Why carthaginians sacrificed their own childrens to the gods ?

WHY?not even aztecs did
the same , only defeated tribes were subjected to such treatment , only other middle eastern countries like asirians serm to have reached those levels of barbary.

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What did you expect ? they were unironically proto kikes

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It was the hip thing to do back then. I'm sure most of us followed a cultural trend at one point in our lives and ended up regretting it later on.

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Is this the people who burned them up alive in a moloch statue?


The Israelites did it too.

Uh… Do you believe that? I always took Roman sources with a grain of salt Carthage took them with much more salt hehehe

Sage for yet another low quality thread. Have you no shame OP?

According to any source even their own gods thenselfs something that paralel a lot of mena ancient countries too

The practice could hold the key to why Ancient Carthage was founded in the first place.

Babies of just a few weeks old were sacrifice.

Dedications from the children's parents to the gods are inscribed on slabs of stone above their cremated remains, ending with the explanation that the god or gods concerned had 'heard my voice and blessed me'.

An Oxford University professor said that people might have sacrificed their children out of profound religious piety, or a sense that the good the sacrifice could bring the family or community as a whole outweighed the life of the child.

We think of human sacrifice as a terrible practice because we view it in modern terms, but people looked at it differently 2,500 years ago.

The backlash against the notion of Carthaginian child sacrifice began in the second half of the 20th century and was led by scholars from Tunisia and Italy - the very countries in which tophets have also been found.

It was first documented by Greek and Roman writers who seemed more interested than critical of the unusual practice.

A collaborative paper by academics from institutions across the globe, including Oxford University reveals that previous well-meaning attempts to interpret these ancient burial grounds, called tophets, simply as child cemeteries, are misguided.

Instead, the researchers think the practice of child sacrifice could even hold the key to why the civilisation was founded in the first place

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Still happpens today, you just don't hear about it. Its pure evil

Much to God's shame, Ezekiel 23 is great example of how much they angered the lord. Still, he held out the remnant (1 Kings 19:18). God gave the others a chance to change their ways before he came in the Book of Malachi, they did not, and the Lord laid Jerusalem to waste through the Romans, corrupted their seed and spread refuse upon their faces (Malachi 2:3) and branded them the Synagogue of Satan.

take a guess OP

Cronus/Baal/Moloch/Remphan all have to do with the planet Saturn funnily enough

quam ob rem etiamnunc censeo carthaginem delendam fuisse

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It's called abortion.
Clearly (((someone))) also persuaded the Carthaginians to kill their children for (((reasons))).
(((who could be behind that?)))

Abortion, pre-medical version:
Abortion, medical version:

If people and scholars actually read the bible they'd already have known about child sacrifice, it's not really a great mystery

The aztecs MOST CERTAINLY sacrificed their own, and even gladly offered up the family members even of the elites. It was considered an honor. Please don't talk about things you don't understand. We have enough experts on here.

Actual archeological excavations of these trophets show the vast majority would have had birth deformities so bad they would have died at birth or shortly after. One explanation is that the people thought they would be getting the child back - the child would continue to be reborn until it was in a good body, if the Deity in question was appealed to.

Because they didn't have modern technology to tell them if a child had major physical problems, so they couldn't abort.

You seem to think they sacrificed some large number of kids, which is pretty doubtful. Maybe they didn't sacrifice any at all. The Romans hated them for their military successes, so were hardly an unbiased source.

wrong order


1. Those weren’t “Gods”

Did kikes on stilts wearing animal masks and long robes, trick mesopotamians into killing & cooking their kids so likes could eat their favorite delicacy ? Do they extract all Medical value from aborted fetuses in modern times to keep their oldest and greatest jokes alive ? (Kissinger, Soros, etc)

The world may never know.

Are you retarded? Spics did the same. The priests skinned beautiful virgins and wore their skin for a good harvest. Look it up. Mayans maybe instead of Aztecs. Those shitskins are barbaric.

It doent say nothing like it , the motives of the sacrifices has nothing to do with the health of the children

Same reason modern western women have abortions - in order to increase prosperity.

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Why didn't YHVH just genocide the jews all the way back in Exodus instead of letting Moses convince him otherwise?

because jewish sand tales are made up

Jews are Neanderthals
back when they populated yurop they would often kill their babies to have one less mouth to feed, especially during harsh winters
they also didn't really care about their women who hopped from clan to clan via kidnaping or as loot from trival conflicts

then modern humans came around with their big brains and advanced technology, they build shelters, cut down forest, dug water wells, made broce tools, farmed the land and in the process the Neanderthals were kiked out of yurop, wich may explain why kikes have always despised yuropeans since their ancestors got kiked out by ours

fastfoward a few centuries with kikes likelly surviving by scavenging the scraps of better races, eventually evolving to the leeches they are now
they likelly improved their intelect thanks to their women who were likelly raped by humans after a trival skirmish, wich may explain their tradition that only wamen can marry outside the trive, so they begin whoring their women to smarter races to improve their own (and they don't allow men to do the same cos they know woman are inferior, so if they want to get the best from other races, they need their men)
but after all this time their tradition of killing babies to ensure the survival of the elders went from necesity to religious ritual

i have no idea where circumcisium came from though
you have to be a real psycho to do that to a child, not to mention, suffering such trauma at such a young age turns the baby into a psycho to
i always wondered if this psychofying proces was intentional or just a coincidence becos kikes operate at their kikest when they are full psycho

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Every time I think of child-murdering savages I immediately remember why only the finest of the finest Aryans deserve to exist.

