Absolutely done with this shithole country

Be me

How the fuck can anyone afford to live in this country.? I have had enough. I am not paying them their taxes they can come get it if they want. Fuck this place. I’m leaving

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It sounds like one big giant San Francisco.

You have little choice but to spend the rest of your life red pilling White traitors. It's either that or war.

Wait until you figure out it's a shithole world

Bro I know that feel, I feel like moving innawoods on $6k a year and sending packages to shitty people.

Come to Mexico, we're cheap. Also learn to defend yourself.

Tarrant showed you the way forward, now the ball is in your court.

Why choose?

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Join the club.

The solution is simple. Target the elite only and vote for extremism.

You need a good career that will make you money. Why not try psychology, banking, stock trading, or politics? While you're at it, you sound stressed - why not smoke some weed? It's good for you!

Schlomo: the post

The right are the capitalists.

Preach it m88.
read siege, btw

The best part is Antifa didn't even shoot people with Nerf Guns, they mostly posted pictures of Sea Slugs on Reddit and Imgur and had a mental breakdown.

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What a shit situation. Don't pay taxes, but instead buy a used shotgun or rifle and ammo

What are your other skills? There are a lot of ways to support a family in the modern world.

I had one skill, my trade.

I have a useless university degree in liberal arts that will get me into jack shit jobs. I have applied to dozens of jobs and got zero emails back. Only way I got this night job is because a friend got it for me

Also my property is not some mansion I overspent on. It is a basic 3 bedroom house that I had to completely gut and renovate just to make it livable. Over an hour from the city. Fuck this shithole place. My night job barely pays my bills on the house alone let alone anything else

Have you tried getting certifications? If you're good at math, there's always taking the tests to become an actuary. If you're good at analyzing reactions, pharmacists get paid well.

There's a whole world of opportunity. If your wife, if any, leaves you while you build yourself back up, she was never worth it in the first place.

Yeah OP that sounds about right.
Don't run though, there is no where to go and anywhere you go you just add to their immigration problem. Time to get radical, prepare for war, wake your irl people up. It's war or its mass suicide, running isn't an option.

I choose war
Fuck the traitors it’s fire time baby!!!

those are two of the absolutely most jewish professions on the face of the planet ari


It's no different in America

Welcome to canada.

Full if single moms, niggers, chinks and muslims all on welfare.

Where will you go when everywhere is like this?


Golly gee a really tough choice

With those insurance rates I take it you're in BC. And yeah the chinks. I fled BC last year never to return. I was born and raised in Vancouver, lived there all my life. I hate the fucking place. The schools I went to were once full of Germans, Scots, English, Jews. Now? If it's the east end it's full of spice monkeys, if its West Side it's wall to wall chinks.

The city administration who pay themselves megabucks and think the world of themselves are deliberately dismantling the road system to make it impossible to travel by car. I want to see them hanging from lamp posts by piano wire.

I see the chinks are now starting to buy up big farms out on the prairies and they're taking over farming in Canada too.


More nigs and spics actually. Maybe less asians though.

So you're out in Langley then. Vietnamese grow op across the street?

The funny part is we're not even halfway through the Protocols.

It hasn't even gotten bad compared to what will come.

For those of you who lack knowledge into their plans, we are about to enter the new order, in which there will be widespread chaos and death. They will genocide us like they did the Ukrainians but this time on the altar.

The moment we lose our guns and become defenseless is when they will strike. The US is the leader in the degeneracy but it is still the stalwart against the cliff off the slippery slope. We have guns, we can still defend ourselves, for now…

San Francisco is Vancouver on steroids. Horrible. The last time I visited 15 years ago it was very clear that back in 1946 the bay area was paradise on earth. Now? Niggerjew hell

This all has to do with Money, Materialism and Demoralization.
Transcend Jewish wants and needs, get weapons (not just muh guns), learn to survive in environments city rats can't and prepare for War. I did this 2 years ago, my wife and I have been in the woods ever since. Whenever I go to the city for trade I am reminded why I am preparing to defend agains't A LOT of bystanders.

