Brilliant analysis of the NZ shooting

And why it doesn't matter if it was a false flag or not.

This post will be a boil down of the brilliant video. Essentially, you will learn why Tarrant is actually a genius and why the shills railing against him are retards. Hint: it's the low IQ.

First off:

The shooter is different to all other white shooters. Why? 1) He met all 3 of his goals because he understood that the groups he was trying to manipulate are absolutely predictable. 2) His incredible marketing savvy.

–How he met his goals–

1) Vengeance

He successfully struck a vengeance attack against Muslims who have killed in the last few years alone hundreds upon hundreds of Europeans. Kill count: 51. He did it for little Ebba.

People have reacted to it with relatively overwhelming positivity. That's because they can relate to what Saint Tarrant did.
Another goal he had was to strike fear into the hearts of Muslims. Already they have called for protection at their mosques so more rogue shitposters can't go postal on them. They're now thinking twice about their behaviour.

2) Accelerate the civil and race wars

Saint Tarrant's assumption was that there are no political solutions to our problem. Cuckservatives won't do a thing because they don't give a fuck about race nor do Lefties. Think you're voting an actual nationalist into power? Friend, the psych ward is that way!

3) Shift the Overton window

This goal is necessarily implied by the fact he wants to start a civil war. There isn't a whole lot of certainty but it seems many people are now starting to begin to accept the fact that a civil war is on the horizon.

But more than that, he moved the secret Overton window or the Overton window you don't see. He caused a radical shift in the consciousness of millions of men who are fed up with this system that doesn't do a thing for us. He directly acted out what those millions are thinking.

The genius of his marketing savvy.

1)He wasn't retard Roof who killed old black women in a church. That only gave people sadfeelz and made them feel sorry for his victims. He wasn't boomer Bowers who shot a few yids. People are also sympathetic to them and deeply brainwashed (muh 6 gorillion). Tarrant slayed 51 sandniggers who have been killing us in brutal attacks without any punishment until he struck. They're a group who everyone hates and they're the most costly to us out of all immigrant groups!!! It's very easy to not like Muslims. In carrying out the attack, he became a Robin Hood for his people. He ignited a fire in their hearts. It's one we all feel. And that's why they're mass censoring his video: they know it is the most powerful meme ever created. They know it can and will inspire future soldiers of the white race. They know it can change and empower any white!
He chose sandniggers to maximise the sympathy people would have for him.

2) He created an unforgettable experience. Anyone who has seen that video will never forget it. The mix of FPS-style action, memes, and dank music makes it an incredible experience.
Also, his innovative Q&A in his manifesto gives readers the subconscious impression that he is greatly important, like he's some kind of star being interviewed.

3) He manipulated the various groups (media, etc.) to make sure they would spread his manifesto as far as possible. That's why it contains all the memes and shitposting. The reason it isn't a tome on the JQ should now be obvious: it wouldn't have been as effective. If you disagree, you are simply delusional or retarded.



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It wasn't a false flag.

I was gonna write, 'hint: it wasn't' but figured that would trigger too many CGI or blue socks schizos.

Is Steven Spielberg going to make a movie about him soon? It feels like such a cliff-hanger. Why not feature him on the tail side of a shekel too?

He already did, haven't you seen the CGI trailer?

Agreed with everything. Said from day 1 that if the jews were behind this they made a mistake. The chance of this being a false flag is very very low though.

Oh man, just imagine what leftywood would do to fuck that up. You’d probably get a muslim pov the whole time.

Crikey, also it was an open act of valor. Brentan Tarrant is a hero and showed men of the west that they can do ANYTHING

There is zero chance this dude pulled off this operation alone.

You inferring the one streamed by the GoPro? That’s not cgi pal it’s grainy footage that has rocked the whole world and yeah it’s fucking funny , crikeeeeee crikeeeeeee
Be sure to subscribe though

Stop retard posting he shot up two Mosques. The majority died at the first. We have video footage. You don't need assistance to buy guns and tactical gear,

You are fucking stupid m8

It was made by Weta studios, Moshe said so!!!

Nah, there's a police station in between the two mosques. They must have been ordered to stand down.

Because that's the only option. They were ordered to stand down by none other than the ruler of the whole universe himself – Baruch Golsdstein.

