How many Germans were ethnically cleansed by Polacks prior to NSDAP invasion?

Polish genocide of Germans

Other estimates appear to be much higher though, like over 12 thousand confirmed kills and 45 thousand assumed dead.

I'm not automatically going to believe that every missing German is a dead German, but I think it's certainly a worthy consideration. These narratives are essentially dismissed by modern historians as merely German propoganda, but if it was true, it seems a valid precedent for Germany invading Poland. Much of the aggression against Germany is supposedly justified by their "unprovoked" invasion of Poland, but what if it was provoked and justified?

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Only retards like OP think the invasion of poland was unjustified. If you didnt need some "scientist" and the news telling you; you would've figured this out earlier.
Suspect this is a slide

Also very curious about what actually happened in regards to and

Naujocks conveniently (((escapes))) from prison before being put on trial for war crimes after (((confessing))) that Gleiwitz was supposedly a false flag called operation "Grossmutter gestorben" (grandmother died) under orders from Reinhard Heydrich and Heinrich Müller.

Is there really any evidence besides this testimony (obviously under duress, probably bribed with freedom) that it even was a false flag? What if the Polish legitimately did attack Sender Gleiwitz?

WTF are you on about? I think if the Poles were lynching their citizens of German background (ethnic cleansing) then invading to save the ethnic Germans WAS justified.

My questions are simply: what is our best estimates of these numbers? can we consolidate evidence of it?

Germans aren't real. Bolsheviks raped their women and killed them all.

6 million

After the Poles were given eastern Prussia by the Soviets, they not only committed genocide against the ethnic Germans living there but against the ethnic Poles too, who were sent on the same westward death marches as the Germans. Every Pole living in former German land in Poland is not originally from there, they settled land after murdering and displacing the existing Poles who they considered the enemy for not hating Germany. The survivors of the western Poles all live in Germany or overseas today.

Eastern Poles (aka all modern Poles in Poland) are murderous scum who kill their own brothers.

Got any evidence to back up those wild claims there, moshie?

Seems a bit far-fetched. Especially considering that a seeming majority of Germans literally want to be ethnically cleansed in their own homelands. Those murderous Poles seem to be directing all their "racist murderous tendencies" against outsiders. Not their brethren.
I love my German brothers, but ethnomasochism must end.

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After ww1 there was suddenly a shit ton of germans within the new polish border. Not sure why polish killed them as it wasmt really their fault for being there when the imaginary lines moved.

Think it had sonething to do with the war sentiment and polish hubris.

Its ok they got a good healthy dose of communism as a reward for not listening to uncle adolf

Such is the price of defeat.

Before WW1 there were a shit ton of Polacks within the German border.
Neat how that works, eh?

As for the 6 million Germans holocaused after WW1, once again a noticable lack of actual evidence is presented to demonstrate this atrocity. Perhaps the bodies were turned into lampshades and mattresses? Those wicked Polacks!

You know, the Polish government was indeed stupid for being so obstinate. And they paid for their foolishness in blood. But then, so too did Hitler for his. Mutually assured destruction is a poor choice of game. Diplomacy in this case would have better served the German and Polish people.

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The question is how many were left behind and how many were killed? I imagine some of the disappearances where they couldn't locate people was just people GTFO to try and live in Spain or some shit to avoid fighting.

You're right, we never should have let Mexico exist.


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Poland is the past were shit and Germans were legit.

Now it's vice versa.

if only i had access to what was up on wikipedia in 2006, they were straight up claiming all the massacres were nazi propaganda - showing people these pages was enough to redpill most.

Daily Reminder

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slavs are just pretty fucking savage tbqh fam. they're still white (except some russians/ukrainians with tatar blood), but they're the lowest tier whites

I never get this.

One of the first things i started questioning as a kid when it comes to history is prussia.

It was arguably the most quintessentially german part of germany, and today it is part of poland. The prussians are today just a footnote, and this disregard to their extinction is what made me believe the "white genocide" narrative at first. I already knew how the prussians had been systematically encroached on and softly annihilated, all i had to do was look around and think "are they still doing it? were the prussians just the first to go?"

After that i started regarding white people in my country differently.

The Poles were torturing and murdering Germans by the thousands… You won't hear this in school. Hitler simply wanted a corridor to the GERMAN free city of Danzing and for the oppression and murder of ethnic Germans to stop immediately. What did they do? They laughed in his fucking face and just redoubled their efforts.

The final straw came with the Pollish attack on the radio station at Gleiwitz. You'll hear about this, but the Kike false narrative version of it being "muh false flag" by the Germans themselves…

So let's just see about that :A communication was sent from the chief of police in Gleiwitz on the night of August 31 that the radio station was assaulted by irregular Polish troops who, for a short time, succeeded in occupying the station before being chased out by the German Frontier Police. During their defense, one Polish irregular was mortally wounded and left behind.

Another communication came from a representative of the town of Troppau about the customs house of Hohenlinde. In the night of August 31, it was attacked by Polish irregulars who succeeded in occupying it; but thanks to a counterattack by Waffen-SS auxiliary troops, the irregulars were routed.

If true, this means that the first two war crimes of WWII were committed by the treacherous fucking Poles… First, by making incursions into German territory when a declared state of war did not exist. Second, by using irregular, non-uniformed troops.

