London residents declare State of Emergency after 5 random stabbings and "area collapse"

"Local residents declare a state of emergency in #Edmonton. We’re being held hostage in our own homes, petrified of the knifeman on the loose, the drugs gangs on every street corner and the prostitution taking place in broad daylight. We need investment NOW."

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Too many racists, needs more diversity

They elected themselves mayor, and chief of police.
More indigenous taxation will surely fix this situ……I said GIBS NOW whitey.

Oi mate why so sexist? Why not knifeperson?

I can't wait for this whole shitpile to burn to the ground

It already is.

Use fear propaganda…put heads on pikes.

Oi, ban assault scissors roight now.

Euro fags have been calling Americans racist for decades.
Think they get it yet?

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Call a town meeting, bring screwdrivers, and fucking march through your streets. Bring trash bags and gloves. Clean the streets and kill any sandmen you meet. Leave their bodies in the cleaned streets as a ritual offering to your inept policemen. If they try to stop you, kill them too.

Clearly Edmonton is full of racists who are anti-multicultural. I hope the British government sends in the police to arrest those racists.

heyjackass dot com/
not you, the site;
Final March Totals (vs last March)
Shot & Killed: 32 (+28%)
Shot & Wounded: 136 (-5%)
Total Shot: 168 (+0%)
Total Homicides: 35 (+13%)
Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 75
Shot & Wounded: 361
Total Shot: 436
Total Homicides: 85

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You'll need some Aussies for that, mate. Britcucks are too soft!!!!!!

I've been watching a load of British television from thes 80s and 90s. Blacks were derided as coons and nig-nogs, cornershops are called pakishops, there are even jokes where the butt of the joke is a woman has a white child AND a black child, because race mixing was unheard of and seen as so strange, and as seen as the sign of the un-working 'scum' class.

I don't want to blame 'Americans' for the pushing the idiotic notion of racism on others, because it came from the jews who popularised it and demonised the USA with their domination of film and mid-post 90s entertainment television. Your assertion that Europeans were ridiculing you for being 'racist' is simply untrue though. Prior to the 00s looking down on people due to race and religion was simply accepted. It persisted to feature as an increasingly mild and tame source of humour through the early 00s, and then dropped off entirely. The 'anti-racists' of Europe were near enough unheard of until very recently, the last decade probably.

Europe's immigration troubles began in 1965, but it has only been since 1998 that it has really begun to ramp up. The so-called 'migrant crisis' has happened at break-neck speeds and Europe has reacted incredibly quickly to the growing threat with the rise of nationalism and anti-immigrant parties EVERYWHERE.

Again, not trying to sow division or discord, nor am I blaming the USA. I'm blaming the jews, trying to correct your assertion, and also laying out the 'big picture' because it actually makes the situation look a lot more hopeful than one might initially think.

Make a forest of the impaled or be cucks

Non-Britbong here. Are any non-hipster faggot whites affected? Or is it just a shitskin neighborhood that I shouldn't give a fuck about?

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Sadly the only whites there will probably be actual working class ones, the only ones who don't deserve to suffer :( then again in the photos I saw, I think it was a variety of racial victims

This statement should be oxymoronic anywhere in the United Kingdom.
Unfortunately it isn't and your assessment is correct, there aren't any majority white boroughs left in london, and edmonton is very much black and brown. Maybe 10% white at a push.

USA is a vessel state for them, so it's fine to blame them - but the UK, France, Germany - most colonizer white nations - are all ZOG nations and have been for a long time. They've never acted in the interests of the every day white person, just greed and power. So it's just as valid to blame those

How the fuck did the gunman get his hands on a spoon?

Good, you deserve it.

That fucking sucks. I empathize with the poor bastards because I used to live in a majority nigger urban area Chicago. At least we had guns though; these people have fucking nothing and even if they did procure some semblance of self-defense, they'd be the ones the cops arrest for disturbing the peace. Fucking disgusting.

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I'm from one of the areas that are like 10% White English, 10% White Other, and yet more than half the people I see on the streets are White English, begging for a bit of spare change or a sandwich while everyone steps on them. We are truly going through our Native American-style cultural collapse phase

You just KNOW these are just greedy black people looking for an excuse to enrich themselves off more money for da projeks and shiiieet
They commit crime because whitey doesn't give them enough money, and because whitey enforces the law, so obviously the crime is whitey fault

Southerners lol
Northerners we do vigilante justice, we always have done always will do.

