in Poland for 800 years, and the jew Rothschilds and bilderbergers came from Holland and Germany, and the most Jews in europe are concentrated in France.
Let's nuke (((Europe))), only based china and based africa should remain.

Reminder that more whites have been killed in the last 100 years by whites than have been killed by "non-whites" in the entire human history.

Just in the 18th and 19th century we had over 10 million so-called "whites" killed by other so-called "whites".

In the 20th century alone we had over 100 million so-called "whites" killed by other so-called "whites".

Now you want to create a culture based on "whiteness"?

You are truly idiots.

When they spend 2-3 hours carving you up and sticking pitchforks in your sister/mother/father/brother, you'll wish you'd resisted instead of sucking down the propaganda willingly.