New Zealand outlines strict new gun controls

· The ban applies to semi-automatic weapons and "military-style" semi-automatics (MSSAs).
· It prevents people from owning parts, magazines and ammunition that can be used to assemble prohibited weapons.
· It bans semi-automatic shotguns that can be fitted with detachable magazines, and pump-action shotguns that hold more than five rounds.
· The law wouldn't include weapons used by farmers and hunters, including semi-automatic .22 caliber or smaller guns that hold up to 10 rounds.
· There would be an amnesty for unlawful items to be handed in by the end of September this year, with a buyback scheme costing up to 200 million New Zealand dollars ($136 million, 135 million euros).

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Why are they banning guns? Wasn't the shooter a dangerous immigrant?

The left was always going to ban guns, they just needed an excuse, be it a false flag or not.

You have no registry, correct? So fucking take them out like th scene in TD, grease them up good, and find a nice place to bury them. Use a fucking VPN you trust (go to the one that won't even give cops infos on pedi scum, chances are they aren't going to ray you) and then go to Zig Forums and ask about best way to store them long term.
Going to have to check on them every few months to make sure ground hasn't shifted too much but…anyway, Zig Forums probably has a whole guide since people in ZOG have been preparing for this day for decades. If they come asking? "I went on a hunting and fishing trip and dropped the fuckers overboard.."

He makes a joke about that in his manifesto.
Q: "But aren't you an immigrant yourself since you are from Aus?"
A: "Yes, and it seems we immigrants tend to bring a lot of problems with us, doesn't it?"

Eh, whatever. Doesn't bother me.

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I winder how many willl bury them and how many will pussy out and then them in. This is like watching "The Turner Diaries" in real time. Gonna be interesting. All I can say, get as much info on greasing and storing your guns from Zig Forums as you can, and start scouting out places to bury before your winter really sets in and it gets harder to dig…

Only a matter of time. In the meantime, I'm sure "hunters" will be subjected to a full gun registry. Since they actually know how to use the guns, they'll be set aside until a time that a SWAT like team can raid them and confiscate the weapons.

off to work faggots

Hunters provide a function to the state by managing game.

Not anymore.

Ar 15's are used for pig hunting.

Its different in NZ, the government knows exactly where all the Semi Autos Are.

a dead politician will not be able to approve an anti-white law

AR15 isn't necessary for pig, or any sort of hunting. Bolt action with 2-3 rounds is enough.

1. according to a ZOG report I saw, you are 1 of only 2 nations on earth wo a "gun registry" or does that not apply for semi-autos?

2. Even if they have you down as owning them, you can still find a nice spot in the woods, make sure they are well graded and wrapped and bury them. Then when the fuckers ask, you dropped them while you were on a fishing/hunting/shooting trip with your buds, you dropped all your shit int he fucking ocean.

It's fucking useful for hunting boars and other kinds of vermin on certain farms. IF anyone here turns them in rather than burying them you are a complete cuck. And to answer you, YES, if the day ever comes here, I'll be greasing up and burying mine.That's assume the DOTR doesn't kick off the day the fuckers announced it.

Cattle exist to produce meat and milk for their owners. Why let them have guns at all? I don't understand. NZ should take all the guns away. Cattle don't need guns.

Seconded, just get an air tight chemical barrel, grease up and bag, proceed to bury at night. Or just ghetto it by using 6 million trash bags layered.

They can't do much else, you had a mishap on your last hunting trip.

fuck you and whatever fake cuckolded idea you have of necessity, it's like saying use a nokia 100 when you could use a smart phone.

In complete seriousness, you fuckers are WAY to close tot he chinks and you have no idea what the Geo-political situation is going to be in 10-12 years. Do you REALLY think your politicians are prepared for a situation where ZOG goes down and Australia and NZ get invaded by China?
At least with an AR and enough Ammo and the right guides, you'd be able to ambush and use IEDs agains the chinks the way the Afghans did t ZOG and it's 18 years and counting and ZOG STILL has not won.
As SOON as you turn over your semi-autos, your fuckign helpless, and given your location and how isolated you are, no way in hell another White nation can run the gauntlet in private boats to do a gun and ammo resupply. DO NOT TURN THEM INTO THOSE FUCKERS!

Was watching the local state news channel the other day and they were advertising a gun buyback program where you could receive up to $250 per gun. I understand in NZ everyone is being forced to give it up, but how retarded do you have to be in the US to not just go sell it to a gunshop. I bet even heavily used a lot of guns would fetch well over 250. Assuming you're not a nigger with 'dirty' guns

Next they'll ban vans when Muslims start to drive them into pedestrians… Oh wait.

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NZ military consists of 5000 troops. Law enforcement includes 12,000 personel. There are 300,000 gun owners. Seems like disarmament by a foreign power. Looks like New Zealanders are no better than slaves now.

The only threat is civilian gun ownership. Without it they will be rolled over. There are already 160,000 Chinese living there, which will likely double in the next 20 years. Very possible they will be looking at a Chinese political occupation in another decade. The Chinese are aware how white supremacy accusations can disarm whites and have said they intend to control whites through it as the jews do.

