Reparations for the Black and Native American communities

As a black man, I know that socialism should be able to solve all the problems that keep our races divided but we until that time comes this question always seems to keep coming up.

I actually don't think a blank check would solve the problem for all disparity because the system that fucked us would literally receive the money back 90% of the time. It is all pointless unless we received resources, or means of production or property.

I think because of capitalism, the majority of Black Americans are lead to think as long as black celebrities or black billionaires are getting richer, they benefit from it too. Which is never the case. Reparations is a difficult thing to ask for because I feel the government wouldn't allow the receivers of this to do whatever they please with those funds due to how large scale reparations would be.

These are just my beginning thoughts. Feel free to discuss and I'll chime in from time to time.

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This board really need an american bullshit politics general.

The idea of reparations, as justified by some idea of making right on wrongs done in the past(by dead men, to dead men and women) is fantastical racialist bullshit at its core even if the problems it seeks to address are real. 'Your people harmed my people' is a nonsense statement.
Of course the problems it seeks to address are real, but chronic poverty is chronic poverty regardless of the historical reasons for it. There's no reason to single out only chronic poverty caused some particular history of oppression unless you're subscribing to that fantasy fiction idea of what 'history' is.
If you just sought to address chronic poverty and poor conditions in general, black people and native Americans would receive disproportionate benefit inasmuch as they represent a disproportionate share of chronic poverty on account of the history of their parents, grandparents, etc getting fucked and thus having nothing to pass down.
A well off middle class black family does not need or deserve economic assistance to address problems of cyclical poverty they are not affected by. A rich black celebrity should be fucking /paying/ for economic assistance to those who actually need it.

Fuck nigger slaves

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That's just a lie cubans, russians and chinese told black people so they would die for them in the second scramble for africa.

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lmao from the very same guys who claim Sweden and Norway are economically free when they have higher tax burdens and unionization rates that would make Milton Friedman cry in his sleep

Economic freedom isn't (primarily) measured by tax rates and lack of unionization, otherwise north korea and cuba should be at the top of the economic freedom list. Regardless of that, the most poverty struck african countries are those that have/had socialist governments.

I 100% agree with your assessment. However, most black Americans would attempt to call you racist for this line of thinking.

The real question for myself is how to communicate that with blacks in general. What is the point of reparations if we create a new class separation? It does not solve any major problems and actually would create more. We needed reparations in the 1860s-1940s. Not now. If we want to talk about it from an inner black perspective. Why do we not expect more from our black celebrities?

Good post.

I don't know much about the history of Africa as much as you do but I am trying to take look at the American situation more than the world problems of empires getting rich from Africa. That should be another thread for discussion. I do think that African Countries aren't given enough space to do their own thing and so it is hard for them to decide what's best for their community.

Fuck off.

Reparations should only be payed to individuals who were actually wronged personally.
Beyond that reparations are a childish and philosophically weak idea.

I agree. This is why I say reparations right now are way too late. 1860s-1940s were the right times.

a.)Sell the notion of generalized economic assistance to chronically poor communities as 'effectively reparations' on account of how it would disproportionately benefit black people who actually need it
b.)raise class conciousness
My guess. I'm not black and dont know too many black people though, so I can't make any confident suggestions.

The point is that the people who were personally wronged never had a chance to get shit, and whenever they did get shit they got it taken away or destroyed, leading to cyclic poverty, and that this should be addressed. Its hard to improve your condition when you aren't being given anything to start out with. But like I said, the causes of such poverty are irrelevant to whether or not it should be addressed unless your concept of history is childish. What it wants to do is good, but the idea of historical justice its usually grounded in fucks it up.
But the US is so drowned in racialist ideology in one form or another at every level of education that it could be practically difficult to frame the issue any other way, when presenting it to Americans.

Reparations to blacks in particular would have made sense then. I think actively trying to build up the resources and wealth of chronically poor communities would still be a good project for a social democratic party, but I know they'd fuck it up somehow.

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Imagine being a regular working white (whose ancestors maybe came to America only after the abolition of slavery) and getting told that you owe reparations for slavery (while only super wealthy elites had slaves) to black people (some of whom are well-to-do immigrants with no connection to slavery) all because of skin colour.

