Animal Rights part of our agenda

The Nazis were the good guys. They wanted to protect nature, live in a balanced and natural order, and guarantee that the suffering of animals was eliminated.

The man of the future is a steward of nature, not an exploiter. Part of our beautiful vision for the future is to establish a garden of eden world where man uses his position as the sole species with dominion over the Earth to guarantee that we do not cause the suffering and extinction of other races.

First we have to defeat our enemies. Second we must build this new world. Part of this effort must incorporate eugenics to eliminate stupid fucking degenerates who don't understand the moral wrong that animal abuse is. Retards who lack empathy will be sterilized. Retards who don't understand the immorality of it will also be sterilized. In a few generations of eugenics and gene editing, we will eliminate the Man Of Cruelty and replace him with the Man of Mercy.

It is not weak to have mercy for those who deserve it, innocent and defenseless animals. For we must love justice, peace, innocence, beauty, wisdom, and at the same time for us to love one thing, we must HATE the opposite of it.

We must hate suffering, cruelty, injustice, stupidity, immorality.
Please white brothers do not turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals.

Warning for this video. You will want to vomit. But these animals live this hell on earth every fucking day, every moment. When you are comfortable in your bed. When you are listening to music in the car. When you are enjoying a meal. Their hell endures. No one comes to help them. No one shows them mercy, or kindness, or compassion. Their entire short existence is suffering on a level that would break any man reading this now. Their imprisonment and pain would shatter your soul and break your being.

These animals are as intelligent and emotional as 3 year old children. Imagine a 3 year old trapped in this hell. That is the equivalency of it. Please Anons remember that in the world we wish to usher in, we must not forget all creatures of nature must be rescued by the current system of unnatural exploitation and suffering in the name of profit.

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capitalism is the worst kind of jewish slavery you can imagine
I completely agree with you OP

Factory farming is absolutely disgusting. It takes a very jewish mindset to ignore the suffering of an animal just for the prospect of more shekels. In fact many of these farming conglomerates are run by jews at the top. The way they treat their livestock is rather telling, seeing as they refer to the non-jew as "goy" (cattle). I personally recommend you move to a plant-based diet, but at the very least, try to eat ethically raised livestock.

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how to? I would if I could, but if I don't eat meat in the morning I literally feel like a piece of shit, weak and dizzy




Are you avoiding carbs? There's a lot of nonsense out there promoting high fat / low carb diets which could cause your energy levels to drop.

Animal rights is against human rights and nobody wants to follow someone who would stab them in the back.

As per my rights, is my right to believe in and practice sex with animals, and unfortunately the animals are more tolerant of my human and constitutional rights than other people.
The animals do not appreciate rights they didn't ask for or require.

no, I just eat whatever is in the fridge really has some good information. Personally I'll have some bread and cereal with almond milk.

Animals don't do anything good with their rights. They could however do more with rights if my rights were respected to do more with the animals, such as having sex with the animals.

why even live

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Shitposting or not, you're still a faggot.

Go be a retard someplace else.

How the fuck are animal rights against human rights? Human beings have a moral responsibility not to be cruel, nor exploit innocent creatures. Theres alot of sick fucks out there who think abusing animals is just fine. They lack empathy, lack a respect for nature and its order, and if you cannot undertand the concept of a natural order then how can you expect them to understand other high level concepts that will be required for a society and government in our new perfect order.

How can you have our beautiful natsoc utopia on one hand, with the surface level of it being a wonderful society with peace and tranquility, but at the same time there are pig concentration camps where billions of innocent creatures are abused, neglected, tortured, and murdered?

This would just be a facade of perfection. The buttress of the civilization would be exploitation and violence and injustice. We are supposed to be benevolent masters of our world, guided by wisdom and dispensing justice and gauranteeing peace.

And this cannot be so while innocent creatures are brutalized.

Yes, Hitler was a vegetarian vegan.

If nothing else convinced you, I will use this argument.

Stop eating meat, it feeds the devilish powers inside of you. If you want to do self improvement, becoming vegan is the first step.

