One poster noted:

Got suggested I pop this up but whilst at work this morning, I hear a voice ask for me by name. I turn around and there’s 2 police officers.

Needless to say workmates were shocked too [sic] see me taken into a room for a chat and these guys were quite nice about it but wanted to know what [guns] my partner and I have.

The poster went on to note that a gun safe in their residence was “installed and floor plated as per the recommendations (So stored legally in an odd stock of luck),” and that they hadn’t used any of their guns because they’re “not allowed” at the moment.

“I didn’t put any paperwork or forms in yet so was a little shocked to see [the police] come out of nowhere. Anyone else get this yet?” the poster noted.

The Truth About Guns noted further that according to Stuff, a site that “appears to be the New Zealand equivalent of The Patch,” a former Russian soldier who was concerned about going back to prison “tried to call his son before dying of a suspected suicide following a three-hour standoff with police.”

The report noted that family members of 54-year-old Troy Dubovskiy told the news outlet that police began looking for him after they searched his St. Martins property in the suburbs of Christchurch earlier in the week. (Related: Government authorities begin prosecuting Internet users who shared the New Zealand mosque attack video.)

“Police acted on information from the public,” Stuff reported, adding:

Dubovskiy’s 16-year-old son, who Stuff has decided not to name, said police searched the homes of his father, mother and grandparents after someone reported a photo the teen made his profile picture on Facebook five days ago.

The photo, which he first posted to Facebook several years ago, shows the teen holding a replica rifle and wearing a Russian helmet. The teen used the equipment along with his father while playing Airsoft, a team sport where people shoot each other with pellets using replica guns.

During a search of the home, police found a blank pistol, an airsoft rifle, and an SKS carbine; the latter is now illegal under the new “assault rifle” ban.

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If you leftypol fuckwits wanted to know why the second amendment is so important… New Zealand Tyranny is why. One person is already dead because you assholes could not control your tyrannical trigger fingers for longer then two fucking minutes.

one day there will be enough indians an beaners in the US to repeal the 2nd amendment

as long as they come in legally lel

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This is so cringe. Did you know there were black families living in Hitler's Germany? you postmodern faggot. Nice pedo pic by the way :)


fukkin baste

yes retard, after ww1 the french sent nigger soldiers to the rhine so they could loot and rape to their hearts content in a further humiliation to the germans

Oh, so they are going door to door
should be easy peasy to defend yourself then
gunowners massivly outnumber police+military in NZ so if they dont defend themselves now, then i guesss they never will because the odds will never be this good again
demographics and gun laws will continue to worsen for white new zealanders unless a change is made now
good luck and have Fun!

they never will. and consider that despite all the caste laws the aryans had in india, they’re all pajeets today. the future is designated shitting streets forever

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Organize in the streets. A white mob of hundreds, or even thousands, armed with their rifles. Storm police stations. Martial law, shootouts in the streets. 1.3 million vs a few thousand. Storm the capital and kill that cumdumpster whore that was wearing a hijab. Behead and post on Zig Forums. Claim victory l and declare the fourth Reich. Remove all kebabs Tarrant style afterwards

the caste laws where abolished by the brits though.

this tbh

There's a saying in the firearms community, "If it's time to bury them, it's time to dig them up."

Old news.

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If I remember correctly, Lovecraft's wife was a kike
Still "based", but any kike above level 50 is based :^)

If she wasn't his mother, what the fuck does it matter, retard?

Start building clans, the bigger the better. Become self sufficient, racially segregate and attack any threat that comes at you without a shred of mercy. Keep breeding, keep recruiting, keep training each other. Network with other clans. Once you're in the size of 100-500 people, stop paying taxes, and start acting like a gang.

Fyi, the guy killed himself supposedly. But they did shoot at least one guy on a red flag law confiscation in the US.

Absolute bullshit.

If you can't see the problem with a wife being a kike, you shouldn't be here :^)

Lovecraft didn't want more than halve his house guests to ever be non-white because he believed that the mind of people affected local reality and that Jews where inherently degenerate.

Yeah according to their very stupid explanation he supposedly had time to ((("kill himself"))) with tons of police around while they smashed his car and broke his car windows. With no explanation of why he would murder himself.

If they were supposedly negotiating with him they'd have to talk to him and they would know he had injuries. He wouldn't have time to kill himself either since he was being closely watched.

Their explanation reeks of shit. What makes you think (((they))) didn't just murder Troy Dubovskiy and blew that innocent man's brains out?

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Yeah but that guy was really fucking stupid and gave them an excuse. Instead of just saying no or that he lost his guns or something he decided it would be a better idea to get into a physical fight with a loaded gun.