Reparations are a stupid idea because humanity has been ass fucking each other from the beginning of time, whites just did it on a major scale and in the most recent time. We owe nothing unless you want the Mongols to pay us billions for the black plague, or Jews to pay us billions and us pay them back half for the Holocaust and other persecutions, and then Islam has to pay another billion to whites but whites have to give back 2/3rds of that, and ultimately everyone ends up losing and gaining the same amount of cash. It's just a waste of time and trees. It's even worse for black people because they'll have to force tribes to pay each other reparations. Wiping the debt of all people's and starting a new would be easier. That said Africa will have to be retaken for the Blacks, and a major area of the US for natives, that would be the fair thing to do after wiping debt. Africa should be able to stand on it's own economically as capitalism should have trained your peoples to properly work industries and with your land and minerals you could fairly supply the rest of the world and have them supply you as well without whites on your back sucking out money.

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How are you gonna determine who gets reparations? You gonna test people's ancestry? You gonna just eyeball it? What about who pays? Is it just going to come out of taxes? Well bad news then because it's disproportionately poor people paying taxes and poor people are disproportionately black and brown.

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That's another thing I want to talk about in this thread. Getting the money from families that were in the slave trade now doesn't even matter because they weren't the guilty parties that did that. Do you also include people related to the people that approved Jim crow laws? Redlining? It's a difficult topic. Black people in general think someone needs to pay for this condition of living that black people suffer from.

I think as blacks, we must realize that the reparations route will create more idpol than there is. We need to approach on solving all poverty, homelessness and the whole system that traps the majority of the have nots into either jail, debt or early death.

Besides the Shitposting, there are some good things in this thread.

Reparations are a half measure bandaid that addresses nothing and is not communist. Its basically special interest group UBI patchwork for liberals.

40 acres and a mule for former slaves, if they kill the Indians already living there?

Indigenous decolonial feminist theory has some interesting answers: Dissolve nation states borders and return the means of production to the workers who use them. Land use to be democratically coordinated.

Dumb idea. Just try to improve society for everyone rather than give some small comfort to a certain group of people.

Well the theory is that the money in those families is the ill-gotten gains from owning slaves. Like I said above, though, sussing out how much was ill-gotten and who has it now isn't just obvious. You could potentially figure it out but holy fuck would it be a lot of work.

Yeah, this is bizarre to me. Isn't the important question "how do we fix this problem?" and not "how do we make someone pay for what they did to us?"?

Sure, but the thing is that racism does exist on top of those things. It is mostly an issue of "implicit bias" where some capitalist or government bureaucrat has the leeway to discriminate under "personal discretion" where you end up with racist fucks treating people differently by virtue of having power over them. That can only be fixed by abolishing capitalism/hierarchy. As for the differences in "starting position" people would have in socialism I think it would be reasonable to redistribute resources to put people on an even playing field.

That just sounds like socialism to me dawg.

slavery built the infrastructure of america so all business benefit from slavery

My response to the concept of "righting historic wrongs" is always this: Literally every human being on the planet has an ancestor who was raped and did the raping. Should we all just kill ourselves?

Reparations only make sense in the context of making amends to people who were directly impacted by a historic injustice and are currently alive. Like Japanese who were interned during WWII, for instance.

The fun thing about most American blacks is they typically have a recent European ancestor somewhere in their family ancestry, in many cases the ancestor being a plantation master. It's the reason American blacks have distinct medical concerns compared to blacks who've recently emigrated from Africa.

That's mostly to do with selective pressures on slave populations (intentional or not).

Incorrect, it has mostly to do with recent admixture from European and native American populations.

Both of you, bring evidence.

My view on solving the problems left over is that it could relate to land redistribution. Particularly, the effective abolition of land speculation, to make property cheaper and labor more valuable.

t. non-socialist, tho

I'd say its more likely that is due to diet and the effects of pollution.


You mad?

So I think we have concluded that there really isn't a purpose for reparations at this time in the US. I kind of sad that we didn't get a perspective from the Native American communities. I don't know what their mindset is.

We are better off trying to socialize things enmass for everyone. However, I think because of the bitterness of Black legacy that we never really got an apology worth it's weight from the western world exploitation and they still treat us like 2nd rate humans. It's so bad that Black Americans and actual Black Africans don't see eye to eye on things despite being exploited on such a large scale.

I don't know what the answer in solving this bitterness but I know that this is the biggest hurdle for all blacks need to get over before becoming a real person for all the people. Fred Hampton is my favorite socialist despite the fact I'm an anarchist. However, many blacks must get past this bitterness otherwise they truly aren't proletariat.

