Many of you believe the movement needs a name and while remaining true to the FÜHRER and his teachings, should abandon more overt references to him and the NSDAP, at least until we have gained a foothold.

Therefore, I propose our movement brand itself as the New, or Neo-Rexist Party - Marching under the banner of the crown and black sun. A banner with a true and honorable European legacy yet without the baggage of the NSDAP.


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Which? The Rexist crown or the Black Sun? I would argue neither have the baggage of the Hakenkreuz… The Rexist crown is literally unknown by the majority of the mainstream and the Black Sun, while getting some press because of it's use by the hero Brenton Harrison Tarrant, is still obscure and unknown by most.

Youre american right? Well anyway, even if people wouldnt recognise it; a movement that gains momentum with such symbols inevitably buckle under its baggage. Baggage you claim to remove yourself from.

Lurk more



But I like that baggage.

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This is an underage b& kid who posts this shit in like every thread. He's the only faggot who says Alert all the time and he's 17. Fuck off back to 4cucks kid.

Also wanting to bring back the Rexist movement makes me a fed? Faggot I am sure any feds on here don't even know what the fuck a Rexist is.

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Are you scared of the word Fascist you fucking newfag?

Of course not.

Call yourself what you are, use the symbols of your cause.
Opticscucking will get you nowhere.


Poorly disguised attempt to shill for (((monarchism)))

kys masonigger

It has nothing to do with monarchy you fucking retard. Leon Degrelle was the leader of the movement, the man Hitler said if he had had a son, he would've wanted him to be like Degrelle.

Why can't we just call ourselves the Pro-White party?

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pic related

Does rexist still exist?


Because that would make too much sense

And we would all be assassinated in day one.


Autism is killing us.

How about you use your time to prepare for an all out war for the survival of your existence? Or you can keep playing "avoiding the elephant in the room" -politics.

The attorney general wants to show himself in positive light National Socialism. In the head of the dispute with Fredrik Wedzend, his national socialism defence in the Court of Göta.

Fredrik Wedzdeland "hate language " requirements. Wedzdelend, editor of the news website Nordfront.se, the suspect, and several portable "hate language" convicted for the publication in the article.

This is the speech he gave to the crime now: national heart, "life socialism" of life in, Hitler, "zog is dead", and " crush zion" Adolf Hitler was a great, modern Hero of time. "Interpretation fact" and other rhetorical methods to give to those who are provincial attorney examiner General case, and the building use straw cruz was executed. Hitler, interpretation, and right behind him, and interpretation of bias, knowing that he was a racial hatred, violence and massacre, when tribulation or persecution arises because–because when he's in the same court nordfront, I suspect we are Standing, you purpose national socialism, and he stood.

Hitler was a hero in the 20th century and it should stay that way.
He may be an inspiration, but the world needs new heroes.

If only their was dregelle around.




All far right philosophies deserve a place in the forum of ideas. I may not agree but I'll defend to the death your right to say it etc.

Hitler literally said that monarchy/feudalism was shit because it could put weak, incompetent, or non-altruistically driven men into positions over power over your folk. He made this criticism after visiting the King of Italy and meeting with royalty first hand.

That reminds me too much of Neoreactionary, pedantic elitist fags. Chose another, faggot.



Hitler met the king of italy?


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This exactly. The Swastika is found in all parts of the globe from time immemorial, and the basic building doctrines of Racialist Facism (or National Socialism if you’re not a retard trying to beat about the bush) is inherent to nature. Meanwhile Rexism is literally who and was probably started by some homosexual masons and/or Jesuits.

making a new "movement" every 3 days won't help much

Personally, I still favour

But since this is an important issue, what is the Rexist position on various European nations invading each other for imperialistic reasons and then ethnically cleansing the native population?
Because that seems to be a problem with neo-cons on this board who want Germany to do that.

I vote no.


Here in Germany where display of the Hakenkreuz, sig runes and many other symbols is forbidden and punishable the black sun has become the by far most poular symbol among the far right. It's used as a placeholder for forbidden symbols, is popular for tattoos, website designs ,avatars on social media, clothing, stickers, flyers….
and it's probably the same all over europe

You Stormtards are fucking mentally ill.

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millons of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice

who are you going to fool?

Die, you subversive cretin.

This is Zig Forums and Zig Forumsacks
Fuck off kike.

and sure as hell this is nationalism's fault

Absolutely fucking gay, both in name and your logo
Fuck the kings 1776 forever

And meanwhile every God damn 7/11 is ran by a god damn Arab…honestly this is systematic discrimination hell I would go so far as to say the federal government is behind all this horse shit

Those who coerce others, by any means of coercion be it with their fists or lies, do live ever afterwards in pits of manipulation. Submit not to lies, neither hearing nor telling, and cast down those too weak to achieve a fully reciprocated ethic. For in the interests of all is found the interests of all, and the progress of the world has always had its root in truth.

Be not the enslavement that is authoritarianism, but retain the pride and trust required to emit truth and hear it. Master yourselves, and you will find a world less in need of mastering. Seek peace in truth, and you need not be weakened by the pursuit of enslaved mastery.

I have been doing this exactly OP. I've pretty much subverted two churches into monarchism while also pointing out the monarch has to actually follow god / be a good king not a tyrant and using the Bible to make the case (very easy to do, as the bible is explicitly pro-monarchy all throughout it).

I sometimes let slip things here and there about the NSDAP and I also refuse to ever talk bad about them, only good things, but I tread carefully. Meanwhile I can espouse monarchism and teach them what are all NSDAP ideas under the guise of monarchism. Eventually I might switch them over to full fascist but even if I don't, as long as they end up on board with all the right ideas, it makes no difference what we call ourselves in the end.