Proof, now.

nice attempt at injecting a false narrative into the conversation that will then be repeated by useful idiots, massively amplifying the amount of effort needed to debunk this bullshit

Prob just some Cunt fag paid liar from the NZ government. And that's good because we're definitely onto something when talking of the good chance Troy Dubovskiy was as a matter of fact murdered and discussing their totally retarded explanation of "suicide" that makes zero sense immidiately makes fags like this appear.

People need to insist going to the morgue on cases like this even though its hard, if correct his son could potentially sue everyone and get justice+financial compensation + zogbots fired. Someone here on fb really needs to suggest that to Troy's son.

That's why you don't get taken seriously.

Go back to reddit faggot, you arent welcome here

kek'd and

I guess he overREEEEEEEEEEEEEEacted.

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I've never seen this amount of retarded desperation before lol

This isn't about a guy fag the US shithead, but from NEW ZEALAND named Troy Dubovskiy who was recently murdered.

You're so fucking incompetent at your job it's unbelievable. You're either a woman, kike, both or some other subhuman minority

US guy was an MDfag and got himself killed.

This. Polite sage for off topic.

Another pic of the new zealand "suicide" lmfao, definitely not signs of a cop murder goyim!

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yeah definitely suicide after busting out the windows of his own car for no reason, the broken glass upset him that much that he had to kill himself

Is that quote legit?

Thats democracypark life.

Yes goy, that's what really happened!!!

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Did it ever occur to you that the broken window followed the suicide in time?

Then why smash the trunk window? And there wasn't even a gun involved, he was unarmed.

1 shekel for trying though

You're correct
You're incorrect.

According to the media which we know are all such honest people right? Gee bro there's just no way a bunch of riled cops up would just kill some guy preemptively and cover it up right?

A knife is a tool used daily in certain jobs, not exactly what a weapon. And it's unlikely anyone would kill themselves with a knife like that considering the guy was innocent and how extremely painful that is. + he was being watched and already had his windows crushed by police, something that they would most likely notice. Adding to that he wasn't even guilty of anything.

Well boyos, you know they are going to shoot you dead if you don't hand them over. What now?

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Yeah man everything is a lie. Everything is a false flag. You know everything. The cops stabbed the guy to death. You have the inside scoop. No one ever offs themselves with a knife. No one is ever irrational. Yup.

What source of information are you using?

Relax a little cunt, I just don't think their story makes sense, considering how many cops where there including a helicopter. It seems really wierd.

What's it to you anyway?

Tell me moshe, what is the proper method of kosher slaughter, stabbing or slicing a vein?

The right needs to purge low IQ trash like you.

Why can't you answer the fucking question jew?

Once it's in it's in, a white man would have finished the cut.

Did you just ask about kosher slaughter and when the answer isn't known assume they're a kike because they don't know the answer? Are you really THAT fucking retarded?

Why do (((You))) know?

I'd like the sauce for the quote, too.
That said: I'm inclined to believe it.
In his short story, "The Rats in the Walls," the protagonist has a cat named Nigger Man.
Many of HPL's story touch on degeneracy and racial impurity and the scourge they bring.

Why are you so upset?

Probably cowardly surrendering and pathetic groveling.
But I'm rolling for resistance.

all pigs are scum

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Since this story came out days ago, I've heard nothing else about the confiscation going on down there or responses. Any updates?

Can someone shoot back at the ZOG patrol?

Fight. They can't kill all of us. There are things worth more than life.

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How do you get people to believe they can fight? Thats the only thing that hold them back.



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Gas the shitskins


No, you are an idiot who believes what some user blogger said.

People willing to fight for principles and ideals always were and are in the minority. Usually, to get people to go out to the streets you have to threaten the lowest of their needs and make them unavailable to fulfull. No food, no alcohol, no television, no facebook - that would move them. I suspect that the system is too wise to let any of these be disturbed; they can block our imageboards since a fraction of the general population uses them, they can try to disarm people in countries with small or non-existent gun control after making them believe they won't need them, and so on.
Generally, what I believe holds them back is general indolence. In the world without spirituality, without values, where the most important thing is to "succeed" socially, be a "chad" not a "virgin", show off money you don't have, there's not that much to fight for. In their eyes, there's no reason to risk when everything's right on the table. Because who would give a damn about these nazis they speak on the tv that kill people and are just like isis?
Can't get a definitive answer to that question. Memes go a long way, but we'll never have as much pressure as the mass media. People are and will be shaped by these bullshit narrative about "neonazis", "white supremacists" and "racists". All I could advise is, do not use their definitions. Do not advertise yourself, or think of yourself, or even use these labels as above. We're not neonazis, we're not racists, we're not white supremacists. All these labels are thought-stopping words, as Beaver rightfully named them. Thought-stopping words are designed to terminate all criticism and impose the (((widely accepted))) line of thought to the recipient. Someone hears about something a white supremacist did, they're automatically disgusted and antagonized because they're being conditioned to react to this word that way. What I would do is get rid of all labels altogether. Get rid of swastikas, National Socialist paraphernalia, stop reviving ghosts of the past, because years of continuous indoctrination are hard if not impossible to circumvent. Good alternative would be just "the Organization" that's "going against the System" like in Pierce's novels. Ambiguous and nondescript. Of course media will use all the negative labels at will, but it's important not to play by their rules and do opposite of what they're doing. Then, maybe, people fed up with decreasing levels of freedom and standards of life will join up - but a lot less of them would be willing under the swastika, with those "racists" they heard so much bad about.