Fuck off, retard.

Panicking there chaim? Your psyop isn't sticking so now you're moving onto "it doesn't even matter if it was a false flag"?
Why your "analysis" is a crock of jewish shit:
Every "Muslim" terror attack in Western countries in recent history has been a hoax.
Examples include: 7/7, Westminster Bridge, London Bridge, drummer Lee Rigby beheading, Manchester Arena, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm.
Most with concurrent/recent drills simulating exactly the same target. Crisis actor victims. Crisis actor parents. etc.
In other words, the plot of the NZ hoax incorporated elements from other recent hoaxes as its justification (the actress who played Ebba Akerlund was also used in Toronto hoax, down to the same moles on her face).
First off the body and parts were far too large, far too much "fat" for someone the size of "Ebba".
Fake parts are called TRAUMA SIM ( | and standard part of crisis drill, simulation, training and PSYOP HOAXES.
Justify accelerated imposition of "security" laws and measures (removal of civil rights for Whites) which would have taken years to do organically.
To the left, as most right-minded people are repelled and disgusted by the supposed massacre of people at prayer.
There is no "genius" in knowing that the jew controlled press would act in a certain way, because it is part of the hoax.

Video conclusively proving Stockholm was a hoax.duplicate
Don't even bother replying unless you can refute the evidence in the video, such as the clock showing the wrong time, and the truck being unmarked on the inside after being in flames earlier, the medical staff admitting that a drill was running concurrently etc.
Of course, you have no interest in the truth, you are here to defend the narrative which is rapidly unravelling and, despite the inclusion of "Cute teenage hebe" to sexually snare young men, doesn't seem to be getting swallowed as you expected.

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I'm still here. Whatchu gonna do about it?

Kosher ((Brent)) does not really help the West.

Get a load of this fag, he can't even work a keyboard and thinks he can influence others to do something that would make his bowels involuntarily evacuate into his camiknickers for the 5th time today.

He's a fucking 'ero who has single-handedly destroyed the judaized globo-homo establishment and liberated me from this soul-crushing capitalist nightmare. Hang on, I'm going to write a poem about him.

Actually it's pretty fucking easy, dude. But that's what you're afraid of, isn't it? You're either afraid of how it will work against your White genocidal dreams, or afraid to face the fact that you'd be too terrified to fight even if it came to you.

You're stuck in a mindset of some 'other' being the actor upon your life while you play the bit part and comply. This mindset, I might add, is exactly what kikes and all manner of """""elites"""""" have programmed you to have. You piss when the teacher lets you, you take a break when the boss lets you, you keep from your earnings what the IRS lets you, you drive if a cop lets you. It's all you've ever known. You're a slave and the chains are in your own mind, and you pay for the privilege.

But some people become their own heroes in their own way. It's not fiction, you've just never imagined the truth before.

Meant for

but you know that I assume

Except he's not a Hero. He pulled the shooting because likely he was allowed to, and was likely even more programmed than the average citizen.

I took a shit , pants don’t fit - I missed muh L

You should. I’ll read it

Your post is 100% kosher.

No Schizo, it doesn't matter because the outcome is both good and the same either way. That's why.

Examples include: 7/7, Westminster Bridge, London Bridge, drummer Lee Rigby beheading, Manchester Arena, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm.

Most with concurrent/recent drills simulating exactly the same target. Crisis actor victims. Crisis actor parents. etc.

In other words, the plot of the NZ hoax incorporated elements from other recent hoaxes as its justification (the actress who played Ebba Akerlund was also used in Toronto hoax, down to the same moles on her face).
(Sources: dude, just trust me!)
Everything is a hoax. Okay, got it. We also live in a Nintendo simulation and the moon is made of cheese. Yep, yep. You've already discredited yourself.
But let's skip to the cherry on top:

>Fake parts are called TRAUMA SIM ( | and standard part of crisis drill, simulation, training and PSYOP HOAXES.

Gotcha, Ebba was just a fake meat doll they planted in Nice so that Brenton could write her fictional name on his gun as part of the greater master plan to take down Zig Forums.



And misspelled your hero's first name.
Sloppy, like your camiknickers.

The rats are scared, and they should be.

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Nice try Kike.