Sure, Moishe. China is the main enemy. Do you have any source for your claims, though?

Do what all them crazy Australians did when their ban happened. Cover the metal parts in cosmoline, break it down and store it in a large enough PVC tube. Dig a bunch of post holes and plan a fishing trip with all your fun's and hope there is no boating accident. Then just put a garden over the areas you dug the post holes, just make sure to fill the holes with something…

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Haven't heard an update on numbers of guns being turned in since the media was celebrating that 37 were turned in on the first day and 3 virtue signaling faggots on Twitter gloating about it at the same time. Any updated info?

Hoping that most to all resist. Better to become a criminal than disarmed and defeated.

t. Fed
Its better to live subservient with video games than to be dead

Better to live one day a lion than a thousand years a sheep.

CIA world factbook

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Video game plastic is shit and a waste of time and money. Die fighting back. The more you grumble to yourself and give in, the more they will continue to run you over at every turn.

Make them afraid of whites again.

Yes. Better to snuff your lineage in one futile battle than live quiet, keep watch and reproduce.

You are right you need an VZ. 58 for boar hunting

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this, after "assault weapons" they go for fudd hunting rifles

your lineage is already being snuffed out, they are sending foreigners to live in your county.

Oh, that's nice. Guns are for huntn after all, not for killing more heavily armed enemies. Can't hunt without a gun.

Please be true


What newfags don't understand user, is we'll bottleneck and go extinct in our own lands, or we'll end maladjusted genetically like the kikes and bantus. There won't be a benevolent White Man protecting our straggling asses, like with the injuns or abos. We'll be hunted for fun by 70 IQ niggers, this doesn't stop at reparations.

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Just bury them and pay whatever fine they charge you for having lost one

People are already looking at a decade in prison for having/sharing digital content…

Or just do what they least expect. How hard would taking such a weak nation as NZ be?

You'd probably only need a couple hundred good men willing to sacrifice everything for what's right - but considering I've never seen a gathering of such, I'd opt in for at least burying your guns until which time said gathering forms.

The slippery slope is real.

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OC from much earlier.png

Recent related OC

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China cannot invade any other countries, they're show of force is a stupid attempt to bully the countries in South China Sea while every other country on their border is licking their lips at the opportunity to invade and seize land from China. As soon as China attacks anyone, India, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mongolia, will all attempt to get their piece of the pie. Hell even Tibet. I truly don't think they understand how land locked they are. I don't understand why they're trying to be bullies to USA, who outguns them, who out produces them, and who purchases up to 40% of their goods. I'm just talking simple strategy, the fact is the 30 year economic boom in China is over, and Xi Jinping is trying his best to save face, but let's be real sometimes you just have to deal with the bullshit you've been handing out to the rest of the world. He's done incredible things, just focus on internal development, and isolationism. He's trying to make deals with European countries like Italy, and the Middle Eastern Bloc, first chance they get they will seize as many assets as they can from the trains for free and the state department of Iran or Iraq will blame it on extreme terrorism, ironically, they will be the same people who funded the theft of goods. I mean, it's just a shit show. I respect China but they can't simply expand and attempt to take over other countries and not expect a world backlash. It's just SHIT foreign policy. Hell if it we're up to me though we would deport everyone who is Chinese back to China simply because most of them are spies anyway, something about China makes a lot of crooks.

Atheism. We saw, and somewhat still see, such behavior in Russia.

t. boomer piece of shit

Burying your guns wont solve shit.

I hope that pigs innuendo. Hand in all the funs, because you don't need them to hunt. You stupid cunt. Have you not heard of spears, stones, and arrows? Seriously, hunt like a man, or felon, and use a bow you faggot. Funs are for minecraft predators.

Awwww, you think you'll get away with being a quiet, White man, in a government dominated by bloodthirsty jews and their golems. Your grandkids can marry their cousins, but at least you minded your own business and didn't hurt nobody

Everything is a weapon. All matter and antimatter can be weaponized.

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I love how the problem is importing foreigners and that's why the shooting happened but instead of fixing that they're just taking away peoples rights

And yet only 37 firearms have been handed in, there is hope for NZ!

And what will your children have? Grow up to marry Tyrone and join antifa to beat you and your old white friends up? I want to have many white children too but if they come to disarm me, then I know there won't be any reason as I have done nothing wrong besides thinking and speaking different ideas.

If nothing is done, expect nothing to be achieved.

t. tradcuck

Daily reminder that single, independent men are the ones who fight in wars.

When its time bury your guns, its time to get them out.

Yes, as long as they shoot first and take the land back. Then, there is hope.

Go die in one then. See if anybody will remember.

Just impregnate a couple chicks before you go to battle. It's not rocket science

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All I want is to torture, mutilate, and kill my enemies. Its fun and appeals to me on a personal level. Stop being a fag.

just sounds like common sense gun bans to me. Assault weapons are some of the most dangerous things on the planet

Just filter anyone who posts garbage like this and don't reply.

m8 NZ is already letting the Chinese peacefully invade and take over without firing a shot, look at housing in Auckland.

