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Since the discord trannies are daily trying to kill Zig Forums here I've listed the most important Zig Forums related channels and chats available on telegram afaik.
Join them to get the pure redpills without shills hiding them. Also feel free to create and add here your own channel/chat if you have any interest to share (music channels would be appreciated).

For the newfags: telegram is a secure and free messanging app. It offers a clean UI and the best privacy protection we can get rn and no one will see your phone number or stuff like that. If you want to be sure that no one knows you just google how to create a fake account or join the anonymous chats.
Get in here.

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Other urls found in this thread: -anonymous chat, neverending italy Zig Forums -italian alt-right -fashwave/italian arts - banned speeches -casapound related -yellow vests movement related - Audiotapes and audiobooks -yep - need anything more? -anonymous Zig Forums chat

Kill yourself

some more


Sum of all previous

Selected Groups and links

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If you have any question related to telegram feel free to ask.
Im planning to post this thread in a weekly basis, so if you have anymore channels to promote just post them here. Also new channels will be appreciated.

nupol spotted.

How safe is this compared to old tech like irc or xmpp?

I did a ten stretch for raping horse back in the late 80's . But nobody is the same person as 20 odd years ago.

Not enough obviously
But telegram is really really handy with his channels and everything
Nothing ever leaked from there, so we can kinda rely on it rn

Will it be always be like this? I can't tell

How do you plan to avoid subversion and shills?

In a channel just mods can post, and there is a channel for most of the redpill you would like to get (if there isnt one create it yourself)

So shills can do anything about a channel even because they wouldnt even know who the admin is

Mossad control Telegram seems shady to me!


One autistic furnigger named Deo is already on her jihad against "alt-right Nazis". It's not safe if her retarded ass can leak chats.

who is this Deo?

IP leaking cancer should not be sucked off so gallantly by imageboard users.

Just look at all the jihai'd snared using that app seems like a bad idea to me that's my opinion.

Can you please explain it in a better way

Boomer or bot?

boom baby boom!

^Guess that answers that. Bot.

I route it via Tor or at least use the kiwiirc hidden service.

Anyway its time the scaninavians brought this back to teach the jihadi's a lesson.

Blood Eagle: The Viking Torture Method

Tried to install both on comp and phone; dysfunctional faggot app is dysfunctional. Sends code, type in code, unresponsive. I already had second thoughts when it asked for my number in the first place, which is so fucking unnecessary.

'free' and 'secure'
Have you learned nothing from Faceberg and Jewgle, young goyim?

Could you be more boomer?

use hushed app. not sure if it works with telegram though.

You don't need to use your own number to log in if you dont want to, use a voip,then set a password to keep that account even after losing your number

Telegram has been created basically just to be sure about its privacy, but we shuld always doubt you are right.
But there are no proof to back your statement, as far as we know nothing ever leaked from telegram

in other words, you have no clue and you're going to trust that it's private until it 'proves' otherwise.

how naive of you. you make Faceberg and Jewgle proud. "If we make it FREE, Moshe, all we have to tell them is that it's SECURE and the dumb goyim will download it to their phones."

Faceberg and Jewgle both started out with the same premises. You've learned absolutely nothing from either and the information is fully out there (((NOW))) that jew media allows it – a decade later.

thx for making my point.

Most of these want to have


to do with you larping faggots.


You don’t belong here, aren’t one of us, and never will be.

Who the fuck is "us"? It's a user image board retard.

You still don’t belong here. You will never be one of us. Cry harder about it.

Are you retarded?
You don't know anything about telegram.
Its client is secure, since it's fucking code is free to be seen so there is no problem at all with downloading it into your phone.
If you dont want to use your own number you ARE ABLE to use any other number without restrictions and as soon as you login telegram tells you pretty clearly to make other acc with fake numbers (telegram let you switch easily from an acc to another)

Everything is stored in their server and they claim them to be locked from others (look russia and iran that banned it cuz telegram didnt let putin have the encryption keys). If you dont like this in the latest update telegram let yo choose what do you want to delete, even from other users in private chats.

By far the most secure app we have right now with all these features.
If you dont think so well go back to discord

Correct, I will never be a Jew.

