Christchurch was a false flag

They had the same rifles as Brenton Tarrant. They are his accomplices. There was multiple shooters x100% The official narrative is a lie. Also my parents are bitches.

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Is there proof that video was in the same area and occurred during the shooting?

Fuck off kike
Long live Tarrant, Matthews, Pierce, Bowers, and Roof.
Long live all men of action

No. There are no proofs. All their theories are insane. Best they have that Brenton may visit Israel. But he also visited many other countries around world.

Hail Brenton

Sage and report all paid anti-Tarrant-shill threads

Yep, false flag. We know.

Even if it were, your mere acknowledgment as such means LITERALLY nothing in the modern age. Do something about it, or shut the fuck up. I am so tired of all these limp-wristed faggots and intellectual neuters goings "oh oh, it's a false-flag xD" like that's some profound idea, like it fucking meaning anything at all.

This is the first time I've actually seen anti-red pill shilling this pathetic. You must be a nigger

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Jew disinfo ops are starting now. Every attack is fake! Nobody is ever pissed about anything!

You're the reason I get harassed. This balance bullshit is just that.

You're fucking intellectual cuckolds, is what you are. You did the same fucking thing with the synagogue shooting. Your MERE acknowledgement does L I T E R A L L Y nothing. It means nothing. If truth prevailed in this world we wouldn't be where we are. How proud you sit and how smug you act for taking the easy route so that you don't have to get off your ass and do something. You sit on your ass and complain, and whine, and complain about everything wrong with the world and then when something FINALLY happens which aligns with the modus operandi you cry sympathy and false-flag. You do all this and you DARE call ME the shill? You are so full of shit.

Op is a true fag

Tarrant was clearly a Mossadi stooge:
>Tarrant somehow visited Pakistan as a muslim hater, stayed in an (((Aga Khan))) hotel there
>Tarrant STILL supports (((Trump))) as a symbol of white identity
TL;DR: sage and kys, ziokike shill

>You should just act like a wild nog instead and shoot-up worthless golems like my (((heroes)))
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The glowing in this timeline intensifies.

I fail to see how having sex fixes anything.


Yeah, clearly not you.
Look to the world we live in and tell me with a straight face that the truth matters. Fuck off.
>and shoot-up worthless golems like my (((heroes)))

You are so full of shit. You are SO full of shit. Again, how proud you act. You're either a shill or you're literally retarded. You have been retarded/

Lick my taint, faggot. How sick I am of you. You act like fedora tippers, and the fourth wave feminist before them, and the hippies before them.

You meant report pro Tarrant threads. Most fags on here know pro Tarrant threads are shill threads. Sloppy job mossad. No one looks up to that retard.

those were cops that thought the shooter was in the school


I've been to Washington DC, New York, LA, and San Francisco.

Am I a progressive kike faggot homeless nigger now?

No, I have lived in New York, Sydney, and Colorado. All major fag regions.

You've already been exposed, you worthless fucktard. Zig Forums doesn't say "we," Zig Forums worships truth, and yes you raging assbone, mudshits are golems
But please, please scream and cry some more like a basic tumblrina, you fat ugly kike.

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I am from JIDF HQ, goyim. In the name of G_D, stop admiring Brett Tarrington. Just quietly watch your people go extinct. End communication.

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Pretend like I owe you something and that you stealing my vril is a favor for me some more. I love it when left bitches lie to me.

What am I looking at?

I think that's how symbiosis works, so yes

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Reminder that everyone who bumps this false flag damage control narrative thread should blow his brains out with a shotgun

At disinformation


like Turkey, Pakistan and North Korea
perfectly normal countries to visit for a "racist white male who was planning to kill Muslims"
ever more normal for a Mossad/CIA/NATO patsy

Why would there even need to be multiple shooters? Have you even watched the video?

These are places a red pilled autist would visit. Normies go to Thailand etc. Also you fall to understand what racists are. We don't necessarily hate others, we just believe in racial differences and want our own countries.

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having the same guns doesn't mean connection between the incidents you shill. The gun laws in NZ are pretty cucked so they probably just bought whatever rifles were available



oh wow an AR15 what a surprise
Gee your super blurry blobs really prove that


Likely not a boomer. "Also my parents are bitches." Did you miss that? Why would a boomer say that about their dead parents. He's 9.

Yes, they were at the Papanui High School.
It was confirmed during one of the early Christchurch threads when the video surfaced. I wish I was on my main computer when I saw it so I could have saved it.

This is fucking nowhere in NZ you giant faggot.

Duplicate thread. Reported.


The real mvp post.