How are they going to enforce it? With their less than 5000 trained military servicemen? Oh, wait, most of the kiwis are cucked and will celebrate your death for fighting the police to keep your God given right to defend yourself with the modern tools necessary to do so.


I'm ashamed to be a kiwi. How can a dual nationality Uk/NZ go be a yank?

We don't want you. We have our own problem to deal with.

I'm not sure, but the more armed and awake Zig Forums Aryans here, the better. Just be ready to deal with the same shit here when it comes to gun grabbing at some point. The best is in some states, you can easily do private sales with cash. No background checks, just cash and meeting a dude in a store parking lot to check out the gun before buying. This is the best for avoiding the kike govt detection.

They didn't have a registry for shit like bolt-action rifles and pump shotguns. you'd just show the gun store guy your license, pay for it, and leave.
MSSA's (Military Styled Semi Automatics) like AR's, AK's, FAL's SKS's, etc… All had to be registered and immediately reported to the police if lost/stolen/sold.

Australia is already drafting up a ban on lever-action shotguns and bolt-action rifles, AKA 'military' sniper rifles.
Get ready to hand in your Mosins and Enfields you kangaroo fuckers.

Jacinda Ardern

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Evens= i will
Odds= i won't ever.


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If they ban bolt-actions, what else is there to use? Muzzleloaders? Fuckin flintlocks?

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Knives, fists, explosives made of homemade chemicals, amonia + bleach, ramming your enemies with cars, its not hard to kill other people user

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What are rights? A contract between the ruler and the ruled stating that you can do XYZ in exchange for not committing violence, revolting, or uprising against the rulers. If you no longer have the ability to commit violence you have lost ALL of your rights.
What good does a gun in the ground do? If there are 30 guns for every 100 people now, and only 3 for every 100 once buried, how will a revolution ever take place? You must strike while the iron is hot.
What good will it do if it's buried and the muslims go apeshit? Or the cops go door to door looting?
What good will it do if you have an extreme situation where you must leave your house behind? Natural disasters, foreign invasions, etc.

Mongrel Mob leader says members won't hand in their guns

Members of the Mongrel Mob and Black Power gangs have had public displays of solidarity with the victims, including guarding mosques while Muslim people prayed.

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check those trips, hopefully TD kicks off




checked and heiled



Another question I have for NZ anons: Was this new ban passed through any parliamentary procedure? The way the media covers the story, they make it sound like your cunt PM waves her magic strap-on and makes unilateral changes. Are there any members of gov't opposing this?


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Do NOT hand in your guns.


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what kind of animals do they have in NZ?
i live in the country in the PNW, i would be shitting my pants if the government told me i could keep my semiauto's but they had to be .22lr or smaller….for a farmer and most hunters, at that point the gun is basically useless for anything other than shooting rats. racoons, coyotes, ect all travel in packs and coyotes in particular keep their distance, so while you may get a clean shot on the first one you're certainly not getting a good clean lined up shot on the rest of the pack…..22lr just doesn't have the range and stopping power to be useful even in a semiauto.

the only reason they made this exception was to create an argument that exceptions were made (even though they are totally useless exceptions). any actual hunter or farmer is just going to go back to using a lever action in this case…which is pretty decent but it's much harder than you think to pick off dogs with follow up shots with a lever gun as your eye comes off the sight ever so slightly to use the lever….it's hard to explain, it's not much extra movement but it's enough to make a pretty big difference….that said, if you're talking about mowing down muzzies from 5 yards away then yeah, there's no difference between a lever gun and a semiauto, you're just not getting within those sort or short range distances with a pack of yotes.

this whole thing is fucking retarded….i'm glad i live in a place where the local LE would never enforce those sort of laws even if they were passed on a national level….

if you don't have enough guns to bury at least some of them, then you never had enough guns in the first place. lol

Learn to shoot m8.. it's not a hunting rifle, it's a toy.

Get more guns. Kill all your politicians. Kill all leftists in your country. You are the law. You are above their laws.

Less LARPing Luciano Mendez, more actual plans.


When they come for your guns in Half Life 2, you shoot them.

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time for a lot of boating accidents


Remington 700 .308 with Leupold or Vortex.

Find nearest source of ZOG'ery. Fire for effect from 300 yds away. Escape. Have an ale.

Benelli M1 for close range.

Deus Vult

This is what happens when you let women vote.

If it's time for boating accidents it's time for shooting.

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do they not have Dodge in ausland?

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great going, instead of actually organizing a revolution all you did was do the jew's dirty work for him

That's right. Your kike attorneys do the fighting, you do the drugs. These stupid cunts, they exist because of the murder of innocents, and as soon as whites hand in the funs, they'll gun them down. What niggers.

We've seen too many kikes hijacking revolutions and politics lead nowhere. There's only one way ahead, and that's race war.

Why fight a 'race war' against billions when there's a tiny minority responsible for all these ills?

Don't forget the senators in Postal 2 - best to take them out, along with the senators. Their hitpoints aren't much.