Police is attacked by refugees, and they do nothing about, just complainig

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"Meine Handy, Meine Handy"

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The virgin german police officers who can't fight vs. the chad muslims who practice MMA in the gym.

Fuck Europe, they bring this on themselves and then try to drag Americans into their bullshit

They should just shoot them dead or poison the water supply. Remove invaders

Did one guy get out of the back of the police car, fight the cops, then get back in the police car? What the fuck.

The virgin police officer who loses his job for fighting vs the chad muslims who get free housing and benefits for fighting.

Police expect you will do what they want because you fear them. Muslims don't fear them because muslims are protected by "racism". If you would do same stuff as white guy, they would beat you badly on police station. But all of this is good. It will make policemen more racist.

Why, because I'm laughing at this bitch whining for his kike toy? If your cops are this pussy, and its already demonstrated they hate their own people, then take your country back.

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Bavaria Police is the biggest joke this "country" has to offer.

germany is lost, forever. nuke them until the mudslims captured heavy weapons and tanks.

Sieg Heil

Arm. The. Police.

How does one feel bad for these people who on a different day will arrest a German man for extending his arm knowing that he will face 5 years in jail?

Also think how many of our youth who have grown up around muslims (and resent them) will act if they become police officers. By the way, I only recommend doing this if you can fight, but ALWAYS try to instigate fights with groups of Arab men. They'll individually cowards and have very little fighting spirit, but as a group they actually think they can win, and you get multiple free sparing partners you knock out. Arabs don't know what to do when their numbers fail to intimidate a white man. STAND UP TO THEM.

thank you user. let Adolf spirit guide in this clown world.

i don't think anybody feel bad for them. nobody like police.


Good, then even the police won't side with the government with their refugee politic.
If people know how to pass this around the police force in Germany (with all the 7 proxies), that would be nice.

This Muslim fucked up Now he goes to Jail !

Police should have killed those shitskins.

except they're from Saxony

They maintain their composure very well. I would have broken the muslims jaw.