You won't be allowed to progress to advanced levels of improved self if you eat dead animals. This isn't only about animal rights, it's about you.

Ecfascist here, I support this thread

Also, this

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I think we have enough to worry about without tacking on animals to it.
Survival of whites comes before a bunch of shit about livestock.

Then stop reproducing so much and they wouldn't have to mass produce food you dumbshits. You can;t feed an ever growing populace on ethical farming

OP is right. Red meat is a top tier carcinogen. Why do you think we get deathly ill if we don't cook the shit out of meat? We aren't meant to eat such enormous amounts of animal protein in the first place. Plus companies like Tyson want you to be a good goyim and ignore the fact that they contribute to organizations like Green Peace so they don't discuss how destructive factory farming is to the environment as well.

You can die from eating the wrong plants. If we weren't designed to eat meat then you wouldn't exist right now

Back then eating animals was an absolute necessity, and there was also no such thing as the factory farm. Vikings weren't eating Tyson chickens. Their food choices were influenced by their local environment, but that does not mean it is optimal. In any case, naturally sourced meat probably isn't sustainable in a country like the states with it's large spic-nig cycle demanding 24/7 access to bits of fried birds and cows.

PETA are mostly libtard shitters that force their pets to be vegan.

No one was cares about (((PETA)))

Filtered for those two responses.

That is insane, especially with cats who have teeth designed for biting into meat.

Yeah, lets just all starve because a bunch of hippy fags are all butthurt and cry like women, great idea

Although I agree with you that we should treat animals kindly and with respect when we are able to, the statement I quoted shows that you hold a naive view of the world. Suffering is as entwined with life as eating, breathing, or drinking. There is no life without suffering, and there is no purpose without suffering. Unless, you dream of some kike ideal like "eternal paradise", suffering is a catalyst for growth and a lack of suffering in any capacity would rob men and animals of any souls they might have. They apatheicness and mediocrity of peace are just as cruel as any worldly tortures.


Dont agree with eugenics, do agree with animal rights. Dont eat meat, simple.


Animal rights activists are all the same, they could care less about the suffering of people but god forbid you smack some dumb little shit animal around then it's like 6 gorillion holocausts to them

No one has said you will starve. To the contrary, technology now affords us the luxury of trading for and eating foods from all over the world. You don't have to restrict yourself to only things available to Vikings in 1000 AD. Would you attempt to live through a hash winter without central heating?

It's as much a necessity now as it was then. You may have access to far more plant-based foods now, but that hardly negates the importance and nutritional quality of the variety of animal proteins we have.
I can confidently say that no one here supports (((factory-farming))) practices.
Again, I can confidently say that no one here supports the disgusting state of modern America or it's food industry, however, opting to avoid all animal-based proteins is not going to solve anything. You have to get rid of the non-Whites and promote local/ethical farming practices.

Tolerance is afforded to us by the animals and the Constitution. If you truly respect animal rights you would respect their rights through mine. One cannot be honest about animal rights if one cannot respect the people who defend animals with human rights.

There's no point in eating food from somewhere else when we can grow everything ourselves here

YEAH…But that is because we are stuck in Neflheim (or lowest Hel) with the demons the 'Nephilim'. Also called pharisees. The rebellion seemed like such a 'good idea' at the time though, didn't it.

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I'm all for this mindset.
One thing to consider, however, is that there is more than just "meat" coming from animal products. A single cow is literally fed into about 500 processes and then some, each using a different part of the animal. Stop eating meat? Well that doesn't mean the makeup industry, the leather industry, the gelatin industry, nor the fertilizer industry is going to stop their demand.

Lowering one's meat footprint is sincerely not enough, not to mention the fact that eating a diet high in meat is the most beneficial thing a human can do. A few recommendations would be to eat more fish and shellfish for the consumption side. No one gets enough fatty fish oil in their diet in the USA. Oyster also has more zinc than any other animal food and is a natural boost to testosterone and sex drive (even more so than red meat). The main battle for enforcing our jobs as stewards of nature is finding ways to support companies that use less and less animal products in their non-food means.