Unfortunately for many of the working class indigenous the lure of joining in with moped gangs and drug gangs and even mimic the negro language and culture is great. At least this way they get a wog pass, pussy, cred, and cash.

Ya'll let tens of thousands of working class native girls get passed around, raped, killed and even made into kebabs with no "vigilante justice". You lot are even more broken than the southerners

That was the Midlands.

Midlanders let sand niggers take over.

North is still a white country

It's happened everywhere, don't let the cunt wind you up. Nobody not in a uniform or getting paid from the public purse "let" anything happen.

Didn't realise Newcastle was in Midlands

Na what about West Yorkshire, Leeds etc. Also not trying to "wind anyone" up, just letting you know that no white people have done anywhere near enough to protect themselves or their communities

If it wasn't working class people being the victims, I wouldn't care

Something is definitely afoot with the whole "knife epidemic" hysteria.
It was "acid attacks" just before that.
It's suspect because many of the stories were obviously fake (watch some television interviews, it's obvious.)
They recycle the same handful of injured people, but who knows how they got injured, could be a Bethany Storro case (self-inflicted, munchausen syndrome).
Here are two fakes, the scripted language and dry crying is too amateur.
They never have any scars.

Just a note, the actress in the video nearly loses it in panic when her story starts falling apart

Anything that goes "viral" like racist attacks, terrorism, knife crime etc. was happening just the same in the 1990s, the only difference is now we have social media and are on our phones 24/7, hence the massive increase in anxiety and feelings of isolation. Cultural decay is happening but it is due to people's mindsets being warped from school and media, rather than the actual events themselves

Well then you would know that any vigilante justice would be dealt with in such a manner as you would lose everything, some fathers did go full beserker mode, against car loads of uniformed droids nothing can happen.
If somebody started carrying out successful retribution attacks against the actual rapists that you would get to hear about it?

*do you think you would get to hear about it?

Before social media, the population was just as plugged into happenings, through the television.
The jews decide what gets published, then hammer it with blanket coverage on every channel. Acid attacks aren't happening, if they were then they wouldn't need actresses to play fake victims.
Knife crime isn't new, but the new focus on it has got to be for a reason. We will know exactly why, when the (predetermined) "solution" is "figured out".
It's true that it's the media that causes panic, hysteria and fear, deliberately.
By the way, even prior to Internet, the television was full of psyops. The Stephen Lawrence thing being one of them. That operation served a few objectives.
1. Give non-Whites extra rights and reduce police power to stop them.
2. removal of double jeopardy rule.
3. General demonization of White men.

Of course, that goes without saying.
Nope. I'm glad to see someone understands how the media works.
This is why the idea of successfully pushing "our" propaganda/events so that the jew media "has to cover it" is naive and flawed.

I know all media outlets are anti-white and exist to serve the agenda of "them" and bourgeois white traitors , I didn't mean traditional media.

I'm going at finding obscure events and videos, and even I've came up with next to nothing despite the full-scale war being enacted by literally every group Vs working class natives.

Like 95% of white working class read (((The Sun))), love the (((British Empire))) and worship (((Tommy Robinson))). Have the least education of any group in the country and have absolutely no chance of ever waking up before it's all over. Everyone just listens to the main narrative and will be led like sheep into the abyss.

exactly. it is shocking that in this day and age people think it is ok to put their misogyny on display in this fashion.

Well they (and some of the new (((alt-media))) )are the entity giving the impression that a red blooded briton is too scared to lay down his life after having his daughter raped because of her race or religion.

Like 95% of white working class read (((The Sun))), love the (((British Empire))) and worship (((Tommy Robinson))). Have the least education of any group in the country and have absolutely no chance of ever waking up before it's all over. Everyone just listens to the main narrative and will be led like sheep into the abyss.
This may be true, it's the thankless task of people like you and me to try to prevent that. It feels pointless, you could probably do ok if you insert yourself back into the matrix.

