/TRAD/ european traditionalist general

what can we do to help Europe return to tradition?

my half-baked theory:
basically "show, don't tell". the real question for this is wether or not we can do it

also post good traditional music from your nation

we're gonna make it

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European ethnic clubs already exist all over North America. Find the one closest to your heritage, join it, fund it, populate it, nurture it.

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job done

good meme, why tho'?

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ill-adaption to new technologies (particulary guns) is what ruined the traditional social order of Europe built up over thousands of years. Same thing happened in Japan (see the Last Samurai). An army of serfs with muskets (funded by some banker) became more effective than a warrior class. From there, everything starts breaking down as the nobility/aristocracy is now useless, not serving their function. The mannerbund, is no longer master of its realm and men are now subservient to machines.
If we can't restore that balance, we'll never have an organic human society.

Which European country's culture will mixed European whites be adopting in your idea?

How will we defend ourselves though?

Cool idea, OP. I've heard it before but if we can actually get this going IRL, I will move to this town.

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i guess it should be patriarchical

i see. this would be great, but how could it be enforced?

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Zig Forumsacks I'd like to give you some personal insight.

About ten years ago I visited the place my parents were from in Euroland and something in me made me cry. I felt like I was home. Till that point in time I felt like I was in the wrong spot on the other side of the planet. I was resolute in those few moments, looking out from atop hill on tree lined road overlooking the valley undulating bellow and mountains spurring to the heavens in the distance that this is where I want to die. I have found home. In one of these mountains I found a clearing where people of the villages below maintained the graves of those that had fallen in battle about 400 years ago. I was lucky to see a family (a father and two young boys) carving a fresh wooden pole to replace a heavily weathered one. They knew who died on that field… it was a one of their blood that died 400 years ago there. It's difficult to describe the impact and meaning that had to me and I think you should all think carefully about the use of wood as a monument to the dead – it requires constant renewing.

Every year I would go back and explore more and every year that passed I became more frustrated with not actually being there all the time. I was torn. I could stay in a developed Western country and 'make lots of money' or I could live 'poor' and experience the a life that spoke to me on a deep and meaningful level. Over the years I developed more friends there than I could at home. It's hard to explain the feeling and reason without giving examples and running this post to tens of pages.

Ten years have passed and I've saved up enough money to buy or build a house that will be comfortable and I'm finally making the move. I really have no idea what I am going to do there or where I am going to live even. Practically nothing is organised for me. And, I face a bureaucracy there that is indifferent to my desire to want to be there and add to the life there and the economy. The youngsters are mostly moving away to the West because they think what they have is backwards and they are poor and have no money. In some ways there is a fracture where I am going. I hope I'm not going to fall into the abyss.

What I want to mention to you Zig Forumsacks is that you will get enough support from friends you make there and you may not need expats in your life, but you will find expats, they are there and they do have little groups in the most unexpected places. If you are married of get married there remember that you are the man and you are the head of the house. Don't ever waver in your determination and prove yourself and give opportunity to your wife to be a mother (it is the best place grow children). You will find work or if not make sure you have a trade and make something and with that something that you can employee others. Europe is suffering a shortage (like everywhere) of can do people. Be a can do person. Be a craftsman of any description and use technology to your advantage. You don't generally need a lot of capital to start a business there and if you are in the East you can go from a backyard business to a 100 employee business in 10 years (I've seen this happen to three business I know well). I've also seen failures. Don't fail! From what I can see you have the opportunity to express your imagination into reality in ways that are difficult to even imagine possible in the West – when you see it you will know what I am talking about. Involve yourself with the community! People will think you are weird if you don't – don't be weird!

The most important thing for you, from what I've gathered and gathered from talking with many people that have made the move: just live and sort yourself out and learn the language as best you can… but in saying that so many people speak English there isn't no so bad for at least the first year. Don't jump in anything that seems to good to be true or use all/most your money buying a house when you get there. I'd recommend you have about $100,000USD if you decide to go there. You can go with less but it's nice to have that amount of money there and you'll know why when it happens. Don't invest in anything you do not know about or are not in direct control of… this is why it's good to be able to setup your own micro-business making things or providing a service you are exceptional at.

