My Descent into the Alt-Right Pipeline

check out this video My Descent into the Alt-Right Pipeline some guy deconverted from being alt right because of the NZ shooting

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It was debunked. Anons found his social media, he's a jew working for SPLC.


Just look at that jew snot. I'm not watching that shit.

His story would be more impressive if he was really working for the SPLC. I think this is just his own shekel-grab, he mentions having "a little experience with marketing" in the video, and the whole thing sounds like sales copy.

What a skinny kike. He looks like he needs at least 50 pizzas stat.

seems legit

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Are you also a time traveller from 2008?
He even looks like every eceleb from that era(see moot).
Dopey clown eyes, weird nose and quivering jaw.

Fuck off kike.

What do you call that type of mouth? Crooked?

What the fuck did you just call me?

When I watched this guy, I couldn’t help but notice how disengenous his tears were.

The jew face and those thick ashkenazi eyebrows were a dead giveaway.
Hahaha, good try schlomo, good try!

he cries about NZ but not about . I found this curious.

I think he is a jew.

He has no counter-arguments. Just fake tears about dead invaders. Nothing about all the whites the invaders have raped and murdered.

Youtube pushed this shit to my recommended videos. Even though it seems to be his only video.

I've noticed youtube pushing this new backlash of "centrists" and nu leftists who entire existence is an attempted counter to right online and in social media.

Their numbers seem low given the artificial boosts they enjoy across all social media algorithms. Nothing more than new safe space for the eternally left leaning to find respite from the constant cognitively dissonant triggering arguments presented across the many voices on the right.

Even classical liberals didn't shed a tear. This guy is a phoney.

Just skimmed through it. The guy talks about nothing but faggot e-celebs, gives fake tears, and is definitely either a plebbit nigger or a Jew.

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Did you hear the way he said "mop the floor". This incel couldn't handle our red pills.

And yet another shitty thread from the same OP that's been spamming the board all day while the moderation allows it.

3 years after all their arguments got destroyed.
Sargoy was probably in the best position to tackle the aut right but he just lost the argument. Theres no way politically corrent people can even get to the meat of the arguments.

oh, he liked the whore being dominated… i bet he did

There is no escaping from the reality. The only reason to leave your local 'larping nazi' group is when you learn it's led by some crypto-jew. Any other instance is just another

this is intense

Still looking for mommy's titty.

deradicalization agent planted by a literal tranny (contrapoints)

t. resident of kekistan who only wants to ebinmeme

this has to be a put-on. it's like porn dialogue

My name is Abe Kantor
My ass got roasted
I couldn't handle the banter
When those Aussies shitposted

While burning a mosque
I blew my cover
How you may ask
Well you'll soon discover

By the light of the fire
I noticed a penny
I fell to my knees
"Oy Vey I hope there are many!"

That was how nazis
Got wise to my faking
As I sit here in Israel
I am literally shaking

Only """alt right""" leaders remaining are obvious shills and plants like Peterson/Shapiro. True right wing has moved on to faceless decentralized resistance because pandering to braindead fencesitting normalfaggots and underage memers is retarded and futile.

this video keeps popping up in my youtube auto-play
I've heard the start of this video probably 10-15 times since Brenton Tarrant, may peace be upon him, removed kebab.

Youtube is actively targetting people for deradicalization.

Get a script editor, ffs

Fine, JF/Andy Warski then

I wish these fuckers would go all out on the anti-slav stuff. Poland strong.

He talks about getting a patreon in his second video.

kikes user , kikes

8/10 at least

Throwing the idea out there in case someone wants to do it in case I never get around to it. We should create our map of leftube like they did with the aut-right. Contrapoints, this fag, innuendo Studios, I got recommended some commie's video today arguing against free speech. I'm the network will continue to become more visible as jewtube continues to push them.

Fuck off, kike

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Most likely a jew, he's making a brand out of being previously alt-right, his fucking twitter name is "Caleb-Former Alt-Right" for fuck sake

Seconded, source if anyone has it.

E-griftin' ain't easy, goy!


Anybody has web archive on it at all? At least it would be good to get verification on the hoax.


I'll look into it. Although this video is mostly bullshit (it's literally talking about (((stefan molyneux))) (((ben shapiro))) as if they're "alt right" figures), i've seen nothing about this person, and dont know their ties to the SPLC

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Never heard of him. Don't care either. The far right is now mainstream.

Yu can't claim Progressive without being Communist. You can't be Communists if you still own property.

The alt-right is controlled opposition led by Richard spencer but when leftists use the term they mean anyone who is anti-sjw (especially Zig Forums).

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I can see he is a Kike but I need something to show non-classifiers.

Dude isn't SPLC or ex-alt-kike. He's /ourguy/. He's LARPing as a cuck to get Leftytube NPCs like Contra and Hbomber to be his paypigs. Screen cap and vid related. Youtuber whitebasicmammal made video proving this then Faraday Speaks commented on the video in approval.