Can you encrypt it? Also which of the channels you linked is most popular?

can you encrypt what

probably these three

Thanks bro OP. As usual a bunch of kikes shout down anything that would make a difference. That happens in every single thread that advocates doing anything besides wasting away in this glow-nigger compromised containment board. Fuck the kikes, shills, liars and glowfags. I am convinced Telegram is about as secure as you could possibly get, and I'll check out some of the links.

Discord trannies spotted. These faggots have been shitting up 4chan (and now Zig Forums) since before discord was a thing (at the time using IRC). Organized shitposting and dedicating shitposting has been going on for a very, very long time. A lot of them are goons, too.

A counter-group might not be a bad idea, but you've gotta use a lot of weaponized autism if you want to succeed in becoming chemo, rather than more cancer.

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Fuck off moshe.


The swastika is not done properly.
Is telegram safe enough?
I see heavy encryption and decentralized data advertised as main feats. What else do we have here?

Telegram crypto is shit, Telegram is shit. Use only open source messengers your local autist can verify. Use Riot instead of Discord. Shills keep making these honeypots and I will keep replying to their threads.

hello tor user
lol sorry user
The heavy encryption you re talking about is just used in secret chats, everything else is stored as plain text with an encryption that they dont want to share (security reasons? idk)
What we know is that nothing has been ever leaked and not either russia or iran could get anything from it, so they banned telegram.
Also Durov said that CIA is pressing him to install a backdoor to let them get the chats, but he refused and stated publicly what happened.

tldr we could be better, but it's ok we can still trust it

Not as retarded as you trying to get anons to download another spy app on their phones and telling them that it's FREE and SECURE.

There is no such thing as FREE and SECURE in the same sentence.

Are you a dumb goyim or are you a kike? Because you're starting to sound a lot like a kike advocating for FREE FREE FREE SECURE SECURE SECURE

Anything worth having has a COST and a price must be paid. The FREE is there to distract you from what the true COST is.

Your problem is you don't even know what it will COST you now, a year from now, or 5 years from now. All you see is FREE and you're ready to give your pussy away after reading some nice marketing and PR shit that the Jew York Times wrote about your app.

Typical shortsightedness.

Do some more looking into why Putin had such a hard-on for your Telegram founder.

I'll give you a (((hint))).

Huh, not dealing with a lavapit then?

I'm behind seven proxies, faggots.

Good luck paying without leaving crumbs. Not saying it's impossible obviously, but harder to apply on the app market.
You're better find a cracked apk for free.

You can't tag me.

sorry bro, but there is nothing wrong with that app

as i said its free to read
you can make your own client if you want to

there is nothing wrong with downloading that app
Do you want me to repeat it slowly?


Telegram is shit, fuck off Mossad

Give it a few years, goyim. The truth will eventually come out.

Good luck. I tried to warn you.

There is no such thing as "larping." Shill identified. I guess Telegram must be okay if kike shills are so buttmad about it.

It's open source and lots of people use Telegram, so lots of people are looking at the code. If there were major vulnerabilities they would get pointed out. Either post how it's vulnerable or gtfo.

It's not okay… It's used by zoophiles and pedos so it must be secure at least

ok Telegram at least is Russian owned, but isn't Signal supposed to be more secure? Are there any channels for Signal?

finally a non kiked alternative

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doesn't signal only connect if you meet physically with the person?

Hang yourself glownigger

Jews seem to really hate this one so it must be good.

I don't think so. Signal is also open source, supposedly has better encryption (more history of testing) protocols and it's end-to-end (whereas telegram is end-to-end only for secret chats.) But it doesn't have anything like public channels…

Blow your brains out Moishe

oh was signal then the one that allowed selfhosting?

Telegram sponsors competive programming website Codeforces. Make of that what you will. The biggest problem is that secret chats are mobile only.

There is also rocket chat which is free and has e2e encryption.

yeah you can set up private signal servers apparently:
China has banned the app, which is a good sign

So how many have joined the chats so far?

Isn’t this used by the Islamic State for communication purposes?

yes, this and the chat function of the ps3 or 4 or some gay shit like that

nice, it sounds promising.
so we just need a techie user with the motivation and time to create a Zig Forums server

Just use Riot. Signal is more for one-to-one chats on mobile devices. Riot encryption is based on Signal's protocol anyway. Riot allows you to form communities like Discord but without all the jewishness Discord brings.

Second for Riot. Discord is a fucking honeypot.