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Prior to the end of WWII, anywhere between 10-30% of Poland was jewish, just keep that in mind for any anons having trouble imagining Poles behaving completely talmudical.

Excellent point

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the numbers need to be put into context, these murders happened on a number of weekends, the average death toll was in the thousands.
they were pre-planned assassinations on non-slavic. non-jewish civilians including women and children, the briefing materials included pictures and and intelligence files on individual families (it did not matter if you were german, dutch, danish or swedish).
Investigating these atrocities in poland can land you in prison very quickly. Polish investigators claim the majority of the shooters were part of a jewish/bolshevist terror group, but they do tacitly admit that without the complete support of the local polish government and population the operations would never have been possible (you will have to decide for yourself how believable this "clean" version is, because numerous eyewitness accounts report local civilians being surreptitiously armed beforehand and actively participating).
There are those that say the massacres were part of an international campaign of provocation to drag Germany into a war.

something to review, thanks for leading me to this.

This is why I like old novels and stories because you actually hear terms like Prussia. The TMNT RPG has Doc Feral masquerading as a neutral Prussian observer in the US civil war, for example, which is great. Any awareness that Prussia existed is good.

how many thousands though?

regarding Gleiwitz, Wikipedia mentions a key figure of

If Germany was willing to kill their own people, why would they choose a Polish person living in Germany as the key victim of this? It would just look like "we don't want to sacrifice any of our own people" and lead people to think it was a false flag.

The more likely explanation to me is that Honiok was killed by ruthless Poles despite being from their country and friendly to their cause, merely for living in Germany.

Sounds like a fucking celebrity. Another possibility is he wasn't even fucking there at all and they just put him there and suicided him (or perhaps faked his death and gave him a new life elsewhere) as a figurehead of Gleiwitz

What proof is there of this?

What exactly is the evidence? Supposing there is proof he was arrested by the SS, couldn't he have escaped and aided the Polish in attacking SenderGleiwitz?

After all, we are supposed to believe that Alfred Naujocks somehow escaped the Allies after confessing to this supposed (((GrossmutterGestorben))) conspiracy.

When it comes to ethnic-Germans Poles being killed by Polish Police in Poland, we are supposed to believe all the the dead were "irregular" terrorists assaulting the police…

But when it comes to ethnic-Polish Germans being killed by German Police in Germany, well, that's JUST NOT POSSIBLE, he must've been drugged and planted and murdered but he dindu nuffin.

Isn't that basically how WWI started except it was Serbs?

What do you mean by average? Per day?

Have some names? We need names, perhaps even faces, to put on the victims of the Pole-on-German genocide pre-WW2.


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It was conquered by Germans in late medieval period, previously it was inhabited by Baltic people (whose name was…Prussians).
Center of Prussia was always Brandenburg. Prussia before it united with Brandenburg was an irrelevant shithole. Brandenburg is mostly German even today.
They weren't softly annihilated, they ran away from Soviets, and what remained was expelled.
No, they just pissed off Poles and Russians.

No source for that. Only source is neo-Nazi propaganda and one booklet published in 1940…by Nazis.
Across Polish territory which had majority Polish population. And which was occupied by Prussia in late 18th century.
One of the most famous false flag attacks in history.
Nazi false narrative. Provide sources.

I love how you people are so mentally ill you think you'll revive Nazism by pissing off half of Europe. I suspect most of you are American retards who don't have a slightest clue about WW2 or history in general.

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Regarding your "another communication", I am having some serious trouble researching this. Can you find some more details? appears to be in present-day Bavaria (Germany) but redirects to a place in present-day Czech Republic. I would like to learn more about this customs house and the specifics of its location. Is it covered ANYWHERE on Wikipedia? Even just to acknowledge that existed? What region was it located in? Was there more than one Troppau? More than one Hohenlinde?

Oh, so the jews were telling the truth all along.

Thanks, friend.


Furthermore, following points are relevant here:

1. Danzig wasn't owned by Poland. It was under international jurisdiction and had local autonomy. NSDAP was in power there in late 30's. Danzig was given to Poland because it historically belong to Poland, and because Poland needed a port. Still, it was German majority city, and Poles smartly decided to build another port nearby. Furthermore, there was heavily armed police and German paramilitaries there. Claiming that 50 Poles who were in Danzig (employees and guards of the post office, which was only Polish establishment there) murdered thousands of Germans is outright lunacy.

2. East Prussia wasn't isolated. Germans had unrestricted access to railway lines. Hitler was only making demands in order to prepare Poland for Czechoslovakia scenario. He thought that since French and British gave up on Czechoslovakia, they will give up on Poland too. He was wrong.

THE JEWS is not an argument.
First, you people present yourselves as white nationalists, yet you're intentionally lying and demonizing Poles who are also European, and you try to repaint history according to myths of German extreme nationalism.

You offer no sources for your claims. My claims are easily checked anywhere, and I can give you all sorts of books (written by non-Jews, if you ask) and pages with these notorious facts.

It's simple: you don't know history. You didn't study history and come to a conclusion. You came here or on 4chan, you liked what some other idiots wrote, and then you sought justification for those beliefs.

