There is a racemixing Facebook campaign by Versace and they got absolutely rekt in comment section. Not a single positive comment

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Other urls found in this thread:

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Also, this picture.

Attached: Nigger_Pretending_to_be_Civilized.jpg (960x960, 64.2K)

Looks like, as per usual, the herd of filth is eating it up. The comments would be the outspoken minority. The mindless herd loves it.

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Thanks for ruining a good mood.
Ah, guess its not that bad.

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Damn, lads. Y’all hate everything that might give you an out from broken racism. Y’ain’t your skin pigments, your genes, or the achievements of people trivially similar to you. Don’t be loyal to these things.

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Reminder Versace is owned by (((Michael Kors Holdings))), because Zig Forums is always right.

Trying to type your statement with southern slang y'all does't give you any additional credence here, soyboy jew.

Thanks for the laugh, you marxist faggot.

"We wuz Greek Gods"

Savage af, :_) haha

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suck ALL the uncircumcised docks, chaim

That isnt "Southern slang", that's niggerspeak

That's bad, but nothing come closes to United Colors of Benetton ads from the 80's. That was truly over the top.

Attached: Dominik-Sadoch_Giulio-Rustichelli_United-Colors-of-Benetton_3.jpg (877x295 211.7 KB, 128.72K)

Hey rabbi, have you reached your baby dick sucking quota today?

When my race has rediscovered its confidence and finally shaken off the kike conditioning that has hobbled us, your kind will gracelessly expire in soundproofed basements, yid.

Actual ad.

Attached: Benetton_AIDS_Fag.jpg (2560x1624, 454.85K)

That's a really nice aesthetic.

Bunch of thots commenting

That's actually my favorite as it ended the tyranny of those massive posters that seemed to be everywhere. There's an unviolable axiom in advertising; never associate your product with death or disease…they went full retard.

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Nigmmercials. Nigmmercials everywhere.

Attached: 5.PNG (400x400 33.42 KB, 15.46K)

Attached: 17benetton3.jpg (400x185, 24.67K)

Let me dumb it down for you. For thousands of years different peoples went through different developments. From their blood, their lands, their spirit rose a culture. Their way of life gave rise to certain beliefs, traditions, honour. And just like people, none of these cultures are equals. There is inequality. Now you have western culture, and again im really oversimplifying here, all across terra. Niggers dont recognise it, because they live in it. Actually, its just like fish. You are a fish. You are swimming in our fishtank, our water, and you dont even realise it. Until, and you understand where im going right, we get you OUT of that water. Society is held back - and now being overrun - because it fed, clothed and tried to educate your people. Swimming in our fishtank. You have only just seen the small flicker of what is going to fill the sky with light so bright closing your eyes wont do anything about the intensity - and you dare stand in our way to get there. Muddying the blood of a people with far greater accomplishments to their name than any other peoples. You dare suggest that, with the limited amount of raw brainpower and information you have at your disposal? The problem with niggers is that they are simply too stupid to insult. So im going for a different approach.
My roots are stuck in this soil. My ancestors were not sold like slaves by their brethren to kikes like yours in Africa. My intelligence and aggression are not influenced by breeding programs to create controllable cattle. Cities carry my family;s name and you dare suggest i have no claim to that. That i do not have the responsibility to nurture these lands?
This is a detestable bait. Or maybe its not. Perhaps you really are a dumb, ignorant nigger. Pathetically enough, you can never admit it. Because it underlines the failure of your people. No responsibility. A continent so vast, so rich of minerals and food, and your people didnt even evolve beyond the capabilities of a common muskrat.

This detestable jealousy you have for the white race, is destroying whatever makes your race beautiful too. I hope you realise this. I really do.

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Now I'm craving a slab of beef…

Someone is welcome to comment: Do you make anything to cover bruises and black eyes?


Get out.

Why did leftist marxist faggots appropriate pseudo-southern vernacular?
You sound like niggers, kill yourself (in minecraft, of course).

Your attempt at using the speech mannerisms of my people disgusts me. Either that or you're a nigger bastardizing it as you do everything within your greasy grasp. Regardless, you're going to find yourself on the end of an Alabama wind-chime.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1717x202 633.66 KB, 48.21K)

Ah but it had a happy ending..

