The Arrival of the Yamnaya

Indo-Germanics, the most violent people who ever lived

Our distant ancestors were Indo-Europeans,

Ha-ha-ha! That's *us*. I'm so proud of our ancestors. They took Europe, and later they also took North America. Of course, the media will twist our glorious history to brand us as Nazis. Again. Also note (((they))) are now using our success as a blueprint to erase us (make our boys gay, let the Apes rape our women). We MUST fight back.

Mixtures of milk and meat are prohibited according to Jewish law.

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As usual pop-sci blowing things out of proportion. Neolithic lines did survive, though indeed they were heavily culled, with violence being the most reasonable explanation, especially in some areas. Hell, the main lineage of Germanics is not R1b or R1a but I1, which is pre-Indo-European and predates even farmers, indicating that in areas like Scandinavia there was more integration. And in SE Europe, probably because the terrain wasn't as favorable, pre-IE lineages like J2 and E-V13 are also strong.

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Cheeseburgers and milkshake as an american staple makes more sense now

We wuz tengri

How long until they write articles about how the white man isn't entitled to Europe because they conquered peaceful "cheddar man" darkskinned people and that this is white supremacy or some other academic insanity?

That's probably not true. We also have Mongols/Turks/Finns and Bantu (African genocide)
Do we have any knowledge why I1 survived in Scandinavia?

Of course. Semitic people don't eat pigs, while Aryan people didn't eat cows

who makes these degenerate memes? who started this "chad"="best" meme?

white people have still most DNA from cheddar-like people

i'm a flipnigga and i approve this message

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what's not true? as usual with ""newspapers"" like DM they take some results from science and make some hyperbole about it, just like they did with the cheddar nigger story, be careful
the general report is correct, but as I said they didn't literally exterminate every single neolithic male, in some areas in fact there was quite a lot of survival

I assume I1 survived precisely because unlike in territories similar to their own, where they were stronger, in areas like Scandinavia the local WHG-rich farmer/foragers had some advantages that allowed them to be incorporated and unite together in one synthetized culture. For instance the whole boat based culture of bronze/iron age Scandinavians and later Vikings is hardly something to link directly with people coming from a steppe, but is likely the fusion of the sort of raiding/nomadic culture of the steppe newcomers with the boat based culture of the locals. Basically replacing horses with boats.

Something alike probably happened in Greece, Italy and also in other places where these newcomers weren't as superior as in other places, due to different reasons.
Keep in mind also that these people began expanding right after neolithic Europe was devastated by the plague, so the locals weren't doing well to begin with.

Most violent group
East Asians replaced ancestors of Aryans in the Siberia (Ancient North Siberians/Ancient North Eurasians)
Mongols/Turks exterminated Aryan societies in the Central Asia. Finns took over Aryan territories in the Northeastern Europe. Bantus replaced most of other niggers in Africa

We have no current affiliation genetically with the people who call themselves 'aryan'. They are farther from us genetically than the kikes.
I no longer believe in the myth that we are 'aryan', those are the turkic, kike, semitic people and they are our mortal enemies.
If you want to talk about is 'so and so white' you should see the genetic distance between us and the so-called 'aryans'. KhazARYANS, etc see photo, because I have better things to do than type it all out again.
I would appreciate it if people STOPPED trying to get us to support the people who are GENOCIDING US WITH DELIGHT.

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rest of comment…I had to massage image

WE ARE GOTHS!! The people of the GOD/S. Not Aryans.

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If you live in Western/Northern Europe, about 50% of your ancestors come from Yamnaya/Afanasievo
If you live in Eastern Europe 60% of your ancestors come from Yamnaya/Afanasievo
All Europeans are partly Steppe, therefore if you are European and you hate Aryans, you hate yourself

Goths were Germanic tribe and do not exist anymore as a group.

There's probably shitloads of them and then even more behind worthless paywalls or some dumb shit. I don't care what soyboys say enough to look, but I guarantee it. Meanwhile they will ignore the fact that Africa is as violent as this ~today~ or blame that on us too. The solution is to stop letting them talk, because then they can't lie.