As a Canadian being pan-European is completely natural and trying to be some kind of Canadian Nationalist is not…

Pan-Europeanism is no different from Multiculturalism

Some of us don't get along with each other and it's completely stupid to put everyone together in the same state just because we're white. Most of the retards pushing this autistic ideology are nazbol scumbags shilling their desire of creating a new Soviet Union

There is someone on here that keeps calling everyone a fed/glow/cia/provocateur no matter what we try to do.

If you guys want a better name I suggest we call ourselves the meme party or the Zig Forums party.

I think if we called ourselves the meme party and started having people actually sacrificing themselves for the cause it would grow like wildfire and we'd soon have our nations under Zig Forums doctrine very quick.

Don't the nsdap and monarchy contradict one another?

Fuck off nigger, you will never be white.

check the wayback machine and archive.is of this thread, mods are deleting posts

All the white nations have similar culture and history and if they were united we would take over the world

Just need to get rid of usury and central banking.

We should have a codename of warriors symbolizing a gathering of many people from several different nations, but with specifications for sympathetic ideology that you love.
There is a code name that identifies a meeting of warriors and they are:
Templars: an old cross-order
Ustase: a Croatian paramilitary group in World War II.
party: pro-Soviet resistance of informal military groups.
Crusader: holy warrior of the catholic church.
Mujahideen: Islamic fighters very similar to the Crusader.
Pro-whites must have something like that.
I like the term crusader and templar, but they are very abused terms from various conservatives.
I have a suggestion, what do you think of the name "Cruciman" ??? Does not it look cool? "cruci" is a Latin word for "cross".


How the fuck is this spam?

We're not (((Republicans))) over here, Chaim.

Three Kings Ultimate Triad.

European Unity of Tri-Rex.

King Science.

King Christian.

King Pagan.

Three sons. One a king. One a noble. One a citizen.

The three kings take turns ruling.

First the Pagan King, whom we need NOW.

Then the Son of the Chosen Atheist King, whom we will need to develop our science and technological prowess.

And then the Son of the Son of the Chosen Christian King, who will deliver Law and Justice to the people.

And then the Son of the Son of the Son of the Pagan King will rule again!

The three kings of European heritage will specialize in their attributes, and due to the fact that their direct descedent will not only be made into a peasant, not for just one generation, but for two, corruption will be impossible.

It will take three generations for the descendant of the current king to rule again, eliminating the lust for power, the grooming of corruption, and the monotomy of a culture that cannot evolve.

The Pagan King returns us to tradition, returns us to our ancestors, returns us to our blood, our land, our customs and cultures.

The Scientific King drives away built up superstition, outdated traditions and customs, and ushers forth an age of science and innovation. Glorious invention and a new world.

And the Christian King balances the other two, by delivering law and justice. The Scientific King will most certainly begin to mutate the fastest, and degeneracy may arise, so the time is ripe for harvest.

Thus the Christian King shall deliver this justice.

But when the Christian King's law and justice goes too far, then it is time for balance. A return to the old ways, thus the Pagan King rules upon the single throne and the people remember the olden times.

And when people grow too nostalgic, then it is time for the King of Science to rule once more.

A double interruption in ruling generations to prevent corruption.
To live as a mere citizen for two generations, before once more being the chosen Blood of Europe.

But who will start?

I will start as the King of Science. But of course, I mandate that the current ruler is the Pagan King. We need to go back to our roots currently, so it's time for the Pagans to rule.

I vote for absolute submission to the Pagan King.

But who is that King? We must find a man of noble blood, a man with a family, a man with a root. A man with a future, and a man with a glorious past.

If you are that man, speak now.

Who will pull the sword from the stone?

The Pagan king must rise.

Traditionally, it is considered Holy to hate the jew. A grace state of high holiness. Not just a passing emotion, or an affectation attached to assorted historical facts and observations; but a refined religious state of soul. Holy Hatred is real.

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Which is why they are saying hatred is a bad thing.

but user, we do have a word like that
it's "nazi"

How would any party rise up without getting fucked over?
I been wondering about this.

So where will this new party be meeting up? Will there be marches and protests like the parties in Europe?

Look it up maybe op is or isn't.

Isnt it rhe jew hated no matter what?

Nazi is not a codename of warriors, it is only abbreviation of National Socialism. It has to be something totally unique, I like the term "light white" or "whiter", but it's better for something less explicit. The term "cruci" looks good, as it resembles a cross-warrior codename.

I do very much like Degrelle, however, I doubt that this would take off. The original Rexists in Belgium peaked in 1936, and only remained relevant since World War II broke out.

Bump for interest.

Can you mentally ill stormfags kill yourselves already.

You first spamming kike

Do any of you know what Rexism even is? What does emphasizing the social kingship of Christ have to do with the Black Sun or ethno obsession? Degrelle wasn't a race worshiper (unlike the Jews), he was a devout Catholic who understood the value of different European cultures, and wanted to prove Belgian's value to the Reich as to retain independence. Perhaps my aversion to the black sun or other shady symbols is to blame for my dislike of equating the Rexist symbol and that.

JEWRY is to be hated, not the Jew. Jews can be converted from the Satanic clique that is Judaism. This is the Catholic viewpoint, given the topic of Rexism

I don't understand how Islamic warriors can be equated with Christ or the cross. It's not the fighting that is necessarily important here, it's the ideology which is being defended: In this case, not Islam, but Christianity

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Careful, anti-White. Keep meming that we're ISIS and your wish may come true.
You really don't want a White ISIS because we'd actually win.

Lol! No one is scared or you sheep fucking cowards. BTW I'm a W.A.S.P.

Do not grade evils user.
For if you deem one to be the worst, you may be tempted to kinship with the least.

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