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I still use IRC, there is one Zig Forums related channel on Rizon. Sure you can figure it out if you check out the channel list

Make sure you use a VPN because your IP is still know to everyone on the IRC channel.

Connect to friends server using a znc. Used to run a warez xdcc sever years back. Yes, Opsec is important. Speaking of which I just came across this

Telegram is awful

Here's the truth, if the governments of the world want you, they are going to into your communications. The trick is not standing out as "East-Target-Number-One" and just blending in with the crowd

Telegram is a ZOG project. They use it to track anti-government activists in countries like Iran and Russia. Use at your peril.

LMAO what a fucking retard who ate the advertising bait.
Go take a look who created telegram and come back to me.
Signal is a way better OPEN SOURCE alternative not developed to siphon your data for governments.
Why would you use an application if you can't even see what it's made of?

assume that Telegram is compromised by the NSA. with over 100 million users, there is zero zilch nada no snowball in hell's chance that the NSA pervert traitors would just let that many people communicate without butting in to eavesdrop.

with that said, i have moved my comms to Telegram, since Twitter and Facezerg and Jeddit and (((Gab)))baim and everything else is a compromised Shitlib infested panopticon. i have been stunned by the amount of Content on Telegram. i was wondering since everyone has left Zig Forums and everyone has left Twitter, where did the Shitlord Autists from the Great Meme War era migrate to? they all moved to Telegram. there are dozens of channels and there is so much NS content i cannot even keep up with it.

Telegram has one thing going for it over all the rest: you can set it to only connect via Tor. now i also expect that NSA has compromised Tor and can read plain text at will and ingests and indexes all of it into XKEYSCORE. by definition of NSA's mission of being the Global Passive Adversary, there is no way to use any electronic comms without them also stealing a copy. so the only thing i expect to be NSA-proof is ear-to-mouth comm (but even that is becoming more and more dubious, with the rise of ever listening Alexa's and Nest's and microphones in every goddamn thing, including all of the light poles in San Diego which we learned in the breaking news today.

but what makes Telegram useful has nothing to do with NSA and everything to do with keeping your privacy from all the faggot Orgs run by kikes and Bolsheviks who are downstream of NSA. like Facezerg, Jewgle, Microsoft, Crapple etc etc who are also spying on everyone and using our private comms to manipulate us and to run MKULTRA psyops and brainwashing on us, and then handing over our private data to megakike orgs like the ADL and SPLC and the FBI faggots to persecute us and entrap us for WrongThink.

at least NSA jealously hoard our data which they steal from all of us, and don't give it to anyone outside of FVEYs because they jack off to the idea of their own supremacy of keeping The Big Secret that they are spying on everybody, so if they shared our data with the ADL then everyone would know they really are spying on everybody.

Telegram has problems of course. it steals your contacts and uploads them to their servers. it also by default relies on trusting the server as the middle man. they also made the fatal flaw in cryptography and rolled their own protocol, called MProto, which will probably be cracked someday soon.

so if you use a burner phone or the Linux Desktop app, and don't store any contacts to be stolen, and only connect via Tor, at least you can hide from (((Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile)))
as well as (((Jewgle, Crapple, Facezerg and Microsoft))), and prevent them from trivially storing all your shit forever and using it against you to deplatform you and get you fired and get you put on an Antifa hitlist.

finally, ISIS uses Telegram, so considering any pledgee to Islamic State really has to worry about a fucking drone missile coming through their roof at anytime, in my eyes, that makes Telegram secure and trustworthy enough to use as the propagation vector for the on-going Meme War.

here is a formal analysis of Telegram's MProto:

i forgot to add, probably the #1 reason to not trust Telegram or any comms App is because no matter what elaborate crypto machination hoops you jump through, there is always one fatal weakeness.

you cannot ever no matter what trust the handsets. any iPhone or Android or PC or Mac can be easily hacked by (((State Level Actors))). the easiest way to target you is to just breach your phone and then steal your data without needing to target Telegram. but that only applies if State intelligence is specifically targeting you, such as if you are buying and assembling and planning to blow up and attack targets in minecraft, or if you are best friends with some Militia leader and the FBI wants to entrap you for some minor trumped up felony to force you to become their snitch.

but if none of that applies to you, then you can probably trust Telegram. just always use a burner phone with zero personally identifiable info about you on it and swap out a new device every few months.