It's sort of like a balance or scale, honestly, among multiple points. Each of which contributes to need of slaughter, each of which has it's own functions and needs and uses it's own animal part. If one side tips, then you're just going to have spoiled parts. If one side recedes, then we will need to find ways for the others to do the same.

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Basically, you are willing to accept globalism because it enables you to avoid eating animal proteins. That is extremely foolish.

Anti-Vegan means Anti-White. Meatcucks get the rope too.

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Don't forget, to pass through to Midgard we have to confront the World Serpent, child of Loki. What other tests do you think he might have for you?

Ironic considering vegans are all anti-white athiest cucks, Hitler wasn't a faggot vegan either so shut the fuck up with your kike lies

Contrary to popular belief they are stronger and healthier than any living man today. They had a choice of 10,000 different varieties of food. Today we have about 85 different choices of the same staples and they would like to get it down to 1-5. Remember when they gave out 'dog kibble' to the starving venezuelans instead of regular food?

Anti-Globalism doesn't mean anti-global trade though. We'll have a hard time sourcing materials for many things if we attempt complete isolation.

The Haiti Island, is it shaped like a cross?

Q is going after Little Saint James
Who was Saint James?
One of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, traditionally considered the first apostle to be martyred.

Matthew 20:22, St. James related:
A question was asked. The reply (Yes) "We can!".
Does this sound familiar?
Which famous Muslim in history collaborated with a secret crusader army?

Saint James the Apostle is the Patron Saint of:
Chile - Nicaragua - Spain - laborers
Is something going on in Latin America? Laborers related?

Mission in Iberia and burial at Compostela
Why do people go there?
To heal?
Do people get abducted during pilgrimages?
Think: Organized routes

Which followers of Christ witnessed air vessels?
Everything has meaning.

die faggot

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The (((soy boy))) propaganda from the dairy lobby has worked well on you.

You can find all the proteins you need from nuts, legumes, grains etc.

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That's a lie because you don't actually know that unless you lived back then

Now you're just being a projecting cuck, go be a faggot somewhere else

I hadn't considered that this was a test…If so, upon review of my life, I seem to be failing. I want to kill all our enemies - 'ETHNOGLOBE' yay, White only world!!!
But I wouldn't hurt or eat animals (irony) because they are innocent and I believe their spirits are struggling with sentience. It is our responsibility to help them achieve sentience and uplift them.

IDK what do you think he has in store?

Q-tard you need to go back to your containment board.

I wouldn't argue that they weren't stronger than the average man today, simply owing to a more laborious life without modern conveniences. Their life expectancy was significantly lower however, (30-40) years.

Animal rights are using their human rights to defend animal rights at the expense of other humans rights. If humans don't have rights because animal rights have debased those fundamental human rights then they have no rights and animal rights are disqualified from defending animals rights, effective immediately.
These ideas are only serving to harm animals futures as a long term investment. It is needlessly a worthless investment of time and resources.

It's not cheap, which is annoying, but you can get plant based EPA/DHA omega 3 supplements (sounce from algea and seaweed). That's one I'd recommend to meat eaters as well since that deficiency is across the board, but for them, regular fish oil is a cheaper option.


The problem with that image is that humans use tools to be their canines. A long time ago, primitive ape-like man picked up a sharp stick and poked some animal to death with it to eat it's corpse and then grew smarter because of it. Animal flesh is an amazing source of nutrition.

Also, plenty of other animals consume other animal parts if they can get ahold of it. Problem is, most just simply cannot due to their evolutionary biology. Deer and other undulates commonly chew on animal bones, and species that one would consider 'primarily herbivorous' will nibble off of carcasses if given the chance. I have a couple of pet rats that I raised instead of feeding to my snakes. Their favorite treat, more than anything else? Insects. They will run quicker to my hand to grab a bug then a hunk of cheese or a fruit item. Even other primate species will group together and batter a random animal to eat it.

You cannot find all the proteins you need from seeds, nuts, and legumes. Plenty other vegans have attempted this and now they all look like civil war POW's. The lack of fatty oils causes premature aging and their features are downright skeletal. Many of which, after years upon years of vegan diet and lifestyle are now needing nutritional therapy as their bodies continuously eat themselves.

