Is it the end of the sjw era?

Fucking tranny retards predictable as always.
Reminds me of the dumb fucks who try to assert their pedestrian rights by pulling stupid shit
in front of multi-ton moving cars with their life as collateral, haha.

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Is that Pakistan?

It's moments like these that allude well to the toxoplasmosis gondii theory. Aside from making guys into faggots, it robs them of their sense of danger and compels them to seek out destructive behavior and dangerous settings.

What is it that makes these things so thin and scrawny? Even if I starve for months, my wrist is thicker than that specimen's bicep.

I used to not believe in this shit, having grown up around cats and being pretty normal, but now seeing what has happened to the rest of my family and how they're like heroin addicts for the cat's attention, often to the detriment of the other family members (waking everybody up at 4AM just to please the cat,) I'm starting to realize there's truth to it

yeah nice diversity, utopia right there totally not like how all those "racists" said it would turn out to be am i right redditbros???

look at how distraught the woman looks

Sounds more like a hijacking of nurturing instincts. Toxoplasmosis effects would make one suicidally fearless of threats, like the faggot in the OP, and which cats obviously aren't. Although, how it makes rats recognize cat scents as their own species sounds relevant.

There is a gay guy that walks around Seattle with a suit and bowtie on. He is always doing this shit, shuckin' and jivin' in front of cars like a wigglefaggot.

Their friend vs foe detection is shot to hell. I bet the tranny also has a pet tarantula.

You can't vote for rapid Islamic expansion and LGBT expansion. At what point can we consider their stupid policy making to be attempting self harm so we can institutionalize them?

In psychology did you know every other type of dysphoria is something considered unreal and harmful to encourage? Many people have a limb dysphoria and feel like an arm or leg is not theirs and they want it removed surgically. It's considered unethical an Neuroscience Ethics courses. We never harm a healthy body over a mental disconnect from reality. We try to help them reconnect their mental model with their actual body and restore the feeling that their limbs are really theirs. Unless it's gender dysphoria, then off comes the penis.

No It's France.

I just saw this video on reddit and 4chan.
OP is a cross-poster.

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Found here >>>/dempart/38195

This is gay and nothing even really happens. A Tranny is getting jeered by a bunch of mutts and rapefugees in France and of course wants to live out their head canon fantasy of the "Warrior" part of SJW and eats it up. Who cares? More suited for 4cucks and plebbit.

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Algerian girls look like THAT?

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Doubtless the faggot knew the cops were right there, too. No doubt it retweeted a cartoon about "redneck pigs" "slaughtering" "black youth" that same morning, though. And will probably "metoo" one of those frogpigs in a couple of years. Assuming it's still alive, which I doubt.

Lol another tranny gets a reality check.

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No. Fuck off.

Yeah its the punch nazis era now

Yeah, they're still pretty much original caucasian. The further away you get from the Middle East, the more caucasian (meaning: not Arab subspecies, but original white subspecies) you see. The Ottoman Empire's interbreeding program fell off in scope as you got further from the heart of the empire.

This is me pwning nazis.

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This should be shown to all prospective refugees in the Middle East

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Yellow vest land, and those are the 10% of muslims they already have

Imagine when they hit 30% of the population

Anyway, fuck trannies, women and lefties in general for supporting this shit: you dig this hole

Kabyles are white but with a semitic mindset sadly.

How is that different from your average westerner?

Y-you'd better get scared, Nazis! W-we're gonna f-f-fuck you up!

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lolol wtf

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Some people really are easily fooled by appearances. I like how all it takes is people abandoning the terms "feminist" and "sjw" and people immediately assume that it's the end of an era. Name one feminist policy that's no longer in place to signify that things are changing. Meanwhile in real life, feminists are still in charge of the court system, we take in more migrants than ever, every piece of media is forced to be "diverse", normalniggers still worship women, and metoo shit is still going strong. If anything, people think that it's the end of the sjw era just because the average normalfag believes so many of the feminist talking points now. But whatever, who cares about actual policy when we can say we totally rekt those libs.