He's playing Leftytube like a fucking fiddle.

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Either this guy is faking it as other anons have pointed out, he's doing it for money, or he's just retarded and was never actually "alt-right" for the beliefs.
Anybody who subscribes to this ideology knows that it will eventually come down to ethnic cleansing, and if you can't get over 50 terrorists getting killed then you definitely don't actually support cleansing our nations

I'm pretty sure he's e-grifting hard in any case, whether he's a fake "alt-righter" or fake leftist.

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That video is so fucking weird.
He's either a pretty good troll or just autistic as fuck

Either way it benefits us. If somebody takes money from leftists just to fund shitty videos filmed vertically in a car, he is helping funnel money away from real left-wing activism

He is. See>>13059841

Don't shoot the messenger my nigga.

That was a false flag.

That's what controlled opposition is for.

april fools

So you nazis lose Baked Alaska, and now you lose Caleb? Who's next, Charlie Kirk?

And to you as well.

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Leave schizo. You have serious problems if you actually think a live streamed shooting was fake.

That dude is so obviously a kike. Just put glasses on him.

I don’t get why this is becoming popular. Who gives a shit? I smell some astroturfing

Also that video is laughable, literally every single point can be explained and many are obviously wrong, such as when he points out the guy who was wearing an "all red track suit" when in reality it was a normal tracksuit that looked discolored because it was a shitty livestream.

Go back to your mental hospital or your JIDF barracks, don't know which of the two you are

Was going to say. Very obviously jewish. I mean look at the facial structure, the nose. Even the hair for fuck's sake the guy is a dopey jew. What a joke. Also checked.

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The fact that it was live streamed means it can't be a false flag? The CGI/added special effects/crisis actors hoax shit is disinfo put out by you shill faggots.

Only capitalism is so ridiculous that ego-tripping cheerleaders like these frauds can to praise it.

Do it, bitch. Make a thread debunking every single point in it if you have the balls, faggot shill.

I wonder how many of the people saying this wasn't a false flag buy into all the jewish disinfo about Sandy Hook having been a hoax? I'm not even saying this necessarily was, but it's infinitely more plausible than the "Sandy Hoax" autism.

What do jews have to gain by killing 50 muslims and causing further division in society pushing us closer to a race war?

Sorry but I have a life and something called school. Watch the video yourself. The magazine everyone points to as being placed there is the easiest to debunk as you can literally watch his drop a shit ton of them after he was tackled and then while he reloaded after being tackled. The spot on the floor when he ran in wasnt a magazine, it was just a blurry spot caused by the video being a shitty live stream.
Once again, Brenton accelerated and succeeded by having all of his goals actually happen short of a race war which he pushed us closer to.

I don't give a shit about if Sandy Hook was real or not. All I'm saying is that the shooting furthered our cause, not the zionist cause. Also there is no evidence that points towards the shooting being false flagged. It's just a bunch of schizos/zionist screaching in threads without providing any evidence


Looks like a beta retard. I don't watch retards.

Course you don’t have a source for this you stupid fucking faggot. He does look Jewish as fuck but don’t spread bullshit u fucking dumb nigger

he reminds me of someone…

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Imagine my shock.

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One can unwittingly work towards the SPLC's goals by peddling (((white supremist))) narratives, as he is doing in the video, knowingly or not.


This video ( says that he dropped them. If it was a false flag with real muslims it wouldn't make sense for them to leave magazines on the floor for him.

Are you literally retarded? Is this a real question?

Why do these false flags never have them just soften their supposed positions?
I've seen people on the extreme right turn into cuckservatives, but I've never seen one(who wasn't a low IQ retard) go full open borders.
Is it purely to give normies an excuse not to see for themselves?

Yes, dipshit.

But it also draws more attention to us. It will probably actually radicalise our side, too.
Very retarded.

How do you figure, sports fan?


You mean when we are a minority and will be at a disadvantage?
And once again I'm linked to another thread that screaches (Kinda reminds me of the way a jew screaches) about how the shooting was a false flag but provides 0 evidence whatsoever.

>be normalfag we don't call them normies here, you retarded reddit faggot
You overestimate normalfags.

I'm calling YOU a retard, you low IQ pile of shit. We have IDs here.

What? Fuck off.

What are you not understanding? Are you too politically correct to use the word 'fag'?

lmfao thanks for outing yourself as not being from this board shlomo. Do you know what greentext is? I was quoting what's going through your head as you called me a retard.
JIDF has really declined these past few years, they need to invest in more training

Reminder that you asked the following question:
And you are literally too stupid to be posting here. Lurk for two years.

Nigger-fag-kike, kys.

Ah, I see you're from /trannypol/ and are too uncomfortable to even type the word 'fag'. Filtered.

Quality banter lads.