"How to defeat the cretinous ‘great replacement’ theory at the heart of the Christchurch attack"


This is who we are fighting. They do not see you as human. They put 'people' in quotes when referring to Europeans. They think you are delusional and psychotic for having normal human emotions and self-preservation instinct. They admit knowledge and understanding of the issues we face, but they simply don't care.

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Nice demoralization propaganda. I can’t help but think that if I had somebody who doesn’t visit Zig Forums read it, they would see the bullshit too, though.

You should. A key part of Tarrant's strategy was getting the media to vomit up their most noxious anti-white content yet.


They link the 'alt-right' (whatever the fuck that is) to retard white people 'leaders' et al. That's the beginning of the stupidity of this article and it just gets worse. I don't need to visit Zig Forums to know it's garbage propaganda.


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It just reveals their hate for white people. It always was there but now they are forced to admit it when they call for actions against what they see as inherently evil white people that need to be genocided.

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this news article has worse arguments and more strawmans than your typical kike shitposter here
holy fuck how is this even passed for journalism?
he denies white genocide then acknowledges we become minorities and tells us to just deal with it by returning to reality??? WHAT THE FUCK

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So where's the #notallwhites, #tolerance #tempsetback hashtags as we've had with the turd world imports after every single one of their terror attacks?

Oh wait there is none, because the anti white media hypocrisy and hatred is so plainly clear and obvious to see for anyone now, you don't even need to know anything to recognize it now.

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Not to be that guy but I must simply note that there are so many people who if you show this to them will be suspicious of you for disagreeing with it, who will not change their minds

My personal favorite is how they praise Muslims for building European culture and in the same sentence state that only lazy people take credit for their ancestors' achievements.

you need to learn how to archive new friend

The more they push this kind of propaganda the easier it is becoming to expose their intentions. They are afraid that their offices, synagogues, and mosques are no longer safe from the people they are targeting with their policies, propaganda, and agenda.

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Shit you're right, I'm inadvertently giving these kikes clicks aren't I?

doesnt matter if you have an adblocker installed


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What a fucking lie
America is already minority majority

How retarded can you get?

Except killing women and children in war is how to win a war because women, give birth to children, who grow up to become enemies. Hardly cowardly to kill vipers eggs in the nest before they can hatch.

He's on the list. (of really cool people)

Reminder that whites are less than 10% of the global population and that white people have been deceived into thinking they are a majority.

We are not.

It's telling what a buzzword "coward" is for these people, since they're the same types who write articles about getting PTSD from firing one shot on the range. Any rational person could recognize that it actually takes a lot of balls to stroll in and ventilate 50 cockroaches like it's Spring cleaning time.

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Basically gloating in everyone's face about the impending total genocidal racial annihilation of the white race.

Scum like this have never made it easier enough to be against them. This is a reminder that it's never been easier to be their enemy, at this point all you have to do is show this drivel to other people, and have a little conversation. The enemies of the people are digging their own graves.

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They're outright terrified that some white guy did to the third world trash what they've been doing to us with full marxist media and social protection for decades. Terrified of the thought that their evil existances may come to a swift end sooner than later.

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This is only good OP. They are talking about our ideas now. Now they will soon define themselves within our worldview as our ideal enemy. This is meta politics. We must make the rules on how to talk about politics. Once we get to decide what is up and what is down in politics, everything will fall in place as we desire. In our metapolitical world, they must not just fight us, but also gravity. It is a fight they can't win.

uhhh whut?

Stop wasting my time, user.

Whites issue is nothing to do with other races

Whites don't have a culture

Whites don't care about culture

Whites are too lazy to show their culture

Tell me now what is you culture you speak of

Your bait is weak tbh

And yet only white countries are where this 3rd world genetic trash is moving to. You don't see a rush of white people to some goat fucking country, or to an African mud hut country.

If we want our own country, we're just going to have take it through force at this point.



Got any comment about what exactly is white culture?

Just a reminder that you were the one attracted to our language and our superior culture and way of life in the first place. We're so evil and horrible but that didn't stop pathetic hypocrites like you from parasitizing or using our technology that allows you to post here. Get filtered fag.

"European" culture? wtf give me a break

Read the last part of the article.
This is new. Up until we have lived in a liberal globalist political reality. Especially in Europe, there has been only tiny liberal parties. There has been no need for them, because all parties have moved society in that direction. Now that we have populist parties challenging the liberal agenda, the long lasting conservative/socialist dualism collapses, and explicitly liberalist globalist parties emerges on the other end (Macron's en Marche). This is how we win, because now, for every argument that has convinced you that globalism is bad, they can't simply ignore it, but must take the loosing position.

Im fucking british, my grandfather was born in england

This article is what Tarrant wanted. These anti-White pieces of shit to grow some balls and say they want to replace Whites openly, so normie Whites can see their real enemy.

muh mossad shills got BTFO by this.