It's like there's this deal; if you have some talent and you do your masters' bidding then you'll live this incredible life style of luxurious villa's, multimillion dollar penthouse apartments, private jets, and French Riviera yachts owned by arab sheiks.

Attached: vanityfair_the-assassination-of-gianni-versace-american-crime-story-season-2.jpg (790x512 69.94 KB, 104.66K)


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The only beef I want to taste is Murdoch Chan's at the first 5 Star Restaurant in the brand new Ethnostate of Europa.

Attached: ethnostatemurdochchan.png (1920x1080, 1.29M)

Wow, that's a, uh, real lovely family ya got there.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1200x1132, 1.88M)

Real lovely.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (800x450, 459.51K)

Oh come on now, she's a beautiful woman…Vanity Fair said so.

Attached: La-Bella-Donatella-June-1997.jpg (1440x930, 240.43K)

Maybe like 20 years ago or some shit.

Now bitch looks like a monster. How do you even get that fucking ugly?

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Injections. Wealthy women are mad for injections

When will these fuck-tards realize that forced representations of diversity will always blow up in their face? If they wanted to truly maintain some semblance of 'diversity' as a value among human beings, they'd be wiser to never bring it up in pictures like these.

It's as if they want racial tensions.

I think the most insulting thing here, is their attempt to subvert Western art, and by extension, culture, through a deliberately arbitrary interpretation of a classic piece of sculpture.

What's sad, and worse - is that it's not even subtle.

Everyone but White Europeans are allowed to keep, and celebrate their heritage, huh? The irony is that these people are creating more, and more 'racists' through the use of these kinds of exclusionary measures to attack European culture. I can't wait until it fully boils over. I mean, it's already happening.

The plot thickens due to the addition of matzo.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1667x412 68.71 KB, 51.85K)

Now, if i told you this mischling kike faggot, who was the product of a jewish hand model banging some dude before ditching him and marrying a much richer dude within the next 5 years, was also an actual faggot with a many-years-younger shabbos goy-toy, how surprised would you be?

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Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1530x174 24.38 KB, 24.38K)

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (791x286, 29.72K)

Could you rephrase that in coherent English, please?

You literally are though.

How many IPs are you on I wonder…

Most of those likes are from bots.

Because they are parasites that cannot create anything. They always attempt to appropriate national/local symbols in an effort to promote their ideology. See things like "Redneck revolt" or the various symbols of the Russian Empire they hijacked.

Louis Vuitton

Attached: LouisVuitton4.PNG (1650x860 426.26 KB, 1.86M)

wait…. why are we not making memes in this order to undermine their propaganda? This is fucking ingenious….

Sadly I am an user more in line with writing and war, not the bad ass's whom do shit like with open gates or other epic pic memes. Since 90% of our jewish culture is visual based this seems their specialty. Subversive association without direct gore posting should be easy right?

Attached: d5389acbcd895e25b8474e5ebe96b85458dbad0be7c94389ff6119de3dffe3b5.png (397x202, 44.63K)

Just checked and snipped this from a different version. He knew and tried to warn us.

Attached: Mein Kampf - Destroy Whites.JPG (366x174, 50.3K)

Way ahead of you.

Attached: DIVERSITY.jpg (2200x1485, 1.02M)

She's 63 years old, looks better than 95% of women at that age.

d i s g u s t i n g

what in the ever living fuck is that thing? it looks like someone made a photo black and white and then did some highlights on it

This is getting almost no attention on Twitter, don't know if that's good or bad.

Looks to be a Nilotid, they are the darkest people on earth.

Thats ok, for us. But lets be honest, normalfags are fucking cowardly cucks whom cannot stand anything off the 'norm'. Rainbows and puppy dogs, it needs to be subversive in its association. Most normalfags when they see that pic are going to either close it out or tune out any message rather than dig long enough to even read it. And spreading such an image seems an issue. We find dead nigglets hilarious, but normalfags still see this worthless shit as the same species as them.

