Der Marsch Zum Führer (The March to the Führer) WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Hey guys.. The full version of the German Hitler Youth film Der Marsch Zum Führer (The March to the Führer) with full English subtitles was uploaded on JewTube today:

I suggest anyone with an interest in the NatSoc or the Hitlerjugend check it out. Found this channel a couple weeks back and he has a lot of similar content all with English subs.

I figured you guys would like this… And a question to the thread: Do you think the German's use of propaganda in the medium of film was effective, and has anyone else ever used it so well since? Could we utilize it in a similar fashion in the future? What are the best examples of this in NSDAP era Germany?

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Hitler is dead and he failed.
Please stop shilling your youtube. You can upload webms or mp4 here. You dont need to host externally.

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This, upload directly here. What good motive could you possibly have to give (you)s and metadata to YouTube? Sure, call him and me a Jew, that makes a lot of sense since you're a fed who knows nothing about our culture and you think this is just teenagers calling each other names.

Because I am at work on my phone, I can't be arsed to download and upload to here, not to mention once the thread gone the video would be gone. Posting a fucking YouTube link doesn't make anyone a kike or a Fed. Someone whining about said fact however…

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Jewtube wont let me use youtube-dl to download it, ow, what a surprise
What the fuck can I do when I cant make it work?

pls respond

well since OP decided to abandon his own thread I inform that I was able to get the DL working if anyone cares.

where's the webm fren?

Sage negated.

Youtube-dl handles it just fine.
When was the last time you updated it? Fixes are constantly being implemented, so you MUST keep updating it to have as few problems as possible.


This worked for me

Cool I will share this, thanks!

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Right in the feels. Excellent movie user, thanks


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Lets get back on topic.
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wow actually a good thread.

many people around the world in opressive regimes cannot access this content.

upload it here.

Think a bit of the file size limit


Thanks for sharing OP. White race is the most valuable asset in nature and National Socialism is the peak of it. Always good to see more information about it.

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Were going to reach that peak one day.

Happy late birthday


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Thanks bros, don't know how I missed this thread. Keep it alive.

Use you boomer. You can download the video without connecting to (((Google))).

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Those films which are tagged on that page, are they uploaded?

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Click at the torrent or Show All

Actually no, I realized they've disappeared from the archive. Needs a fix brb!VBMkyQ7Q!iLWU1Dbq9nGcd1K3p7cGLQ!q3ITVQhb!s06Tfk4I6ElgsjFiKOkQHA

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