Finally, Europe (and more specifically the East) is not the USA with more 'traditionalism.' They are different worlds.

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based Hussarbro

any suggestions on what platfrom we should organize on?

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Take back May Day from the fucking (((commies))). It was a holiday that celebrated coupling, marriage and procreation. The fucking (((commies))) turned it into workers day and then told Europeans they needed mass immigration because they aren't having enough babies.

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thank you for this story, user. i teared up :)

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Not sure about that. I wish we had a William Pierce like figure with connections and money and a great speaker to help organize.

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The funny thing is none of these pictures show traditional Europeans. They are all post liberalist clothing styles and post Judaism integration dancings with post enlightenment music.

Fuck off back to the Renfair

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Lots of middle class families from Western Europe and North America have moved to Hungary recently.

As long as you are white, Hungarians will like you.

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it's easy to enforce if you control society. just ban and viciously punish anyone who has them. the real problem (as other user pointed out) is how you defend yourselves from outside forces.
Well you could develop better counter-tech so projectile weapons become ineffective. Better armor, emp to disable electronic reliant weaponry etc Anything to restore the human warrior as the apex predator.

^meant for

Europoors are all faggots

The whole jew thing ended before any of us were born… I'm not saying they are not a problem, but right now everyone is using everybody. And they are larping about it.

For example, kikes have no need to backstab anyone, but they will… the only question is if the one getting backstabbed will benefit from it OR they'll go down the path of Germany.

Just look at the Anglo sphere of influence in parts of the Middle East, look at how "lazy" China pretends to be on that matter.

Everyone is playing "whoever makes the first real move and fails, dies".

The trouble with high tech is that it's easily countered by low tech.
Also, emp does nothing to counter guns. Sure, you can, theoretically make bullet stopping armour. But with what will you return fire? Bullets.

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that would be you

can confirm

so many arrows that they turn the sky black

globalism is still a problem

56% cope

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We release Germany from the masonic grip its under and then all the lesser Europeans will regain their national identity.

I've thought about this quite some time and it really is all on us … again… but Germans are maybe too brainwashed now. It may all be lost forever.

It was really a master strike by (((them))) to put us under their control because we are the heart of Europe and now a festering cancer dragging every nation down with us.

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become a sperm donor

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build more traditional aryan juggernauts

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(((j)))ob done?

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going full masterrace didn't work last time, never did, and it probably never will. when the whole world is threatened, they will join forces
we have to go easy

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It is absolutely staggering the amount of white lesbian couples (a good amount of which have one attractive partner) that are looking for cum from white men.

what criteria does one need to mean?


You get in close and kill (blade, mace, force etc) like a man. As long as a child (or soyboy) can pick up a stick like object, pull a trigger and kill someone, you will have a society out of metaphysical balance.
It won't be easy to redress a problem that has been developing for 500 years but if you make it a principle, it can be done. Or else soon you'll have robots doing your martial duties while humans sit like blubber hooked up to a computer. good luck building a trad society with that.

user… That's just insane.
If you were in charge of a nation and you armed your soldiers with knives instead of guns, you'd be almost as defenseless as Lichtenstein.

This sounds pretty fun tbh. The hard part is coming up with a good idea and starting the business. Maybe we should start a business general and brainstorm ideas to create businesses that only hire other like minded white people to help them gain financial independence. Something like this in the U.S would be highly critical since any white who speaks against ZOG will have their career destroyed and forced into poverty.

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i was thinking of exporting traditional stuff, like folkwear, tool, furniture, etc.
if we had a village of workers we could handle the full production line. we could deliver the goods on horse carriages… it could be 100% green and sustainable as well!

a mandatory military service would be great, and it would address the submale issue.
why do you think the greek statues are so /fit/? — all athenian mean fought in battle

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I am interested, my plan in the US for the moment was finish college and get a good job long enough to buy some land in the Appalachians and go off the grid because fuck this country and all. I could do the same in Eastern Europe as well. I just hope it's good enough of an area to start a family

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I said it's a 500 year old problem that has to be redressed gradually. There's no easy fix. But you know, if we have nukes, nations won't invade anyway.

your fantasy says there's a 'man' in there, but soon enough, it'll just be a humanoid/clone creature. hell, with that tech, it could be a 10 yo tranny in that suit. How tough do you feel now?