I must say I always find it amusing how many times I've heard "who benefits" in reference to a possible false flag except in regards to this one.
So, why would the Polish government attack a fucking German radio station of no significance? They had no plans of offensive action against Germany (please spare me all the random empty threads of occupying Germany to the Elbe. Everyone knows how ridiculous and unrealistic that was). The most optimistic Polish war-planning was just defending what they could long enough for the magical French intervention to save them. So why the hell would they attack an irrelevant radio station?

Now, at risk of answering my own question, I'll pose a possibility that absolves German warplanners of any foul play; maybe it was a rogue jewish commander? Maybe some kike with incredible foresight led a troop of Poles to sabotage the station hopping (correctly) that that would provoke Hitler into declaring war so that Germany could be destroyed. Possible? Yes. But there are problems with this theory. Namely, why wouldn't Germany have made a bigger deal of this if it was a jew who did this?

And yeah, I'm aware how unpopular I will be for doubting the infallible Fuhrer. However, my chronic political incorrectness forces me to say unpopular things and ask unpopular questions. I care more about the truth than adhering to the fucking party line.

In the official German documents about the border raids, there are mentioned fully 44 acts of Polish aggression over the six days and nights before the German invasion (which began around 4 a.m. on September 1st). On the night of August 31st, there were reportedly 14 incidents of provocation by Polish irregulars of which Gleiwitz and Troppau were but two. In this text, it is clearly stated that the attackers did not wear Polish uniforms, but that they were irregular troops, based in Hohenlinde and in Gleiwitz. And finally, according to the German documents detailing Polish prewar attacks, the post of Hohenlinde was not burned (as stated by H. S. Hegner) but merely occupied

The only “evidence” for the Gleiwitz radio station attack as a Nazi operation consists of the uncorroborated "confession" (signed statement) in 1945 of a German SS officer, Alfred Naujocks, who was then in the hands of the Allies. Here is the affidavit taken from the transcript of the tribunal.

I, Alfred Helmut Naujocks, being first duly sworn, depose and state as follows:

“1. I was a member of the SS from 1931 to 19 October 1944 and a member of the SD [Sicherheitsdienst: SS Security Service] from its creation in 1934 to January 1941. I served as a member of the Waffen-SS from February 1941 until the middle of 1942. Later I served in the Economics Department of the Military Administration of Belgium from September 1942 to September 1944. I surrendered to the Allies on 19 October 1944.

“2. On or about 10 August 1939 the Chief of the Sipo and SD, Heydrich, personally ordered me to simulate an attack on the radio station near Gleiwitz, near the Polish border, and to make it appear that the attacking force consisted of Poles. Heydrich said: ‘Actual proof of these attacks of the Poles is needed for the foreign press, as well as for German propaganda purposes.’ I was directed to go to Gleiwitz with five or six SD men and wait there until I received a code word from Heydrich indicating that the attack should take place.

My instructions were to seize the radio station and to hold it long enough to permit a Polish-speaking German, who would be put at my disposal, to broadcast a speech in Polish. Heydrich told me that this speech should state that the time had come for the conflict between the Germans and the Poles and that the Poles should get together and strike down any Germans from whom they met resistance. Heydrich also told me at this time that he expected an attack on Poland by Germany in a few days.

“3. I went to Gleiwitz and waited there a fortnight. Then I requested permission of Heydrich to return to Berlin but was told to stay in Gleiwitz. Between the 25th and 31st of August I went to see Heinrich Müller, head of the Gestapo, who was then nearby at Oppeln. In my presence Müller discussed with a man named Mehlhorn plans for another border incident, in which it should be made to appear that Polish soldiers were attacking German troops …. Germans in the approximate strength of a company were to be used. Müller stated that he had 12 or 13 condemned criminals who were to be dressed in Polish uniforms and left dead on the ground at the scene of the incident to show that they had been killed while attacking. For this purpose they were to be given fatal injections by a doctor employed by Heydrich. Then they were also to be given gunshot wounds. After the assault members of the press and other persons were to be taken to the spot of the incident. A police report was subsequently to be prepared. 1/2

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“4. Müller told me that he had an order from Heydrich to make one of those criminals available to me for the action at Gleiwitz. The code name by which he referred to these criminals was ‘Canned Goods.’

“5. The incident at Gleiwitz in which I participated was carried out on the evening preceding the German attack on Poland. As I recall, war broke out on the 1st of September 1939. At noon on the 31st of August I received by telephone from Heydrich the code word for the attack which was to take place at 8 o’clock that evening. Heydrich said, ‘In order to carry out this attack, report to Müller for “Canned Goods.”‘ I did this and gave Müller instructions to deliver the man near the radio station. I received this man and had him laid down at the entrance to the station. He was alive, but he was completely unconscious. I tried to open his eyes. I could not recognize by his eyes that he was alive, only by his breathing. I did not see the shot wounds, but a lot of blood was smeared across his face. He was in civilian clothes.

“6. We seized the radio station as ordered, broadcast a speech of 3 to 4 minutes over an emergency transmitter, fired some pistol shots, and left.”

And then “sworn to and subscribed to before Lieutenant Martin”.

Note that the simulated attack on the radio station is ordered already on August 10, whereas the Ribbentropp-Molotov pact was not signed until the 26th of August. It seems the prosecutors are wanting to show that it was pre-planned in order to emphasize the criminal nature of it. Heydrich tells Naujocks that the purpose is to create something for German propaganda and for the foreign press … but was it used for that? No.