Non-reporting of ethnic-on-White crime is enshrined in the NUJ's code of conduct. It falls under "community cohesion". In other words, reporting anything that could make people aware of/angry at non-Whites is a no-no.
The muslim rape gang scandal was actually first broken out to the public by the BNP's Nick Griffin, whatever you think of him. Actually it was to a private meeting of BNP members, not public, but for that he was hauled before the courts on charges of inciting racial hatred. This was back in 2006 and all lib-jew media was mocking even the concept of muslim rape gangs as a "twisted racist fantasy" , "pure hate" etc.
Part of the punishment for that was the BNP being forced to admit non-White members, which effectively finished the party off as an ethnonationalist group.
The torture-murder of Scottish lad Kriss Donald they cut off his cock and balls, stabbed him in the organs, then set him on fire and left him to die by 5 Pakistani muslims has many parallels to the murder of negro Stephen Lawrence, but the press completely ignored it. The BBC later admitted that it didn't give sufficient (any) cover.

All correct, but I would think blacks and pakistani women have lower levels of education on average. certainly pakistani women have the highest level of unemployment.
Sadly even here the jew Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (and about 4 other pseudonyms which he changed as he jumped from this or that scam) is seen as (((BASED))).

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The fact that a shitskin neighborhood exists inside the borders of a white country is something we should all give a fuck about. It's time for a purge.

in the UK over 90% of all news stories are outright fabrications, and they aren't even trying to make it seem plausible anymore because the general population just eat that shit up.

Indeed. And that which is based on reality, is skewed to twist the facts in order to serve the agenda.
Most news is complete fiction.

No we haven’t you d&c faggot.

Greater Manchester is ok

Another thing.
If you want to know what they are pushing on any given day, watch morning TV like "Good Morning".
Every guest on there is a propagandist/crisis actor victim/actor/disinfo agent.

isnt this what their parents and grandparents wanted when they started war with germany?
isnt this what they were after?

why are they complaining?

Ty for laughs. Here is a cute girl as tribute.

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Dont blame good men for the actions of traitors.

here we go again
they started the war
they had a referendum on immigration and said oh yes please everyone come here
they let their daughters get raped and cheered it on asking for more.
always they and never (((they)))

Don't try to retroactively apply the presence of independent information, to a time where absolute centralization and control of all information was in effect (a few radio and a couple of TV stations).
And public resistance means nothing. Before the Gulf war, 1,000,000 people marched in demonstration. A fucking MILLION.
The govt went right ahead regardless. Yet when it comes to refugees, the people are blamed for starting the war.

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There are multiple sites with lists of the many hundreds of UK natives who've been killed non non-natives across the last 100 years, the overwhelming majority have got next to no coverage, let alone any mention of race

Google make it harder and harder for me to hit the right search terms (typing in anti-white murders brings up anti-black ones, oh google) but it's out there somewhere

Working class whites have lowest university admissions, less than any other group - also they do the worst at school, overtaking afro-carribean and mixed race boys

You mean per capita I take it.
The school system has been modified to cause this effect, and it's a known fact that university professors mark up ethnic minorities while marking down White men.
Add into this preferential grants and bursaries for non-Whites and women. It's certainly not because of intelligence, but I wouldn't trust the govt stats anyway because for quite some time the media has been pushing this "White men are stupid" meme.

It's because of culture, not ethnicity. Same reason Nigerians are so successful but Caribbean's are the opposite - single parent families, loose, decaying culture of degeneracy, alcohol, drugs, etc etc.

The whole rape gang thing wouldn't have happened to based white people like Chechens, or Albanians, for example. Maybe Salafism could work for working class whites? Reclaim their identity while focusing on cleaning up and recovering both in mental health and numbers

Everything you listed was caused by jewish influence over society.
Single parent families, a direct result of feminism, liberalisation of the divorce process, bias against the husband in court, the CSA as organ to extract money for the mother.
A direct result of jewish media.
Alcohol and drugs are effects, not causes per se.
Societal corruption, mass immigration and undermining of working-class career options leads to hopelessness, which leads to substance abuse.
I'm not going to be baited into a "who's White" exchange, but any culture exposed to the same factors as the UK for the past 50 years (jews in media and politics - Weimar conditions) would end up the same way, they wouldn't resist any more than British men.
Where have I heard that suggested before?

My barber is an Iraqi kurd, when I told him this it blew his mind. When he told me they used to get American food parcels distributed by Saddam Hussein who was "a very good man" according to him, it blew mine.
When I told him our jewish media had said that Saddams cousin chemical Ali had gassed his people, his mind got blown again.

Most of these people seem to be under the impression that the wars against their countries were supported by the Western populace, indeed.
The critical propaganda of that war, was Nurse Nayirah's "testimony".
Their war propaganda is always aimed at female sensibilities. For Libya/Gaddafi it was similar, but "rape rooms".

