Hitler, Turks, and Constantinople - My History programming is Malfunctioning

I'm studying history like usual with my Hitler did nothing wrong t-shirt on.

I assume hitler wants to take Constantinople back for whites.

Why was Germany allied with Turkish invaders in both world wars? Do Turks want to leave annotolia and go back to their central Asian homelands? I mean, that's what national socialism is all about right? Socialism but only among your own nation clan or family, in your own ancestral family homelands, right?

Or did Turkey somehow infect Austria, and then infected Germania, and then set us upon our own peoples by confusing us?

My fucking face when I'm understanding history more and more and not fucking understanding why white man fought each other while the Turk suffered one battle of Gallipoli?


What the fuck are our priorities here. I might have to rewire my whole fucking brain wondering how the fuck my glorious hero hitler fits into all this. Are the turks our dumb friends on the wrong land? Or are they an ancient enemy of all white people?

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Countries don't have friends, they have interests.

No he doesn't, constantinople is totally irrelevant place, it's been in turk hands for 500 years and it is only a small patch.

Turkey didn't participate in world war 2 until the end when it joined allied forces.

You have to understand people didn't care much for race back then, whites killed whites all the time, only thing what mattered was nationality. This white race thing is a modern pheonomeon only because we all suffer from all kinds of subhumans infesting our lands. This didn't happen before so they didn't have as much reason to be that race oriented.

Also turks are turks, some are yugoslav/mediterranean by blood, some are total darkies. Ancient enemy of the white race, it doesn't make sense because whites have never been an allied force. You can be an enemy to one white country and not be to another.
Today they are islamic and non-white obviously and infesting Germany, so they're not our allies, but enemies.

Not as an immediate objective but the one to deal with after he nursed back to health.

What? Okay maybe you just don't know yet. Research Hercules, Titanomachy, Battle of Troy, Byzantium pre and post Christianity.

hitler did. that's why people liked him

Russian slavs are like our family brothers and sisters. People are aware of this, especially after Attila the hun and ghengis khan when we almost all found ourselves cornered into Britain or scandanavia.

I'm just talking about the turks. The race that controls turkey. They look closer to persain white and mongoloid mix.

Without realizing it, our collective actions orchestrated by a higher collective consciousness, just completely due to how people really separate into groups based on what we look like.

after he nursed EUROPE back to health

Islam isn't a threat to a strong nation. Even the Croat Usteče were more toletant of Islamic Croatians than they were of orthodox christianity. They viewed islam as a way to preserve their race.

As much as i hate to say it, white shariah might be the only way out from here.

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mfw pic related O_o

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Towards the end of the Ottoman Empire the Turks were routinely used by European powers as a hedge against other rivals and as a source of banking/arms profit. The Ottoman military was actually commanded at times and restructured in the late 19th century by hired German officers.

During the Russo-Turkish Wars, the British actually stepped in to bail the Ottomans out from being overrun by the Russians and pushed out of Thrace and the Bosphorus. The British turned around and fought the Ottomans just a few decades later in WWI, though before the war broke out the British assumed the Ottomans would not participate because they wouldn't survive it. The move for Constantinople was really borne out of opportunism more than anything else.

Man I wish you had some dubs or trips or something I could notice but your words will suffice. This will be our key to victory. No more brother wars will finally be this reality. My imagination is running wild and I am very creative.
This will end very well for white people and it won’t end so well for most darkies so yeah good luck everyone
*claps hands
Ready set go

honor the dead. dont embarrass 8pol by posting pictures like that. decent humans honor the dead, just saying.

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8pol is
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my guess is you fall into the idiot category. if you weren't white i'd have nothing to do with you.

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The vast majority of arab islam agrees with tarant. they would actually join our cause if onl we honored the fucking dead. that is fucking wargaming 101

only shills and idiots are posting that shit. fuq off with your satanic babblings. living is about beautiful life. you glorify death. fuk off shill.

fuck off. never forget those subhumans attacked ebbas grave multiple times

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Checked dubs
Yes that is what I did
Don’t even worry about it

We need an all white planet. Less than one hundred million people total on this planet all whites

Only a faggot would embrace the bondage of yet another sandnigger religion after the lessons we've learned of them all thus far. Fuck off.

jesus was whiter than you

and we're better than that. anyone in my family that desacrates a grave is gon get whoooped.
Don't stoop to their level.

you're right tbh, it's a petty nigger-tier thing to do that accomplishes nothing


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Anyway, enough of this debate over optics. Back to the topic of the thread.

I need to know hitler's inner politics that explain what was going on back then.