There is a reason when the shills and newfags get to be a bit much goreposting becomes a thing. The other pic had an aids fag clearly on deaths door, but nothing directly 'bad' or what would turn off the mind of an npc. Instead they focus on the pic of family collectives first, this allows them to dwell on the pic long enough for 'our' message to be pushed into their mind associating the advert with the disease and death of a person as well as the feelings of loss from close family that comes of being near such an product. I get fully why advertising wouldn't want to risk this kind of thing.

Your's, its a bit too blunt. To Obscure in wording, and it wont last long enough in their face for their mind to pick up the message and turn association with disgust with this product in their mind into something they will come back to.



oh wait nevermind

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In a sense we already are. But we need to go upscale with it. Pepe and the Australian glassing your face are powerful but crude. Powerful because they are crude. For what you want we need to be slick and professional. There are people lurking here with the skillz.

WTF is that on the cover of GQ? Looks like someone Bog posted on their cover….

Attached: bog before pol.png (726x478, 827.77K)

Oh it is so disgusting I think I just vomited in my mouth looking at that first picture.

Not only will they not replace us, but WE WILL HAVE ETHNOGLOBE.

Someone need to inform those nigger bitches that they are not part of Western culture.

What the FUCK ‘race’ is that thing (I don’t know what it is because it looks just like a fucking tranny)…on the front cover?

Fuck that comment section is hilarious. When did facejew get so based and redpilled?

Usually southern people do not use y’all twice in a singular statement.


Whites have the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing heart.

The thing with Benetton was that it was so in your face and ubiquitous. I first saw it in Italy in 1985. It wasn't just everywhere, it was HUGE. Massive street level billboards everywhere, and fuck their knitted sweaters the core of their business, it was peddling miscgenation, positively screaming it in your face everywhere you went. Then they decided to go the next step in social justice war; they decided that the public was so thirsty to appear "woke" that they started in with AIDS and criminals and war zone atrocities. And surprisingly all those hedonistic smiling imbeciles that eagerly flocked to Madonna Live Earth concerts holding up a forest of glowing iPhones to take exactly the same photo of exactly the same pre recorded lip synched concert as everyone else, didn't buy it. And just as suddenly as they appeared in Technicolor Panavision, they disappeared from the malls and everywhere. I seem to remember the GAP coming in to take their place, both physically in the malls and their targeted demographic. I missed out on the 80 to 95 era; I was working 2 full time jobs, and lately I'll get a bit sentimental listening to Roxy Music or Portishead and wish I could have partied more, but then I'll remember the Benetton phenomenon and all the other evil jew faggotry we got shoved down are throats, and the masses of really slimy, treacherous weak hedonists that were swarming everywhere, extolling Madonna and Michael Jackson and then I'll just shake my head and say "…I'm glad I worked so hard and avoided that sickening crap…all those MTV music videos…women with padded shoulders.."

fuck that shit.

"One of these things is not like the others, one of these thing just doesn't belong."

Or capable of reviving the dead after they burn the coal?

First of the memes. Fresh out the oven

Attached: versacesoycuck.png (500x1500, 514.55K)

Nigga what

Attached: 13933f86b6e7441aff502373f6d45e0c38d573a9330e086721da92b7c55e3761.png (600x600, 205.94K)

Who is the tranny you keep posting?

No U
Patrician as fuck. You might want to note than an ellipses has THREE periods though, if you're going to go the whole writing angle.

IDK that looks like some serious albino nigger to me. What do you guys think…maybe 1/4 albino nigger? Reminds me of the part nigger bitches that kike used to post of supposedly IDF ‘girls’ although to me they just looked like puffy part niggers.


Attached: Shut it down the goyfriend know _6443eb8c6598fbf04a7dd76c22f7c982.png (354x504, 105.99K)

That would be a 6 year old nigger realizing, for the first time ever, that the arms moving around it are actually HIS arms. They grow up so fast, don't they?



Attached: 007a9588e8d9b62375e806ca74e6f096e650e222f6cff727d5a15c1dc9cf41d8.jpg (604x402, 50.62K)

OMG it is like someone threw acid in his face. He looks like the ‘melted male’ version of that ugly assed fucking tranny blonde bitch that has peppered this thread…she looks like some burned her with acid as well…why are they so fucking shiny and melted looking. I feel like I am in Brazil.

