Conway : "People should read the Great Replacement"

Most of the youtube video is blah blah blah racist, evil blah blah blah etc etc etc. But she did get one thing right though :

Everyone should read the manifesto. Know the reason to fight

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Spread it far and wide, brothers.
Here is the Manifesto

Watch out for fakes. The kikes are producing forgeries with malware attached. Or at least, so I have read.

Not even gonna lie, thats based for a MIGA "conservative" woman

How did we end up on the same side as ZOG?

It is important to understand that she is saying it to repudiate it – conservatism is about worshiping markets, breeding with niggers, unchecked industrialism for every useless and redundant product and its eventual planned obsolescence, debt pyramids, and chronic war harvests for the raw materials and debt erasure needed to brute force the gears on the aforementioned spicnig cycle.

Conservatives are the enemy, full stop. No recruitment, no compromise, no debate.

She either does believe everyone should read the real manifesto, or she sent some boomers watching cable jews looking for the doctored manifestos. Interesting. I just hope they don't come back.


He baited the hook perfectly.

wtf user

all publicity is good publicity

She wants people to read it so they can see for themselves how he doesn't endorse the nigger-loving globohomo conservative agenda and much daylight there actually between what Brenton is advocating and the hypernigged mitzvahscape authored by conservatism.

Hate to check torpedo dubs but this timeline is beyond absurd

Such a drought of respectable threads since the shooting.

What I'm saying is, only boomers watch cable news, and of course they hate them nadzees. Its good that conservatives repudiate fascism, as you said conservatives are the enemy. They're whigs, yesterday's progressives, Benjamin Disraeli's children, and conserve nothing.

they will have jew ginsburg on a respirator, and a dialysis machine, all her organ functions being done by machines before they let her die for potatus to replace her

Assuming she's even alive… big IF…
Just kidding, she died months ago.

You have no tactical sense at all. Who gives a fuck what Conway's opinions are. All that matters are what the results are: more eyes on the manifesto. Just kill yourself, you fuck retard.



The Great Race of Yith have taken her away to Pluto.

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English is obviously not your first language. It's not any different from typing out period, even if native english speakers are not aware that fullstop is referring to punctuation it's still used for dramatic emphasis.

Until they read the seals copypasta or all those other jokes and proceed to dismiss everything you say. Instead of throwing a book at them just take out the good bits and feed it to them slowly.
Work smarter, not harder.

I'm staying away from it all. I was here when he came on and posted that he was going in, then I went out to the gym for a late night workout. I thought "yeah right". I came back around 3:30AM and this place was a madhouse.

I'm still not sure what we saw there. We were definitely shown something but it included a nigger being arrested and a fifth man running to Israel. I've been collecting all the memes and online evidence in a file. I've learned to do that much now because a lot of it will vanish from the internet, like all the stuff from the Las Vegas shooting which has been deep sixed thoroughly. Really amazing, that one. REally really amazing to see it rise up like a 50 story high Godzilla on the horizon then just evaporate into thin air.


Then our rabid muslim killer goes to Turdkey TWICE, then Ass-Pack istan, then Isroyel to enjoy his life as a gentleman of means.

Yes, yes…this is all very plausible…it's making me grok on it.

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Remember, your hero got rich off Bitconnect…fucking BITCONNECT. hahaha

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Kill yourself Qushner shill fuck you and Trumplestein

If you're a capitalist, you are my enemy.

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Pointless and irrelevant, also what are you a mind reader? Who cares why she said it, it was said and that's all that matters. Now people can decide for themselves whether they agree with it and/or be infected by the memes, and they can debate it because the talmudvision saying it makes it socially acceptable.

That's not what conservatism is, you dumb fucking shill.

Go back to Zig Forums nigger.

And this is why Tarrant didn't explicitly name the Jew.
You don't get people to censor your red pills, you make them market it for you. Reminder that Tarrant will be the most widely read right-wing guy of modern times. Approximately 16 million people have already read him according to security experts. You can't stop this fucking train, kikes.