That's my opinion on this topic. This is only a Black American point of view. I do not know what it is like to be black in other parts of the world. I wouldn't mind getting those perspectives in this thread.

Smart Black Man Bruce Dixon has a nice take on reparations.

Apology from whom though? Does it really mean anything if the apology is done attempting to speak for the oppressors who've been dead for over a century of ancestors who've also been dead for over a century? And what constitutes a proper apology? Can a mulatto apologize on behalf of those dead oppressors?

"In order to address and mitigate the the lower incomes, lack of wealth, achievement gap, education gap, etc… faced by Black Americans that are a direct result of slavery and the following systemic discrimination that we still struggle with today we should enact meaningful reparations focused on systemically improving the black community.

So heres my reparations proposal. Just handing out checks isnt going to really fix any underlying problems there will be a big period of inflation, a bunch of shit will get bought and like the majority of any windfall situations the recipient will be just as broke as before in a matter of a few years.

So I propose we have "the reparations generation" for a span of 25 years the following will be offered to any american citizen that can show they are a direct descendant of any of the 5 some odd million black persons identified and counted in the 1870 census.

The original promise of 40 acres and a mule wasn;t honored and in todays money that comes out to about 150-200k based on the average cost of an agricultural acre in the US. Thats a 1 trillion dollar debt to be repaid over the span of a generation.

Program 1. Tax deductions for 10 years. All enrolled recipients will be given an additional free dependent worth of tax deduction. This extra dependent will reduce their taxable income by ~$4050 each year for 10 years. The extra dependent claim is symbolic of their ancestor who worked for the betterment of the nation yet received no benefit or compensation. This would contribute over the 10 years to something like 150 billion dollars of retained income for working black families.

Program 2. 10 billion dollars per year for the 25 year duration of the program placed into college scholarship and trade school scholarship funds to operate the same way the Montgomery GI bill operates. This would help to alleviate the achievement gap and incentivize education and job training at a program lifetime cost of 250 billion.

Program 3. Provide enrolled members the same housing / mortgage guarantees we offer veterans. Government backed ability to purchase a home with little to no down payment as long as you qualify with income and credit score (same program vets get). This will help working class black families get out of the perpetual cycle of renting and not building wealth generation after generation. The cost is actually quite small for this, my research and estimates come out with 50 billion over the life of the program.

Program 4. Business loans for enrolled persons through the SBA pegged at prime plus 1% to help stimulate the formation of more black owned businesses and innnovation. This would be at worst a break even deal so lets just put it at zero cost.

Program 5. 10 billion per year for the duration of the program of federal funds allocated in the form of supervised grants to public schools in black majority neighborhoods. The the funds will be broken into three grant pools, one for infrastructure (school repairs, expansions, modernization etc…), one for improving educational outcomes through curriculum enrichment, one to alleviate systemic challenges in the schools like classroom overcrowding, poor transportation etc… this will cost 250 billion over the life of the program.

Program 6. 10 billion per year in community redevelopment grants given to historically and majority black neighborhoods the grants must be spent on bettering the community, providing community services, social well being programs, after school programs, community coop gardens, community-based centers or recreation centers etc… it cannot be spent on actual building improvements so that it doesnt become a catalyst for gentrification. This is another 250 billion over the life of the program.

Program 7. Restorative justice programs and community based / community run prevention and rehabilitation programs will be put in place and will focus on all program enrolled to help end the school to prison pipeline.

Program 8. Legally binding federal, state and local goals to have their public employee demograpics match within 20 percent the number of black people in the represented area. No more 80% black cities with 90% white police forces. With all the education and training the above programs offer the arguments against affirmative action will be totally moot because there will be no shortage of qualified applicants. This will cost nothing.

Program 9. All black people currently incarcerated with a sentence that is longer than the average sentence given to white inmates for the same crime will immediately have their sentence adjusted to match the average white sentence for the same crime. This will actually save billions.

Program 10. 5 billion a year in grants to black academics to further fund their research into black culture, art, politics and all other afro-centric study and research that has a goal of the betterment of society, combatting racism, promoting positive images etc…

Theres my inflation adjusted trillion dollar reparations plan, to be paid for by eliminating the TSA and sequestering the remaining 42 billion out of the defense budget each year for the 25 year life of the program."