Kill yourself you disgusting Slav apologist. Shills like you will get the rope too when the time has come.

No he wasn’t he was illegitimate offspring of a jew whore and shit kind of got out of hand
Also there is no ZERO historical record of any sort of Herrodian genocide of all babies under two or whatever. Oh yeah that bigger abraham was a nigger and adamites can go fuck themselves colectively. You included pal

Thank you good sir. Slavs are not white they are mutt weird fish looking creatures

His inner politics? Halt the Soviet invasion of Europe. The turks weren't even on the radar.

That's because Hitler wasn't a Christian. To him spending time and effort for "retaking the City of Constantinople" or whatever would be useless when you have all these other powers controlled by jews. He worked with Muslims to remove jews because to him that was the biggest threat to Germany's survival. Why do you think the jews had to go after any and all Ba'athism across the Middle-East? Why do the jews hate Assad?

There were even Islamic SS units and even Muslim SS units fighting in Berlin when the city fell to the Communists.

that makes sense. what about his inner politics, like his view germany allying with turks. he must of been just prioritizing himself with constantinpole coming after pacifying europe itself.

so this is the power, of jew propaganda

Because of the same reasons WW1 took place; shit happens.

Mussolini absolutely hated Hitler, but the Brits refused to ally with him. So, he took what he could get and allied with Germany.
Francisco Franco refused to join Germany for fuck knows what reason other than he was a little bitch and feared Britain.
Hitler loved the British, and pleaded with them not to go to war,. Bankers decided that wasn't going to fly. Even during war, Hitler had no invasion plan of Britain, and explicitly ordered his units to allow Brits to escape back across the Channel.
Japan wanted again partner with what they saw as their similar island-power, Britain. That didn't pan out, and so they took what they could get and went with Germany.

The war was a shitshow. Alliances were made out of necessity, not ideals.

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Confirmed Jew
First day on the job? Your nose glows
I'm not even a XPfag but I know there's only one group that hates Jesus with a burning passion like yours

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Italy and Japan both wanted war with Britain, not the Soviets, and tried to convince Germany to hold off on the USSR. Germany and the USSR were going to war though. The Germans needed Romanian oil, and the Soviets were bent on invading, they had been prodding for years.

I’m not a jew , my ancestors lived in caves in Germany more than forty thousand years ago. I’m not arguing anything. I’m stating fact. Jesus was born to a jew mother who got knocked up and didn’t want to get stoned to death so she made up an elaborate story of becoming impregnated by the spirit of god. That is not how it works biologically friend. An egg has to be fertilized by a sperm. Surely you understand that?

It's my thought that Matthew Luke are the onyl birth books. mark and john are my only canon. not even paul. there are different viewpoints on how jewish christianity is/should be.

To be quite honest I don’t really give a fuck what is in the ( ( ( bible) ) ) or in what order. It’s all nonsense and me and my family will pass thanks

Turkey wasn't a threat. Bolshevism was.

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Yeah. Adolf must of had some thoughts about constantinople tho

You're the same jew who's shat up other threads in the wake of Christchurch, I can tell by your post content and your obsession with turdks and central asia.

And the roach exposes itself
Hahahaha you’ll never ever ever be white

You'll never be a gentile.

Okay, you're a jew.

And I'm pretty sure you're the same as op. Maybe YOU'RE the turdk.

GAURDS this woman has lost its composure








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Because Greeks and Armenians are not white and should’ve been completely massacred off the face of the earth along with Assyrians. The Ottoman Empire was ruined by these parasites with the help of kikes.

Have you ever heard of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Why would you forsake what little political and military support when you’re surrounded on all sides, why would you want to add another enemy to your list when they aren’t actively engaging you? The entire reason Germany had attacked Russia was because it was quite obvious how large their imperial ambitions were, Bolshevism and global communism necessitates taking the globe, and all communist revolutions or attempted coups were funded by Jewish international bankers, which already had complete control over the monarchy of England since the end of the Napoleonic era. So despite the attempts at peace, Churchill ignored them and vowed to wipe out the German as a proxy for his puppet masters. That’s why the third position is against both capitalism and communism. They’re two sides of the same coin. WWII was a war for, first and foremost, German sovereignty and independence, followed by European sovereignty from international banking cartels.

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Worthless nigger didn't even advance in rank on his deployment

At least he’s slaying white pussy unlike you, beta boy.

gay bait

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keep refreshing and replying, i'm sure it's a good expenditure of your time

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Hitler gave his word numerous times and crossed his word. He double crossed Danes for example, he gave them a non aggression agreement when he was vulnerable and then invaded.