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Cats did nothing wrong.

Man, your only choice is between mudslimes and trannies?

Fucking this, just because the faggots are now suffering the consequences of their retarded ideas isnt the same than us winning, just that the boat we're all in is going down in flames and theres nowhere to jump

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*snort* uMM watcgggcch out n-nnabeez!!! *snort* *retard noises*

Nobody ever voted for them or their policies, everyone i've talked to pretty much despise them and their policies, even old women. I've yet to meet a person spare 1 faggot who's passionate about their garbage or doesn't fucking hate their guts. (((They're))) getting btfo despite literally owning everything.

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7th cat here and still running on natsoc fuel.

The end of the SJW era? At the behest of third world inbred sub-humans? No. There was no "SJW era," there was social and political subversion era, which seamlessly went into replacement era. It's all the same process. These sub-humans are all the same blade digging deeper and deeper into our gut. The blade is thinner at the tip, and widder near the hilt. It's all the same blade, but the deeper it goes the wider the wound gets and the faster we bleed out. The only way to end this era is to kill the person wielding the sword.

My muscles actually ache from not ramming those fags' heads into cement for an hour. Just the thought of it. . .

Also, you're on the spectrum. Kill yourself.

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Trannies voted for this, they made their bed and now they gotta lay in it. Sucks doesn't trannypol?


God you too; I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day, a 70 year old harbor pilot and he started riffing off on Toxoplasmosis. When rats get it they go so crazy they think they can take on a cat so they attack cats.

Haha holy shit I thought it was some middle east shit hole

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That is the funniest thing I have seen in a week

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why are they wearing Pakistan flags?

Algerian numbnutz.

Know your enemy.


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The only good thing about white genocide is that some groups are based, especially Sunni Muslims

Ah, France…

I… What?

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Nazis sure do love CIA psyops.

don't make fun of autists

paris IS a middle east shithole at this point

You wouldnt know if you werent a cuckchanner

Those are algerian flags, and the writing on the steps is in french. Well half of it anyway, the rest kinda looks like durka-durka.

Female hormones actually have a significant impact on upper body strength. But I guess they have to take them before their body matures completely into an adult male. And some people have a small frame to begin with.

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Happy Saitama ready for battle after first pic. Existential Saitama after second pic.

I would convert to Islam only to behead, stone and burn alive trannies and lesbians.

I would convert to Islam only to behead, stone and burn alive trannies and lesbians.

Thanks for reminding me why I filter torpedos in every thread

I'll still kill them

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Suicide is gay. Genocide of NT people is superior

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Why the fuck are you happy? It's just the next step down the path to our eradication. By the time the shitskin era ends you'll wish trannies were our biggest problem.

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My favorite tranny is the one that an hero'd by lighting himself on fire in Seattle. His last words were "Oh god, this hurts a lot more than I thought it would."

Nefarious trickster buddhists are clearly to blame

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Youre fucking high you stupid nigger. Like user above said, that is the shit we should all fear. Fags or no, if you go against their muslim fuckin "values", it can happen to all of us.

Never celebrate shitskins and remember. Her name was Ebba Akerlund.

This soyboy was killed by ONE PUNCH MAN
daily reminder that these people are disgusting white people and hapas would never be communist larping retards because hapas are superior to whites

Holy fuck I couldn't even tell other than it didn't look like a complete shithole. Could have mistaken it for Iraq.

I hear they have 9 lives.m

Another theory me and a few lads have is that fags are created to destroy and lead astray proud, warrior men so they waste their time spreading precious seed on dead ground, and that every faggot craves the servicing of dangerous violent fuckers and dangerous living situations in order to do this. They want to be fucked by the muscular chad, or be killed by him in an intimate way, and they actually do die by their hands quite a lot.
That and they really do the filthy things so much it's probable that there are a ton of parasites in the asshole, like bathe in other people's piss.

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Sauce? Can't find it myself.

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Friends don't let friends go to gay parties.

Pulse did nothing. This is just some tranny getting shoved. SJWs wont change.

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Cloe Sagal

What does that make you?