CIA, you're funny

This thread seems to be focusing mainly on the issue of African American redressing but what about helping out Native American communities?

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Blacks have found privilege in victim hood status. Keep biting the hand that feeds you. It’s not working too well in your favour as far as I can tell……….


Just give them their land back bro, middle America is more than enough to give them, just pull out the white people from there, I'm not even joking, I want white people to be resettled to Europe or maybe the coasts of America or South America.

Blacks suffered from a multitude of countries. Any country that brought slaves into current US soil are a guilty party as well as the people who owned slaves. Religious institutions are also guilty as well. I definitely think religious institutions are very guilty of aiding in the brainwashing of acceptance of being less than a white man. The whole reason why slaves were in the US wasn't just a British Colonial situation.

That being said, I am not asking for reparations from these places because it doesn't help in the large scheme of things.

I'm finally glad someone pointed to this. That's where my image came from when starting this thread. I didn't want to bring up the article but thanks. I agree with it 100%

I rather have reparations be molded where it provides for all US citizens because of how poorly blacks and Native Americans suffer. Not be limited to those who can prove they belong to a group that suffered.

These are nice ideas but this is the liberal shit that doesn't solve the problem on a large enough scale. These proposals going only to blacks and not all poor people is honestly why the country wouldn't be able to take care of everyone.

You need to offer free education for everyone. You need to offer affordable housings for everyone. Healthcare needs to be provided for everyone. This isn't proletariat positive. This doesn't even sound succdem efficient at the very least.

I 100% agree with you. I don't know the Native American perspective and I can't assume what they clearly want. I hope people can bring their situation to light in this thread.

Victim hood is a garbage idea. I'll agree that middle and higher up class of black people don't need reparations but to claim that blacks are biting the hand that feeds is implying that blacks are being adequately taken care of in the first place by this system enmass. We are still one of the most exploited groups in this country, Fuck off.

So, I think I have an idea to sell to America about reparations.

Let's use our "reparations" idea to make sure that all Americans don't have to keep being exploited. The end goal of such reparations is provide a safety net for all Americans so that they have their justice and liberty restored to a full level. Because even today, no one has complete control over their lives except for those who have benefitted by exploiting the people of America. From the Native Americans, to blacks, to the immigrants from all generations that were used as cheap labor or worse and even groups that were unfairly targeted because we were at war with their countries of origin.

It is time to rebalance the country and provide everyone with a foundation that they can have so that they can have their pursuit of happiness.

My ideas would be Healthcare, access to housing ownership, and free education and wiping Student debts. All of it.

Shiiieeet I guess all the Christians who tried fighting for equal rights for slaves and Natives were all just a bunch of brain washing crackers.
Doesn't that practically miss the entire point of reprarations?
That's socialism not reparations.
Yeah I bet being in debt to the bank just to own a house is a benefit in comparison to a $30 a month apartment.
It is time to rebalance the country and provide everyone with a foundation that they can have so that they can have their pursuit of happiness.
Once again not socialism but also not reparations like I said before.

There was also liberation theology, doesn't Christianity wasnt a reactionary force on the whole.

Most of your post is really trash.

1. Christianity for the most part was used a way to keep blacks in check. It's a very reactionary religion. The fact most racists in this country are Christians really destroys your point.

2. I think the whole reason for trying to bring socialist ideas to the forefront with the reparations idea is so that everyone can benefit. If don't think everyone should benefit then you aren't proletariat.

3. If rent was that cheap, I wouldn't even bring up homeownership but it is cheaper paying a mortgage than rent most of the time in American cities. Rural areas I'm not sure.

4. I think the fact that you missing my point of turning the reparations idea into socialist ideas is pretty interesting. But if you don't feel that they are compatible, then I can understand that.

If you can't see these things working together, at least bring discourse into why this won't work. Otherwise, kindly fuck off.


Yeah because yours aren't.
Fantastic deduction there genius. I guess I gotta agree now, your people do need free education and quick or else they'll just end up like you.
But then it's literally not reparations.
Reparations by definition mean only a few benefit under the context of repayment for imperialism's victims.
No, user, that was a joke.
And said white home owners are chained up and enslaved in doing so under capitalism. If you think the bank not rejecting them for a contract signing their souls away is a privilege you must not be very much of a socialist.
Because by definition reparations cannot be turned into socialism.
Because it's not reparations even if it helps black people. Reparations means repayment for a crime in the past. Socialism is not about repayment it is about fairness. Returning land is not a reparation even though it's what I'm advocating for.


get over it. worse than the jews and the hall of cost.