Not to the same extent, but a definite cultural degeneracy - many Pakistani and Carribean and families areas are completely broken by drugs/alcohol/liberal culture infestation, but not at the same rates than what has happened to the Whites. Give it 20 more years and they'll be the same.

Islam and more specifically Salafism is possibly the only ideology with enough clout to sway White people at this point. Obviously reverting to our ancestors native religions, cultures etc would be the preferable, but there's zero chance of that happening before the natives are extinct
This really reads very prescient. I remember 2006 and this was indeed very far out there, but common knowledge on a few sites. Very few sites.

I would go further and say that everything from "White supremacy" to the British/French empires, American "Whiteness", capitalism and colonisation of Africa/elsewhere is also inherently anti-white and served the needs of non-whites and white upper class traitors. But that's another story

Nonsense it would happen to any peoples with an establishment based on judeo-freemasonic and noahide principles as UK; and as we are now finding out with NZ and Aus, the entire commonwealth.
It was always the (((British))) empire.

An Iraqi Sunnite once blew my mind when he told me that the multicultural mess worked before because they lived side by side, not together. But mobility was low and your circle of action very tight, so the next block of different people did not matter. Then somebody decided to sort everybody into "bodies" (his word) and then they pitched those bodies against each other. That groups who went along in 1900 in Bagdad now have troubles getting along in Berlin puzzled him.

Hm, did this really get out into the mainstream? I thought they portrayed Gadafi just as _the_ evil man of the month and got rid of him. The Nayirah-phonymony is still widely accepted as fact by German speaking NPCs, while the Gadafi-ousting is now being connected with the brown flood.

I remember it too. I remember how the press took:
And tweaked the audio of the crowd, so that they could report that they were shouting "leader, leader, leader" (like Fuhrer). It was reported in print too.
Yes Nick was way ahead of the curve on that score, but he also reported other disturbing findings concurrently, such as from a police contact who informed him that shooting ranges have been discovered under several mosques, which to my knowledge was never investigated.
They also were first to help the mother of Charlene Downes, the "kebab girl". Contrary to the disinfo of her being "cut up and put in kebabs", which is meant to defuse the information by being obviously impractical, the captured conversation actually referred to the body being passed to another Muslim who worked at a local meat processing plant, and disposed of that way.
Perhaps this ties in with human DNA being found in ground meat products - written off as contamination due to touching by employees. But would the DNA transferred by touching really be detectable after being diluted billions and trillions of times? If we knew the test then it would be possible to determine of the hit was due to bulk contamination or trace.

Any solution first requires the removal of the jew c.f Weimar Germany.
Removed from media, government, education and strictly controlled in business.
Without that they can shape population behavior through the media with ease.

I'd have to disagree.
The idea that colonialism leads to mass-immigration is just a cover story based in shame.
The colonials were only able to enter our countries because they were let in. There is nothing inherently indefensible about the border of our small island, it's easy to defend if the will is there.
That implication is also rather weak when we look at nations which had no colonies, like Sweden, that are now so heavily affected by unchecked immigration.
You're right about it serving the upper-class however, at peak empire we had thousands of working-class Brits living like slaves.
Another thing about slaves, they (the British upper-class) sold tens of thousands of their own as slaves for the new world, this is blackwashed over.
"Indentured servant" was often a euphemism for slave, and the word "kidnap" comes from the practise of "kid-nabbing" - taking unaccompanied men, women and children off the street, locking them in a holding pen and shipping them straight off to the colonies so that a plantation owner could claim his 40 acres and mule (which was given to the one who paid the passage, NOT the 'servant' himself.)

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It's not about it leading to mass-immigration - I just don't think it's a good thing to export.

Obviously some people say it as an excuse e.g.

"British colonised so we can do that to them"
"Irish were migrants so we can migrate there"

But as you know, the only reason that mass migration is happening throughout the west is due to the relentless greed of "them" and our upper class house-slaves - Capitalism, getting the largest profit at all else even if it means replacing the natives it's just fine as long as we get that dollar

It absolutely did. They even have "photographs". These stories all have a similar ring to them, overdone, overly dramatic, reminiscent of holocaust fiction.

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It's obviously more than that, they already control the majority of the natural resources and they print the money.
Capitalism and communism are fronts.

