Can someone explain the barefoot-in/socks-out criticism of the Brenton Tarrant video?

blue socks
This is the simplest objection I have encountered to the Brenton Tarrant video and I don't really have a rebuttal to explain what's going on. Does anyone know what responses exist to this comparison to explain how it might occur via a trick of the light in a real video, or does this basically confirm it was 2 separate spliced videos?

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Other urls found in this thread:,19937602/Livestreamed_Video_of_Deadly_Shooting_Attack_on_Mosque_in_Christchurch_New_Zealand.mp4/

The argument against this is that he was wearing shoes with differently colored soles. This would result in them appearing red from when approaching inward, and blue whenever JC Brenton was heading out.

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Read the catalog nigger already discussed weeks ago. Those are shoes which he didn't have a chance to take off

I don't see how those example images are related, but it seems like a workable theory. Would be the proper term? Do you have any examples of this being used in shoes? Surely if it exists someone has made a YT video of it…

So far I've only been able to find them doing it with a baseball cap. I don't see any reason why they couldn't use it on shoes, but I'd still like to find out if a brand like this exists so I can point to it if people bring it up.

It is not a workable theory, finding the images now since the catalog is so fucked now from threads being made about this FF shit.
Give me a bit I'll find it for you lazy nogs

Managed to find some sneakers that change color in response to temperature (albeit the top not the bottom) so is that also a possible explanation? Perhaps his shoes were warm when his feet were pressing down on them (standing up) but when lying prone, his feet no longer heated the shoes as much so they cooled down and changed from red to blue?

Looking forward to your update, unclear which part you are referring to as unworkable.

Those pics are totally related. You can even see some of the blue in the top image.

I personally can't, you may have a better eye. Could you zoom in and draw on the image to guide me where to look for the blue in the 1st?

If you really think it could be fake then you're just fucking dumb.

Nigger-tier dumb. Hitler would have had you euthanized.

It is a blue or dark shoe with different color soles that is all the board is so fucked now it will take a bit

give me a bit more time for the shoes thing

Those aren't bare feet or blue socks, they're sneakers.

First shot:

Victim in question visible as early as 6:43. By the time it gets to the point in your image, you've gotten several views of them.

This is the problem, too many bullshit threads such as this one

better work now

I don't mean they changed color. I mean that the bottom of the shoe had a different color from it's top to begin with, like in my example pictures.

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Still trying to find the posts that discuss this but the board is so niggered up cause of threads like OP's
But seriously if you are thinking it's a FF cause of color changing socks you deserve to be euthanized for wasting my time

getting closer for you lazy faggots


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pics not time-stamps please.

what is BS about asking people to clarify the obvious difference in color tone and what explains it?

An adjective which is not appropriate to use for anything in the video due to the low-res graininess of the entire thing.

Please crop the frame and use some arrows because I'm really not seeing it…

If anything it almost looks like he is wearing red shoes/slippers over blue socks, so it seems like the most reasonable explanation is that he kicked off his slippers while Tarrant was offscreen, or someone ripped off his red slippers while fleeing the mosque while Tarrant's back was turned?

They are actually blue with white souls. Theres blood on the bottom of them which makes them red.

use three arrows to link boards

If you look above the soles, you can see a blue colour which is distinct from the other things. What you are perceiving as bare feet is in fact a pair of shoes. You can even see the pattern of the tread with the most distinct part being the white indent on the bottom of the heel. The heel even curves out in classical sneaker style.

You, OP, are a retarded kike.

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It is shit to create a thread when too many exist on the Brenton Tarrant subject, reply in one of the numerous existing threads
Sick of the disappearing mag, shoes above head in the street, no blood, suspect fled to Israel, no bullet casings, windshield not damaged enough, no bullet holes visible in 480p, etc, etc
Absolute filtermerchant tier schizoid posts
Apologize if I come across coarse but this shit has been going on since the acceleration

I fixed it later my apologies

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Kikes are hyper desperate to shill this as a false flag. I've never seen anything like it. There's an explanation for everything but they're turboshilling. Christ not even Trump is an actual merchant puppet got called out like this.