They SHOULD be. Because if they can't stand up for themselves, and they've outsourced their security to the ZOG, and the ZOG can't protect them, then where does that leave a lemming? Too weak and demoralized to become their own hero, their own protector. Who will protect them? No one. The answer is that no one will protect you, and it's codified in law that police have no duty to protect you. And in fact you've been being preyed upon, there was never any security at all. It doesn't take a big plot for police to be incompetent or incapable of protecting anyone. They just ARE. Lemme give you a little storytime, I'll greentext it and show you what I know, because I know a whole shitload of cops and legal folks.
Just some random assholes who felt like looting some ARs and shottys straight up Chinggis Kahn invade cops on their most home of home turf, clowns them all, makes off with the loot, no suspects, clean getaway. These people are going to stop a serious berzerk-mode goodifier? Nah. Internalize this fact: everything bad that happens happens because WE WHITES ALLOW IT, and for no other reason. When we Whites decide that enough is enough, the hammer will come down swift and hard, and nothing will even slow it down. Nothing. And THAT'S what people are afraid of.

No seriously, everyone hates goddamn mudslimes. Not one person I talked to about it showed a shred of remorse for the muzzies.

He's a hero.
I hope to see more heros in the near future.

you accept that ? it should be challengable, since they obviously protect conventions, parades and politicians.

WASHINGTON, June 27 - The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.
Just blew in off the street with no knowledge at all huh? Bet you have a lot of opinions though, am I right?

What kind of drooling imbecile keeps an arsenal in the trunk of his car? They really do have double digit IQs.

You read what I wrote again. That Supreme Court is playing you like a fiddle. The Supreme Court's decision doesn't stand up to reality. Ready my comment again and suck it UP.

The Supreme Court is COMPROMISED.

That's where the ARs go, summerchild. It's standard operating procedure. I suppose they don't just advertise that, but it's simply a fact.
Let's put it this way, there's an IQ cap and I couldn't lower myself to that level even after I drank a fifth of bourbon.

What, this?
What, is that like, your opinion, man? Here's the Supreme Court's opinion
If you think otherwise, it's YOU who's been being played, my man. Let's keep that projection to a minimum. I realize it's going to be painful, but truth is thorns as much as it is roses.

Subscribe to pewdiepie faggots

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And? You have some sort of solution to this?


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Fuck em in the Ass ….RAW

I do

So you really think if police let some armed killers in to slaugther every Supreme Court Justice or half of Congress after being called about it or stood down the moment it happened or left, nothing would happen to the police, no action of any kind could happen? I think I know the answer to that.

eh I was already typing so here's the post anyway, not directed at you obviously
Sure got quiet fast in here. I'll just give you the answer, if that doesn't take too much away from the 'babby's first redpill' experience. The answer is that there IS no political solution. Think: if the political solution hasn't worked yet, and White births are already below the total non-White births, and a million more commie beaners flood in every year, then in what theoretical timeline does this work itself out politically?

And if you notice, this is the exact same argument Saint Tarrant made. I defy anyone to refute this argument. I'd love to see how it works, no sarcasm. Some people advocate White flight to smaller and smaller states in the HOPE that they can weild some political power, even if only locally. But of course when whites are 10% of the population and all in Montana and Wyoming, where's your big political play then? So this is the situation we're in.

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If that's legal, police should do it since there can be no prosecution - a Supreme Court ruling. A rogue group of police could have this happen and should think about it.

There's that mindset again, it oozes out of your subconscious, through your fingers right onto the internet. Let's break this down:
Do they need to "let"? I thought I explained that in the event of someone wanting to do some dastardly deeds, they couldn't stop it. Sure, sure, there are super high-value targets that would be tough to get to, but they're so rare that they basically don't exist. AKA why Tarrant didn't try to Rambo into parliament or whatever.
Happen? You mean punishment? Retribution? Judgement from on high, flowing down like the word of God from the superior to the subordinate, who is powerless to resist it. This is the way you frame the very context of your questions. It's not about who LETS it happen, it's about who can STOP it. Preemptively. Not with threats of retribution after the fact. Those chains are in your mind, my friend. They're not real. The only thing that "makes them real" is that other White men have the same mind virus you have. But you have a good chance to break free of that, I'd wager, and that doesn't mean just going on a high-score quest. It's a state of mind.