Who were the five or six SD men who accompanied him? Why aren't they named? Pointing out that a Polish-speaking German was going to be put at his disposal to broadcast the message over the radio transmitter seems an unnecessary apendage.

After two weeks of waiting, Naujocks goes to see Gestapo chief Heinrich Müller and hears a discussion with a man named Mehlhorn about another planned incident in which it should be made to appear that Polish soldiers were attacking German troops. Twelve or thirteen condemned criminals were to be dressed in Polish uniforms and left dead on the ground. But rather than just shooting them, they were to be given “fatal injections” by a doctor employed by Heydrich, and then given gunshot wounds. Afterwards, members of the press were to be taken to the spot and shown the dead bodies. Do we have any reports of this? No.

Müller told Naujocks he had been ordered by Heydrich to make one of those condemned criminals available to him for Gleiwitz. On the 31st of August, Naujocks reported to Mueller again and requested his one “dead man” be delivered near to the radio station. The man who was delivered was still alive, but unconscious. Naujocks saw no gunshot wounds on the man and he, Naujocks, did not shoot him. But also, this man was not wearing a Polish uniform as previously determined, but was dressed in civilian clothes!

He then said “they” (wearing Polish uniforms?) broadcast a message of 3 to 4 minutes over the emergency transmitter… fired some shots, and left.

Identical to Holocaust survivor stories that had to be partially dreamed up by Nuremberg prosecutors (even to the “fatal injections” by Nazi doctors), this story doesn't hold together and doesn't sound like the kind of plan intelligent Germans would come up with. As pointed out above, it was totally unnecessary. It was only of value to the Nuremberg prosecutors who needed some believable German aggression against Poland for their “Crimes against Peace” charge.

But the Nuremberg prosecutors were accusing the SD of carrying out a crime against peace by staging so-called border incidents before the outbreak of the [German-Polish] war to give Hitler an excuse for starting the war. However, as the defense for the SD showed, nothing of the sort was carried out by the pertinent departments (Amt. III and VI). Naujocks explained this away by saying it was a personal request made to him by Reinhard Heydrich. No one in the appropriate SD departments had any knowledge of such an operation.

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You do understand this is a larp board right? Either return back to reddit or lurk 2 moar years.

Would have subordinates, and those above him. He would've been punished for it. Polish government would admit it. Someone would mention it.
There were no Jewish units in Poland, so drop that idea too. Plus, Jewish officers weren't so common.

Despite what these cultists told you, Poland wasn't really Jew-friendly in interwar period, or ever. There was a lot of anti-Semitic sentiment there too. They just didn't persecute them on the same level as some other countries.

Just fuck off, Mr. circle.

Poles became the dominant population in the Danzig corridor after stealing it from Slavs. Boleslaw 1 stole the land from the Kashubian descendents of the Pomeranians. They broke free then Boleslaw 3 conquered them again.

The question we should ask is: aside from right of conquest, was there moral justifications for either the Poles or the Prussians to take control of the land away from the earliest known settlers, the Pomeranian Slavs?

It "historically" also belonged to Prussia too. It's all a question of how far you want to go back. If it's "as far as possible" then it wouldn't be Poland or Prussia, it would be Pomerania.

Danzig was mostly Germans and the Polish were effectively surrounding them in a siege preventing trade, so I think Hitler was right to free the Corridor.

Trains are fucking expensive, they needed a route to the see.

I would assume to prevent communication of troop movements to prepare for future invasion. It's like not Gleiwitz would be a final objective.

How could you possibly prove that? They could burn documents and lie/deny.

I'm willing to concede to that possibility. The non-Jewish majority of Poland at the time was probably less culpable than the Jewish minority.

Do we have the raws + translations of this?

Well shit, I really want to read this text now. Can you get the raw up on Wikisource or at least Pastebin followed by some English translations o it?

Great affidavit of Naujocks, if you can provide a URL perhaps we could get that up on Wikiquote somewhere.

Jewish promote their own, odds are most of his direct subordinates would be Jewish too, and non-Jew troops might not have been fully aware of what they were doing. Perhaps they were told that Germany had requested assistance to deal with terrorists at the radio station and the troops thought "hey, we will repair the broken relationship between our nations by helping them!"

this guy doesn't get it

Who gives a shit? We should be looking towards the coming race war in the western democracies instead of worry about the brothers wars of the 20th century.

German documents which conflict with reality and logic aren't really a good historical source, but go ahead, provide those documents, let me see them.

Just answer me this question: why the fuck did these aggressive murderous Poles wait so long to start mobilization?
Why were they caught with their pants down?
If they wanted to attack Germany (which is a ludicrous scenario from so many angles, but okay), why did they do that? Why did they provoke a fully mobilized and superior opponent?

Fuck off kike, do your own research.

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Not embedded on purpose. Otherwise YT could take it down because of the referrers of the browsers of different viewers.

…Now to argue the other side.
First of all, I want to state that makes a damn good point about White Genocide. I generally argue from a Rhodesian/South African perspective when I want to point out how we're being exterminated and then the enemy denies objective truth. But talking about the ethnic cleansing of Germans, Hungarians, Poles, Romanians, Italians, and Balts and how the (((allies))) covered it up and handed half of Europe over to the fucking communists is an exceedingly good redpill.