Look at the DNA. We are not the same 'people'. I do not 'hate myself'. I hate the people who you want me to 'love' who are genociding us.

Aryan = proto-Indo-Iranian, descendants of Andronovo/SIntashta = Europid steppe peoples
turks, kikes and semites have nothing to do with them, take your medications

Don' t know. The chad character is based on Xavier Renegade Angel's physic.


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we didnt and dont eat horses

We are a hell of a lot closer to the Goths (last 1,000 years) than we are to the kike/turks (so called aryans last 20,000+ years) like you are promoting. This was one place where Hilter was really really wrong because he didn't understand the history of the peoples AS WELL AS not having any knowledge of the DNA. We are not a 'part of those people' who are butchering us and raping our children and we have NOTHING IN COMMON WITH THEM.
They might have THE SMALLEST FRACTION of our DNA in them, but they are no more /ourpeople/ than my cat is /ourpeople/. We have nothing in common with them genetically, morally or culturally.

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take your medications

Mods ban him, he is derailing the thread

By this charts reasoning the KIKES ARE OUR PEOPLE…
We have NOTHING in common with the fucking so called 'aryans'. Please read my comment
because I am not going to type it all out again.

This is NOT derailing. This is a discussion on whether or not we are ARYANS like you kikes.


Aryan was just a word Nazis adopted to symbolize an ideal
Indeed, we are not "Aryans" but Germanic / Celtic / Slav

Irish…Are you kidding? Don't you remember any of the Irish jokes from the 20th century?

"The Nazis declared that the Nordics (now referred to as the Germanic peoples), or Aryans as they sometimes called them, were superior to all other races."

Not the Degenerate Irish
Not the Degenerate Dutch
Not the British
Slavs were subhuman. Notice the image has them on 2nd circle.
Zig Forums, there are a lot of revisionists around rewriting history. Eastern europeans are all over the internet alongside the cuntslags in the USA, and the low races of Europe are there too trying to rewrite history. Zig Forums can only work if they are all removed and stopped.

I know :) that is why this point becomes all the more important. Along with tying our loyalty to something that IS MEANINGLESS to us (which I will not tolerate) it undermines the uniqueness of our DNA, OUR PEOPLE and OUR CULTURE in favor of FOREIGNERS YET AGAIN.

I WON'T TOLERATE THIS. We are too important to be subverted by fucking turks/kikes and poo in the loos. I WILL NOT LIVE AS THEIR SLAVE ON THE BASIS THAT SOME REMOTE ANCESTOR SHARED DNA WITH THEM 60,000-20,000 years ago. We are OUR OWN people.

Filter cf54ed
Weak JIDF troll

These are not genetic labels. Europeans are purest descands of Aryans. Our culture is Indo European (Aryan)

To Settle this, all we need is to find ancient graves in the aryan region. Oh wait we never do.. hmm, odd.

Except for that one time they found a live wizard burried in Iran with pre-egyptian golden white pharaoh statues.

Fuck off you muzzy fucker. People don't have to filter me because you have NO ARGUMENT.

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Goths are Europeans but Europeans are not Goths(aside from Scandinavians). Europeans are not Aryan but they are by far the closest thing to ancient peoples whom the label "Aryan" could reasonably be applied, which are, as I said, the ancestors of proto-Indo-Iranians, who were steppe peoples closest to modern north Europeans.

Only in your schizo head "aryans" have anything to do with turks or sandniggers.

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Iranians not white
What are you on schlomo

Indo-Europeans = Scythians = Aryan 'master race' of Persia and India
Scythians = Goths = Germanics+Celts = Western+Northern Europeans = Americans/Australians/Canadians

It's all the same people, though they manifested in different areas under slightly different names. There is a link between them all. One of the most fascinating things is the obsession all of them have had with the concept of 'freedom'; the Scythians were known for their obsession with it by the Egyptians, Persians and Romans; the Germanics and Goths were known for it by the Romans and Arabs, the Franks literally named themselves after it, the British abolished slavery around the world and America founded itself on the very concept of it.