The enslavement of Africans was reparations for the enslavement of Europeans by the pan African Moorish empire.

edgy, but very Hegelian and quite correct.

someday it won't be your choice. you have open borders already, accept your fate.

Last response to you because we just aren't going to agree on things.

I think you are way too narrow minded if you think that we can't turn a situation that would normally benefit a group of people and use it to benefit all people. The fact that racism is still institutional within this country is still an issue. A lot of the laws from the 1900s still apply and reduce certain races from even a typical standard of living. Native Americans are still losing land to the government within the country. To say we can't use these issues to help solve bigger problems so that there aren't groups of people being left behind is lack of faith. You say I can't mix reparations with socialism but I think you use the argument of reparations to make socialism a viable option and solution for everyone. I think the definition of what you are defending between what a reparation is and how socialism can't be treated as such is too absolute. I think we can change that notion completely. Words definitely can be dynamic and concepts definitely can change.

There are crimes done against blacks even to this day, yet for you to say we can't use the repayment of said crime to help bring fairness to everyone in the country is something I definitely can't agree with.

There is no point in addressing your points about religion because you don't even want to acknowledge the problems of Christianity within the US. Let alone how they came and brutalized Native Americans that ended up genocided and blacks that eventually became slaves.

With regards to the housing comment, I'm not saying that we should be forcing people to pay for homes via loans or even at all but if we can't get the full version of socialism right away, this is definitely the best option if must stay within a market currency economy until we dissolve the need for that system. I agree that housing currently is trash and needs a major overhaul and needs to be something that shouldn't be focused on making a profit from. I'm just saying that even when blacks offer their souls to try and get a home, we are redlined from that opportunity. I rather have an attempt to get a home than be trapped by playing a landlord forever in the capitalist economy. That is all I'm saying.

As a fellow black man ( second generation Caribbean American), black (Americans) will never embrace full socialism.

Especially black women *(bc theyre lumpen-bourgeoisie)*
Unless some unexpected wind blows, we forever will be shills for capitalism.

The real problem with us is that we're too fucking scared of everything: cannot swim, cannot fly, cannot learn new tech, etc. We rely on church as a crutch for any personal or community crisis. Black women in particular cannot survive without mindless churchgoing. Black women are the loneliest, sickest, poorest souls in the West, yet they waste away their paycheck to church. They cannot be taught about politics, economics, or natural sciences because they think its all mumbo-jumbo.
If you just act nice to them and say youre from the church and quote soul music and black movies, they open up their hearts and legs in a daze.
Black women dont even know half the shit written in the Bible. Everything is always about "muh roots", "we wuz the original Hebrews an sheeit."

They shouldn't even be allowed to run a country.

It is a pretty low Autism Level idea, to expect help from anyone but yourself and not earning that. What can we expect from a negro? Perhaps you're intelligent, but so far your concepts on free thought are about as far behind as your building concepts in Africa compared to Rome 2000 years ago. You're squandering rational thought to cater to a sense of self pity, and doubt. Learn to be a leader, and let actual smart people help you to success while covering their ass, you might make it out unscathed and wealthy. Otherwise, good luck negro.

I totally understand why black men like non-black pussy.

I totally get it. Black women in America are totally insufferable people generally speaking, the few black guys I know are pretty chill tbqh.

I heard though in Africa black men are very patriarchal and maybe that's for your own benefit. Id shoot myself if I was a black man married to a black woman in the US. Fuck that noise.

I'm an atypical Christian though. My beliefs are a tad bizarre to explain.

Not only are reparations a bad idea, but people seriously need do stop thinking in the spooky ways pro-reparations people think in. You often hear the poetic argument that 'this country owes a debt to X people', as if it made sense abstractions like countries owe anything to abstractions like groups. We'd be in a better position if people felt the need to walk the logic through at the level of actual individuals at a literal and practical level. Tbh, I think shoving down magical thinking like this down minorities' throats holds them back to a surprisingly large degree.

Native Americans already get reparations and there's no way to establish victimhood for blacks because all the slave ownership records were destroyed. This was the goal of invading Union forces because by destroying ownership deeds they destroyed the Southern slave economy - Marx himself commented on this at the time and it factors into his work. If there is no courthouse or deeds, there is no private property or slavery as even slaveowners would be unable to determine who owns what.