Attached: D97A9AC1-0205-4D31-8D4A-2DB55A53DEB5.jpeg (970x547, 107.91K)

A POZZED up faggot marries another POZZED up melted fucking UGLY AS FUCK OLD MAN who can bang him in the ass 24/7…guess what? It was our fault for not BOGGING GLOBOHOMO the second we saw him rear his melted fucking ugly assed face.

No user, you can purchase ‘likes’ either from administrators OR from farms all over the world where ‘real accounts’ are paid to like something…they get click lists and they are paid something rediculously low to click shit.

God it's all coming back to me now…

Attached: benetton-ad-3.jpg (696x462 23.52 KB, 35.78K)

I really do not understand this entire meme. I don’t get peoples fascination with it at all.

Temperaments, political stances, and even intellects have a highly genetic component and so ARE inheritable.

Attached: 3dba3b40dd784e6a2d2c23c2c469b2523a1dd867c7e5b96eb74fbcd23ca86774.png (990x682, 308.5K)

Attached: FW_1991_Priest_and_nun.jpg (1620x1159, 92.12K)

That bottom one…untied colors of White Genocide…NOW THAT IS A BRUTAL MEME…I wish we could get the crimes scene photos of the clothing of all the nigger murder victims and maybe the blood stained personal items like a blood stained purse or iPad and just sub out the GENOCIDE PUSHERS current add with the items that belong to the victims of their genocide pushing. Like a purse that belonged to Pamela Mastiaono and make that a ‘Versace’ purse…every time they post one of these race mixing genocide commercials WE POST ONE BACK OF THE VICTIMS OR SINGLE MOTHERS THAT EXACTLY MIMICS THEIRS.

United Colors of Benetton would turn the whole world brown.

Yeah like the dried blood of their victims, farm murder style.
It is all so tiresome….when are we going to make the push for ETHNOGLOBE.

Why don't you show what is so interesting about this using screencaps? Most people here don't have facebook or are banned from it.

I guess we don’t even have to get the clothing…just get SOME CLOTHING that is close enough and put pig blood and other ground up bits of brain etc on it and photograph it in the same style and rip off the advertising style and graphics to make our point.

The problem would be the ubiquity. That shit was in your face. Maybe a lot of you are too young to remember it all. It was intolerable particularly in tandem with all the other shit the kikenvermin "globalists" were shoving down our throats.
And a lot of people really ate it up.

Attached: A-Benetton-advert-featuri-007.jpg (2048x1152 69.58 KB, 424.16K)

Oh, did you not notice? The time is NOW. Well, technically it's ALWAYS now. Which means it's always a good time to save the entire goddamn planet. Are you one of the 5 originators? We were arguing the other day about who really launched the ethnoglobe movement 'round these parts. Then again, only that one chick actually coined the phrase "ethnoglobe", I had to glom onto that the first time I saw it. I might be willing to hand the title to her

Attached: 1437706710235.jpg (538x807, 296.59K)

They can artificially increase the like ratio in order to astro turf

You literally are your genes.

Oh holy crap…I thought those were memed mockeries of UCB. I didn’t know those were actually, ugh fucking degenerate, ‘actual commercials’. Oh disgusting!!

I am that ‘ETHNOGLOBE’ chick…
;) but I don’t mind sharing…because I always thought it was so cute that we would do similar OP’s at almost the same time. I couldn’t help but wonder how our brains got so entangled.

==BOYCOTT VERSACE== Meme this into existance!

Respect white existance - or expect our resistance'


United we fight - against white genocide


I am already boycotting ALL products from Shitrael, Gilette and will ad Versace.

Oh I could tell. Not only will I give you credit I'll even admit that a woman did it. Just don't tell anyone else I said that, I have a misogynist reputation to uphold

Attached: 156136e463ebf7c6816b829a6f6296d11ae0aa9b433005eeb1b8d5c06a1f3d79.jpg (430x320, 19.23K)

Plastic surgery makes you age horribly.