This obsession with freedom within our people, in our blood, has persisted for millenia. Many of our people had no idea who their ancestors were or what their history was; and yet this desire for freedom remained as a defining principle of them. It still persists to this day, though corrupted, in the West's obsession with democracy and liberty. (I know Democracy was invented by the Greeks, but the Greeks described themselves as cousins of their more wild counterparts the Scythians, so they too are 'our' blood [I also know democracy and 'liberty' today are used to reduce our freedoms in many different ways, but the willingness of the masses to agree with them stems from a cultural belief in the tenets of freedom, they are simply manipulated into thinking that slavery = freedom])

I would also like you to explain to me how we have some 'attachment' to you based on ANCIENT DNA that has no bearing on us now or in the future? This would be like a kike, who is only farctionally nigger 10-30% trying to claim that they were a full blooded nigger.

Aryans are the people who still call themselves Aryan in their name. WE ARE NOT ARYANS. WE DON'T RESEMBLE STREET SHITTERS AND PAKI RAPISTS…sorry to burst your fucking bubble with SCIENCE…rather than your fantasy about your 'aryan past'…

As I understand I will have to debunk know any lie you can make up.
As (((mods))) don't ban you, there is nothing else to do

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A poonigger calling himself white makes him white? Got it, I'm glad you're white by those standards too, my great ally Moshe Silverman.

Holy shit such obvious D/C.
This is your logic, watch:
So what is it? are we descendants or mutts and if so who isnt a mutt? The norwegians hahaha?


These are all people who have 'aryan' in their name and (laughing) THINK THAT THEY ARE WHITE.

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Why do people keep grouping all western europeans together you might ask? Do you know who groups Europeans together? Low countries in Europe, Slav subhumans and degenerate shithole whites from USA, Can, Aus, who are not European.

You are fucking idiot
Paki-poos are maximum 30% Aryan.

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Sure satan…jews make an argument all the time that they are FOREIGNERS in our nations and that we have no filial relation to them becasue it strengthens their cause among us for us to be cogent that they are FUCKING FOREIGNERS who are destroying us and ruling over us…goddamn how fucking stupid are you?

This comment was /sarc in case you didn't get that Zig Forums


I am a 'degenerate' white who has been in the USA for 300+ years, longer than it has been the USA for sure…and I am 100% German…so IDK what you are talking about.

But we should give our LOYALTY to FUCKING 'ARYAN' FOREIGNERS, RIGHT, kike?

It was about the picture, which is ridiculous bullshit.

You're going too far. I am not saying that we should all live together in one happy-crappy super-state; our people separated historically for reasons, and have shown that they cannot get along with one-another despite being incredibly similar in perspective and blood (and this makes the idea that we could get along with blacks, arabs or congs even more laughable).

I am simply showing that we are all related distantly. We have the same roots. Those same roots are why our cultures, despite being separated by oceans, mountains and even continents; all appear relatively similar. They are not the same, and we should not all desire to be 100% united; but I have far more in common with these brothers than I do with the other races of the world. It is important to know where we came from, it is important to understand what our people did to get to this position.

They simply call themselves with the name of their conquerors and ancient elites, with whom they share only partial ancestry, and who were closer to modern Europeans.
"Aryan" is just a label, if you don't like it you may as well call them Indo-Germanics as long as the concept they refer to is clear i.e bronze age western steppe peoples who spread IE languages and culture.

Unlike you, I am not going to allow mentally and physically retarded sand-monkey hybrids steal the name my ancestors used to call themselves.

With your semitic IQ, you have only managed to state the same point I was using. They are not Aryan, they, and you, are calling themselves Aryan out of jealousy and to infiltrate. They have practically no genetic relation to both past and present Aryans.

You are not German because you claim so
You are not White because you claim so
You are shitskin, Aryan (white) hating faggot
Europeans are most Aryan people in the world.

He is Christian schizo attacking Aryans because he can't larp as a semite otherwise (MUH HAPLOGROUPS)

keep distinction but disallow obvious revisinists

You seem to have an awful lot of emotional energy invested in being a sandnigger. I am happy to be a European.


She is the story of the Earth and all her people, since ‘your people’ did the rape I am not surprised you feel SHAME! I can’t wait until you are exterminated off this planet.