Such dishonorable people are unfit role models and unfit leaders. In the end, he and his movement lost because they walked the walk of their own (incorrect) ideas.

Hitler single handedly threw Whites into ruin. He destroyed Whites self belief, he caused more White deaths then any other person, he ruined French and British empires, he propelled communism and hedonism to victory. His rule brought a slight increase in fertility rates in Germany and instead of being satisfied for that, he selfishly threw the lives of Germans away for his own glory and impatience.

I am a fascist through and through but Hitler was the worst thing that happened to White race. Before Hitler, Whites were supreme race with race laws, segregation and EUGENICS. After Hitler, his stink disgusted everything race and blood related and IT IS AN OPEN QUESTION… if Whites will EVER recover from Hitler.

Dishonorable. Incorrect. Selfish. Impatient. Loser.

if it wasn't for operation barbarossa, the USSR would have conquered all of Europe

if Germany won WWII, we wouldn't be in the situation we're in now

No, the Americans did that. As for the Russians, after the war they more or less turned into a quasi-national socialist state in their own right.

Such awful bait, it doesn't even deserve a (you).

Why? Hitler was concerned about German land and German people. Just because it is a historically important city, doesn't mean it has anything to do with Germany.

Allied troops were betrayed at Gallipoli
so that a faggot jew Mustafa Kamal
could be put into power in turkey
so that Palestine could be transferred to
But if you want to hear this story you will have
to get it from the Muslims.
It seems the English (Jewish) history books have left this one out.

Alan Moorehead is an excellent writer and he explains the revolution of the Young Turks and Lyman Von Sanders who commanded the Turkish army against the British invaders.

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Not a real blond
Fat arms fat thighs.

A poo pig.

Where can I get one of those? Seems like they'd be pretty kampfy.

… Why? Why would Hitler be concerned with taking back Constantinople for Whites?
That doesn't really make much sense.
Who held Constantinople at the time? Was it Hitler's enemies or those friendly to Hitler's enemies?
Then what are you talking about?

Ask Britain.

How was that Germany's problem at the time?

Not really, no. And certainly not when reciprocated.

Yeah… So why would you expect Hitler - a German - embroiled in a war with British and French forces, amongst others, to prioritize Turks in Annatolia? That seems rather silly.

Because the White man has to deal with the jew my man. You must not have been reading your history too well, if your conclusion is that the White European man's REAL problem was the Turks.

Makes sense, doesn't it? Granted, it was also Churchill who orchestrated the war, so… And for that matter,

The only reason I can see that you'd think Churchill is a hero is if you're emotionally or personally invested in Constantinople or because you're a christian aka jew, so…

Not starting massive wars amongst European powers because one of those powers is attempting to take back their territory after another robbed them of it in a shifty fucking war that resulted in the robber soon after creating israel.
That's my position anyway.

No, the turks are sometimes-useful pawns on the board, who nobody has yet taken the time and effort to remove from said board.


Fucks sake.

But that means christianity has to go bro.

If you read the literature he's clearly not talking about all jews, but about the pharisees or whatever the fuck they were called, who he didn't like.

Rabbi Yeshua was basically the equivalent of a modern-day anti-fascist jewish subversive in israel who doesn't like Likkud and talks a bunch of shit on them, and you're the Evangelical dipshit in Tennessee trying to say he's decrying all forms of jewry.
Its sad, if somewhat droll.

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough
British command sent 30,000 of their
own troops to die as a gift to the Jews
so that the Ottoman Empire could be disbanded
and Palestine (British) could be transferred
to Rothschild.

1.) That is utter nonsense. USSR struggled to even take on Finland and lost to Poles and Afghans. The only reason why Russians won in the east is because it was a defense against extermination and because of western help.

2.) It is much easier to defend oneself on a single cohesive front rallying everyone into helping then waging an obvious retarded war of aggression for "living space" for a population with below replacement birth rates. Stupid Hitler. Another major reason for his war is to get oil. Idiot did not need that oil without wanting offensive blitzkrieg. WORK ON YOUR NUKES AND SYNTHETIC OIL RETARD HITLER!

3.) Even if Stalin took over Europe it would be better then hedonism and individualism. If USSR let Poland and Hungary into USA sphere it would not be any different then France, Austria or Germany. No Orban and no population aware of ethnic interests.

Still, even if he won, which he didn't because he was incorrect (stupid, bad leadership), he is still dishonorable prick for not keeping his word and double crossing people like a cowardly little snake bitch.

Stop defending a loser and a lieing cunt. A man is worth as much as his word.

Hey Zig Forums

You perfectly described stalin.