Oh and the reason you can type your shit here the same reason I can type my shit here so keep on dreaming of your perfect european culture wankfest situation.

This is good, paste it all around.

Make normalfags read it.

What is this kikeospeak?

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anyone wanna care to explain white or european culture to me?? like what cultural activities are actually involved here

Some times I wonder if we should replace the captcha with an IQ test.

I don't think it will really help here my friend

Every little object around you that makes your pathetic existance worthwhile and merely allows you to type here is as a matter of fact our race's culture, our sole inventive creation. The funny thing is that your life is literally worthless compared to any of it. Never forget that.

I was reffering to you. Please find your way out.

You shouldn't just go back to Reddit. With retardation this severe, it's time to return to the African Congo as well.

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>(((the need for a scapegoat that arises)))

Attached: .jpeg (659x495, 79.3K)

Imagine giving people pictures of traditional African garbs and the sorts of things one would expect you to counter with and going "duuh duuuuuh thats just clothes and they're stamping their feet in the dirt haha culture pfft as if"

Nobody is going to talk to you, anyone in here that isn't as much of a larping faggot as you on our side would just strike you.

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I'm white, like I said

Not retarded

Definitely smarter than you

Fuck you

You cannot even name 1 single cultural activity you claim to be losing. Sure, some some significant inventors in history where white, but actually technology has developed from all different countries and whites don't even lead at this anymore. Whites got left behind. Don't wank on about whites invented everything or whatever…. everything is changing at a faster pace every year. It's exponential. If whites get left behind they are weak

electrical power

The question is, why haven't you killed yourself yet? Do it now.

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please enlighten me about the inventions from sub-saharan african nations and abbos
happy googling

They need to be killed or subdued.
Our time is running out.
We are fighting against Satan himself.
This battle is taking place not just in this realm,
but also on the spiritual plane.
The enemy derives dark, demonic power from
raping, eating children, mass human sacrifice,
and causing human suffering.
If we lose, Satan will rule the planet, in the form of the Jewish "messiah."
We will either win and destroy the Jewish race, or face complete loss.

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The Haitian mud-cookie was a great leap in the history of innovation.

Not with your linguistic ability approaching these previously unseen levels of nigglish. Pictures again related, a culture truly suited for you.

Attached: dirt poor.jpg (1280x720 118.85 KB, 140.05K)

nearly all music that has ever existed, stone/brick/wooden built houses and buildings, as in anything that isn't just a mudhut that a beaver/termite colony could build.
Dance, ballet, opera, symphonies, orchestras, vehicles, clothes, the wheel. Note that good old africa never had any of that, to them culture is banging a piece of wood and presenting their rear like a baboon.
Writing, recorded history, plays, theatre, exploration, agriculture, animal husbandry, complex languages, abstract thought and concepts, science, the gun, knights in armour, painting, realistic art, and the other thousands of types of art that go beyond making a deformed cartoon head out of wood. Machines, technology beyond a wooden spear, metallurgy, carpentry, glassblowing, stained glass windows, standardisation of military, weights, measurements, currency, almost every sport that exists.
The list is inexhaustible.

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Damn what a prowess!

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Learn who you are dealing with.

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Don't worry guys it's just c u l t u r e s h o c k

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Hardly, they desire civil war and martial law. They have their pseudo nationalist entities ready to take over should "white alt right far right facist nazi nationalists", or whatever they are painting indigenous Europeans who don't appreciate multiculturalism being forced on them, actually "win".
They only care about being unmasked as the jews they are, and non-jews rejecting them, but this time globally.

Saudis are fucking leaders in the chemical and plastics industries. if you want to see an example check sabic.com/en
Also, mobile electronics, South Koreans and chinese and leading the way over american and european countries.

I don't care who invented the lightbulb or whatever, that was hundreds of years ago.

so they're going to try communism again

Attached: blackpower.mp4 (198x360 9.12 MB, 1.75M)

Attached: niggers.mp4 (400x400 2.07 MB, 717.48K)

so this thread ends in you cunts posting random pics of non white people doing heinous shit. you know i could easily find a bunch of similar acts committed by whites on camera

Do so and prove what you said, you black nigger.

Attached: necked.mp4 (288x360, 1.34M)

Attached: 0256e666de1d1148d5daf59f8a7709c7cfd87ac5465376d88be37c4cf1735433.png (640x360 2.99 MB, 6.85M)

Lots of kikes think they are white,
You aren’t. You are mongrel trash.

Traditional white culture was mostly destroyed by Jews and hijacked by other races.
Our traditions and culture will be revived.

It will require elimination of all Jews.

primitive bot

This conversation ended the moment you switched tactics on culture to technology (Of.. Saudi Arabia?) that's enabled by Israel's partnership with them which is enabled by h'white people's money being siphoned from them like just about any other prowess, which is, huh, leeched! Or given? Who knows depending how you look at it.

