"I am a white working class woman - I don’t want Brexit, I welcome immigration, migration"

Very white working class bio there: "PHD Student, Cellist, Corbynista". These scum are relentless in erasing you.

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You've got a loicence for that social class m8?

That's the antithesis of working class. I think she's middle-class larping as an aristocrat now. Wish these people would drown themselves.

Working-class globalists who stand up for the people while eating lobster and drinking expensive champagne in their ivory towers. Yeah I'm sold.

Do you know what working-class means in the UK?
Do you really think that people from working-class backgrounds don't attend higher education, earn Ph.D, or become university professors?

And just to explain it already: "class" isn't about earnings.
You can be earning 7 figures and still be working-class in the UK.

Does the UK know what working class means? Just because modernists love to constantly redefine everything doesn't mean they're right.

The meaning of working-class hasn't changed. It simply means something else in other parts of the world.
You're not interested in learning, so I'm not going to explain it.

Just another day projecting bioloigic insecurity, and because female needs to shift that failure on soft targets marked by the hive.
She is ugly. Poor girl, having to live as a beta-male.

You didn't look very hard.

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Professional attention whore and culture smasher.

I have to take back the class thing, that's a middle-class accent.

Why is this important?

"I am a boomer that was handed everything and did nothing for the next generation, so they hate me and see no problem eradicating that culture"

She's 30 years too young to be a boomer.

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Kill her and post her severed head as her new twitter pic

In the cartoon im writing of course

I was more refering to not using a personal profile pic, since by rule attractive woman use that 100% of the time verifying their social status('youll never get this hehe')

Judging from that image the daughter is going to hit the wall before puberty, so the hag is only justified in grooming her for the short loli-window.
Also getting Unironic pedo-witch vibes here, but she would probably get away with that in the UK(under-kikerule)

duh i'm talking about the people who fucked things up, and why kids like here are happy to blow up this shit system

She's styled herself to signal lesbianism/leftism anyway.

The "boomers" meme is rebel media propaganda designed to fracture Whites along generational lines.
Let's be clear, boomers didn't cause this, the jew did. Boomers were against mass immigration, the jew forced it anyway. Boomers protested the first negro ship from the West Indies, the jew forced it in as the first seed of browning.
The kike lauren southern (simonsen) wrote a whole fucking book trying to push this d&c and jew-hiding deflection. Why are you promoting it?


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You hand out entry-level redpills like they supposed to reveal some grand truth to the people on Zig Forums, when really you are behind the curve. Holy mother of projection, you are one retarded faggot.

Sorry tuts "working class" doesn't mean a morbidly obese and menapausal government clerk.

Got it. So the US "blue collar" is not the equivalent of "working class" in the UK. In the UK "working class" apparently just means you're employed; not a low-education / trade-skill worker.

No, it means the same in the UK.
There are just a bunch of upper-middle class twats who like to larp as working class to make themselves feel good. It's the market the Guardian is aimed squarely at and the faggot you replied to is likely one of them.

No, you can't. Working class here basically means whites working in some kind of trade as opposed to an office. There will be some boomers type ones that rake it in doing something specialist but 'working class' generally means lower income
t. Bong

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Ah, so then you're talking about jews from the following generation: 1000BC-2019AD, lurk more retard

She's a jewess larping as a "fellow white person".


Do trades pay poorly in the UK or something? Here in Canada they're generally one of the better ways to make money. You won't get rich, obviously, but you'll be better off than you would be in the vast majority of jobs.

jews may have programmed them but boomers did it. they're the reason i (and this woman) have to deal with every kind of paki and chinaman and nog all my life in the urban environment.
And why should i have to deal with the stress of ethnic conflict because of these fuckers? No i'd rather be multi-cultural and on friendly terms with other working class people. They didn't cause it either but you want me in an endless fight with them? fuck you.
boomers put up no fight and now they don't give a fuck about anything but social security. I'm not even a leftist but i have complete sympathy for people like this girl. She didn't set up the system but you expect her to ruin her future by taking a racist stance and crying about invaders? Yeah i don't think so.
don't make me laugh. so if young people say nice things about boomers, boomers will step in and undo everything? are you this retarded or just a boomer? don't even answer.

This is correct. What many people don’t realize is that when Johnson opened the door to shitskins in 1965, most of the “boomers” weren’t even of voting age yet (boomers are people conceived + born after WW2 ended in summer ‘45)

found the pedomom


This is Brexit summed up.

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Low effort outrage culture post so sage.

That said, never trust anyone with a PhD.

Not surprising. Cultural Marxism seeks to unite the same way class Marxism wants to unite the classes for the utopia. Them targeting working class areas first is not an accident.


Notice how most women/leftists just say "PhD student"? You can always spot the people in worthless degrees because they never specify the degree. They do it because they think they're in the same class as like a PhD in Materials Engineering, Astrophysics, Chemistry, etc. when in reality their degree is a total fucking topkek. I don't even need to know what her degree is in to know it's a fucking joke.

That's some real late-breaking news OP.

All PhDs are worthless. It's 2019 and people have this magical thing called the internet that can trump all the books in the world combined.

For every thing you can gain reading a book you can gain 10 things using the internet.

This is the beginning of the Twitter shill threads. And you dumb cocksuckers took the fucking bait, again.


She's one of the millions of working class women of Wigan Pier who divides her time between tending house for her coal miner husband and lactation activism. This has been a proletarian cause since the Paris Commune.

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Is she "white" too?

Most chavs stay chavs, uni is expensive there too, no fucking way a council home cunt would make it to a Phd

Antivaxxer detected

School is still important dumbass.

Damn you sound pathetic

They don't pay badly, but most of them won't pay more than lower management. In fact, on reflection, the term working class specifically mainly applies to lower paid trades. But also more menial jobs. Think of it as a class consisting of lower end of blue collar plus manual labour and cleaners. "Hands on jobs". Upper end of blue collar and specialised trades (think of comfy baby boomers) generally become somewhat middle class. It's quite a loose term that people will use to socially signal with so it can apply anywhere from the guys that pick up my bins to margaret thatcher claiming a working class background

Put him in a cell with st. tarrant