That's the single most retarded thing I've ever heard someone say and expect it to be taken seriously.

Daily Reminder
World War 2 started with the French and British declaration of war against Germany.
Without that declaration, World War 2 cannot happen.
The British and French started World War 2 by declaring war upon Germany on the basis of their treaty with Poland, nominally to defend Polish sovereignty.
After the war, at Yalta, the British and US handed Poland to the USSR in entirety.
Further, prior to Poland (which was reclamation of Prussian clay), Germany had not invaded any territory which had not been part of the German Empire or allied Austro-Hungarian Empire less than 20 years prior.

If Stalin hadn't tried to stab Hitler in the back - and failed at it - that would have been better than Stalinist Communists ruling Western Europe. You know this to be true.

Yet I and millions of others are still National Socialists carrying on his war nearly 100 years after he went into hiding in Argentina… Its almost like the war never actually ended, it just went cold for a little while… And you really shouldn't be calling others stupid when you don't even realize that WW2 was started by the Allies.

Stop defending a loser like Stalin, and maybe I'll take what you have to say more seriously, loser.

, he is still dishonorable prick for not keeping his word and double crossing people like a cowardly little snake bitch.

Stop defending a loser and a lieing cunt. A man is worth as much as his word.

I didn't think you were still around my man!

Tell me more about how upset you are that Hitler walked on your lawn while you were trying to remain "neutral".

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Hilter was the same faggot who completely dismissed Greece's superior strategic and military capabilities, simply because they didn't bend the knee the moment he asked and well-aware that its dictator at the time was a Germanophile. That's why he sided with roaches instead and possibly made a move that costed him the war.
Let's not forget he grew up in kike-infested Germany and while he shook off most of their propaganda to the point he hunted them down, they succeeded on corrupting his mind anyway.

and what did it gain the greeks to oppose hitler? hitler was absolutely right to take greece. they are too dumb a race to be allowed their own freedom of determination. it is the same with the french. you look at the greeks today and they are 56% faced and no longer the hercules and plato and aristotle that they once were. mostly greeks today are really turks, turks are really armenians, and armenians are really khazars.

Their not sending out their best.

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Byzantium is dead; Constantinople is a turkroach city and there's no particular benefit to having it. The only people obsessed with it are the same retards who want to live in Jerusalem because "muh bibble muh based jewish savior".

Lol, I am from Yugoslavia. My people actually dance to serbia strong genre. Hitler is a dishonorable cunt nonetheless. I love how asstakers like you have ZERO arguments just worthless bs.

Hitler ruined white people, eugenics and killed the most whte people in history. He was a cunt who could not be trusted, a worthless unwise leader. Only garbage who are deep down utter losers can idenfity with such a thorough snake and loser.

You assumed wrong, you nigger

They weren't you retard.

WW2 was inevitable because Hitler:

1.) broke Versailes aggreement by militarizing Rhineland to produce military equipment en masse signaling he wants peace, obviously, only a Jew would think otherwise!

2.) assasinated independent minded Austrian leaders, very peaceful and understandable, stfu Jew

3.) encroached upon soverignity of Chekoslovakia, GAVE HIS WORD ON MUNICH AGREEMENT, only Jews would not understand this

4.) Broke his word and took whole Chekoslovakia, showing his honesty, only Jews would doubt him now

5.) Faked an attack on his own people and lied to everyone that Poland attacked Germany, how sane and balanced, only a Jew would see that as ridiculous

6.) Divided Europe with Soviets, Finland was suppose to go to them, showing he works for benefit of all whites

7.) While invading Poland made non aggression pacts with neighbours, which he promptly discarded as soon as it suited him, teaching everyone that he can be relied on and trusted

8.) Broke Molotov Ribbentrop pact by making overtures and very active diplomacy to Finland after it is revealed how much Soviets struggled to defeat them… Soviets directly ask Germans if Molotov Ribbentrop pact is still on and to explain what they are doing in Finland. GERMANS DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION! Showing courage and righteousness of their cause only a total Jew can't recogninize.

9.) Force Hungary by treathening invasion to break their NA pact with Yugoslavia which drives Pál Taleki, an honourable man to suicide. Showing how understandable Germans are.

10.) Refuse to provide Italy, their ally with technological solutions that could help Italian war industry

hitler was scum. Stalin was not a loser. He won the revolutionary war where he fought, he won second World war where he led, he won the gene war by reproducing. Hitler lost when he fought, he lost when he led, he lost the gene war for the impotent bitch he is.

Might makes right is shitlers deep seated affinity. This is so utterly wrong that everything else pales in comparison. He is scum and whoever sees the might makes right as is not immediately disgusted is mentally damaged, has amygdala that does not work (psychopatic personality disorder) and needs to be turned into pig food immediately.