I think there is still room for it. The political solution requires cooperation across sides. Of course everything is against people listening. The minions of the elite are controlling each side.

I converted very shortly after he did this helped push me over the edge.

Why even validate the glow in the dark talking point that it was a false flag?


And have you seen any EVIDENCE of that happening? Or have you instead seen the exact opposite, a polarization and radicalization between sides? And you'll note that the anti-White libshit kikes and their niggermonkey pets have become quite open about their lust for total White genocide recently. I shouldn't need to show you evidence of this because YOU ALREADY KNOW IT. And it will only get more viscous and more violent as the number of Whites dwindles. I think you already know that too.

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That's true, but note I was referring to the other guy citing a judgement that said police have no duty to protect, something the justices thought to deny people. My point was that while as you say there are vulnerabilities pre-existing, my point was that according to the cited legal judgement from these justices, a rogue police group could LEGALLY ALLOW if they were radioed a massacre of the supreme court or Congress WITHOUT ANY prosecutions possible against them, according to the Supreme Court itself. This is a much bigger opening than ignoring it. A rogue marshall or police chief could legally stand down his police before the massacre without any legal repercussions of any kind.

Sure but language like that can only increase the gap. If you focus instead on the latter part you'll notice there are a load of minions who pick up the elite message to spread it and become carriers of the elite message. If you clip them out there are less or no ways of control.

Obviously he went there for nine days and in those nine days was converted into the ultimate Mossad assassin with jewish magic.

Great post, that sums it up 100%

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What WAS he doing? Do you have an answer, some sort of evidence, even a TINY SHRED of evidence of just what he was doing? Instead of asking us, why not go sleuth it out on your own. If I was doing the whole "travel the world to get pumped up about ventilating mudslimes" tour, I'd stop by israhell too. Bet your ass I would, it's called 'nightmare fuel'. But again, right back at you bud: what WAS he doing? You have no clue and neither does anyone else.

Decent point, but you're missing a key element here: THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT WHAT LAW IS BASED ON. I know this because I know judges, and I've had the "US went bankrupt in 1933" discussion both with them and here as well. You labor under a delusion that rule of law still exists when, sadly, it does not. You have "color of law", obscure precedents, legalese a language I can nearly assure you that you cannot speak, although I can, and selective enforcement. If the "law" is only selectively enforced, can it really be called a "law" at all? No. These are edicts to be used against the people one wishes to enslave and then genocide. But you're asking the right questions. Almost.

And this is the part where I say
I want that gap to increase to the level that I no longer need to be aware of the people trying to genocide me. And at this point, with murderous intent declared publicly and in triplicate, that means physical removal. Once you connect enough dots you too will understand what high-IQ individuals like Tarrant figured out: the sword is already drawn and first blood is a memory we were born without. We were born into this war, it wasn't our choice. But when someone attempts to kill you and everyone you love, you have to make decisions you'd rather not make.

And here's the guy trying to make it a lateral warfare, not vertical as it should be, while the rich kick back and do nothing but increase the problem. The rich are kicking back increasing our collective and individual problems while raking in all the digital currency, and laying back in luxury villas and lifestyles.

Perhaps to pray at the Wailing Wall like every based white nationalist does.

This faggot has so little confidence in his own abilities and so little imagination that he cannot fathom how someone could kill 50 people without help.
When the welfare state implodes, this faggot will die.

d and c
fuck off cunt
my brother is not my enemy if he has another digit in his paycheck


The guy I was talking to was referring to a precedent.


Further evidence of this guy being compomised and a shill. The rich are the cause of these problems and are trying to surf it out and let the people they oppress do the work for them, so that they remain in place after all the tools below have died. It's impossible to support that situation.

tarant is low Iq, because the people who killed his father, were the corporations and politicians, not the mudslimes. the people who did that wee australian, not new zealanders.

It matters because we can and will take a stand. They took away everything from us and the last resort is to fight. If you don't realise that your stupider than you think you are. Sit back..its all fake..but I'll keep commenting on here while we get fucked are the dumbest of fucking dumb cunts..its in the media, must be true..

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I'll be sure to give all your white sons a firm pounding to the boy pussy with my Puerto Rican Punisher as we move towards socialism.