Either the human warrior is master of this realm, or something inhuman will be and society will follow. There's no other way.

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this is a bad idea. we want people to join us. if you isolate yourself you make this hard

we should build a communities and establish a strong presence on social media platforms. the disenfranchized whites will flock to us

the lower GDP of europe can be turned into an advantage here. all we need to do is buy land, and it's cheap in poorer places. from there we can disregard everything on the outside

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i definitely agree with the first part, but not with the city living.
you can't really do anything there. we need to influence people; protesting in there is just not convincing.

we need to lead by example.

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You also said "You get in close and kill (blade, mace, force etc)" in response to my question.
And nukes are not enough when we'd be a tiny, comparatively poor micro-nation. From my understanding, building nuclear bombs is a monumental effort that requires many years of work. In that time, NATO would catch on to our game and send in men with guns and bullets. Only men with guns, missile launchers, and bullets could resist them.

I get what you're saying and I agree, it's a shame that guns exist as they reduce the skill and strength necessary for waging war. But we don't have 500 years to devise an as-yet unknowable solution to that problem.
And, Kek willing, if we are able to defeat the enemies of our race in time, we will need to eliminate war between our own nations entirely or we will destroy ourselves.
Perhaps we could engage in heavily regulated battles using swords and armour for prestige and glory. This is not as fanciful an idea as it sounds as our Greek ancestors used to do this with each other, even going so far as to set a period of time in which the battle would happen. Obviously for outsiders (non-Greeks) there were no rules.
This is one solution. Another is simply to promote physical fitness and combat.
As for the former, a healthy obsession with folk-dancing solves that. A culture that values Folk-dance is physically fit and spiritually healthy.

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I do not live in a city. However, Tarrant is right. And I somehow think that Tarrant didn't mean that we "protest" in cities. They are the economic centers of ZOG.

yes, Tarrant is right, we should fight.

i didn't mean protesting in the literal sense. — i'm saying that we don't have the influence to control how the bugmen in big cities live. we could speak truth, but they would not listen.
living an exemplary life should be the starting point, it's where we can gain leverage

having achieved that, we must indeed fight with teeth and nails

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if all nations armed themselves with nuclear weapons, mutually assured destruction could be a strong enough incentive to play by the rules

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It's not fanciful at all. Even the middle-ages had 'rules' around intra-euro conflicts. It's tied in with having an 'honor' based culture… another concept lost to us.
That's cool but it's still a secondary issue. i mean the japs have done everything they can to preserve their samurai memory and the traditions, but it doesn't change the fact that half of them are weird incels and everyone else works in a cubicle.
If the fundamental core of society has been inverted, then things will continue to worsen.

I don't see any white people here, just a bunch of niggers who have no fight left in them

so building an off the grid community that is not reliant on the grid is a bad idea? I fail to see any downsides of this

Until somebody loses and wants to use the nukes instead you dumb nigger

Fuck off kike.

Even if we magicked guns away, there would still be office cubicles, hentai, and whatever else is causing Japanese men to become incels.
Thus, guns are not the problem.
Instead, we should focus on curing whatever is plaguing the Japanese and I believe that it is economic and spiritual more than anything else.

As for the fundamental core of society, I'm not sure what you mean but if you mean war, then that's a hard veto from me. War must not be the fundamental core of any future White society because the technological advances made in just the last 100 years alone (nevermind the next 100 years) would utterly destroy our race if we ever engaged in another general European war.
Modern war takes the best and brightest and most courageous of our people and kills them. What a waste WW1 and 2 were

Except a warrior aristocracy would arise because the 'state' would no longer monopolise violence through their police/military/guntech and young men would have something to aspire to beyond the office job. Clans would appear as feudal lords and reinstitute a natural heirarchy.

i mean it sounds crazy to you but that's the natural state of european society for 6000 years…. the last ~300 or so years being the abboration. You can't just LARP as trad. it don't work.

you are either jew or they indoctrinated you to hate your ancestors and the things they created.
Go embrace the global culture then.