Nobody cares how you look at it, you danced away from my first posts. Doesn't matter if someone from here touches you, if not, then someone on the complete opposite end of society's downfall will. You WILL be among the first of many.

Attached: salute.gif (719x960 44.15 KB, 100.04K)

nothing new

Attached: .jpeg (743x480, 61.7K)

Who do you think they will syphon money off when we are gone? Do you think they are going to syphon money off the niggiest niggers? I think that they were hoping that you would want fascism so much that they would just be able to keep you openly as slaves and that they could still parasite off you. I am still hoping that you chose a better system than anything that has ever come before (since all politics thus far are kike games)…I think that something decentralized would be best in terms of the health freedom and well being of European peoples. I don’t want to say ‘white’ because that fucking turkike in this thread will think I am talking about it and we have almost no genetic relationship to the ‘so called aryan’ people anymore at all, at least not a genetic one, they are irrelevant to us since they are not genetically related to us.

Also think that from when children start school upto through university that they are fed this crap day in day out. Maybe printing out articles like this so that white people can see in plain sight how much they are hated.

This has been the modus operandi our whole existence and I don’t really understand why not. Every other animal on this planet fights for survival up to the very last, but not the sheep, they will walk right up to their execution and walk right into the grave. Even herbivores will use their horns and hooves to fight off a preditor but whites just walk up to their grave like they are lemmings, no fight in them at all.

Basic kike-talk 101, with their bile-slick pilpul tongues. Whites have no culture, they will be wiped out like the scourge they are, and it is true and just to die out.

This leaks through everything they say, because it is what they believe. They are utterly incapable of making convincing propaganda otherwise and their shadow-boxing just radicalizes the centrists out of pure disgust.

umm. you fucking moron
it was you who started talking about technology when I mentioned culure






Dance, ballet, opera, symphonies, orchestras, vehicles, clothes, the wheel. Note that good old africa never had any of that, to them culture is banging a piece of wood and presenting their rear like a baboon.

Writing, recorded history, plays, theatre, exploration, agriculture, animal husbandry, complex languages, abstract thought and concepts, science, the gun, knights in armour, painting, realistic art, and the other thousands of types of art that go beyond making a deformed cartoon head out of wood. Machines, technology beyond a wooden spear, metallurgy, carpentry, glassblowing, stained glass windows, standardisation of military, weights, measurements, currency, almost every sport that exists.

The list is inexhaustible.

So tell me about fucking culture then

did you read my question faggot? i didn't ask about inventions from dunecoons and gooks. i said subsaharan african niggers and abbo living fossils.


Mental illness.

Stop embarrassing yourself already.

Attached: nungun.jpg (700x823, 271.07K)

Sure thing, newfriend!
In simple terms a culture arises from the interaction of biology and environment.
Different biological clusters (ie.race, the general biological characteristics of a group of related people) combine with different environmental factors and result in different cultures.
White culture therefore is a product of white genetic traits functioning within and influenced by primarily European environmental factors.
If you transplant white people into Australia for instance, they will still be white because their biological characteristics haven’t changed, the cultural expression of their people will adapt to the new environment.
In short: Culture is a racial construct.

Attached: pre-raphaelite-art-pre-raphaelite-art-23219500-1600-1200.jpg (929x1269 210.15 KB, 207.67K)

Consumer stuff is always behind military/avionics. What they mostly do in China and Korea is take an existing design and tweak it (like ARM SoCs) or simply manufacture products for western firms. That's how it's been done for many decades.

could someone link me to the UN's replacement declaration

No publicity is bad publicity.


They blocked the page.

You can see this though; un.org/press/en/2000/20000317.dev2234.doc.html>>13058101

Stop appropriating my culture fag. Turn off your cellphone and computer.

If today's Western mass culture were a postmodern abstract painting made by letting a chimp smear his own feces on a white canvas, then the feces are POC "culture" (and Jewish "art"), and white culture would be the canvas that made this work of "art" even possible. Except that, if you take a step back, it's not a white canvas, it's just a white area in huge, incredibly detailed painting, but you are constantly told it doesn't matter because the paint is dry while the chimp shit is fresh out of its butthole.

It was deleted, but plenty of people saved it.

On the wikipedia article for this user should create a new section along the lines of
and then add the declaration as a citation

i would but i dont have a wikipedia account and the page is edit protected to the public

what about the earlier version back in october?

Attached: Firefox_Screenshot_2019-04-01T11-55-28.111Z.png (271x231, 122.76K)

Why? I'm smug as I can be. They have nothing but empty accusations - and the overton window is the whole world.

What a sad sack of shit
Twould be a shame if a pack o niggers raped him then stabbed him a bunch of times. Damn right shame crikey

Imagine my shock.

You’ll never ever be white mudshit. Let that sink in your enormously bulbous and thick “skull”

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Self determination.
Next time cut along the wrist instead of across it you nigger