The Germans of Prussia were indeed the victims of Genocide by any standard except for the fact that they were White. It is a shameful thing what the Russians and Poles did to Germany after the war. Stalin had almost as large an impact upon the genetic makeup of the planet as Genghis Khan.

With what? Look a the Polish conduct during the war. It was entirely defensive. If they planned to invade Germany, why the hell would they attack an irrelevant outpost and then wait with their thumb up their ass for the German response?
That makes no sense.

Poles are Slavs you fucking idiot.
Were Germans somehow the avengers of some Slavic tribe that was fucked over by other Slavic tribe a millennium earlier?
What an insane argument.
For a shorter period of time. And Prussians (that is, Teutonic Order) took it from Poles.
Trade with…Poland?
Are you retarded? Furthermore, it's a fucking port. Most of the trade is done by sea, now and 100 years ago. That's exactly why Danzig was separated. Poles got the right to ship their goods through Danzig.
Yeah, so they attacked just that one radio station, as if that would mean shit in the grand scale of things.
They also did all this while their army was on peacetime footing. Brilliant planning. These scheming Poles who play 4D chess are also dumber than a monkey.
You can't prove a negative, idiot.
Such plans were never found, and furthermore Polish behavior before the war (THEY DID NOT MOBILIZE UNTIL 29 SEPTEMBER, AND THEY INTERRUPTED THAT MOBILIZATION DUE TO FRANCO-BRITISH PRESSURE) indicates otherwise.
You don't understand how armies work do you?
Ah yes, Poles are so idiotic they don't know they are attacking Germany and shooting at German soldiers.


Prove it

You're version:
Back to >>>/trannypol/ or r/thedonald/, shlomo!

So your source is Hitler? This gets better and better.

Hold it right there.
Rhodesia and SA are different cases. SA whites can at least claim it's their land. Rhodesian whites just moved there and squatted on someone else's land. That someone expelled them. Aren't you arguing we should do the same to non-Europeans? You don't see any hypocrisy here?
Furthermore, SA whites could've easily solved their problem by expelling blacks. No one would give a fuck. But they wanted cheap labor, and they paid a price for it. Fuck them.
Post-war revenge.
There's nothing else to it. Germans often acted like fifth column and committed unspeakable crimes against native population.
Funny how any other group would be ostracized by people like you, but precious Germans get a pass. We should've paid reparations to them for murdering us, stealing our property and raping our women, apparently.
Acting like a nationalist is Jewish if you're non-German. Funny.

Aside from that poland was such a kike nest that they even formed a seperate jew-police for their ghettos.

t. kike

It's the commonly accepted historical position, I don't really have to prove shit. You can just go on Wikipedia page and look at the sources. I can also give you WW2 history books to read.

No, they did it because NS ideology envisioned German Empire in Europe, to be achieved at the expense of Poles and others in Eastern Europe.
Are you gonna say Lebensraum is Jewish forgery too now?
Did Jews also forge Chapter XIV of Mein Kampf?

What unspeakable crimes?

If you make the claim you indeed need to prove it, or else it's bullshit. Using the appeal to authority fallacy doesn't work. History is written by the victors yada yada

You're a cultist.

Maybe you're even a fucking polack.
Never happend. Germans are well organized and do things according to the Geneva Convention.

What, do you want me to list all the crimes Germans committed in Eastern Europe in general?
Murdering entire villages because some partisan blew up shit 20km south, aggression, starving the population, torture, slave labor, rape, wholesale destruction of property?

I will do it but first tell me what's proof to you?
Because I told you you can literally Google Operation Himmler, click on Wikipedia page, and check the sources.
What else do you want?
I can't transport you to that moment so you can see it with your own eyes.
History is written by historians.
If history was indeed easy to forge like you imply it is, how the fuck do you know this shit?
Wouldn't the almighty Jews destroy any trace of this knowledge?
You can't have it both ways.

Okay, never happened trumps material evidence, German photographs, letters from the front, millions of eyewitnesses.
You got me.
Yes, and they murdered people and stole shit with good organization.
Ah right, we're all white brothers, except when the argument goes against Germans, then we're fucking X and not white.
But Hitler totally fought for Europeans hahah.

not exactly true, if you spoke german or the local germanoslavic dialect(now extinct - go figure) at home, which was a mixture of german and polish, which many west poles did, you could have a polish last name and you still were murdered. There are anecdotal reports that ethnic poles previously not registered either as catholics or communists were also targeted.
To say that the east poles (eastern poland was stolen by belarus and ukraine after the war) were responsible for the killings is not accurate, as for the most part they arrived after the area had been emptied out. A lot of these people were actually pretty horrified by what the locals had done, and could sympathize with the germans as they had themselves just been displaced by the soviets.

No it wasn't. That land was previously East Slavic, then occupied by Lithuania, and then ceded to Polish part.
It's not Polish land. You literally have East Slavic polities which existed there.
One example:

First you say things that are wrong and when proven wrong you make a meta-discussion out of it.
Are you noticing a pattern in your behavior? What I said never intentioned to prove anything other than that your claim is wrong.

You lied once, twice would be no moral hurdle for you, would it kike?

