Kek, I know the Tarrant thing happened but why were there 12 law enforcement requests...

Kek, I know the Tarrant thing happened but why were there 12 law enforcement requests? That's like 6 times the previous record. Did they just hand over the IP addresses of everyone who supported tarrant?

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You're forgetting the owner of this place is a boomer race-mixer who lives somewhere in Asia and is perfectly willing and able to hand over all your info to law enforcement

i don't know what you're referring to

Most of these are probably EU posters getting fucked in the ass.
I regularly say "shoot your enemies in the head" or something similar and have never been harassed by police.

i don't get why it's twelve for us but only two for foreign governments. i would think there would be more New Zealand government officials trying to get IP addresses to put people on a watch-list, but it looks like it's mostly the American glowniggers

If jim has any semblance of integrity, he'll not compromise the anonymity of the users of the site.

>Zig Forums received and complied with twelve (12) request from United States government and/or law enforcement agencies;
>Zig Forums received and ignored two (2) requests from foreign (non-US) authorities;

Let em come it will be painful
For them


Fair point.

Shits fucked m8

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He already sold out 12 people, so integrity goes right out the window. He has none and will sell out the entire place at the drop of a hat

I anticipated this to an extent, but I didn't think it would be this bad. I thought it would be like 6 or 7, and only from people who were threatening to follow in Tarrant's footsteps. Now it just look's like they'll hand over anyone that said positive things about Tarrant's information.

Here, I understand you are a dumb faggot nigger so let me explain it to you. The five eyes spy on people from other countries because its illegal to spy on their own people. Because it says its the U.S. government asking for information from 8ch, then I know that the information is being used to spy on forgein nationals because its illegal to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant and you need to comitt a crime to get a warrant. Its not a crime to shit-post about genociding jews on the internet in the U.S. at least not yet.

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Calm down, faggot.

Why would they want to see me shit? Is it because I have a good shitting posture?


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In Manchester alone, 7 people were arrested for making pro Tarrant posts. These were most likely on facebook.

The 2 shooters at the high school have the same rifle as Brenton Tarrant they are his accomplices they are connected look at their rifles and Brenton Tarrant's rifle you see it? You see it? What is the name of the grip behind the trigger? Same grip as in the video of the 2 shooters at the high school. Brenton Tarrant and those 2 shooters at the high school have the same rifles they are his accomplices they are involved with Brenton Tarrant. That grip behind the trigger is the key. Coordinated attack confirmed. Multiple shooters confirmed.

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i cant post the video with the 2 shooters at the Christ church high school some one post the video that shows a guy and a girl with rifles at Christchurch high school.

who works for the DoD of the US and totally-not-the-CIA

I for one am a loyal citizen of my country and i support law enforcement 100%.

The UK cannot be salvaged.

Yet you Stormtards will never stop posting here.

I hope you all get ass raped for being a tool for the Jews.

No need,you cucks are already having a great time being raped by the kikes right now

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Reminder that this is a kike shill thread and that these law enforcement requests were most likely due to pedos posting their shit on other boards. As long as you do not post a detailed plan on how to kill some senator or whatever, you can say / post whatever the fuck you want in the US.


Put down the Starbucks and get some air.

I'm probably one of them in the U.S.


you do realize that before this the most law enforcement requests from the US that stupid Jim complied with was 2 right?

Hate to defend Jim but the dude is a fucking legend. He trolled the shit out of NZ, basically blaming the massacre on their immigration policy in the vid he put out. Don't forget that Jim isnt just a mason, he's also a discordian. Of course he has to comply with imminent threat posts because (((they))) will kill his son if not.

The brazenness of referring to one psyop while carrying out another, can it get more jewy?
And yes, the Stockholm thing was a hoax, including "Ebba Akerlund".
It's designed to create tension. There is no islamic terrorism, why would they when it benefits them not an iota?
The muslims understand their role - to breed us out. They already have full support for this. Performing wanton acts of terrorism merely draws attention to the fact.
Cui bono? the jew

It ain’t illegal to voice support or non-support in the us. Feels good man. Also Brentan Tarrant was a good shot

Unironically kill yourself.

