The reign of the new Japanese emperor will be called Reiwa

Japan has unveiled the sophisticated name of the era that will usher in their new emperor’s reign: “Reiwa” (令和).
The Heisei era began on the 8th of January in 1989 and will officially end on April 30th of this year; Crown Prince Naruhito’s ascension will take place in this new Reiwa era.
Japanese individuals may perhaps be more ecstatic than usual, as the name is taken from the oldest existing anthology of Japanese poetry: Manyoshu (600-759), as opposed to being taken from Chinese literature.
The name consists of two symbols: “Rei” (令), which can mean “command” and “Wa” (和), which can mean “peace” or “harmony”.
Determination of the era name involved a secret panel consisting of nine members (including a Nobel Prize winner) as they tossed different ideas back and forth, though the name had to be within strict guidelines, such as being comprised of only two kanji and being simple to read and write.
The era name also had to not use any of the first characters from the last 4 eras: Heisei, Showa, Taisho and Meiji – company names were denied as well as popular opinions online and in “guessing competitions”.
Members of the discussion were also locked away in a particular room in the prime minister’s office, had their phones taken and were swept for bugs in order to prevent leaks.

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Don’t dissappoint us Japan.

Is that a jew butthurt about Japan?

What else?

The Jew fears the samurai

Already the kikes kvetch. Good work, Nips.

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This obviously confirms that Rei is the new emp’s waifu

The age of Aska is over. The time of the Rei has come!

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Its gonna be a boring era tbh.
No development. No personality. Kind of ugly.
Just a boring, plain, doll-like era.

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More like RAHOWA, amirite?

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Mary mother of christ, can you imagine the kvetching?

>(((Jake Adelstein)))
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Fucking ayyyyy wtf is sophisticated about that term you dicksucking weeb permavirgin?

I suppose you would see a Japanese person eating their own vomit as high art because they're Japanese.

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pure coincidence

Can also be interpreted as order/command japanese spirit. The peace part is just to appear nice to those not in the know.
令 means command, order, rule, leader, while 和 denotes japanese. It is in 大和 (Yamato), 和服 (wafuku - traditional Japanese clothes), 和食 (washoko - traditional Japanese food). Japan seems to want to uncuck themselves.

I'm still giggling over this like wtf

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Shit taste.

Are Japanese girls easy to score for white men? I made a post discussing my plans to spend the summer hedonistically railing sluts, but haven't decided on where to do it. Israel was the top contender but I'm having second thoughts, there I can degrade their women guilt free but I am concerned about my safety.


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As even the disingenuous subversive quoted probably knows but chooses to withhold, the choice was announced as being the first time a Japanese era name was drawn from Japanese classical literature (the Manyoushu in this case, a thousand-year-old poetry collection) rather than Chinese classics.

The passage quoted as being the source for the "rei" character runs roughly "the flowers of the plum tree bloom after the cold of first spring". Prime Minister Abe said this of the choice: "Culture is born from the hearts of the people beautifully coming together".

Certainly the "rei" character is commonly used to mean "command" so possibly this is a reference to harmony of governance in the Japanese context.

The Japanese establishment media highlighted the choice of Japanese literature far more than the actual choice of characters. It would seem this is a symbolic choice - perhaps through choosing a work of Japanese literature for the first time, rather than a Chinese classic, Japan's establishment is signaling a final completion of datsu-a, the removal of Japan from the Chinese sphere, begun in the Meiji restoration.

is japanese history worth knowing?

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Mobilize all nations against the weak and fragile jews and their lies. Take away their lies, and their perception of power (never real power) will fade, and then we will kill all jews for daring to lie to gain influence over our nations.

Deformed kikes and their eternal weakness and fear. You will all be killed. There is nothing that you can do about it.

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lmaoing still at your insertion of the word "sophisticated" into your OP. Oh my how sophisticated, they give names to the reigns of their Gook Kings, how sophisticated!

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Did the lügenpresse said anything after the video of the prime minister guy dumping his box first came out? Or did they just memory holed those articles?

So you are the kike's kikes? I'd like to know more about you and your hyper-insular people.

I'm Canadian. And yes I'm Druze. Just like you're a teenagae virgin weebfaggot.

Any other ignorant misconceptions you want to throw at me, teenage weeb?

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We're very sophisticated, despite our non-Japanese status.


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i sure hope so because the kikes definitely are operating and want to subvert japanese development

I have no problems with japs, I'm sure they hate white westerners but I could care less because they keep to themselves and they have good manners

It hurts

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Their use of language to figuratively suck their Emperor's microscopic penis is also highly sophisticated, I hear. Extremely sophisticated, even.


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all history is worth knowing but yes, history of japan up until the fall of the samurai (twilight years of the meiji restoration when the bakufu holdouts were finally eradicated and the daimyo were forced to become salaried governors resulting in most of them retiring from politics altogether)

could be where stalker 2 is taking place you never know user

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Is this Jake Adelstein?

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I would eat fried chickens and drink beer with those two madmen in a heartbeat. Oh the stories we could share kek

What the fuck is that webm.
You smell funny…

Alright. I wasn't actually paying attention until now, just keking at the kvetching twitter jew in the op. What's this sophisticated era you faggots are talking about? Is this an anime reference?

Same. If you three don't mind crashing in a trailer with me, the cat, and the coonhound, I love Zig Forums and Zig Forums stories with my fried chicken and beer too.