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Man, I get that, I goddamn know law. What I'm saying is that precedents matter when someone WANTS them to matter, and if they don't, then it doesn't matter. I'm telling you THERE IS NO LAW. You'll get further with a firm grasp of social psychology, high charisma and a hint of intuition than you will by knowing "the laws". Well, if you know the RIGHT laws plus those other things, plus you have personal connections, then you're probably in the clear. I know I am. That doesn't make it "right", just means that being a "made man" is a better gig than being the dude getting shaken down.

Hi, you commie faggot. Tarrant wasn't getting revenge for his father, you narrow-minded fuckwit. He was trying to save the entire White race, a MUCH more noble goal that whatever petty revenge you imagine motivated him. Which is really more a statement about your own set of values than his.

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Does that seem smart? Wanna just keep pushing and pushing until the whole thing comes tumbling down? Well nobody accused shitskins of having any kind of foresight at all. You just keep that up. Go tell everyone you know about how you're gonna genocide whitey. Go, nigger, do my work for me
Retarded shill or reverse-psychology shill?? YOU DECIDE!

The rich are kicking back increasing our collective and individual problems while raking in all the digital currency, and laying back in luxury villas and lifestyles. Can you imagine how excited they are to see people succumb to their propaganda upholding their system while living in mansions or cruising in luxury yachts? Police have higher wages than all the working class. You can see how they think.

Left radicals are ideologically the lowest of the lowest, while in law the woman is the lowest of the lowest.

And after that negroes

Left radicals are the lowest of the lowest

user, I…

Sometimes it's hard to tell the jews from the mentally ill. Sometimes, it's both.

>their propaganda [citation needed]
Hahahaha, no. A decent plumber makes a fuckload more than a basic bitch ZOGbot. Which I know for a fact because I know both, personally. Thanks for showing us you've never entered the job market though. Now fuck off Zig Forums

That's what I said at first, someone told me that "wasn't the law". So you agree with my initial point good but know it's mine.

Read what I wrote around that point. You already said you have connections and hence have interests that are tangential to the interests of the people.

"Patrol Officers made a median salary of $61,050 in 2017"

"Those making less than $39,500 make up the lower-income bracket"

Filtered and reported.

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His goal includes pleb Whites being so taken by this spectacle that they rise up. Not met.

Any 8 channers reading can see how quickly the logical point was leapt upon by wealthier shills (Middle class or higher). Working class has to get smart about these shills directing people away from attacking the rich.

""To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise"

Notice as soon as the correct target is identified, there is someone connected to it, who leaps in to try to shut it down.

Let's try this again with context provided this time
What did you say at first? You just referenced an entire post that said multiple things
Am I to assume you're saying that I, fucking ME of all people, a decades-long dedicated anarchist turned full-on National Socialist, have my interests in preserving the ZOG system? Hahaha, no. It's just that I found a way to literally extract more money from the government than they take from me by marketing my services to cops, who I happened to start working for.

As for law, well, I get a free pass because my knowledge is so far above the plebeian rabble that IF I went to court I'd be sitting in the back room with the lawyers, which last time I went I did, but not for a long time now. Why? Well Mr. Implications, I spent TWO FULL FUCKING YEARS trying to educate people on how to deal with this shit and come out on top. Guess what? Not a single fucking person cared. So I gave up on it. Now I laugh and drink with cops and judges who KNOW I'm a Nazi Anarchist, and we all have a great time. Because unlike you, they RESPECT me, because I have convictions and I don't bow to fucking anyone. I'm to be treated with respect as an equal or not at all. Trust me, they don't see most of you that way. Because you're NOT.

Sauce and context, I shouldn't need to tell you that if you think you can debate me

I am so confused, can we invent a jew detector? That sounds like it would be very useful.
Alternatively, those of you who are jews or law enforcement, would you please admit it?
All this uncertainty about who is a jew and who isn't is making me doubt my worldview, I've started to wonder if importing niggers and watching them gangbang my wife and daugther would really be all that bad, wouldn't it be fair reparations? So much doubt, I don't know if I can keep worshipping Hortler amidst all this confusion.