Cui Bono? Don’t just limit it to juden the muzz benefits as well as christcucks.
We’re in a war and straights are beyond dire


You mind telling us what those requests were about Jim?

Two or three of them were probably the usual pedoshit, and than the rest were probably all Tarrant related.

The "transparency report" is only transparent about how many times Jim sold someone out, not why he did. It's barely transparent

Whoops chaim, better skip a few responses ahead on your "rebuttals to be used against those exposing our hoaxes", your colleague is on the same row right now.

Prove Ebba's death was a hoax.
Pol is a board of peace.
Don't condone violence.

I feel bad for my neighbors if they did.

Very smart retort, Abdullah. You've learned from the best.

Your birth was a psyop.

It's just another psyop.
Concurrent drill confirmed by hospital nurse.
The jew knows how to sexually trigger you with a fucking underage teenage girl.


posting without a vpn is so much faster you guys should try it

You haven't confirmed your birth yet. Let's see the cert and your hands, or you're a psyop.

If you're referring to the Christchurch shooting, it was not the same target. The police were training in a different town, and in a hospital. Fuck off with your disinfo.

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Either you didn't check the link, or that one went down fast.
Contrary to the shooting in NZ that remained for 40 fucking long minutes after live was off air.

I'm referring to the Stockholm hoax "attack", which is where the name Ebba Akerlund comes from.
Stop playing dumb, kike.
The kikes used a previous psyop (Stockholm) as the raison d'etre for the next one (Christchurch).

Lol. Dumb kike.

Riding down the alley with a truck isn't ground breaking physics or requires lots of planning. You simply need 1) A truck 2) A zealous muslim who wants 72 virgins because he's sexually frustrated. It's likely that the perpetrator saw the training and thought to himself "Tomorrow is a good day".

Nevertheless, I will check out the video you posted since in this game of smoke and mirrors, you can never be too sure.

You're trying very hard to divert away from the fact that a drill envisioning exactly the same target (Ahlens department store) was carried out the day before.
And that's only one of many indicators of hoax.
Take your SIM body parts and fuck off.

Unironically kill yourself, you low-IQ nigger.

Do you have any concept of how desperate you look?

Until you have the names and confessions of the people that planned the supposed "false flag psyops", none of your babbling about drills means anything

good. but you forgot that muslims are naturaly violent rape loving pedos. even if you let them do whatever they want, they will kill each other for allah anyway. if you think muslims are peaceful lovely people, ask someone from Europe. only brits seems like muslims enough to give them London. jews know this very well. that is why they created ISIS. all you need to do is tell muslims to kill in name of allah and they will do it. muslims are too stupid to wait and breed for next 50-100 years. they need their grooming sex parties and abuse everyone. they are idiots and always were idiots. this is not first time muslims want to take over europe. same like story with expeled jews. they will never change.

Let's think back about other events which were preceded by drills envisioning exactly the same targets.
London 7/7
London Westminster Bridge
anyone got any more?

Serious question: what did you need for the Stockholm Truck Rally of 2017?
1. A Truck
2. A Muslim

That's it.

Duurrrrr. A drill doesn't make an event fake. Ur gay.


What an absolute retard. Go back to infowars, you sped.

i have another one. you are their last false flag. this is typical shilling we seen since Holy act of Saint Tarrant. muslims come here to tell that all these rapes are fake. jews come here to tell as Brenton is their Mossad psyop.

Fear is the only weapon they have. Do not succumb. We are many and when that fear is gone we will be formidable indeed

You people are sure that's always just one person or a person at all? I mean they could ask for anything or the complete IP list. Different agencies asking for the same thing twice is also possible. Isn't it?

Calm down, fag.


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If you don't live in the US you're going to jail for this one just like that NZ kid. You may as well beat them to the punch and shoot up your nearest federal synagogue instead of just waiting for them to kick in your window in the middle of the night and haul you to jail. Die a cuck, or die a hero, your choice.

Or you can just add "in Minecraft" to anything you say that you question the legality of like an actual oldfag.