*who is an actual.

Like 911?

The healing walls
The non breaking windows
The pre huddled muslims
The pre injured muslim under the bench in the big room
The lack of shells hitting the ground outside noise and visual.
The non reaction of people when he starts shooting outside.
The trips to israel and pakistan.
The mason connection.

All explained, but stupid jews keep trying to say it was a false flag, because they don't like gun legislation, they fear disarmed goyim.

This theory doesn't work because the same difference can be seen when he enters and leaves the second time.

From where I'm standing, it looks like kikes are desperate to shout down legitimate inquiry into highly suspicious inconsistencies in the video. This board is being massively astroturfed.

You have the video, right?

Okay, well, start at the first shot fired.
Take an image every 0.5 second for let's say 10 seconds. That's 20 images.
Do the legwork and let's have a looksee and a discussion. I can't do that kinda image work on my device at the moment.

The entire NZ event and flood to 8ch with it was a coordinated effort to turn the focus away from Jews and onto Muslims. By the amount of threads here and discussion about it, i'd say it is working.

low iq

lower iq. it was marketing. he attacked muslims because they're the most hated group and therefore more people are comfortable with his actions. I know IRL not one person who has spoken out against it. He has normalised white resistance and there is nothing you can do about it, you room temperature mouth breather.

All of that has been debunked a thousand times, you severly low iq cretin. filtered for cancer.

literally none of that was debunked. nice try, yid.

What's this?

pigmy nigger iq

In one of the sections of the manifesto, one of the parts the msm and everyone bigging him up like to ignore is the Breivik connection. They like to show him(Brievik) giving a nazi salute, but of course his jewish ancestry and membership of a fremasonic order (that this Brenton Tarrantino supposedly contacted for blessing) is never addressed or even investigated.
The hand signal is masonic not white power.
They don't investigate masons because many of the press are brothers, unsurprisingly, because secrecy, illusion and deception is the order (pardon the pun) of the day and especially night. That's how jewish freemasons like jimmy saville and lord janner get to fuck kids for years on end, no problems.
And so the parts of the manifesto that are "white power" are boosted, the other "assailants" and the obvious crisis acting video from the other mosque are ignored, even though the msm used one of those actors for a frontpage headline and a boohoo photo.
It didn't go as well as they would have like clearly, and now the internet mop up team have been deployed.

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He wasn't in the building when he was shot. He was in teh process of taking off his shoes.

A negative IQ exists, amazing.

Red fucked by crocs, deserved to be shot

You're not going to want to hear this, but that line was crossed a few "hoaxes" ago

That was clearly a fucking meme, retard.
Look, you've got like 4 people in this thread at any moment calling YOU specifically stupid.
When are you going to start believing them?
You actually took it seriously when he said he contacted "the reformed knight's templar" for a blessing? How the fuck did you even find your way unto this site? In fact, how did you even learn to read?

The greeter was still saying "Hello, brother" to this particular mudslime when Brenton opened fire. Watch the video.

Retard, you must not have even watched the fucking video.

Refer to

All of it was, and easily if I may add.
Refer to the picture at

I urge everyone with good intentions and more than two brain cells to rub together to disregard the schizo shills spouting ALREADY DEBUNKED arguments that often have no foothold in reality at all.
Remember, the point of communist propaganda and intelligence work is to be as absurd as possible, make the lie big and bold, and less people will doubt it; these people are saying the NZ shooting was a movie set with pre-injured/killed muslims and changing socks. They're hoping your world-view is so far removed from reality that you'll follow them into this pit of CLEAR ABSURDITY.

That's why they're here, they know they can't stop it anymore, so they're working damage control.
Watch the webm at if you're still unclear why, or how this is such a significant event.

Something he made up to intrigue people and make them distrustful. They know we never trust groups like jews or freemasons, so they toss out baseless accusations that he may be part of these groups.

Read the manifesto.

I'm sure it's mostly astroturfers and newfags brought by the event talking among themselves. Most of the serious Zig Forumsacks had already stepped away months ago due to shitty moderation and moving on to more real-life stuff.

