The solution to the "N-Word" problem

as a fellow Aryan, this persianon puts forward to the suppression of freedom of speech in the united states and the united kingdom,
From Today, start using the term, african-american as a sarcastic insult, i.e "you fucking African-Americans", as an alternative to "fucking nigger".
set them apart from the term african-american as their safe zone crap, show them how easy it is to ruin any terminology used to silence the obvious inferiority rhetoric based on facts that floats here
if they change it to something else, we'll hit it again, we might be on our way to extinction us Aryans, at least lets have some fun

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inb4 shill, kike, nigger, cia, mossad, IRGC, fat nerd from west virgin ia, member of the illuminati high council, the promised memer, dubs maker

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1488 Hitler 666 SATAN!

Fun is executing Muslims on the spot. 80 days to leave Europe, Mohammed. After that you are free and no one will protect you.

How many shitty threads are (((you))) going to make?

The solution to White ethnic cleansing.

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Every time

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I didn't realize they'd made TOR so easy to use that niggers could join in.


No one wants to be in battle with anyone that uses the word Nigger.

agreed, they don't really understand any other language, brute force was how they revamped our empire to this shithole and kept it that way

this is my first thread at least in the last 10 days

you clearly don't remember the TRS psyop "googles" and "skypes".

perhaps you should research what aryan means first, we came up with it as a self-designation, something that would represent our culture and our religion being zoroastrianism, its not Racial in any form shape or meaning in persian

O Hai.
Your shits not working


If you're wanting to use their own terminology against them, sneering "pee oh see" in a mocking way is much more effective since it can effectly unperson them by reducing them to an acronym and sounds similar to piece-a-shit

Kill yourself zeemap meetup boomer fed kike shill

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Reported for kike shilling.

dont hire niggers, don't talk to niggers, don't listen to niggers, let them starve to death.

Yea thats some hard click flagging wtf ever you blond ingrown ass hair

Quit bringing them into the conversation. Let them starve.

Lot of cuckchan threads lately

I don't


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