And furthermore, for you fat burgerkike donut-grabbing blind patriotard fucks with a badge IN the US, you aren't doing your goddamn jobs, which is why Saint Tarrant had to do them for you. He also probably had to fuck your wives because you're homosexuals. This is how you shitpost niggers. Git gud.

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that is true. burgers only talk about guns but refuse to use them. American best shooters are incels like Dylan and Supreme Gentleman. jews already turned america from white continent to 50% white mess. without any invasion. best you can do is make fun of article 13 when you have jewish hollywood, army serving jews, cripled dicks just like jews ( so it would be harder to find jews just by dick inspection ) and whole USA pumping billions to jewish kingdom in desert that is smaller than moust of your cities.

Enemy SIGINT needs to be destroyed.

lmfao, only beta cuck is you

Fucking Anonymous was here?

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Compare European shooters to American shooters.


Supreme Gentleman


Do you see what i mean?

What in the goddamn…am I to take your statement to mean that ABSOLUTELY ALL islamic attacks are 100% staged? What, everywhere in the world? I've just never seen something so stupid actually written down before.

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Might not be 1 request=1 person. It depends on what they asked for.


Great job, I'm now convinced of your expert opinion

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Are you actually that Owen faggot from Disinfowars? He's hinted many times at being a lurker of Zig Forums, and the "le nahtzee larpers" shit fits

Either way, you're a coward that cant face facts

For the past ten years there has been a well coordinated effort to reshape the composition of America’s state courts by excluding conservative, rule-of-law judges from the bench. The plan is to replace the publicly elected judiciary with what they ironically call “Merit Selection. Under “merit selection,” the power to select judges is transferred from the people to a small, unelected, unaccountable commission comprised primarily of legal elites, typically including representatives of powerful special interest groups, such as state trial lawyers associations.

“Who is behind this effort? The Spooky Dude himself, progressive sugar daddy George Soros who’s Open Society Institute (OSI) has invested at least $45.4 million into its campaign to reshape the judiciary.

A report by the American Justice Partnership describes the effort as using the full bag of Soros’ brand of campaign tactics through an organization his OSI funds called Justice at Sake (JAS) . More like a kike freak out (they) did not kill back stab Anonymous hard enough to kill him and he was the real person behind the facebook name. mother fucker sold his face.

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12 requests could be 12 agencies each saying give me all your datas on everything for as far back as you keep logs. I mean why wouldn't you ask for a data dump if you had the power to do so.

wtf I love the DOJ, DOD, FBI, CIA, ATF, etc. now

Tell that to the thousands of European women raped by Muslims. 'Cause muh Nazis for the Jews. You fags keep pushing the fucking narrative.

Yeah, they all had bigger balls then you

I hope they do come. :^)

Only Bowers have bigger balls than me. Rest of your shooters is joke.


More here

You have no idea how buttmad the CIA is that over half of the IPs supporting tarrant are from india/brazil/syria/saudi arabia and they have to sift through it to put the americans in lists


you're a fucking retard.

why are you shitposting so hard? no one's going to click on those links.

where did you get the information that bt's support came from syria and saudi arabia?

We have shitposters here from everywhere.

You think we like the fucking cowards that fled a fucking civil war instead of staying and fighting?

We hate the "refugee" cowards more than you kid, instead of standing by our side against the jew they ran away to smoke weed and bang thots in france and germany. If you hung them all we'd mail you a medal.

I like this guy. I support killing muslims and niggers in Europe. But do whatever you want in middle east or africa.

As if any government officer or law enforcer could do anything against any of us. They will be killed fast if they try. And they will all be killed eventually, for being tools of our enemies.

There isn't a European Government in the world that can be SAVED. They are all communist fuckers starting in 1934 (when the USA was rendered a non-Constitutional entity via bankruptcy). Everything that has happened since the IMF and World bank seized control is illegitimate.

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I heard that the Chinese were really supportive as well. But they have their own nigger invasion going on and they HATE NIGGERS, they aren't going to like the half niggers any better.

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