No, they sure didn't. Nice spergpost though.

You can guarantee they're logging IP traffic to addresses associated with Telegram. That is, their intercepts around the planet are going to pick up a lot of traffic destined for Telegram, and the NSA will likely keep all of it. Though it may have gotten more complicated for them when Telegram clients began using cloud services (whatever they chose, whether AWS, Azure, etc) as proxies to reach Telegram's DCs. To have more visibility in that would require cooperation with the relevant cloud providers in the US, and it will also depend on the methods Telegram used (is it running as a VM under a goybox managed by the cloud company? or is it colocation of hardware owned by Telegram?).

As for reading exactly what Telegram users are doing, might be difficult to pop Telegram's "DC" servers (which are colocated) and reliably read what users are doing at a moment's notice. With a hardware implant physically installed on some of their servers, you'd have to wonder what link they'll use to reach HQ. It may be hard to… send all of that over the hosting provider's network. There would need to be collusion between the hosting provider and the US government. Seeing how Telegram has DC servers in the US and UK, I'm willing to believe those have been diddled. Telegram claims they've architected their DCs in a way that requires the disclosure of secrets from multiple regions of differing jurisdiction in order to decrypt Telegram secrets, and I think it was implied that the "legal reach" of the US doesn't work so well in all their regions, and this is what they claim that they're preventing one single large government interest from legally forcing Telegram to disclose secrets or even just user data.

Telegram applies forward secrecy in MTProto, so Telegram client transport has forward secrecy- the theft of keys shouldn't lead to the retroactive decryption of previously-captured Telegram traffic.

Fortunately, it looks like the scenario you describe would require collusion between the Telegram organization itself and the US government.

Keep in mind that the provider of your SMS, whether cellular company, or a gateway service like Google Voice, or Twilio, or whatever, will know that you use Telegram. Anonymously using an SMS gateway should be a goal of Telegram users here. There aren't many reputable or inexpensive options for paying anonymously for SMS gateway, so I can't really help here, but make sure you've obtained your crypto shekels anonymously. Monero is a great choice for avoiding correlation by blockchain analysis. Zcash is kikery and should be called ZionCash, they were funded by US government, Israeli government, Amazon, and others we hate. Multiple people deeply involved in Zcash have expressed wanting to reduce the privacy of Zcash in order to catch crooks. On top of that, Zcash blockchain was seeded in an unsafe manner, necessarily because of the Zk-SNARKS protocol. In short, they generated a private key to start Zcash, and they promise they wiped it from existence. That key can be used to fuck with the Zcash blockchain, and they promise they don't have it. Zcash can't be trusted, it is shit.

Telegram is based and redpilled.

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So you know it's kike endorsed.

I actually have run into IS niggaz on telegram a few times. However the largest ethnic population is by far Iranians. Not exactly friendly to Israel.

Yep. I've seen a LOT of Iranians.

Always assume at least one person in your chat is FBI or SPLC, don't post personal details online.

You can encrypt your logs. What this means that even if someone leaks what you talked the authorities can't prove it without breaking the encryption. Also If I remember right (either telegram or another app) it allows you to automatically remove chat history after X days/account hacked

It's owned by yahoo lol

Why we do not create an own Communication app based on the Tor - I2P protocol with modified AES-256 bit encryption.

So we would have a Altright app only for us. The NSA can't crack a code if its not Public and made by a Private Person.

What is with all the trannies in chans even this one. So odd. Wouldn't these creatures be better off on reddit?

People can take screengrabs of public chats without entering, but none of them can take channels down like discord.

A lot of these leftist trannies were either former edgelords or basement dwellers who went off the deep end with their pornography addiction and mental illness. As a bizarre form of repentance from their progressive overlords, they take take HRT/SRS and try to use "their trolling for good". (see: Vince, former BO of /baphomet/)

Is there a channel for meeting a white tradwife to breed white babies with?

I seek a womb to bring forth unto the world the fruits of my loins.

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Get in, get vetted, that is all you need for /ourmatrix/
( has a CoC so don't use that)

Telegram is co opted by the feds

The CoC would only apply to publicly listed rooms…right? Might check out the matrix and double check it ain't a honeypot.

most of them I listed have hundreds or thousands members


What's the type of content and topic? Mudlove, libshit, neutral or NS/WN?