I can not stress this enough though, learn to understand your needs/wants and the relation to Jewish ties.
Do not be Demoralized.

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"Jewish professions" lol

Funny shit sitting there acting like there's something bad about learning a skill and working for a living. Get lost fucking Loser.

Canadian stock brokers need to be skinned alive, have their Achilles tendons severed with a broken beer bottle and then get tossed on a giant hill of Amazonian red ants.

Which you doing rabbi?











Zig Forums


The Bay Area was a magical place to live in the '80s. The '86 amnesty created a sucking vacuum that a new wave of wets rushed in to fill, and '70s activism made it basically compulsory to take it in the ass in the city itself.

t.Grew up in the Bay Area and am now planning escape to Alaska.

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This thread is mostly bots. No sense in arguing

user was right though.

I don't know what you're looking at but that is all in one block to me. Your mother must have really been savage with you when she was toilet training you.


This board is just bots

Hey buddy.
Stop paying taxes.
You are not a person under law.
You are a man created by God, and no one can give or take away your rights.
There are two currencies. Legal tender and Lawful Money.
Edward Jay Robin on YouTube is an excellent resource for info regarding your true freedom as a son of God.
Chin up motherfucker. I know it looks fucked, and it is.
But either we have victory and have glory on earth, or we have glory in heaven.

Pretty much




Besides that, keep your stick on the Ice bud.

This is western phenomenon.
Used to sell plant nutrient in the UK, had to include vietnamese instructions by popular request.

OP obviously didn't participate in the race wars of 2018.

Quit calling me Bud. The title is Sir.

Ontario my man. It’s getting bad.

This is happening because Whites refuse to network and be tribal.

And the main reason for that is….

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

You misunderstand. We are still subjects of the queen (this is a good thing) and she is sworn to uphold Gods law as set forth in The King James Bible.
This is where the remedy is for man to retain the rights of man.
Not concerned with what you believe, it's not relevant in this case.

Grew up in SF. Me and my fam were at the Folsom St fair one year as a food vendor. (naive and never again)

Leather dykes with their tits out.
Bearded men wearing collars attached to chains held by dwarves.
Wrinkled naked faggots with pierced dicks and saggy asses daring you to not to stare.
I wandered into a tent where piss enema movies were being shown. Will never forget that.

This was in 1988

Total and utter degeneracy. I fucking hate that city.


You don't work for a living then bud?

Oh god, as bad as B.C. is and I am in the woods my heart goes out to you user.

haha this has got to be a joke right?

You don't need to OP, you already mentioned the solution to your problems:

Ignore the middle parts (I don't do opioids or weed) but try to get on disability or welfare. I've done the latter and plan to stay on it for as long as possible. Only work part-time to earn 200 a month (they won't claw that back, they'll take half of whatever you earn beyond that) and get free food from charity banks so you can save as much money as posisble.

The joy of your own government caring more about immigrants then the native white people. It's not that much different in America friendo

me too, that narrows it down: get fired and collect Ontario Works. If you have more than 10,000 in cash, spend it on your home or primary vehicle, those are exempt assets. Talk about how depressed you are about losing your job and would be better off dead, get diagnosed as depressed, then collect superior ODSP bux. I'm still working on the latter approach.

I betcha if you imprisoned 3 bitches with burkas and has your ma, and grandma supervise their daily conduct you'd feel differently OP. Your kids could eat beans and neighbors dog meat and grow healthy.

You simply don't know how to manage your life, or the femals in it

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I see the Jews anchored this thread. Now you know what scares them the most.

You are a part of the problem, becoming just like what you hate is pathetic.
I can understand if that is all you are capable off, good luck.

Or the fact that our government cares more about immigrants then even the fucking "Native American Indians" is even a bigger joke.

what happened in '86?