Did you ever think to consider that even if there was a global crusade to eliminate all other races it would end with a small pocket of such individuals surviving? It's like any other plague or disease or culling event in nature. A small group will survive and repopulate. It's why the white genocide plan will ultimately fail too. A small pocket of whites will survive and heavily repopulate.

The Serpent, in Alchemy, is also the Dragon. It forces you to spectate in your own horrors as it sits from a throne of Arrogance and Pride. To beat the Dragon, you must face what you once thought to be your strength. Your strength will become your weakness. He will force you to bear witness to your transgressions because his job is to deem all who are incapable unworthy of his Treasure. Just remember VITRIOL
Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invinies Occultum Lapidem.

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Mindlessly being unaware of another sentient animals suffering and cruelly treating them is something the bugmen of china, or apeman of Africa would do.

Superior European men should be above such mindless suffering. They have already created plant based meat patties that are indistinguishable from the animal based ones. They taste great and don't require an animal to endure hell on earth.

Do you even watch the video where the pigs are eating other dead pigs, or laying around submerged in feces and urine? Sick, cancerous, unable to move.

Why the fuck would you want to eat that? The meat industry is all about profit and will just toss in that cancerous pig meat into a hot dog for you and your family to consume, and become diseased yourself.

Part of the NATSOC agenda must be to protect the biosphere and to protect the bio-machine that is the human body from toxic shit. The NATSOC ideaology is for maximum wisdom, justice, peace, prosperity, and health and wellness.

It is not an economic system to create money, but to create all the things I just mentioned. That is what distinguishes it as the greatest system. It is a system for the greatness of man as a whole.

But if they're following, how can they stab you in the back? :^)


Sure, however at this moment in time, your chosen diet is greatly contributing to the ongoing (((globalization))) program.

No one ITT is supporting cruel (((factory farming))) practices, you colossal retard.

Yes, I considered that they would have been chosen by God to survive…but I would still probably try and kill them and teach my children to do so as well…no reason for a wash, rinse, repeat ever again. Not sure how to keep men from sticking their dicks into animals and impregnating them though…at that point I figure I just better make it out of here AS AN INDIVIDUAL so that I don't have to continuously bear witness to the choice of suffering that humanity can't see to work itself out of.

The serpent of ARABIA…I don't think I ever noticed that title before.

The link between jews and banks are well documented. What about the link between jews and factory farming? It's another angle to attack them

Correct. Kosher and halal slaughter practices are less than barbaric that shit is awful

Unless you don't eat exclusively old-world crops year-round and exclusively out of a root cellar between roughly December and April you don't have much room to talk.

Not bug.

The hated of superior men runs deeply in those who run the shekelmills.

Of all things in life, the suffering of innocent animals, particularly in the disgusting "food" industry, is the one that angers me the most.

Agriculture is the desert god's instrument for degrading the soul of superior men.

FWIW, in my many years of trying to bring "alternative"/small scale/more humane agriculture into existence (with many other good hearted white men and women), I learned that shekels were literally the measure of a person's willingness to victimize the innocent.

Are you aware that the "mad cow" outbreaks came from "agricultural scientists" trying to feed cattle like pigs? Look up "total mixed ration" feeding systems.

There was a very good man, a prophet, named Richard Marsh, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He tried to warn everyone that the disease he was seeing on sheep farms called scrapie was the same disease he was seeing on mink farms, where the mink would go insane and do horrible things. He connected the two via the feeding of sheep offal and brains to mink. This was long ago, in the 1960s.

Later, as offal and literal industrial garbage (like shredded newspaper, sawdust, and distillery swill) was fed to dairy cows, the prions found their way into the cows' bodies. (The reservoir of prions seems to be the soil; transmissible spongiform encephalopathic agents also affect cervids.)

Dick Marsh tried to warn everyone. The UW-Madison treated him like shit, humiliated him in public; he died young of cancer, and we who knew and loved him were sure that the stress and humiliation contributed bigly.