People would respect you faggots a lot more if you didn't make the entirey of european history exclusively about Germany which was largely insignificant up until HRE.

Yamnaya went on to found about every modern ethnic cultural/linguistic identity in europe via conquest outside of hungarians and finnish. To call them exclusively "indo-germanic" is an insult to the objective history of the continent.


I guess the minoans and mycaneans aren't european either huh?

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Now I understand. The white race must be abolished if mankind is to thrive again!

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Indra Zeus is a nigger you fucking fool. Look how he behaves. Only a part nigger offspring would defend that degenerate fuck.

Also you wanna know how I know you aren’t ‘white’, nigger?

You're half nigger half turk, kikenvermin. Your god is a nigger too. kys jealous, inbred bastard.


Reconstructions of Early Indo Europeans

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Indra spend all of his time purging the native niggers of India, various other enemies, and conquering territory, then got slandered heavily by the stunted half-breeds who would come to inhabit that region. Zeus is the same myth as Indra, but all fucked up from centuries of being connected to other mythos, like that fucking israeli-phoenician story about "Europa" and her jew-bull.

Go ahead. I'm sure you're an expert on not being white.

Your god is a nigger! Haha…fucking disgusting pooman.

>This theory is backed up by (((David Reich))) at Harvard Medical School who is due to release a piece of “”””””research”””””” stating the Yamnaya orchestrated a systematic genocide of Neolithic men

Where have I heard this before? Hmmm. But you have to admit, the timing of this shit is impeccable.

Yamnaya was 0% Indian

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The Aryans weren't Dravidian, cocksucker! bwah ha ha ha

not to mention Dravidians are not even Indo European

aryan in the nazi sense did not include slavs, i feel like this whole thread is just slavic coping tbh

Aryan derives from a PIE self-designation which is why you find it both used by the Iranians and an Hung-aria, Bulg-aria, etc.

I do believe we should only apply the term to the PIE that went east and not the PIE that went west, but that doesn't mean that eastern peoples who have no PIE should be referred to as Aryans. Only fairly pure blooded Persians and northern Indians should be referred to as Aryan. Post-600ad arab influx are NOT Aryan.

We really need a different term to describe western PIE branch, other than Aryan, but I have no suggestions as to what that term should be.

Its believed that disease heavily depopulated north/west Europe before they arrived.

Yamnaya (PIE) DNA at most 50% of European genome in north/east European countries, and even less than that in the south/west. Stonehenge is dated 1848 B.C. which puts it well after the ENF invasion, and both ENF and WHG are still in the British genome.

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Genetic history of Persians
70% Iranian/Central Asian farmer + 30% Anatolian Farmer = Iran Chalcolithic
30% Yamnaya + 70% Iran Chalcolithic = Armenia LBA (not the best proxy)
70% Armenian LBA + 30% Levant BA = Modern Armenian
88 Armenian + 12% Pakistan Iron Age = Modern Iranian

If possible one should avoid projection of ancient samples as distances tend to be misrepresented. It's mostly a remnant of some years ago when ancient samples were too few and PCAs couldn't be computed including them. Pic related is probably more realistic, and also has them in one map. Minoans and Mycenaeans are outside modern variation, not by much though in the case of the latter.

I make these based on global25, if anyone wants some samples to add just ask.

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what to do with low quality samples?
I tried to merge most European sets but PCA gave weird results. Then I removed low quality samples and tried to project low quality samples on high quality samples, but this made low quality samples go too close to the center

Who the hell eats a steak with a glass of milk, gross

who the hell won't eat cheese with meat?

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well if it's low quality then there ain't much you can do really, though unless they are very very bad, like a couple thousands SNPs vs hundreds of thousands to a million SNPs for the rest, then they should mostly behave, though obviously to be taken with a grain of salt for all sorts of in-depth analyses

How did you merge them? I seemed to get relative ok results with the reich lab tools and especially plink, but you have to be careful with those programs. Obviously when you include ancients in the calculation you are going to get results that are a bit odd when compared to what most academics do i.e use only modern west eurasian variation. Also, at least if you are using smartpca, I recall it required datasets with enough SNPs to produce sensible results, and this was one of my problems as I had to cut SNPs to be able to include enough samples without my PC begging for his life.