Just add blood.

Of course you're sure you're not the shill here.

Kill them all
World is a shit
7 billion + dead and I am the last one standing. Fuck everything and everyone

I am certain you will find a flood of shills in the comments but let me explain it to you simply:

1. None of this shit is real.

False flags are created for the purpose of distracting the populace, and convincing them to give up their guns.

2. Stop being a fucking REDDIT NIGGER and trust your intuition and judgment. Don't fall for Jewish shills, they want to make us all look like terrorists. That's why they've gone on here to make Brenton worship threads. They aren't actually anons.

Uhh a Idiot topic, ok I join in:
Link of Video to examine at home:,19937602/Livestreamed_Video_of_Deadly_Shooting_Attack_on_Mosque_in_Christchurch_New_Zealand.mp4/

Timestamp of Pic 1.jpg: 00:06:45.488
You can clearly see its fucking Shoes, as the Muslim crawls inside.

Pic 2, closer look: 00:06:50.201
You can see Red-White Sole, slightly Blue on top.

Pic 3, leaving 1st time: 00:08:42.480
kek, all blue "on top" of the feet.

Pic 4: 00:08:46.067
Little note on the side, see all the blood? Bang!

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reason is: webcams are shitty. when he's first walking up to the mosque a traffic cone just appears at of nowhere. video transfer to bluetooth to facetime app to satellite to facetime server to clients is a long pipe of data loss. small objects in a moving webcamera only render into frame after a second of their capture and even then the color and silhouette will be off until the cam stops moving.

Pic 5: 00:10:32.590
Moving back inside, you see all that dark red blood right? Finally a Warrior of Odin resist the Invaders.

Pic 6: 00:10:37.512
2nd time going in, see, Sneakers!

Pic 7: 00:11:20.305
Grandpa just lost some facial structure there top kek.

Pic 8: 00:11:40.492
Blue Sneaker on top again, also total motion blur because GoPro sucks. Please guys for the next Kebab Removal Act, use a Sony Cam!

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one last brofist
its a celebration
i just wanna tell you that you are amazing

This. They were shot in the back while entering. His feet aren't bare.

The amount of "psy op" shilling after being consistently BTFO is insane. And they are all cuckservatives too for the most part. Nah St. Tarrant is our guy whether you like his chosen target or not.

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Some pics for the fun of it since I have it,

Pic 1: 00:10:58.825
Pic 2: 00:10:58.867
Pic 3: 00:10:58.908
Pic 4: 00:10:58.950

Attached: 4.jpg (864x480 47.1 KB, 48.57K)

Pic 5: 00:10:58.992
Pic 6: 00:10:59.034
Pic 7: 00:10:59.075
Pic 8: 00:10:59.117

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It's not insane, they're getting paid. You think the whole operation is going to just get shut down because of some resistance? They don't have to convince discerning intelligent people, they just have to plant the seed of doubt in people that come here and see a ton of threads accusing it of being fake or a false flag instead of the sort of high-momentum environment you always see with events like these before they can mobilize a shill op. If the kind of discussion that was going on here as and shortly after Tarrant did his thing continued it would build more and more inertia and get dangerous. They learned their lesson about places like this in 2016.

Well that's the reason the people who believe the thing is real keep giving for his visit to Israel, so you need to pick one, was it clearly a fucking meme and all those people are retards too? Or is your anger at somebody looking at it objectively to get the truth something that belies your motives?

9: 00:10:59.159
10: 00:10:59.200
11: 00:10:59.242

Get used to it Cucks, one guy stood up.
If you don't believe it fine go nuts about conspircay bullshit more.

You either way will suck dick whoever is in charge. Simple.

79 Days left for the Invaders to leave Europe.

Sieg Heil!

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Generic threads about Tarrant are the actual shit because we can never have a cohesive conversation about a single topic in them. It just becomes a bunch of memes. All those other issues are ones I don't want to discuss here, this is only a blue socks thread.

That blue is too high up to be a shoe, again I think it is blue socks worn under red slippers

Can you show me?