You dumb as fuck OP. You are trying to take the CrossCuck pill and the NatSoc pill.

NatSoc support the global intifada.

Only christcucks care about muh cOnStAnTiNoPle

OP is dumbass

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Fuck you and fuck your chetnik filth turnip molesting ancestors. You live on Croat and Bosnian soil.

butthurt commie četnik detected

Hitler was a dishonorable scum of the Earth, he caused more damage to White race then anyone, he double crossed everyone, from SA, German businessmen, Austrians, Chechs, Hungarians, Dutch, Danes, Soviets. Only damaged subhumans would worship him. Might makes right? Yeah well he lost WW1 where he fought, WW2 where he lead, he lost the gene war by not reproducing and his nation got rekt. By measure of honor he is a failure, by measure of might he is a failure. You know it's true. Research shows people get triggered when they lie to themselves, when they do pretendies but they get forced to face reality, they supress deep down. Stop it.

You can be far right without licking this losers anus. "Loyalty" to a destructive lying loser that lived 80 years ago is a red flag and should result in some time off in an assylum.

It is extremely unlikely they would have shared this position [and it was not necessarily a universally held opinion in the NSDAP and related organizations, though a very broad neutrality at the very least certainly was] had they been interacting with saracens on the scale we do now. The saracens of Hitler's day were a decaying Ottoman rump state and Arab countries that shared a strategic convenience of being colonial and quasi-colonial vassals of the states he was at war with. Some of his strongest allies in the European theater were the nations who were central to destroying the Ottomans.

The first quote is from Table Talks and its legitimacy is very much in question. It is also a fairly laughable and inaccurate description of islamic Spain, as if the wealthiest province in the former Roman Empire was somehow devoid of all advancement before ragheads were enticed to invade by jewish merchants upset with their treatment by the Visigoths. In reality, the Ummayeds were a faggot ridden band of slavers who employed jews in every level of their society. It is zero coincidence that their defeat and expulsion, along with the vast majority of jews who collaborated with them, led to near-immediate Spanish world domination and the resources from said empire to grind the Ottomans to a halt and begin their centuries of unavoidable decline.

And telling people who support his views to be turned into pig food doesn't sound mentally stable as well, don't you think?

You seem to be assuming Hitler wanted war. He didn’t.
He was trying to do the best for his people and Constantinople wasn’t German. Now that doesn’t mean that Hitler didn’t care about other white people it just means that his German people were his priority. He wasn’t trying to take over the world.

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Nope, not a Serb. Pathetic try. You know it's true. You are defending a dead loser who ruined Germany and Europe and killed most white people and who double crossed everyone.

Hitler didn't give a shit about Constantinople you retard
He cared about stopping the spread of Bolshevism
Also about uniting Germanics in Central and Western Europe
He didn't care about DEUS VULT LARPtards

The difference between humans and animals is that humans have honor. Creatures who are dishonorable or venerate a dead dishonorable prick and stand by his double crossing others to cheat and gain an advantage, those who are that way, have to stop breathing immediately.

He lied, he backstabbed. You support him? I disown you, as a White, as a human.

But muh might makes right… He lost ww1 where he fought, ww2 where he lead, and gene war because he didn't reproduce.

Those who you can't turn your back to must be crushed. Don't abide by your word? Die

If your people would've actually fought back against the communists he never would've had to invade your shithole country. Operation Barbarossa was commenced with the understanding that the Soviets broke their word by overthrowing your government, and when you did nothing they had to intervene. Doing nothing would have meant allowing the complete encirclement of his country without firing a shot.

The invasion of Denmark/Norway commenced while the British were already in the process of invading it. Then the Brits proceeded to cry about neutral countries as they occupied Iceland, Crete, and Iran. But sure, if you ignore all that and only describe Germany's counteractions, then yeah, I guess they do look a little treacherous and irrational. But to anyone with any knowledge of history, you just look like a sperging faggot who got all of his info from playing CoD and watching Spielberg movies, and your people look like a bunch of cowardly thieves who can't even stand up to a token force of Germanic warriors.



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To paraphrase Stalin, how many tank divisions does Constantinople have?

How many factories, tanks, airplanes, battleships, or artillery pieces do they have? Not that fucking much. Turkey was irrelevant in the last war, they were even more so in WWII. At worst they were no threat at all, at best they could maybe be persuaded to allow German forces passage into the Caucasuses, which was the primary target of the Barbarossa campaign. Take the oilfields and the war is over. Source:

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