No matter which direction you look - Capitalism, Communism, Libertarianism - you'll find influential people, leaders.. who aren't us, and despise us.. this is why the situation is hopeless, because the entirety of our lives is like a matrix we cannot escape without switching off

DIEversity is our strength, nigger

Gibs whytebois gibs will figsit

It reads like jew porn, because it is.
Picture is the author of the book "exposing" the "rape rooms".
As usual, the nose knows.
It makes you wonder how many girls are, right now, being raped by a jew somewhere, as when a jew accuses his enemy of something, he does it so vividly because he has seen it before, he has done it himself or knows someone who has, or he has fantasized about doing it to the goyim for so long, that the images are clear and bright.
“I will never forget that moment,” the girl later recalled. “He violated my body, but he pierced my soul with a dagger. The blade never came out.”

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As someone else said, at this point, it's not about money. Genocide is their aim, wealth and "low fertility"which they caused through social engineering.

Real blonds with hair that light don't have brown eyebrows user.

And if we take a close look, who exactly was behind the empire and colonialism?
Who were the "robber barons"?
Michael Palin dropped a subtle red pill, or was it an homage to his people?

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Rubber planations and Rubber barons, but he says it like "robber".

It's Freudian, they can't help it, they had to invent a whole psychology thing to explain it away.

I view it as this: Europe is a colonised continent. Just like in other systems of racial colonization (e.g. Africa, America) there are "house slave" type people who aid the colonizers over their own people for material wealth (e.g. Churchill, basically every single European politician minus a few). These two groups benefit from everything done in the name of whiteness, and while the native working classes have benefited from material wealth input in their countries (NHS, public services, food etc), they lose much more in the form of being ethnically genocided, resented and faded from history.

I was thinking about that earlier.
The ego defense mechanisms proposed by Freud really describe the jewish mind operating as normal.
We see it at work in every anti-White article.

I can agree with that. This is why the economic arguments against Brexit are redundant. Even if it did lead to reduced wealth, what is more important, preservation of your blood and race, or temporary comfort?

Sadly I think Brexit will concentrate the wealth in the upper class and middle classes even more - see all the Nigel Farage, Jacob Ress-Mogg type house slaves who pushed for it while they invested money elsewhere and will make a killing for it. While more factories and stores will close, really hurting more rural working class whites.

Brexit is, however, a big fuck you to the globalist dreams of the EU - obviously they don't want that, but maybe some do? They're always one step ahead, whatever we do we've already lost

Those guys are actually Jews.

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I'm sure that it won't happen, it just remains to see how the script plays out.
There's no way they would just leave it to run on chance and last-minute negotiations, this has been planned from the start.
Could be an opportunity to make bank on market fluctuations, as well as serving as a stark warning to any other nation with ideas of leaving.

Thats why industrial scale grooming of young girls by pakis has been occurring in the North and fuck all was done about it?

No, it was reported in the North (only due to leaks on social media). It's happening in every UK city.
Your point is right though, vigilantes only attack Whites.
One of the murderers of Kriss Donald (15-yr-old White boy mentioned up the page) did get his brains bashed out in prison however, only to be saved by a White nonce.

politicians want the north to vote conservative. keep playing along like magacucks

it was sarcasm. the average man didnt want this. they as a whole didnt know what they were doing.
but as a group? their politicians were open about it, and for years they gloated.

britain started the war. they dropped the first bomb and commited the first act of violence. nobody died or was shot at during the "invasion" of poland.
if they didnt want to be genocided, maybe they shouldnt have murdered whites at the request of their trusted kikes.
they deserve as much blame as the boomers. selfish, ignorant, brainwashed slaves that destroyed the world and made out like bandits. hard to blame the individual indoctrinated boomer/brit… but as a whole? they did this.

i dont blame the individual pub-hopping british bloke any more than i blame my own grandfather. i blame them as a whole. i feel VERY bad and angry for every individual brit thats undergoing this genocide against them and would kill/die to help them.
but as a whole? and from a historic standpoint? poetic justice.

The standard leftist and non-White sentiment.

military draft is not a request fool

Given your standpoint you will agree that individual qlippoth spouting demonic jews don't deserve blame, but if a global pogrom were to take place….
well pottery


Serves people right for electing these politicians

Good. Fuck Anglos.

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You do realize that’s a boy.

Seems like some of the parts aren't enjoying the parcels.