I myself ended up using g25 as dealing with the raw data, especially with a shit computer, was too much of a pain in the ass, and in any case it's rich enough for amateur staff.

you sound EXACTLY like a jew.

mergeit command. (comes with EIGENSOFT)
New Iberian dataset (Olalde et al. Science 2019) made PCA go very weird
While I am being suspicious about Bell Beaker-set too as they clustered too close to WHG and CHG/Iran (from Minoans/Mycenaeans) samples were too close to Mediterraneans

Your ‘god’ turned your entire nation over to niggers and poo ‘dravidian’s’ because he is a nigger. Just like he is doing in Europe.
He acts just like a nigger and you approve of him because he is a nigger just like YOU.


Zero effort.

Gee, I guess Europeans have just been bad people from the beginning. Best to just phase us out then. It's for the good of the whole world, I guess. Not like Bantu niggers exterminated a gazillion indigenous Africans between 1000 BC and 1500 AD. Whatever terrible thing (((we))) do to whites, they have it all coming, so stop defending these evil people, goy.

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I can’t get over the fact that Indra Zeus is globohomo. He is a fucking nigger pederast rapist….and THAT’S your ‘god’.

Bwahahaha…your gods a nigger

yeah mergeit is quite limited from my experience and from what I had gathered with time, give plink a try perhaps, it's a fairly standard tool and also allows you to select both subsets of samples as well as do other stuff
not sure what samples this new dataset contains, as a principle though the dataset you are using should be rich enough of diversity to obtain good results, I assume you are trying to focus on west eurasia?
it would seem, from the little info available, that diversity is being somewhat under-represented

check this out if you haven't:
back then it helped me

Bullshit. Keep up to date with reality, user. Also, Yamnaya were mixed Paleo-european and Indo-european.

What are Paleolithic (Nordic) and Mesolithic (Iberian) dna lines, then, that preceeded the Neolithic or "new" age that we still see today ???
Fake news.

Is this a jab at the Indus Valley?

England is rich enough of ancient samples that you can do very precise models using very proximate samples. I can for instance try to model modern Scots using late bronze age Scots and neolithic Scots, as well as an iron age Swede as a proxy for Germanic ancestry. The result is that modern Scots only require ~5% of neolithic Scot ancestry to improve the model a little, so yeah, the replacement looks fairly real, with 80% of their ancestry from the bronze age.
Of course, this isn't to say bronze age Scots didn't have farmer ancestry, but that essentially came from mainland Europe.

more like Europe, though something similar likely happened there too

One agument, though, is that there are less ydna lines in Europe (I, R, G, and J) than there are xdna lines in Europe (H, V, K, T, I, U, and X). Probably because xdna recombines (2X becomes 1X) every generation.

I actually learned from there too
Mergeit (compared to plink) takes only the SNPs used in both datasets and removes duplicates
I use plink to remove samples (I tried West Eurasian samples) but mergeit seemed safer (because plink gives duplicate SNP error)
I got a better PCA when I used mind 0.3, but it removed most of the ancient samples

Paleolithic is not Nordic.
Nordic race is Indo European. See this

Paleolithic Europeans were cro-magnids. Anthropologists such as Coon were right that Scandinavians (Hallstatt Nordids) are blend of Corded Nordics (Pastoralists from Indo European steppe) + Danubian Nordics (depigmented farmers in Northern, Western and Eastern Europe)

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Prove it.

Tell me something, estianon. About I1. WHG, EGH, SHG? Also, connection with I1b, I2?

We know, there were two totaly different groups of ENF. J2 and E could be intrusive. Your view?

Blondism and blue/ice eyes evolved during paleolithic Europe.
It is "Nordic".

We do not have any proof of it

Africans bacame dark. Europeans didn't become lighter.

Logic is enough to come to consensus. If thread is not ded later I will be back.

Doubt. Probably SHG paleolitic + stepe amalgam.
Fair hair is most common in strong HG populations, like Estonia.
But it is just my view. And of course, how we define "nordic". Fairnes or skull index? Think both. DC from Yamna, fair hair from HGs.