Murder jews in Synagogues its the only way to save America



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Moshe please.

I think she sits politically with Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter is actually extremely far right and leads on with a more modest libertarian right wing mask. It's basically older blonde women who have seen how shitty the world is and whats happening, and they want to restore the Nations that have been poisoned.

That already happened. Need a bit more than that I'm afraid.

Checked for cougars desperate for big white cock.

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Capitalism in the United States was poisoned long ago anyhow. Everything is regulated and those who already had money don't have to abide to the regulations and they get richer. I don't want to take anyones money, i don't even give a fuck about money. I'd rather live in a cabin and have a family and live off the land. We can't do that because the fed will come knocking because you collected rain water without the proper fucking paper work filled out.

Kike-o-saurus, please!!!

That was the point jew. He literally called jews and pissrael safe. Fuck off.

A a far righter who fucks old nigger cock.

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you no understanding of politics faggot. go play in traffic. Coulter turned on Trump as well.

Page 15 of 74:
NOPE, you're wrong!

You no understanding of grammar, faggot.

Wrong. But please tell me what kind of far righter fucks niggers. You seem to be okay with it.

It'd be pretty nifty if someone could find a way to make peoples printers start spitting out copies of the manifesto, ya know?

Honest question: Do you have any proof that she did fuck niggers?

I've heard that argument made a lot because she appeared in public with mudmen and claimed they were her 'boyfriends'… But do you have any proof of her fucking them? No?
Okay, well, I post it IS POSSIBLE that Ann Coulter was hanging around with mudmen to assuage accusations of her being a racist, rather than because she craved shit-coloured penis.

What do you say to that?

Fucking based!!

In practice, US version, it is.

Read between the lines. Tarrant wants to deport all Jews to Israel and then cut off foreign aid to them. Jews would die in droves there like a the pale settlements without out access to usury of the goy or goy bucks. There's barely enough room in that shit hole to put the other half of the worlds Jews. Do you think after thousands of years as global grifters, Jews are suddenly going to be self sufficient? Lol nope, they'll starve or start a war with the Arabs and get massacred.

But you just showed him calling out jews and israel bro.

Show me an israeli jew who isn't seeking to subvert or harm White Europeans. (You can't, because there's no such thing.)

I'm not an anti-semite either. I have no particular quarrel with Assyrians, for example, who are just as much semites as jews.
I don't like jews though. I don't like jewish culture and I don't like the people it produces.
If a jew existed that was in israel and not trying to subvert or harm my people - or any other people - I would not have much issue with such a jew.
Why would I have any reason to have issue with such a jew? He'd be totally non-threatening and powerless.

And therein lies the rub.

Try to find out how Muslims get to NZ without jewish involvement. You'll have about as much luck there as finding the non-subversive israeli jew in israel who loves 'goyim'.

Whether that's what conservatism is or not, conservatism is fucking gay.

You are too stupid. Do you know anything about Israel? Israel is working towards the total subversion of the world. They're trying to turn it into the capital of the world.

Because Tarrant is mossad dumbfuck

Sources: dude, just trust me.

user, please. Only some conservative states have such shit restrictions, these places also have privatized firefighters that watch your house burn down if you miss a payment. Most states let you live off the land with no restrictions, raw milk, moonshine, cannabis and all.

Lots! Allow me to share some knowledge with you.
I know, which only goes to show all the more that you are fully aware that there are no non-subversive jews in israel who wish no harm to the White European people, right?
I mean, you're not saying there ARE jews in israel who are not trying to subvert or harm the White European people, are you?

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If I'm mossad, I'm really bad at it.

How'd that happen?

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1) Doesnt name the jew
2) vacations in muslim nations
3) actually does something

#3 especially is why hes obvious mossad and not one of you larping ass faggots

Spread to all places. Incite everyone to fight and to kill the enemy. From children to elderly, all of the white race must kill all of the non-whites, starting with the jews.