A couple years later Stanley Prusiner at UCSF won the Nobel Prize for demonstrating the existence of prions as the TSE infectious agent. Suddenly the UW-Madison ag school was sending out press releases about what a prescient hero Dick Marsh was. It was one of the most infuriating experiences of my life.

FWIW, I knew some Monsanto scientists whose life's work was creating meat in a vat that would supply animal-type protein for we descendants of hunters (I, for instance, get very ill on a plant based diet, and I've tried them all). Believe it or not, they were pretty good people who were as disgusted as some of us by the mass torture of animals (the real Holocaust, the real Auschwitzes).

Superior men were never meant to live in cities. Cities are the creation of literally satanic hive dwellers.

I agree with this 100%

Many people seem to not appreciate just how lucky we are to be born human. After you die, you can very well open your eyes for the first time and be in a a slaughter house, or out in the wilderness and completely petrified in fear of predators. Most animals die violent deaths which is unsettling. High attrition rates in raising offspring means that most creatures that happen upon this earth don't exactly have a good time.

And we must act in a way that respects life as if it could be any of us. In a sense, reincarnation is absolutely a truth of reality because our sentient experience is a common denominator amongst all species of animal.

Jesus fucking christ man. All week you've been shilling fucking animals in different threads. Getting real tired of seeing your degenerate shit everywhere I go. I hope a donkey bursts your lower intestines and you die three weeks later from sepsis.

those same animals lived in far worse condition that they live now so i dont get your point

i dont care i will eat everything i want and no "feelings" will not force me to stop eat my favorite meal

those same animals are all on their primitive minds they will not lift single "paw" to help me they would run away my own cat dont attack me since i give her free food shelter protection entertainment etc. if i where to stop giving her food she will leave next day

only thing i would like to stop is usage of antibiotics on farms

You know nothing about agriculture
Or nature

Pretty easy to get behind this. If we didn't have to feed all the landwhales and shitskins this would be entirely viable as well.

You fuckers are just dying to gobble down the kike's soylent slop, aren't you?

This shit is about the humanization of animals and the animalization of humans. "We're all just animals, maaaaan." This is the kike nihilism that they use to make you a slave. They push their plant based slave food diet of genetically modified garbage. "You think you're a human, goy? You're just another animal. Get back in your wage cage!"

"You don't need long chain fatty acids."
"You don't need oil soluble vitamins."
"All that fiber won't irritate your colon."
"Pooping seven times a day is normal."
"Constant bloating is normal."
"All those people that said they got health issues from a vegan diet were never really vegan."

I filter him. I thought it was funny at first becasue it was like a joke and I couldn't take it seriously, but after a couple months I decided it needed to be put out of its misery ASAP. I think it was the thread about the muslims raping dogs to death in Europe. Even after looking at those images it maintained that animals could give consent and that what it was doing was not immoral. Right about then I realized that even if it was 'White' it need to be exterminated.

the wise wizard enlighten my sinful way tell me which vegetables should i eat today

I prefer to be inside my place of sexual practices when referring to farm animals. I wouldn't be here "shilling" (which is false because I represent myself) if I had farm animals to get into. In spite of people's disrespect for my constitutional rights, here I am protesting.

I loved how no one answered my question on how you're going to feed an ever growing populace lol. Factory farming is here to stay

I think it's a good animal. Especially with women, I woke up a girl to the problem of the jews by showing her the Kaparot rituals.

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It is, but we can do better

argh wtf

Better than what? You can't come up with anything better

There are primates that habitually eat other primates, chimps do this especially. They even hunt using primitive tools. Baboons will often eat birds and lizards, and pretty well anything else they can get their hands on. Primates are not unimodally frugivorous, and the ones that are closest to the human lineage eat meat pretty regularly. What the fuck is this image peddling? Also is right, many animals considered herbivores have absolutely no issue with scavenging carrion.

Humans are animals. Some animals eat animals. We are part of this group, and have been for our entire existence.

Mussolini ate salads made solely of chopped garlic and dressing. I don't see people adopting this oddity for ideological reasons.

