Right next to Venezuela.. who woulda thunk!!

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What weapon will you guys be using in the zombie apocalpyse? For me its pic related

On a serious note, every mythology of the world has some kind of undead/living dead that devour the living.


“Gatekeeper, Lo! open thy gate!
Open thy gate that I may enter!
If thou openest not the gate to let me enter,

I will break the door, I will wrench the lock,
I will smash the door-posts, I will force the doors.

I will bring up the dead to eat the living.
And the dead will outnumber the living.“

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Great question! but highly distractionary towards thread topic!

Wow, why the fuck would any of these people be airlifted anywhere? Who thought this was a good idea?

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Guyana is nigger zamboland because of the slave trade

We know from previous epidemics already that transportation of contagious poz is never a good idea.

Inb4 they learn the hard way due to being retards(again).

Give them some white women and kool aid for this curse the white devil has cast upon them!

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I won’t be using any weapon, I’ll just go to my cabin by the stream and live there forever, finally able to relax knowing that civilization will not come to demand tribute of me or they’ll kick me off my little plot of land

in conclusion, fuck agriculture

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not yay, every cuck will just petition the goverment to bring them to america or a white country

Niggers user , niggers. Also jews


Ebola-Chan will always be my love, but this new disease sounds very promising.

Why not both? Have a mistress AND a lady friend

Maybe she won't mind.

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Trudeau logic right there


Kill the jew first then the nigger

There is probably a couple of niggers already in america/europe undetected with ebola

TB(formerly extinct disease) is also on the rise in white nations, totally memory holed subject. iirc my nation already kids/people have been caught getting tubercolosis in at least 2 kindergartens.

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A tiny bit more info on this.

user, we love her because she kills niggers.

Doubtful there are any Ebola niggers in the US unfortunately. Just way too obvious a disease. TB is on the rise though I can tell you that I've dealt with it on the public health side. Mexicans are bringing it over like fucking crazy, and when they cram 20-30 migrant workers in one home they all end up with it.

what the fuck does that even mean? is this some soyboy meme or something?

im talking about reality, not some gay meme shit.

… thats antisemitic


You can protect yourself with $50 of shit from Home Depot. Ebola is easy to avoid if you aren't fucking dumb. It's not even airborne literally easier to catch the flu.

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Ebola-Chan is doing her part to Make Africa Great Again.

Are you?

The idea is that since only niggers live in squalor-enough conditions for Ebola to actually be a problem, white people have nothing to fear due to actually knowing how to protect and treat themselves as has stated.

Of course, the Jew forcing his immigration meme and bringing the infected niggers to white countries means that we shouldn't be completely lax, but that doesn't change the situation or what we're trying to do; keep niggers out of white countries.

actually no


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Is there a non - viral flu?

As far as I'm aware, there have been no confirmed cases of airborne human-to-human infection.
The Reston strain is a different story, but that one only affects monkeys.

Who cares, lol

So zero evidence that it can be transmitted by airborne methods in humans, gotya.

Nope. Flu is the influenza virus. If it wasn't a virus it wouldn't be the flu!

Time to break out O'l reliable.

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I'd believe the study more than i believe you buddy, They didn't wear those NBC suits for nothing when they wrangled a couple of those niggerlovers back to an american hospital on video 2yrs ago.

Airborne and aerosolized are two very different things medically speaking. Aerosolized droplets settle while airborne doesn't

Well, you're wrong, but at least you got to be a smug cunt about it. Good for you!


In other words: NOT. AIRBORNE. Likely not spread by droplet infection either.

Just niggers being stupid enough to touch someone who's bleeding from all orifices.

Thanks.Said "viral influenza " in the op.

That does sound a lot like what's happening around us right now. We are being outnumbered by organisms that appear to be more dead than alive. The Golem. I've always fantasized about the zombie apocalypse, though I've never imagined it be like this.

m4 or an hk416, 17, glock, shotgun, and squad mounted machine gun, you?

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Which is why Ebola-chan isn't going save the world.

I KNEW IT! That manga shit will kill you!

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It goes way beyond that. Niggers will break into a secure morgue to rescue the bloody mess of their son's corpse for a proper funeral. Proper funerals in this part of the world usually involve everybody touching the body and then dabbing away tears from their eyes. Also, holding their children over to kiss the body goodbye.

Gentlemen, we are literally watching niggers evolve to be less stupid by means of mass natural selection. It won't finish in our lifetimes, but I predict the average African IQ might rise as high as 75 by the year 3200 AD.

I choose distance.

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Has Madagascar closed its ports?

mad as fuck


and also having sex with it.

going through the reviews for that and I found this gem

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It means lurk moar, faggot.

the more and more I think about it, roasties shouldn't vote, be employed or even have access to computers or the internet. typical roastie review. Listen to the 6 books on audiobook during the drive to work, or on the way home, it'll then consume your entire weekend, and you be prepared for when it happens.

if you remain alive and survive when it happens.


ZQN when?

What would you use though, user? A pink rotating dildo I bet.