Read Das Kapital.

Occidental black women are the only ethnic female minority that has yet to hold office. We see in South America Latina women handling federal affairs, in the Middle East where women are killed for walking down the street by themselves, women are heads of state. Middle Eastern women are even part of parliaments in West Europe. In the Orient, where women are sold off for cattle, women there are already taking the reins. Yet, here in the first world, black women are still lowly secretaries. Same thing goes for education. Women of other ethnic minorities are exceling while black American women stand in line for food stamps. Actual black Africans are actually well-educated, emigrating with college degrees. Even they look at black American women in disdain.

Want to add that most black women want only "real peoples" man (i.e ghetto hoodlums/gangbangers). They're too cliquish, rarely ever making decisions for themselves, wasting daylight at malls, verbal catfights, and twerking. They always obsess over what their friends/sisters think, so when a "meek guy"/"beta male " with some cool hobbies and skills confesses to them, they laugh them away. And if they do accept them, he's just a black sheep among the many side dudes they have.

White women are often assumed as being princess-narcissists with no empathy for other cultures or non-alpha guys but theyre actually very open and chill and willing to try out relationships with other types of guys. And if it ends on a sour note, a white girl at least keeps it to herself. With black women, any breakup ends up with the whole town knowing about it and some unknown side-dudes wanting to fuck you up.

Black women are lumpenproles who're only good for sex and pot dealing. To any white brother out there with jungle fever, please, I beg of you, DON'T PUT THE WEDDING RING ON A NEGRESS' FINGER.

OP here, I understand that the typical Black Woman in America is definitely influenced and plays by different society rules in America but you guys are seriously degrading them beyond what is necessary. We black men exploit them and have them acting this way in the first place. We are the ones being stupid and doing taboo things like not using condoms and other things. I'm not trying to white knight them but a lot of their problems stem from our problems in the world.

That being said, I won't lie, despite the fact they are trying to educate themselves and improve themselves, they keep falling for the same taboos and for some reason. They are willing to take back a man that cheats or disrespects them because of the status of the man. They are usually unable to keep things in control. There is a time to be loud and state your point and there are times where taking a deep breath and not being reactionary is the right decision. I do think we proper black men need to hold other men to a better standard so that the typical black community bullshit doesn't happen. I'm not just talking about things about our relationship with black women. We need to find a way to reorganize ourselves regardless of what we do.

I don't entirely have the answers but I think one of the first things we must do is eliminate religion from our community problems.

Sidenote: Nice to see this thread still going.

The difference between blacks whose ancestors were slaves in the US and blacks whose ancestors were slaves in the Caribbean or were never slaves is crazy. That, and the difference between legit Appalachian hillbillies and other whites shows the stupidity of the race-essentialism even anti-racists tend to be guilty of.
Another foolish classic of the reparations mind-set is affirmative action, where race as a supremely important category fails miserably. Giving all blacks the same racial admission standard makes no sociological sense when 'immigrant blacks' and 'american blacks' do very differently. 'Immigrant blacks' are radically overrepresented among all blacks in universities in the US, i.e. the attempt to give opportunities to the descendants of American slaves has lead to other people - who happen to look like them - utilizing those opportunities to a large extent. I'm sure that a similar thing is true for hillbillies. Somehow people who believe that race is a social construct believe race is an all-powerful immortal deity.

I think its mostly due to the fact they love to project their inferiorities on to people, even their own men, because they see themselves as ultra oppressed yet everything you see nowadays placates them. they'll screw a black man over for acting "too white" or "like a nerd" just because he uses his mind and doesn't have "muh dik" on the brain all the time.

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The people who push quotas intended to increase diversity never understand who exactly they are helping and how. What they hope to accomplish is to uplift a minority group that is generally economically depressed, but quotas do not actually do that. The poor, the illiterate, the people living on the lowest strata of society are no more likely to get into universities or relatively desirable career fields with diversity quotas than they are without, and the plain reason for that is that race is not what is keeping them from those things. What is keeping them from universities and certain careers is that they are not well-educated, they do not speak the language of business, and they do not present themselves in a manner that is consistent with a business environment. That's all social, not racial.