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“This is your last chance to give yourself up,” police have said to the man.

Best of luck to that hero

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A ban on "Assault Rifles" huh? Hypocrites are the worst.

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is this what Jacinda Ardern meant by "revenge"? executing whites?

He shot his guns near the school and daycare, though. Handing them over would be a good thing for him to do.

wrong, faggot. Shooting anything brown would be a good thing for him to do.

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If right-wingers were serious the entirety of New Zealand police would be dead.
Instead NZ normies are thanking Obama that another violent gun nut was murdered in cold blood by the rational and friendly pigs.


You don't have to shoot at the police or do anything illegal but do not hand over your firearms peacefully. Make it difficult for them at least, waste their time. Anyone can do this.

This is what happens when you don't have gun rights in the constitution.

They already consider you a violent criminal worth putting down, even if you're acting cooperatively. Make them pay.

S u p r e m e S a c r i f i c e

it didn't specify who let off the shot, or if it even was a gun shot (flashbang?).

wow tel avive is trying hard

Pole bro, you're alright.

Their marriage only lasted two years nigger. And they didn't have any kids either. So fuck off.

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This happened two weeks ago, the media is effectively suppressing this event. I remember it going dark after an hour, stories on it disappeared.
The inevitable will happen.

Back them into a corner. Mindless animals usually run away until this happens. Make it happen before the elite do, do not cede them strategic advantage.

All my NZ user friends are all not online anymore.

I think they've all been arrested and before they could ever actually take a stand.

I hope there's still some NZ anons out there that haven't been arrested yet who are going to make a stand before they too are in jail.

RIP C** and my other user friends in NZ.

You realize their plan is to just kill you the same way American soldiers regularly kill random goatfuckers by turning off their cams and then shooting them and then using grenades on the body so the forensics team can't tell they were in fact killed in cold blood? That you're going to be utterly surprised when they just shoot you for being white even though you were complying with everything or only resisting in a minor way? Get serious about this. There plan is to have you dead and they are going to fulfill it.

Argh he's cornered.

Any anons reading this thread, take the fight to the enemy, don't get cornered like this.

He's probably going to get zero kills and die in his house as it burns down around him.

Read Siege it debunks some of what you're saying.

Also forget about all that optics cuckery. People bow to the muslims because they fear pissing them off. People will bow to white supremacists when their image turns from "virgin basement dweller loser who triggers people on the internet" into "holy fuck he and his buddies might actually kill me if I talk shit".

This pic is going to be the fate of every coward on Zig Forums who lives in NZ and isn't taking the situation seriously and thinks he can just coward his way out. They're going to die like that.

I attempted suicide by knife. My blood was warm. I was fully of adrenaline. I felt absolutely no pain.

One thing I can testify, by the fact I'm still alive, is it's fucking hard to pull off. There's no way he just killed himself with a knife. Police and military regularly murder people and then plant evidence on them.

William Walker Atkinson says some similar things in his writings about Hinduism where he describes the average "Hindoo" as a complete degenerate.

You're so fucking incompetent at your job it's unbelievable.

This. These people are *not* your fucking friends nor there are are here to protect you as a human being. They're here to protect the government first and foremost. Once you stop being useful to the government, you're the enemy.

You better believe that leftists are pleased that men have died already.

what happened in india?
I am afraid I am not going to like the truth.

Then they'll just say if it wasn't for gun owners no firearm would be shot that isn't by the state that they hate so much. Oh wait, love to hate because they run the state pretending they are underdogs. Double speak is for subhuman honor-less filth who deserve every vile death imaginable and unimaginable.

Every day that passes I see that everything the fascists and nazi's did was not only justified, but far too gentle. In fact one might say their biggest crime was being too soft. They should have Mel Gibsoned every one of these fuckers tying a rope around each of their limbs to horses going in different directions and let the gods hear their screams echo for the next thousand years.

They said he supported the massacre. I guess anyone that agrees with Tarrant deserves to be hunted down and murdered like a dog for that. He was unarmed.