Is not comparable at all, unborn not formed cells to a fully grown children sacrificing it in a ritual to the principal founding god of your country .
Dont try to drag us to you level human trash

aztecs were brought down by all the oder injun trives that were sick and tired of being raided by aztecs for sacrificial meat, spaniard just rounded them up organized them and provided back up fire
i doubt aztecs had the need to kill their own when they had such a large livestock population
and they didn't kill as often as spaniards claim they did (wich is like 30.000 scrifices a day)
even with all the temples working at full capasity 24/7, skipping all the rituals and going straigth for the kill they would have never managed to kill nearly as many people as spaniards claim, only in special days did Atecs kill a lot but even then i doubt they could have killed more than a few docens of people
whoever came up with the number of aztec sacrifices likelly also came up with the number of jews gassed

Abortion is exactly as degenerate, and before you bust out 'but muh shitskins' it'd be far more humane to just remove the breeding population through any combination of means than allow kike doctors to get to professionally kill infants for their kicks and to harvest their organs for yet more jewry. Imagine even pretending abortion stops at cells, have you not been paying attention to the unending march of (((progress)) you fucking niggerfaggot? You don't need anyone to drag you to the level of human trash, you're already there.

Unironically kill yourself

Dude, the Romans were known for looting everything that wasn't nailed down when they sacked a city. They even took the other peoples gods, as they believed that since they were the victors the gods must have favored them. They were instructed to destroy it all. The carthiginian gods were not brought back to Rome.


Remember: the original Hippocratic oath expressly forbade abortion.

nice pic. here's some more super scientifically valid comparisons which prove that jews are definitely neanderthal

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I agree. And, in fact, the jews did it first in their own country.They forced "flu-vaccines" on all female african immigrants no matter their age, or even if they were pregnant. Turns out they were adding a hormone ( the one that the female body releases to encourage an egg to implant in the uterus) to the flu-vaccine. So that the immune system thought the hormone was a foreign body, and should be attacked. After just 2 rounds of shots it made those women permanently sterile, due to their immune system destroying the hormone that alerts the uterus not to shed it's lining. Miscarriages for all.

Why chinks invade board and speak broken Engrish? WHY? not even aztecs did

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>Clearly (((someone))) also persuaded the Carthaginians to kill their children for (((reasons))).
>(((who could be behind that?)))

Actually, catheginians were proto-kikes. They mixed with phonicians, which is where their gods came from. Baal, was phonician first. The phonicians were traders and merchants that lived near, and were later killed by, a volcano. That's were their god resided. The kikes god is actually a volcano fire god. Look at their references to him in the old testament. Where do you see bushes bursting into flame, near a volcano's lava flow. Their description of the presence of their god is that of smoke by day, and fire by night. Volcano god. Where did the trope about throwing a human sacrifice into a volcano come from? Gee, look at that, hollywood is run by phoenicians.

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That's gonna be a 'no' from me, niglet.

Is this the people who burned them up alive in a moloch statue?

This exactly, I'm not defending astecs but the kill numbers are obviously inflated slander by (((Inquisition)))

Good dasyus have a place in this world …. as slaves of course

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Why are you talking about killing people to appease a fictional being in a barbaric subhuman ritual as if it's a positive thing?


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You 2 don't know about John Mew and his science of orthotropics. Not all of this is precise, but it's not a lie and needs logic to prove that those faces are not just affected by genetics but by irregular tongue posture and breathing. The presence of blackness in the eyes sockets lead me to believe those people did not developed their faces it their tongues on the roof of the mouth. So the skulls and bodies is what it's needed to prove that jews have neanderthal genetics.


Gods how take Blood offers are Demons. Gods how do not want Blood offers are real Gods.

Now it is just slander from modern scientists. Romans could just make those sacrificial grounds AFTER the war, just like what was happening in Germany, and if it did happened it was mostly the 1% of the Carthaginians. They are the degenerates never the little men or a nation as a whole.

and what have you got to back up your claims?

"Demon" just means messenger in ancient Greek.

There was one sick ancient culture who sacrificed their children. They gave them to niggers and kebabs to rape.

Oh wait. It is what we are doing.

They didn't mix with the Phoenicians. They came from the Phoenicians and the Phoenicians were cousins of the Jews not proto-Jews. They both descend from Canaanites.

The Carthaginians mainly used mercenaries like the kikes of today do. Their sacred bands got fucked.

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Thanks for proving us right, ali

You got to feel sorry for older semetic tribes. Imagine being a carthaginian in the past and all your legacy has to show for it is jews and arabs both mixed beyond repair. In fact sparta could have even been a semetic tribe.

Lmao no.

The Aztecs sacrificed so much they even sacrificed their own priest and kings.


Moloch was a Canaanite idol. The Carthaginian's was Baal.

Because it was crispy cracking all you can eat Saturdays at the temple of Moloch and they had to get the piglets somehow.

Listen you little arrogant shit.

You don't know nor can you back up your claims about the Aztecs, because you don't have any fucking knowledge.

Now shut your stupid fat mouth and read a fucking book.