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I disagree. The reason why medieval knights existed the way they did was in large part due to how expensive it was to equip and arm a large army.
Here is how I, as a hypothetical king at war with your hypothetical warrior elite would seek to defeat you; I'd mass produce armour and weapons and draft a huge army to counteract your inherently limited elite. Sure, yours are probably better trained but not altogether that better trained if everyone has citizen militias. Napoleon Bonaparte with his citizen army invaded Russia with 580,000 men. Imagine facing even half as many armed with mass produced pikes and full metal armour.

In response, you'd need to mass produce weapons and armour and thus destroy the entire point of having a warrior elite. Now we're two modern armies armed with ancient but factory produced weapons. The elite serve no purpose other than perhaps as officers.

Also, it would be a good thing that you and I were forced to do this because feudalism is bad. Anything that suppresses or distracts from people's natural nationalism is a bad thing for everyone but the ruling elite. Feudalism produced some of the worst instances of multi-ethnic states in history. Even the USSR was not as bad as many feudal states in terms of multi-ethnic non-national states.
The best, most fair and just form of state is a nation-state. One nation, one people, one state. Feudalism is the exact opposite. Money matters more than blood, status matters more than nation, and German princes end up ruling French subjects under an English crown.

You may accuse me of larping, but it is you who suggested that we get rid of guns somehow and return to the Middle Ages. That is far more Larpish than anything I have proposed.
I merely propose a change in culture. You desire a change in reality.

You and I have no idea how to return society to the Middle Ages. But to reinvigorate European interest in our own folk culture, all I'd need is 6 years control over the mass media and Hollywood. Then the most liberal degenerates would become the most devout European enthusiasts. Those trendy airheads who hate with depthless hatred everything White because it's trendy, would then hate with the same hatred everything non-White. And unlike anti-White ethnomasochism, folk culture enthusiasts would be both physically and mentally healthy. Men and women would regain our natural places in society as folk dance is the perfect teacher of morals and roles. Men lead, women follow his lead. Both become a bigger part of a more beautiful whole. Women are beautiful, men are handsome.

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amazing essay, couldn't agree more

we need a different solution. we also shouldn't be thinking in degenerate citydwellers

healthy speerm

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other than that, i find that to be a good argument

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That is more my plan

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fuck off yid

I would love to start a college of some sort one day for boys only, where they will learn:
1. A theory of human nature (as embodied in history, philosophy, theology, literature and law).

2. Skill in the active literacies (writing, public speaking).

3. Insight into the major institutional forms (courts, corporations, military, education).

4. Repeated exercises in the forms of good manners and politeness; based on the truth that politeness and civility are the foundation of all future relationships, all future alliances, and access to places that you might want to go.

5. Independent work.

6. Energetic physical sports are not a luxury, or a way to “blow off steam,” but they are absolutely the only way to confer grace on the human presence, and that that grace translates into power and money later on. Also, sports teach you practice in handling pain, and in dealing with emergencies.

7. A complete theory of access to any place and any person.

8. Responsibility as an utterly essential part of the curriculum; always to grab responsibility when it is offered and always to deliver more than is asked for.

9. Arrival at a personal code of standards (in production, behavior and morality).

10. To have a familiarity with, and to be at ease with, the fine arts. (cultural capital)

11. The power of accurate observation and recording. For example, sharpen the perception by being able to draw accurately.

12. The ability to deal with challenges of all sorts.

13. A habit of caution in reasoning to conclusions.

14. The constant development and testing of prior judgements: you make judgements, you discriminate value, and then you follow up and “keep an eye” on your predictions to see how far skewed, or how consistent, your predictions were.

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Sorry to hurt your pornjew-infested mind, that can't see i woman body for what it is, and instead become aroused

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It is taken from this guy, John Taylor Gatto:

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Looking forward to the elimination of age of consent.


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Damn right!

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Ty for inspiring me on my escape from Britbongistan.

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What about space colonisation, are we gonna sit here and fuck for the rest of time?

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pick one

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Sorry about that whoreass webm

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I'll go him one better. Take a guess as to where this was published.

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