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Israel is helping us, I find it strange what Israel is doing, we need to investigate further into this. Upon gaining this information a question had popped into my mind:

How does helping us benefit (((them)))?

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Yid free first
Yep the kikes will sell you the gun you’ll use to slaughter them with
Shit is fucked m8 in a really funny way

It creates solidarity and unity through an externalized threat.

A thread died for this


They are doing it to use one enemy, (neo-Nazis in the Ukraine) against another enemy, (Russia).
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

They helped Rhodesia and South Africa too. I'm pretty sure they're just "helping" the desperate to call in favors in the future as a plan B in case this current plan fails. I have to hand it to the jews, the motherfuckers do know how to layer their devious plans very well.

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shut the fuck up faggot theyre arming actual soldiers not you. they dont give a shit about some losers on 8 chan

With this many contradictions, a sane person might consider their overly-simplistic worldview could be wrong.

Is this another Biletsky-hateboner thread? Azov is having more fun every day of the week than any of you.

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Agreed. They're also dangerously inbred, eating their own pernicious revolutions, cornered in a shitty desert, instead of taking Madagascar when it was offered, and dying out numerically. They're actually frightened, and they know we are by their own precarious existance, so in classic kike behavior they tempt us. They think they'll rise above their mess on our backs, but none shall survive.

>How does helping us benefit (((them)))?
They aren't helping us. What they are trying to do now is the same thing they were trying to do with the Kerensky provisional government in Russia before the Bolsheviks took over and what they were trying to do with Trotsky once the Bolsheviks took over.

Because they need soldiers to defend their coup. (((Victoria Nuland))) knew exactly who was going to be installed months before it happened.

As for the alt right faggotry, this has been answered a million times. They're constantly attacking anyone critical of Jews, Israel, or Zionism, and only somewhat holding back on people who fellate Zionism constantly, like Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson, Richard Spencer, etc. It's controlled opposition and ideological cover for their own bullshit.

Sage because lurk more, this is old shit

Cuz they don't want to recognize Palestine.
But in person every israeli offical shows sympathy to the Kosovar cause.

Thats what you think. But i just reheated some chicken and then im gonna argue with some people on the internet.

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It's called "using". A very simple thing to understand.

You are a fucking noguns and shill too. Fort is a rifle developed and manufactured by Ukrainians long before revolution even took a place there or Azov existed. It is based on licensed Tavor by the previous government back then, it is not a Tavor.

Please kill yourself already. Thank you. Also Azov is based.


Helping? In the Ukraine they are arming whites to kill other whites. HHHHMMM I WONDER WHAT THE FUCKING PLAN IS.

Israel is NOT arming Azov. They are arming Ukraine's kiked government against the communist Russian terrorists. Sometimes Azov is able to acquire arms sent into Ukraine no matter who is sending them. Ukraine also builds their own version of the favor in Ukraine. They aren't using Israeli made ones


Jews have always tried to profit from both sides of any conflict. They have no boundaries, as many believe. Jews are not superstitiously repelled by anything. The ones that are, aren't the ones with influence. They see an opportunity to make a shekel and they will attempt to make said shekel.

pro-zion ((('ukrainian' nationalists))) is cheap meat on a short rope.