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"Now I laugh and drink with cops and judges who KNOW I'm a Nazi Anarchist"

Forget it, you're a pathetic moron I can't respect. If you're associating with them there is something messed up. You sound like a homosexual, who they love because they think they are doing social good and are establishment friendly. Your post creeped me out a lot.

What your opinion on the jewish question, in that case? Holocaust: is it up for debate? Because I hear politician kikes like Boynie Sanduhs railing against the rich all fucking day, you goddamn never-left-college parody of a communist. But there's new anti-semitism bills passing through congress as we speak. Just like with judges and cops, I'M more likely to be a commie commissar than your retarded useful-idiot ass. Let that soak in. If you EVER got the commie world you fap to, the Zig Forumsacks you argue with here would STILL be the ones lining you up against the wall. Go ask uncle Yuri how it plays out.

Anyone online who supports police has associates with them in some way. Whether government, private company such as security providers, families, friends. So anyone who posts in support you know automatically associates with them.

But what if it didn't happen at all and it's just another jewish psyop?

That's why I need to have control over these systems. Nothing will succeed until all people do what I say.

Another note to the vengeance header:
The point is to create retaliation cycles, this works thusly; Mohammed kills a hundred people with a truck of peace. White man becomes disenfranchised and kills 51 Mohammed. Mohammed now seething with anger at the thought of his dead brothers strikes back at the white man, etc.

This retaliation cycle began a long fucking time ago. Remember, ISIS retaliated to western intervention in the middle east, and now Tarrant has retaliated to ISIS.
This cycle of violence can only be broken by a governmental entity, but since these are in a grand plan to exterminate Europeans by muslim migration, they won't.
The government will never punish innocent little Mohammed, because he's disenfranchised and sad, but they will punish the white man.
Hence, the white man shall grow to hate, and shall understand his only way out of this nightmare.

WEBM version of the video

Our most important task now is to secure this board for Tarrant, and spread it everywhere you can without being v&.
Reach out in real life, spread the word, spread everything.

Not the right place for you, ya simpering little faggot. Let me put it to you this way. This will REALLY get your almonds activated. WHY did I decide to make myself respected among cops, sheriffs, judges, city councilmen, etc. even though I quite clearly intend to overthrow ZOG. WHY? Can you answer that question? Why do I get away with it? No law degree, no police or military training, no net tax money going into the system, I do what anarchists dream of but can't do. And the state agents I work with love me for it. But WHY did I position myself like that? Answer that question, and THEN you can get "creeped out". Consider I did it all completely on my own, every single step outside of the system, running in parallel to the "system" you see with your pleb eyes. That's what makes me different than you. That's why I'm a leader and you're just "creeped out". Piss off, woman

What do you mean judges and police are "commie"? That's not what I see. They are biased in favor of corporations, police and government, which means classist.

You sound like a suck up, "brown noser". But sure if it advantages you that's good, but you aren't improving anything. ZOG is not responsible for the rich exploiting people.

Top kek, at least I know you're not a jewish shill, since you're massively discrediting yourself by being such a huge, raging schizophrenic retard.

Anybody who listens to you is already far too long gone to even be a functioning human being anymore, so I won't even bother.

It's not the only way out. The rich want you to kill yourself fighting while they dine in expensive restaurants. The middle class are happy with that too. The only choice for anyone of lower class is to deal with the very people gloating and laughing at them, the rich and middle class.


What I'm saying is that IF, big fucking IF, all you commie shits got your dream of a "communist uprising", I'd be the one on the inside ordering the exterminations of useful idiots like you. And unlike you, I'm actually CAPABLE of it. Feel blessed that I have more moral fiber than that, because it would be a cakewalk compared to the path I'm on. But I decided to take this path at 5 years old and have never for one single moment strayed from it. Feel lucky.

I'm going by what I see them expressing now. Mostly I see cooperation with the elite. But sure many middle class will side with them which is good.

samantha josephson was killed by a nigger in georgia. will a white american kill 50 niggers in revenge? i doubt it.

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Is "sloppy job Mossad" a psyop? All their "evidence" is holographic planes tier retardation about CGI bullets and thinking people explode into gore when shot like in Quake. And thus far every thread I've seen on Tarrant, especially on cuckchan, is instantly flooded with their derangement, almost like somebody doesn't want the goyim discussing it.

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