Theodor Fritsch, Father of Anti-Semitism

The Riddle of the Jew's Success

It's time to get serious: introducing the works of Theodor Fritsch

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After WW2, the Allieds made sure 99% of Fritsch's books were burned.

Handbook of the Jewish Question (aka Anti-Semitic Catechism)
(((sorry, no English link – anyone have it?)))

The Riddle of the Jew's Success (explains how Jews think)

Handbuch der Judenfrage (Anti-Semiten Katechismus)

Das Rätsel des Jüdischen Erfolgs

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Is there an English translation?

it appears the book was never translated.
I wonder why

can Zig Forums do crowd funding for a translation?

More likely to do a group translation effort. Shouldn't be too hard to find a dozen or so Deutschanons to make short work of it.

its 562 pages,
I guess if 60 people can do about 10 pages…
I could start the first 10


Please start. If you take the first step now that will encourage another user to take the second step following you.

The father of Anti-Semitism is Wihelm Marr, he invented the term.
And it's 100% retarded.

Heil. Danke

many thanks deutschfrens
looking forward to it

Anons I want to help in the collective effort of translating this work. Does anyone know any kind of online-work-coordination system or tool we could use to organise this?

I'll do one page per day every day until I'm finished but obviously it would be highly preferable if we could coordinate the process properly.

That summation is brilliant. Simple straight to the point.


Lotta jews on pol today.

Jews have been successful because their smart people(Rabbis) were encouraged to reproduce while the sages of Europe, the philosophers among the Europeans, were encouraged to not reproduce and join celibate priesthoods for well over a thousand years. As a result Europeans became socially retarded and are easily socially dominated.

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it all goes back to jacob and esau. jacob 'won' because he outsmarted both the father and his dumb goy bro esau

Now thats a fucking retarded take. Tell me more about how Hitler and the SS were socially retarded.
The french revolution caused the demise of the aristocracy of Europe. Additionally the degenerating monarchy allowed world jewry to take hold in Europe, and when the monarchs were effectively dethroned or slowly disempowered while money became the new value of leadership, the kikes were there to take their place.
Celibate priesthood has been a thing since 2000 BC when the ancient Aryans conquered India. You're a fucking retard.

That's nonsense, though. I'm not a fan of meddling Jews, but I know from experience that there are many moral Jews.

Get a load of this goy

This is a retarded meme. There were more scholars and aristocrats than there were celibate scholar monks.

That's a hilarious claim.

What is the practice of EXTORTION.
What is a criminal MAFIA.
What is USURY.
ans. a jew and their evil, sick fucking family.

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English translation of riddle of the jews

He is not the "father" of antisemitism. Antisemitism has existed in every single place jews have existed throughout times.
Already the ancient greeks understood the nature of the kike.

I've got jews for you… Trotsky is the white nigger.

accurate depiction of the jew
we must exterminate this plague at once

To what extent?
Have you exposed them to the reality of white genocide? Did they condemn it? Did they agree that any people needs its own land?

Moral like Sam Harris or Ben Shapiro? That's the morality of an accountant. They only care about maximizing human productivity.

celibacy must have rooted out certain more intellectual strands among us, I can believe that

That is what you jews like to make us believe…

Jews are not successful by hard work but by corruption and nepotism, favoritism for their own.
How that works is written in
Culture of Critique