Who actually does benefit from racial quotas? Members of that minority group who are well-educated, who do speak the language of business, who present themselves in a way that is consistent with a business environment–in short those minorities who are already relatively well-off. These well to do minorities thus find themselves with a competitive advantage while the poor fuckers that the well-meaning social justice dipshits had wanted to help get even more entrenched in the lower economic strata of society. It is a sterling example of how material issues cannot be addressed at a superstructural level. Race is never the problem, thus the solution to a problem never lies in tinkering with race.

I was talking about South Africa but okay.

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True that. Black Caribbean men are fucking boars. They make their black American counterparts look like docile piglets. Im a black man whose parents are Caribbean. My dad is an upstanding man and my mom often talk on the phone with her girlfriends who are Caribbean like her and and I hear about the tales of how women are treated down there. The men fuck one woman, she has a batch of babies, he leaves and moves on to other women until he's done the entire neighborhood. And they have serious temper problem. They will beat their pickaninnies (Caribbean term for "kids")to death for forgetting a task or being slow.
This is why as black man I vow to never have a wife or kids bc Im afraid of becoming "another one of those", especially since I'm autistic. Besides, with the whole social tension going on, ot's best for people consider vasectomies.

Come and take it

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Holy shit I hate to say it since Reddit says it all the time but Idiocracy has become real.

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It's really the city cucks that are the issue

To be fair you have to have a really high Autism Level to understand autism

You'd have to go to the African tribes who sold members of other African tribes to the slave traders. Only the "one percent" in the South owned slaves, so you can't blame all Euro-Americans. It wasn't as common as most people believe, and the trade in human lives goes on to this day. A lot of people still living need reparations for what they were conned into.

This one is more straightforward. The easiest thing to do would be to give them control of the so-called "natural" areas like forests, wilderness, desert, and similar. Wilderness advocates often cite their desire to return these areas to "pre-Columbian" conditions. The logical thing would be to allow the Original People to manage the lands as they had done, as apex predator and keystone species, for ten to fifteen thousand years before they were exterminated by European diseases. I think this is the "elephant in the room" that is never addressed.

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'Democrats can begin reparations anytime they want, the govt does not need get involved

Send blacks back to Africa and Featherniggers to Siberia

Now this is some spooky shit. Natives had been hunting large animals to extinction for thousands of years the same as humans on every other corner of the planet. What are you gonna do? Take away their guns and horses and GPS and whatever other modern technology to make bison hunts sustainable?

This evades the question of 'how are you going to get them to return to nomadic bison hunting in the first place'
a few delusional tumblr-vargs and noone else will be enthusiastic about that.

It would be a mix of native wisdom with scientific controls mixed in. I had this epiphany when I saw an official biology crew from a local Indian tribe counting salmon with modern gear. Their fishing rights are still recognized, but the harvest is likely a sustainable number based on returning fish. The worst culprit on these salmon runs are the fish ladders at several dams downstream, and hydroelectric turbines that probably suck up quite a few smolts trying to get to the ocean.

That's not the question. The real question is "who is 'them?'" There are no actual full-bloods between the Yucatan and the Northwest Territories. American Indians are Americans and all that that entails.

This would most likely end with the wood being chopped for quick cash. Natives arent the „Hippies with Bows“ some tribes might have been. They have at least 200 years of degeneration fixing that

I notice some very suspicious seemingly coordinated comments on various parts of the internet over this in the recent few days. They generally seem unbelievably ignorant or stupid and feel insincere. Could it be part of an astroturf campaign to inject more divisive identity politics in the 2020 election?

Don't doubt the left capacity of being stupid by itself.

Wew at the faggots supporting niggers, who have been for a whole century eating capitalist-shit with a big classcuck grin to spite those white labor unions, and Native Americans, who are literally land-hoggers.

You sub-human faggots are just the useful drooling idiots of capital and ruined America. Because of slavery and the civil war, we now have a powerful, centralized federal government that opened the doors for big business to take over the whole damn country. I made plenty of posts on here about this stuff, and honestly I'm just going to get banned anyways.

Daily reminder also that so-called 'Conservatism' is just GOP classcuckery based on Hamiltonian entrepreneurship and Federalism. The Constitution is a corrupt centralizing document that needs to be abolished in favor of a new Articles of Confederation to give all power to direct democratic hundreds and unions. The real American Dream is owning your own means of production, whether individually as a yeoman farmer or collectively as a cooperative commonwealth of workers. And, it's for whites only. Oooga booga, go back to fucking Africa you shit-skinned monkey.