What the fuck, why? What happened to vols posting why they anchored the thread in the fucking thread?

I don’t want to be a leech I just wanted to operate my small business and own a little place

suicide of all goys

p.s. newly immigrated sudan migrant. I've had, sadly, 4 khildren die due to starvation, We continue the family line, I now have 16 khildren with my 3 wives and we make it work, day to day and here in mericka I am only bricklayer. But my khildren go to public school. inshallah

Like I said, learn how the Jewish system works.

Seen any aussies lately?

Babydick suckin Jews thrive in a happy slappy weak population for a reason.

OP sounds like big walk the line pussy

How the fuck do these people even live on these salaries? My night job pays 500 a week after tax. That’s like 100$ a day. I spend about 20% of my income driving to work every night ffs

lol pussy mods

Sorry to hear that buddy but how about you channel your energy into actually trying to bring about a change in society that you want to see whatever that might be? Become the next salvini or whatever. Quit putting yourself down.

Start off by getting a bunch of likeminded friends to socialize with talk about this stuff with, you can help eachother out and support eachother for the time being, it would be better that way, instead of wasting past time here with a bunch of faggot shills who the kike board owner protects. This place is only good for news, nothing else.

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That’s what the Jews want is for you to be reliant on the state. Addicted to pacifying drugs and waiting for your next dole cheque. No fucking way would I ever live like that. Would rather go innawoods

My friend got me the night job. Other than that my other friends are all blue pilled normies who would rather hire chinks

Running you own biz is tough, bud. You have to adapt to compete with the changing biz environment. 15 years is a generation in terms of biz cycles. You either adapt and evolve or get crushed by the landscape of new competitors. That's nature, man. It ain't easy. Toughen up your mindset, dig deep and turn your situation around.

I’m going to try and re start my company in one of the flyover states at least there the taxes are still fairly low and you can afford to own something

When I was working in N. Van on this big chink construction site there was this little 4'11 Mexican dude there that was a real work horse, all 100 lbs of him. He was from Chiapas or something like that. He had 4 wives; 3 Mexican and one Hindu. Each wife had 4 or 5 kids by him, (all on welfare of course. He had this 20 year old Chevy Suburban. He'd work like a sweat hog all day then go to Great Canadian Nightmare Store to stock up on 20lb bags of rice and dried beans. On weekends he'd buy cheap frozen chickens in bulk then truck around dropping off supplies with his wives. He was just chuckling all the time that he had so many kids. That's what life is for. He thought that if you didn't have 20 or so kids you were a faggot.
One blazing hot intolerable July day I walked past his parked Suburban and looked inside; there was his Hindu wive in a velvet jacket and pants sprawled with her four mutt sprogs on a foot thick yellow foam mattress in the back. They were comatose, with miserable looks on their faces. That Suburban was a roasting hot oven in the sun and it was muggy as hell. They spent the entire day like that. I told the other guys back in the lunch shack about it and they all trooped up the road to have a look. They found it to be immensely amusing.

There’s nothing I can do to compete with illegal immigrant chinks who work 12 hours for 80$ cash. I can’t hire them because they won’t work for a white and I can’t beat them on price. Most white customers think it’s great to save thousands by hiring literal illegal Chinese slaves

Not op bit most people here are brainwashed.

I dont think they understand that being in debt every month is not a good thing.

a bullet in the head to immigration consultants that go around explaining how to take advantage of us and leave when your not satisfied.
these people are second in line to the government officials that enable funding for this.
ps. christcucks, you never seem to care about phillipinos even if they are equally complicit in walking over us and bleeding us dry, just look at kijiji jobs "phillipino x needed"; almost all rich jews pay asians to raise their yids.