Do you even know what the Geneva Convention says? It doesn't say to not "murdered people" and not "stole shit".
The Geneva Convention isn't a bible and those aren't war crimes.
That's what a kike or rootless merimutt kikeslave would say. No one cares about skin colors.
There are in fact albino niggers. They're still dumb apes, not any different from the rest apart from their worse eye sight.
And I don't want polacks or other eastern europeans in my country either. I don't want anyone coming to my country. No, not you either, kike.

yes per day, imagine pre-planned vegas style attacks that go on for a whole day, in a small to medium sized city, and then it turns out some of the shooters are people you know.
will check when i get back home.

Are you going to tell all the Bantu Africans that they're squatters too because they stole the land from Khoisan?
Why is it that ONLY White people are attacked for colonizing land when blacks, Asians, and especially jews colonized and exterminated?

The Rhodesians had far more right to that land than the invading Bantus did as it was settled by Boers and turned into a prosperous nation by them.

Considering America bombs everyone who opposes the will of Gods Chosen People and had spent the last decades trying to strangle Rhodesia for simply declaring independence for White people, somehow I doubt that they'd allow White people to genocide the blacks.
And yeah, sure, they were foolish to not do so as the blacks that they treated with FAR more respect than they'd have experienced in other African states like Uganda or CAR, turned upon the Whites as soon as circumstances allowed it.

If that's how thin your morality is, then you cannot fault the Germans for brutalizing the Poles either.
You're like a mirror of those who advocate brutality towards Poles for real and imagined crimes.

And chill out. If you read my posts, I've been as stout a defender of Polish rights as I have been of German rights.

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some pictures are in here of the massacre of germans done by polish people who were instigated by a jewish lying press


the fact remains that ethnic poles were forcefully removed from lands they had inhabited peacefully for hundreds of years.

Never happened my friend.
The soviets used soviet troops in german uniforms and massacered eastern european villages to turn the locals against the germans.

Because at first the locals greeted the germans as liberators from jewish bolshevism.

Sadly enough this jewish plot led to a spiral of violence.


I'm not a white nationalist, i'm a pardo nationalist.

Your argument that poles "never did anything wrong" and that saying they ever did anything wrong is demonization is factually incorrect, most Zig Forumsacks admire current-day poland.

That does not mean however that at some point in history poland didn't commit injustices, and your attempt to erase the past by asking for sources without any regard to the suppression of any sources that counter the ww2 "NOT JEWISH" narrative is very telling.

Accusing us of not knowing history just because we disagree with the facts is also factually wrong, as we have in multiple instances in this thread ennumerated the claims of "mainstream historians", which is proof in and of itself of our knowledge of such narrative. Our pointing out of holes in such narratives is not out of ignorance, but the opposite.

Your claim that there are no holes in the narrative and that poles never did anything wrong is on the other hand ignorant of history and disregards the polish collaboration with france/britain to violate legitimate german rights, such as the integrity of its territory.

IF you cared about land annexation, you'd condemn poland for holding TO THIS DAY rightfull prussian lands. But you don't give a shit because the germans are evil and deserved it, which shows where your true sense of justice comes from.

Kind regards from Brazil.

>(((TORpedo))) tries to reestablish the nazi narrative that invading, plundering and raping Poland to fuel their war of conquest against all of Europe was totally justified cause Hitler will save the white rayss with Natsoc.

Any sources you consider trustworthy with little to no bias would be a start. If you want to change views, it isn't going to happen by making a claim and then name calling without some form of evidence.

Don't be so facetious, you and I both know what is considered accepted history can be different from multiple individuals whom may be accomplished historians, scientists or archeologists but aren't welcomed by the mainstream as it does not adhere to the current narrative in control. You're arguing from authority again, which doesn't hold weight, I could liken it to the once commonly accepted belief by authority figures and scientists that the earth was the center of the universe.

Are you noticing a pattern in your behavior?
You're only quoting Nazis, who literally had every reason to lie. This doesn't mean that everything Nazis documented or said is a lie, but when it contradicts other established facts and mere logic, it's not really a worthy source.
What, are you gonna give Soviets the same benefit of a doubt, in regards to Finnish shelling of some bumfuck village?
So you don't consider them war crimes, but you admit they happened. Fine by me.
Also fine by me. Look, I absolutely don't give a fuck what you think about Slavs. I don't give a fuck about you.
I'm just here to correct your myths and slander.
Funny how you act exactly like the Jews your cry about. When it's suitable, Slavs are white brothers, but when your nationalist myths are at stake, Slavs and others become monkeys.

That's all I wanted from you really.
Hitler wasn't pro-white and he didn't fight for Europe or to ''free anyone from Bolsheviks (all of the countries he attacked besides USSR weren't communist, and were strongly anti-communist), it was German imperial conquest.

I'm just pointing out Rhodesians aren't native here. Which wouldn't be so bad, if they weren't living there for like a few decades.
They were literally colonists.
I'm not attacking white people. Everyone did shit in history. I'm just pointing out there's no cosmic injustice there. Rhodesians lost. The end.
This will rock your mind, but South Africa was actually pretty close to Israel, and Israel was one of few countries which supported them. They even gave them nukes.
I'm explaining it, I'm not defending it.
But it was Germans who started it. So of course I will blame Germans more than Poles and others, even though their actions were also deplorable.
What I have a problem here is that you don't apply same standards to everyone. When Germans act like fifth column in foreign lands, that's kinda cool…but when anyone else does it, it's unspeakable evil. That's ridiculous. Either have some moral standards or just state openly: I believe X is superior.

