CuckChan down again?

What happened to Cuckchan this time? Is it involving something with the glowniggers being cucks again?

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Works okay here…

It's working but my captcha is down. Fucking bag of shit. Fucking hate. Can't wait until Whites have their shit together so I don't have to use the chans again.

Great! Now you can both go back.

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It's working for me. There is some issue with adblock if you are using it.

I posted repeatedly how, without taking political sides, they could completely defeat the disruption campaigns by enforcing existing rules. They never listened, they didn't enforce their own rules, they tolerated off-topic and question prompt bots, all the while babbling about how Zig Forums was responsible for anti-Zig Forums trolls.
Fuck them, I hope they bury their children and then die in a fire. They had every opportunity to do the right thing and insisted on diving headfirst into David Brock's lap.
As the Muslim devil greets sinners entering their hell, did no one warn you?

Found the kike…

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based schizo poster

If the voices in your head tell you to kill politicians and journalists in call of duty modern warfare, you should probably go for a high score.

Pretty weird so many people are using schizo today.

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Works ok here, but the Daily Stormer is down.

It's a meme to explain anons that we really do have the schizophrenic among us.

Why would shills who try to gaslight you use vocabulary out of an psychological diagnosis manual though?

test it with
just europe blocked
change your ip to some more freedom loving country with

Theres a problem on 8ch right now where they are retarded boomers who come in and display posting styles that are symptomatic of schizophrenia. There isn't really a meme name for them, so people just call them schizo posters. You would know this if you weren't a wet-behind the ears new faggot.

Please explain, since it will be my first experience with censorship as a Norwegian.

I'm not going to bother with using tor, btw.

Well moshe, than prepare your ass for ZOG.

If Anglin can't get his website back on the plain web, then I'm not going to bother to read it.

Perhaps I'll bother with tor if/when everything gets shut down, but not for one website.

If Anglin or weev can't make a thread on why they were shut down in Europe, who was responsible with names, and ways to get around it, then they don't deserve European readers.

(((Anglin & weev)))

Everybody knows about the bots on the Internet you retard.