Most people won’t help you out in a tough time either. If you’re having a rough go they think there’s something wrong with you and avoid you. It’s part of Canadian snob culture

Based President Reagan signed an amnesty that legalized millions of new spic voters, especially in California. These semi-niggers all vote Democrat, which is why Gavin Newsom is now the governor and Bill Clinton got two terms as president. It's the reason we can't have anything more modern than a Gen3 Glock, and it's the reason Los Angeles now looks like Caracas with a Koreatown.

I fucking hate everyone and everything now. My home is being ethnically cleansed by vermin who swill in their own filth until the whole area is uninhabitable. It's like living in an agar dish with penicillin.

just post the in store prices and there will be an end to the horror

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my khildren will grow up strong and proud

Good to see someone else notice.

Somebody above suggested forming a mutual assistance group…in Canada no less…kek.

This would be an immense waste of time and totally demoralizing. The average working class white male in Canada is now a piece of shit with rare, very rare exceptions. Such a group would quickly reveal itself to be a bunch of dimwits that were mostly interested in just having another beer. Somebody said something about getting on disability. They like that too. And pot, chronic smokers of chronic. But the upper middle classes are no better; the average lawyer, doctor, stock jobber may dress nicer and have a nicer car but at the same time they want to just get liquored up, stoned and laid. They hate and despise the white working classes with a passion.

You're on your own. Never show your power level until you have to break someone's jaw. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Your buddies are scheming through a drunken stoned haze to fuck your wife, even if she's ugly. Why? Because, that's why.

I get it. Not suggesting you compete. Sometimes you can't. But you've grown a biz for 15 years. You've got assets in your customer base, knowledge, network, etc. that you're overlooking because cash is tight now. So you're not seeing the forest for the trees. That mindset doesn't help when times get tough - which they do, as you're seeing.

Mind if I ask what your industry is?

my parents wont even help me fix my car yet they expect me to do painting and reno work for free.
I'm out of work because I need a car and all they tell me is get a part time job.
it would cost them 500 + 100/m to get me on the road and I would pay them back after one paycheck, but no gotta do it the right way and learn responsibility (both had cars by 17), it took me two years to save up for a car and payed 330/m on insurance.

From what some secret gay only publication's say, disposing of a kiddie pool full of cold piss is a massive hoo-dy-doo. It can spill at any moment, soaking you in the piss of a thousand random strangers. Best way to do so is pour it into a thick bag or down a drain and then cut the pool up and toss it into a dumpster. Or just get a guy in a pig mask to do it because it's likely he'd enjoy being soaked in piss.

That's just people, man. You always know who your true friends are when times get tough. Fuck 'em.

These are people who just consume. They're not biz owners. You shouldn't be socializing with fucks like these as they have little to nothing offer in terms of biz support. This is why you need very separate social groups if you have a biz.

Why can't teh chicoms please nuke the coast? I keep waiting on those god damn grinders but they just don't deliver.

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Seems like millions of chinks have come here overnight and taken over entire trades. Just like the pakis took over trucking 10 years ago

don't worry user black abnons will slauther them in due time

If you are speaking about the USA, it's because property owners are abusing their property rights the way an armed robber would abuse a gun to steal from people.
For example… they are stealing my rights to access the free exercise of my belief in sex with farm animals, by disallowing me from having sex with other people's farm animals. They are telling me I have to buy my own property, in order to buy my own animals, which is also in offense to my rights (not my obligation) to own property.

They're basically doing everything unconstitutional and diluting the value of the dollar. This is why the cost of living in USA is increasing because people are offending against the Constitution in conspiracy against our rights.

I had this Italian dentist friend, a real friend, one of the best friends I've ever had in fact who told me that about 10 years ago in Italy around 250,000 Chinks just suddenly appeared, and they all spoke perfect Italian, like they'd been really well educated in it. Suddenly there were all these chink stores and restaurants all over Italy, almost overnight.


If she were, her children wouldn't be miscegenating.

Not sure to whom you are referring, but earning a title has nothing to do with military speech. I earned my Knighthood.