That fact remains, I didn't dispute that.

Ah yes, this is the best one.
Apparently Soviet regime, struggling for it's survival, had the time and resources to organize tens of thousands of German-speaking troops, give them German uniforms, form them up as German units, and send them hundreds of kilometers behind front line to butcher people in USSR, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy…amazing. How the fuck did commies botch Cold War? With such feats, winning the Cold War should've been a piece of cake.

I never said that. Notice I disagreed with a Polish guy when he pushed ridiculous theories too.
It's the way you disagree with facts, which totally goes against logic and established, simpler facts.
Like, claiming Poland was aggressive, but they had no real territorial demands on Germany, and didn't even mobilize their army until August 29th. Apparently they planned to attack with as little as troops as possible.
You or some other guy also didn't know Danzig is a fucking harbor.
Why are they rightful?
If you're referring to East Prussia, some argument could be made for that. Germans were indeed ethnically cleansed from the land they inhabited for centuries.

For other parts, not really. They had Polish majority and were parts of Poland for far longer than they were part of any German polity.

Pro-tip: sucking German cock won't make neo-Nazis like you.

soviet political assassination squads had uniforms that looked similar to nazi uniforms. there was a historical exhibition in germany in the 90s called "crimes of the wehrmacht" hundreds of thousands went to see it, half way through eastern european historians noticed the pics were of soviet soldiers. it was pretty embarrassing for the german government at the time, as they had inadvertently redpilled all these normies and the schoolkids who had to go see the exhibition.

More kike lies. Hitler almost never mentions slavs in Mein Kampf and when he does it's pretty much just to say that they exist in the east.

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And instead of cluttering the thread with dozens of books, I pointed you to a web page that has then nicely listed.
What's the problem here? Unless I copy-paste it here directly, it's not good enough?
Of course. But when overwhelming majority agrees on something, and we're talking about an event which was one of the most studied events in human history, it really takes a lot of contrary evidence to change someone's mind.
Giving me some Hitler speech is not such evidence.
And you keep ignoring the logical flaw in your argument: if history is so easy to fake, how come you know this shit?
What are you credentials? Sources? Where did you learn this?

Because we both know how you learned this: you came to some website, some other idiots were writing stuff you kinda liked, and then you started parroting it everywhere because it suits your worldview.

I don't want anybody to like me, this is an anonymous board. I'm just abiding by my sense of justice.

But rest assured, most people in here aren't neo-nazis. You don't listen to what people here say, and just pretend that they are "just like the nazis in schindler's list", even as we collaborate with the defense of a non-white country against the interest of white countries (syrian civil war). We have daily threads singing praises to duterte. Zig Forums has for the longest times been one of the few places on the internet that actually sees the good side of the north korean regime. Zig Forumsacks aren't neo-nazis, they just don't hate white people and are sad about what was done to germany. If you had any consideration for justice, you would be sad about what was done to germany too.

And besides, you'd be sad about what is being done to germany/france/britain RIGHT NOW. Those little kids in rotterham weren't nazis, but they were raped, tortured and killed all the same.

But you don't care about any of that… You only see HATRED FOR NON-WHITES… Because that's what you want to see.

Not really, NKVD uniforms looked nothing like German uniforms.
Nor do regular uniforms.
Your anecdotal evidence is not an evidence.

You know we have hundreds of German letters from the front where they write home what is happening?
Evans in his trilogy pays particular attention to this, what average German knew and thought and wrote.

They knew it. They all knew it. Not just that shit, they totally knew Jews were being fucked up, even if they didn't know exact numbers and details. They wrote about it and spoke about it. I remember a letter where some German woman writes how bombings are God's punishment for what they are doing in the East.

Chapter XIV, Mein Kampf. Please read the Mein Kampf. If for nothing else, out of respect for your idol.
I know you didn't read it, because only someone who didn't read Mein Kampf would argue about this insane bullshit.

Unite the White to kill the kike.

Honestly I don't give a fuck about anyone who's not European. No malice here, and I wish them all the luck in the world, and if we can help them we can.
But for me, it's Europe first.
You see, someone like me is the real white nationalist. I love Germans, I love Albanians, I love Basques, I love Irish. I know history and I know no one is innocent.
I know history and I know that mythologizing a German imperialist movement which aimed to enslave and slaughter tens of millions of Europeans is the worst thing we can do for our continent in this stage.

And I did say it's a crime. But if I hit you after you hit me first, from behind, then according to morals of even the troglodytes, you're to blame for the most part.

I'll have no part in tearing down my brother Poles or Germans.
Alone, the jews can pick us off.
This Time; The World

Boers had resided in the area since before the USA was even a country. And in that time they built a rather pleasant civilization there. And as for Rhodesia itself, remember that the Rhodesians bought the land fair and square. The White Boers had as much right to the land as any Bantu Africans did.

That is not the whole story. It would be one thing if the blacks had militarily beaten the Rhodesians but the entire jewosh world order strongarmed the Rhodesians into submission. The starvation campaign these scum waged against Rhodesia is what defeated them. Not the blacks.

Yes yes. I am aware of Israel. Jews will sell just about anything to anyone. Just ask the Chinese. That does not change the fact of virilent anti-White aggression waged by teh jewish media against the White population in South Africa.