I can't do it either, but people who want to make the argument this attack was real have the burden of addressing stuff like this. I'm undecided.

He certainly fell inside the building, I can't remember how far in he was when Tarrant started firing. I don't suppose anyone has made a modification to the video where they blur everything except blue/red socks/shoes guy so we can follow his path?

Wait a minute… when you bring it into focus it looks like they're BOTH wearing blue socks, but doorway guy has sort of a white/blue mix while hallway guy looks like solid blue above the angle and red shoes below the ankle.

Speaking of "foothold" if this has been debunked then you simply need to repost evidence of debunking and answer very easy questions about this guy's feet.

I don't think it makes someone a schizo shill to simply ask about it. A shill would be going off the rails "this proves it's fake!" rather than asking for reasoned arguments of how to interpret a frame.

between 2.jpg and 3.jpg does it look like hallway guy may have turned from prone (facedown) to supine (faceup) ? It's hard to tell by the blur but it seems like his toes were pointing down in 2 after Brenton walked passed him, and pointing up in 3 after Brenton returned.

I can't "see" it at all, needs enhancement. Doorway guy is clearly sneakers but I can understand how hallway guy could be interpreted as either barefoot or sneakers. That said, most people's foot sole skin isn't that red so he'd have to have some kind of horrible rash there for that to be the case, which is why I figure sneakers/slippers.

The soles of shoes being bright red can't be that common though can it? That seems like grounds for us to narrow down the specific brand of odd shoe with such a design.

Beautiful if real, but please don't derail the thread with unrelated images. Unless it shoes blue-feet hallway-guy I don't care to discuss it here.

Sure provide me with a 4x 1080 GPU RDP (Server) and I will run a Python Script I wrote about 10yrs ago to improve Video Quality. Won't improve much on this one, maybe 5-7%, cant run it on Laptop, need that to plan Attacks on Muslims.

You know how many million of sneakers there are? Go search for yourself what pair he had on.

Every person can see it's sneakers.
Who can't see it, needs to see a Doctor to get some glasses. If you already have glasses, get better glasses. While on the way, get yourself a GoPro, redo the Christchurch Video in your freedtime while streaming it on 3G.

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In Estonia we say that "one idiot can ask more than a 100 wise men can answer."
And I think its completely same with this thing, if you really believe this is some kind of fake cinspiracy, then you must certainly have some kind of mental health issues. Being skeptical is okay, but being such a tinfoil for every little distortion isn't normal

I want folks like you to stop pushing this false dichotomy of "conspiracy or not a conspiracy" as if that's the only question we should be talking about. This is a broad conversation about making sense of what we see.

That's not my burden, people who are arguing the color change is explained by hi-tech lenticular sneakers bear the burden of proving it.

You just contradicted yourself: not "every" person can see it.

Find the highest-resolution frame that you think supports an argument, blow it up to 400% and then label parts which you think are a shoe and explain why it could not be a slipper or a bloody sock or rashy skin.

He was travelling the world, he chose to visit a very historically significant area due to his interest in the crusades, that's all.

Look at the image at
It debunks all their arguments as I've come across them.

You're absolutely right, what flies for skepticism for some people is just completely absurd.

Most of the discussion is about that currently, though, while we should be moving on to actually discussing things and capitalizing on this event for the production of propaganda, like the manifesto urges us to.

As long as you're just being skeptical, I urge you not to cross over into the realm of abject retardation like a lot seem to have.

A lot of you don't understand just how critical the employment of the word *nigger* is.

Please, for the love of god, stop responding to shills or obviously retarded people. They might as well be the same people.
If there are still people saying this wasn't real, they're either retarded, shills, or a morale-cucks who "doesn't want to believe white people could do such a thing"-bullshit.
Please stop replying in here and let it die.

100 wise men cannot answer 1 question?
why are his feet red walking in, blue walking out?
simple. This isn't about conspiracies, it's about all possible ways to explain this simple detail.

The abject retardation is shills trying to derail the thread. They skip immediately to the conspiracy theories without first engaging in a good-faith effort to foster conversation about the details.