"Reiwa" has a strong ring to it.

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It's good you're having second thoughts. Israel is famous for tourists being harassed and police doing nothing. You should be more worried about jews ganging up on you, either to beat you to a pulp or to give you HIV. Jews have an extremely high proportion of homosexuals, and Israel is where they go to pozz each other up. I emphasize: you will be harassed and the police will stand idly by if not assist.

You're better off going to japan. Stick to the major cities. There's clubs there for jap women interested in foreigners.

So the new era will be named "peace and harmony." Hopefully, it will be an era that truly is filled with peace and harmony, free from Jewish subversion and manipulation.

Don't promote miscegenation. That's what the kikes want.

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Opinion status: discarded

Not having out of wedlock sex is a revolutionary act against the modern world.
This society denies us non-degenerate women, and what we desire is a traditional family, a traditional society, majority white, without Jewish influence.
We have no reason to support or create wealth for this society, because it does not meet our demands.
Either give us what we want or witness a real Holocaust within 30 years.

You're historically inaccurate in some parts in your shitpost by following the official story.

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Nah, the actual military men knew they were fucked from the word go. Japan's declaration of war was what happens when you put jingoistic political hacks in charge of policy. The US [read: FDR] certainly exacerbated the situation but Japan got into that mess all by itself.

The war was an existential struggle for them and on top of that some of the officer corps were 40k-tier fanatics.

And for their part the Japs weren't too fond of heavy bombers or flamethrowers.

It was helped along considerably by its former enemies (especially the US) because it was quietly one of the most strategically important places on earth during the cold war.

See above.

In the same way that the emperor "didn't suffer any consequences" when the Tokugawa shogunate took over.

Again: see above posts.

Not true. The doctrine remained intact but the US gave them a wink and a nod. On top of that, most of the Japanese have been and currently are quite happy with their current arrangement because it allows them to thumb their noses at China and the Sorks while having a defense budget that's basically nonexistent.

Japan and the west had a thriving cultural and economic exchange centuries before WWII.

It's called manko era.


Fukushima was not an accident!

The new era is called manko. Get this fake news out of here.

thanks for showing any evidence as to why it wasnt cunt meat

Do you aspect me to deliver factual evidence of global espionage involvement in a nuclear (((accident))) on some hasbara imageboard or can we file this whole Japan gets "nuked" a 3rd time, after which they readily accept the genocide against their race and culture by migrant invasion, as yet another coincidental maneuver in thousands of years of khazarian organized crime? Do you want me to sit bibi on your shoulder so that he can whisper in your ear "yes we did it, goy"?

ideally white men impregnate every japanese womb

Interesting. So what you are saying, Japan got nuked 3rd time. They became afraid and now they are accepting immigration. Interesting indeed.



Why using evidence when you can use logic? Would a sovereign island like Japan, who heroically overcame the third biggest nuclear disaster in their country, have a problem to get their birthrates under control, to the point where they became so desperate that they agreed to import savage beasts from Africa to breed with their women…or is this about jews? Also the jew morgenthau was responsible for choosing the two biggest Christian cities in Japan for the first two nuclear bombs, so wouldn't it be only logical to assume the jewish hat-trick of nuclear holocaust ? Maybe I'm just crazy and that's all just a big coincidence?

Adding to this, check these two coincidental pictures…

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What, the (((stein))) wasn't enough of a hint?

ideally we live on on earth where zero nonwhites exist whatsoever. a japanese/white hybrid is not white and therefore opposed to the ideal.
do you believe in bleaching as well?

How is it not fine? Many Japanese men sacrificed their lives in order to secure the facility. Its amazing how such a disaster can come under control when its not being arbitrated by a Communist Government that neither built the facility well enough nor caused the disaster themselves in the first place.

Rei is better than Asuka
Fuck you

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Nice (((LGBT))) colour schemes

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The Jews have completely hollowed out and destroyed marriage.

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It appears that (((Adelstein))) himself has found this thread.

As far as non-Whites go, the Japanese are alright. Still wouldn't promote miscegenation with them, though.

Literally who gives a fuck

Who is he?

But, I like Japanese manko. The era of manko has just begun.

He's the Twatter user in the first pic posted by OP.

I miss Papa Franku

That's actually pretty accurate.
Burgers won't accept this and go into ACHSCHUALLY mode.

Pic 1 related.
Pics 2, 3, and 4 related.

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I know you think you're funny and clever

This immediately made me think of
This will be a non-holy (agnostic) Racial War. Praise the Honorary Aryan emperor!

Looks like the leadership want to try reconstruct a state-capitalist new-Imperial galactic empire, and free themselves from ZOG that controls both China and the USA.

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Miscegenenation is what (((they))) want. Asians are free of negroid traits and as such can be left alone. The (((jew))) and (((arab))) races are glassed as well as their homelands, and the niggeroid and other unmenctioned races are genocided. The rest of the world is populated by White people.

The only thing holding japan back is fear of USA, if US power falls in the world japan could very well become a contender for most powerful nation on earth.

Actually, China is what they fear most. They need the USA to balance China, this is why they haven't cut ties yet.

The only reason they "fear" china is because the USA hamstrung japans military. Japan would have finished China in WW2 if the US had not bombed them to shit.

Based japs

Why do you even give a shit? In fact, why are you even here?

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