That is not true. I believe that the genocide and expulsion of Poles is as repulsive as the genocide and repulsion of Germans. And I have often strongly condemned the German actions against Poles.
I'll even go further than that and state that I understand why Poles would be suspicious of conceding to Germany's demands given that Hitler had just annexed Czechia which was a very unjust thing to do.

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Germany started a covert extrajudicial killings program in approx 1830.
They got rid of homeless, mentally ill, mentally disabled, physically disabled, senile ppl, deranged criminals types and pedos.
Every time a new leader or new party got into power the program was not stopped and continued.
The Nazis added ppl like jews to the program.
Millions of non Jews were murdered.

I was talking about Rhodesia, not South Africa.
No they didn't.

I obviously have sympathy for white in SA, but nothing is really happening to them right now. SA is a corrupt criminal country and crime and murder happens. Whites are literally underrepresented here. I actually have (extended) family there.

South Africans could've solved their problem easily by expelling the blacks and digging their own fucking diamonds. But no, they wanted the cake and to eat it too, and you can't have that. Sorry.

i haven't got nexis access right now but the newspaper reports and german damage control are easy to find.

I literally have a functioning set of eyes, and I can easily see what German and Soviet uniforms looked like. They were totally fucking different. Just Google it for fucks sake.


(((too obvious)))

I agree that they should have expelled the blacks. And it was stupid, short sighted, and unjust for the capitalists to import black slaves rather than pay White people to do it. This is why I am very suspicious of capitalism as any kind of economic system.

Yes, it was stupid but what is even more stupid is meekly allowing White people to be picked off and ethnically cleansed and then justifying it by reaching back into the past for some vague and hypocritical justification. Whites colonized South Africa. So did the blacks. Now blacks are slaughtering White people under full protection of the black regime.
The sane position is to stand up for White people whenever and whereever we are being attacked.

Maybe. But what if the allies lied about the germans?

Have you even considered the possibility that when the allies sat down to write up an "official account" of the events of ww2 they exaggerated german crimes and diminished their own?

Have you even considered the possibility that the germans were unfairly portrayed by the people they were fighting to the death with mere days before?

If you do, please reconsider how much of "german imperialism" was just fabricated post-war and consider how much british/french/american imperialism is just hand-waved away. While we are at that, nearly every nation on earth (maybe not the swiss) was imperialist up until very recently.

Your trust in the honesty of the allies is misplaced, and your disregard for the accounts of german participants in the war is misplaced too.

There are prices to be paid for injustice, and you will regret your part in it. Never forget that.

not true.
There was, however, the not so covert practice of getting mentally disabled people in institutions to sign documents that gave consent to active euthanasia. Hitler ordered a stop to these killings after being inundated with letters from grieving relatives.

I bet it was real in your mind.

Explains a lot I guess.

they were not regular troops, why do you think the german historians missed it in the first place?

how many west slavs were ethnically cleansed by germans in their expansion east around the time of otto I ?

‘rightful clay’ is that which you can hold. the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must

Yeah dog, I read it in German. He laments that slavs are ruled by jews and such but never says he hates them are plans to do them harm. It must say something completely different when you read it in Hebrew.

so leftypol is a slavophilic board, who would have thought?

I agree but nothing is really happening to whites specifically in SA, besides some meme parties crying about them.
Crime and corruption is rampant though.

>official account
Even if they did, many others picked up that theme later on. Some facts are established.
If anything in some ways they were portrayed better than they actually were. For example, clean Wehrmacht myth, which was pushed by Western Allies and Germany after WW2. Now totally deconstructed and proven to be false.
Dude, you literally had organizations like HIAG in Germany.
Very little of it, mostly in popular domain, like Germans wanted to conquer the world or they wanted to kill brown eyed people. But that's plebeian myths, not actual history.
I trust well-researched historical works, written by many historians with firm credentials.
I won't. You're just wrong. You whitewash Germans while demonizing non-Germans. That's legitimate. But you're doing it for your own personal reasons, not because you're objective or anything.

He literally writes how new German expansion is to go East and how German sword will provide land for German plough.
Also, paraphrasing, we mean Russia and her border states.
He also says rise of Bolshevism gave Germany an opportunity and how Germanics basically did everything in Russia and Slavs didn't do anything.

The SA was full of useful idiots like you and it was one of Hitler's best ideas to purge them.

NKVD uniforms weren't similar to German uniforms either.
Or was this some mythical organization?
Because if someone did shit like that, it was NKVD. There was no one else.

Probably not many. Germans just fought Slavs, conquered land, then settled there and assimilated Slavs.
You still have Slavs in Germany for example. If they were really ethnically cleansed like that…

i think what is keeping them up at night is the idea that slavs recognize, admit, take responsibility, and try to make amends for what happened. because this would form a basis for a strong bond with the brothers in the west, and their pet project would completely collapse.

I am a Slav by the way.
For what? For Nazis murdering us?
You won't live to see that scenario play out, because it's downright impossible. We aren't some retarded Americans. WW2 was only 70 years ago. We know what happened and we know what Germans did. Some of us have grandparents who were alive back then.
You can maybe sell your bullshit mythology to some subhumans, but overwhelming majority of Slavs will never buy it.

Also, amends were made long ago, and modern Germans and modern Slavs have very little issues.
Don't mistake your cult for either Germans or Slavs.

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