I propose that we utterly burn, sack, and destroy all black and Indian communities in the nation. Assimilate those who can be assimilated (especially the Indians. They're honestly better off just joining white America and getting off their reservation.) and eliminate those who can't. I want to burn Detroit's ghettos like how Sherman burnt Georgia down to the ground.


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what the fuck is your problem, irish bastard, is your brain rotten from colonization, like the niggers you hate?

Wew, those left-wing theoreticians weren't lying when they called chauvinism a petty bourgeois ideology

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Not even Irish. I just like the Irish Republican cause. (Irish-Americans also made wonderful contributions to America, which I appreciate on a wholly different note.) Also:

'Petty-bourgeois' is a retarded term, especially since bourgeois originally just meant townsfolk during that time period. In a modern society, I rather would have people aspire to own the workplace through cooperatives. And, this can only be done through revolution at this point.

Not an argument. Also, shut the fuck up, Christfag.

Dude, Pre-Columbian America had so much deforestation that when smallpox killed the redskins, the world had a little Ice Age from the reforestation. The tribes we saw were all ragtag survivors of a disease borne apocalypse. Naturefaggotry is also historical revisionist crap which honestly should offend the Injuns more than my 'hateful' rhetoric. At least, I treat the Injuns like they're people. People of nations which I hate and despise as enemies of mine, but they're still people. Hell, I don't even think they're racially inferior to whites, besides their shitty immune system. I mean, even Injuns built mounds and there were the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans. They did all of that despite only being on NA for 10,000 years, while niggers lived in huts until the Arabs started infusing money with the slave trade. Only then did the nignogs in West Africa build shitty second-rate civilizations.

Daily reminder that Indians also owned slaves.

Don't reply to nameniggers and other attentionwhores

Yep. Thats why alot of us have brown to manilla-tone skin. Some of us could pass for white or have reddish-brown. Also, it can explain the facial features. Pure-bred blacks have round oval heads. Occidental blacks have square heads. Body hair is another thing. Pure-bred blacks don't have vody hair. Only when white genes are introduced do we get body hair.

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You can take the first step toward revolution, I'm right behind you mate.
Are there literally no co-operatives in your area? My cell phone carrier is a co-operative, my dairy products are made by co-operatives, my home Internet and telephone is provided by a co-operative, my gas and electricity is supplied by a co-operative. I buy my groceries at my local co-operative, I don't even use a bank as I'm a member of a credit union too. If I wanted to organise my funeral, I could use a co-operative for that and if I had children, I could drop them off at my local co-operative day care centre.
You make it sound like co-operatives are some kind of mysterious fantastical thing akin to unicorns that somehow contradict capitalism to the extent that nothing short of violent insurrection could ever produce such institutions when in reality they are a ubiquitous feature of capitalism, at least in the UK they are.

And, capitalists are ubiquitous to feudalism because they were around towards the end of it.

Cooperatives can exist in capitalism, and it is natural to have the nucleus of a new society within the old. Labor unions also had the same role. Guilds, communes, and republics of yeomanry like in Frisia and Switzerland in feudal Europe too. And, this is a good thing.

Unfortunately, America, and soon to be Europe due to the EU and mass migration, don't have a 'natural' situation. The capitalist elites have become truly global and so powerful that they are nigh untouchable. Cooperatives, unions, nationalized industry, and every limit to the capitalists developed in the 20th century are being destroyed, just as all opposition to the capitalists were destroyed in the early 19th century.

I say that is good that there are some cooperative spheres, and I believe those, along with unions, make for a good platform for a republican commonwealth of labor. The fact that it has been achieved should be encouragement to pursue this ideal of the worker-owner further. It works.

Of course, I only think it works in a white-majority society, but hey what do I know? It's not like 99% of actual democracies originated in the West. (No, the Iroquois don't count, the leaders were elected by the tribe mother of each tribe. It was a straight up aristocracy with little involvement of the tribespeople in government affairs. Tribe mothers were also a far smaller electoral demographic than property-owning white males by the way, especially in a country where land was cheap and plentiful.)

Hey everyone, how many of Gadsdenfag's retarded novelas did you actually read before you started skipping all of them?

We gave you niggers Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore. What more to do you want to ruin?

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He was one of the dumber namefags back in the old days of Zig Forums, and that's quite a low bar, so none.