I actually saw a pretty lulzy piece of clickbait about the fact that a ton of vegan youtubers have gotten outed as not vegan (many of which did so on physician's orders) and in a stunning twist of irony were promptly eaten alive by the rest of "vegan youtube".

The White race hasn't cared about nature since it was poisoned by (((cuckstianity))). All animals are considered soulless unfeeling automatons that like everything else in nature exist solely to be exploited by man. Caring about animals is paganism.

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Veganism is disastrous on your endocrine system.

In Brazil, the communist judges approved a law allowing any religious cult to sacrifice animals. When you take back your country, please come down here and nuke this place.

Do you mean like ritual sacrifices?

That's fucked up. Jews do the same thing over in New Jersey.
The Third Reich made it illegal to slaughter animals without anaesthetics.

There's less than 1 bil. whites in the world. They could all be fed by free-ranging livestock if we didn't have to feed the other 6 bil. indians, pakis, indonesians, chinese, south americans, and africans.

Fuck all of them, they don't deserve this paradise of a world.

They won't let me have sex with people's farm animals either. It is my constitutional right to practice my free exercise of belief in sex with farm animals, but the people in NJ have bad habits of ritually slaughtering peoples constitutional and human rights. They abuse their property rights to disbar people like myself from my religious rights and free exercise of it.
I have no farm of my own to worship sex with animals and they're threatening harm if I do not comply with their conspiracy against my rights.
These people do not care about animals for do they care about people like myself who wish to conserve animals welfare. Without animal welfare there would be no animals for me to practice my sexual beliefs with.

That's just an excuse seeing as everyone besides niggers do actually feed themselves. Go look at a fucking map of the Earth sometime and you'll see farms everywhere

No one advocates taking away Wheat except for keto kikes, in fact it should be encouraged.

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Absolutely agree with you OP. General environmentalism should be included in this as well. Put simply, we don't cause suffering to animals, degrade our environment, pollute our water and air, for the sake of shekels. That's what subhumans do. Taken further, we must eventually destroy all subhumans on this planet who include animal abuse and environmental despoiling in their cultures. That is the White Man's mission on this earth - to stop others from destroying that which is natural and beautiful. We are the only ones that give a shit.

That doesn't mean going vegan, obviously. It means being humane and considerate, and putting an end to the disgusting practices of factory farms.

It's not about putting animals above humans, it's about living in harmony with natural laws so that all beings on this earth are able to avoid senseless suffering at the hands of humans. We are blessed with the intelligence to know how to live without causing harm….we just choose the easy shekels instead.

Anybody who disagrees with this should be ostracized, they are no better than soulless niggers or kikes, and they have no place in our future.

This is only a matter of time. It's an engineering problem (biological engineering), nothing else.

The real issue is that like every technology, it'll be weaponized, perverted, and turned back against the very same people who invent it (Whites).

We could be living in literal paradise if the cocksucking psychopaths were removed from power and the world put under White stewardships… but instead we have globohomo, animal farms, multimillion cities, and merchantry as the driving force in society.

Fuck this clown life, I hope an asteroid slams into the world and everyone dies screaming.

Exactly. Those who cause suffering through their ignorance and selfishness don't deserve to live on this planet anymore. That includes all non-Whites. God is looking down on us waiting for us to do the right thing and rid the planet of these monsters and demons that are masquerading as humans.

Kikes are literally growing lab grown meat, because otherwise they cannot feed India and China.

*designing lab grown

If there is one, he's either a psychopath, or an inept cretin who delights in the suffering of the innocent.

No loving God would willingly or accidentally create things like Jews, intestinal parasites, tooth decay, and senescence.

As to taking back the planet, I concur 100%. We have to set things right, and then go balls-to-the-wall with science to alleviate as much suffering and pain as possible. The man of the future should be a steel-willed ubermensch with the body of Zeus, the mind of Tesla, and the empathy of a benevolent father.

The jew has in mind for Whites, a model based on factory farming.
To know what lurks inside the mind of the jew, look what he accuses his enemies of.
The "gas chambers" and all of the other false allegations against Hitler's regime, is a glimpse into what the jew would like to do to US.