But he did name the jew.
What if I told you I've vacationed in several 'muslim nations'? I've even been to israel.
There's a lot of neat ancient stuff there to see, and its a very important cultural hub for abrahamic religions themselves (not partial myself, but historically relevant).

Are you evading a ban, by chance?

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Then youre either a jew, a christcuck, or mossad. Evading a ban is too much effort bro idgaf about shitposting that much

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Fucking nigger, you just described Democrats. GFY

I'm a neo-pagan polytheist, so no, I don't think so.

And again, if I'm mossad, I'm not very good at it.

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Good lord a full blown fudge packed faggot. On my image board?


Eco-Fascist is national socialism though

Not proof of anything except your retardation. I grew up in a Buddhist monastery and never mentioned the JQ is my peer reviewed papers. Guess I'm a Tibetan monk Mossad shill. BTW, he does mention the Jew but he doesn't damn them outright because that would make everyone shut-it-down. Because of his actions, he's got 16 million people to read a manifesto about white genocide. He's accomplished more than you ever could in 1000 lifetimes.



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Welcome to nu/pol/ my man.

Nah, not into the fudge my man, but even without being an abrahamist, I've visited what they call 'the holy land'. Its quite interesting, again, from a historical perspective.
Several muslim countries also have interesting material in that vein. Ever seen the tombs in Saudi Arabia? Very old, pre-Islamic stuff. The tombs at Mada’in Saleh for example are certainly fascinating to a history buff such as myself.

But I guess that doesn't do much for you. Not the tombs, my commentary I mean.

You couldn't be more wrong you insane faggot.

Conway just redpilled thousands more. No complaints from me.

Checked for user, come to your senses - this guy is a retarded LARPer.
He's trying to get a rise out of you.

If you'd like to see more of his handiwork, take a look at this thread.

He went on a shitposting spree and the mods removed all his posts

That's not really a counter-point bruv.

It's 'keel' you faggot fed.


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I need a counterpoint for a completely incorrect recital of what conservatism is? It's supposed to be about conserving the best ideas for humanity/society to function, while safeguarding from any modern day faggotry like (((it's 2019))).

You're very welcome, also, holy shit that image you posted. Tippest Toppest Keks m8.

Modern Western conservatism, which user is referring to, is essentially capitalistic liberalism, so he's quite right. Even wonder why they're seemingly nothing more than progs who never conserve anything other than capitalism? That's because that is 100% true.

The tombs interest me, but not enough to go there for the 4 reasons ive already mentioned that drew you there.

When someone responds to a well-reasoned argument with

Ideal American conservatism:
-no taxes
-microscopic government for necessary functions only
-gun rights
-walled off borders
-no faggot or kike agenda in society
-no wasting money on other countries
-huge emphasis on personal responsibility

They're very lovely. I guess its hard to justify a trip like that though unless you have the money to spend. I can see why Tarrant would go there though - every man should see it once I suppose, just for the historical ramifications, especially if you know you might never get another chance.
When a man faces a prospect akin to that which he faced, I'm sure a journey or adventure is appealing.

Which are those?

Actual American conservatism:

We need to be replaced, but we need to be replaced legally

Actual American leftism:

We need to replace these fucking white people.

Status: winning bigly, MAGApedes.


Yeah, its pretty silly to see people talking about conservatism as though it isn't an ideological form of masochistic cuckoldry and moralizing narcissism.

Those slimy fucktards hide in the shadows from the (((Trump))) haters but come out to defend their meta narrative: their American globalist flavour of liberalism.

It just seems rather silly to me.

Even the name, 'conservatism'… Its just dumb.
How can you call yourself a conservative if you're totally unable to conserve anything and are just constantly trailing after your opposition, on any given issue holding whatever position they did 15 years ago.

Its dumb, ya know?

Those slimy fucktards hide in the shadows from the (((Trump))) haters but come out to defend their meta narrative: their American globalist flavour of liberalism.>>13061947
It's a lie. It's also marketing. Idiots buy into it and think they're being rightwing, but really it's just capitalistic liberalism that serves the Jew's agenda: destruction of nations and acquiring more power.