This isn't about real and not real, it's about red and blue. Offer your theories, or you are a shill.


If you want a good laugh, take a look at the wikipedia article for the shooting. It claims that he said it directly to Saint Tarrant, that the roach that tried to flee actually tried to tackle him, and that some guy at the second mosque broke his car window with an empty shotgun that he left on the floor.

Except there's blatant video evidence to the contrary. It's jaw dropping how blatant it all is.

Many victims had an utterly weird reaction to this. I don't get them piling up in corners. Also, what was going on with the guy on the right of the big room still facing the wall Blairwitch style, like if nothing was happening.
What Would You Do if you heard something like gunfire and people already moaning?
Were they all mentally shutting down and aware of their certain death?

But he isn't wearing shoes

Why would they blame themselves?

Dude, seriously, just read the fucking thread, it's already been debunked IN HERE ALONE like 5 times.

In the video he passes the dead man 4 times. Brenton did return to his car before renetering the building to shoot more people. Each time he passed the man, the feet appear red when Brenton faced the inside of the building, and blue when he faced the door with daylight causing the visual trickery. It's a trick of light or perhaps multicolored socks.

It's unlikely the person put the socks on, took them off, and then put them back on.

I can explain that your word selection tells me that you're a foot fag.
The disgusting part is that you're obviously turned on by short and fat middle-aged MALE brown muslim feet.
Fucking disgusting.
I'll try to help you, but it's probably too late.

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Why are you posting pictures of kids? The fuck is wrong with you?

Take your "any woman under 30 is a child" meme and fuck off back to reddit.

And before you claim they aren't 18, the source of the first 3 pictures is literally a Russian highschool graduation party.

Nice try, but in Russia you graduate at 17, after the 11th grade. However, there is an option of early exit after 9th grade, or at 15. So tell me, are those girls 15 or 17? Take your pic.

You don't graduate if you leave at 15, you fucking idiot. If you stay to graduation then you're 17 minimum, but more commonly 18 or 19.
You can't tell that they're of legal age just by looking at them? Spend less time consuming jew/feminist garbage which portrays 7-year-olds as "teenagers" and you might have some discernment.
In any case they're of legal age.
Why are you so butthurt about anons posting pictures of attractive young women?



We're not going to view your child porn, subhuman.


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Pic related.
The organized push to demonise normal, healthy, biologically optimal breeding, is a necessary measure to prop up the feminist lie that "you can have it all, just wait, someone will want you when you're 30+".
The rate of birth defects increases with every year above 14 the mother clocks up.
And no, I'm not suggesting that in our current dumbed down society that most women are ready to be mothers at 14.
But they should have their first child as soon as possible, and aim to have birthed them all by 25, which was considered old and high-risk until feminism sanitized the medical profession (expectant mothers older than their early 20s were placed in a special ward, I know because it happened to my mother when she was 24.)

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This is what kikes do when someone posts a healthy woman of perfect marriage age.
They attempt to link the concept with CP.

I'll fucking change my IP just to report you.

I'm not referring to that post, dipshit.
Do you even read IDs?
The kike linked CP because I posted attractive (legal) young women a few posts back.
The jew wants a state of affairs where any woman under 30 is off-limits to White men, who are then expected to pick up the pieces and raise her niglet spawn.

you have that little faith in anonymity software?

There is no child porn on that link. Nothing on that link.

Child porn is right here at Zig Forums.

A whole bunch of them

and more. None of you faggots ever complain about that.

Then don't reply. Fuck off.

It only becomes a problem for (((them))) when the woman posted is actually legal and of healthy breeding age.

I was agreeing and backing you up, but you're so autistic that you took it as an attack.
Neck yourself.

I see (((you))) there

Weird shadow or is he getting beat by the nigger guards?

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Definitely going to believe you.

You don't support this.
So you're a jew.
So you're LITERALLY a fucking jew.

fixed site index not redirecting to /chat/

if you are anti-CP then you could help mod there as long as you are not a stupid shill.
we will have a zero tolerance policy toward CP.