Misconceptions on Gender

Zig Forums gets an education
Here are 5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender. Since you lot seem to think science from 100 years ago is valid, I figured it's time you stop being problematic and educate yourself in the current mode of thinking. Otherwise, how do you expect to find your place in society?
Just kidding faggots, the only good thing about this video is the comment section and laughing at the monstrosities zog are putting up

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In case you didn't realize you were living in clown world.

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#1 misonception is that it exists.
a mad pedophile called john money invented the concept in the 1950s and "proved" its existence via forcibly removing all of the genitalia of a yung jewish boy, who had his dick sliced off by a furious rabbi during the jewish penis mutilating/sucking ritual, and forcing the child to live as a girl

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David Reimer wasn't Jewish you fag. Americans just get the snip.
Also, his foreskin was irreparably damaged by the kike doctors trying to burn it off.

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Make the right term be used again: sex. Sex Masculine and sex feminine. Gender is a jewish construction.

>A (((David))) wasn't a jew


David is a common Scottish/Anglo name. Why are you spouting bullshit?

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looks like the pajeets got a contract to shitpost here again


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Scots should be gassed.

Imagine aiming this drivel at children.

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David Reimer was Canadian of German descent

>>A (((David))) wasn't a jew
Don't be a moron. Many Europeans have Hebrew names due to Christianity.

Hey we don't genocide Whites…I like the Scots



I got 1:23 in and couldn't take it…

Why did you mods delete my post?
Seriously what in the fuck is that thing?

Oh this Fake Cunt got me (butterfly account) banned on Twatter for 12 hours , what should I do now Zig Forums ?

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I made it two minutes in before I quit in disgust.

The concept that "gender" did not equal "sex" came from a literal pedophile who raped little boys. Sage because OP deserves a rope.

Are you Matthew?

This is your America on final stage jewry.

This failure at forced transsexualism actually disproves feminism while propping up transfreaks. Terfs gonna be mad.

the barcode on that card probably contains all the info you're covering up

Long hair and wearing skirts are associated with the female gender.

Does this look like a girl to you?

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Yes, but only because he is an obvious soygoy.

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I ain't clicking that.

Make a sock and remember to tweet this at her before giving up on that account.

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binary gender and like that I am as interested as a turd in the toilet. (((current))) mode of thinking. Flush it

I like how the the only two non vomit inducing people are the ones with an actual disorder. Both pics related have androgen insensitivity syndrome. Both of pics related have XY chromosomes. It goes from mild to partial, to complete, with an estimated instance of 1 in 130,000 for Partial, and between 1 in 20,400 and 1 in 99,000 for complete.

Now the typical trick is of course that because these people exists, the abominations in that video should be celebrated.

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> der and like that I am as interested as a turd in the toilet. (((current))) mode of thinking. Flush it

I am not 'into' any of the DNA defects of the planet.

DNA???; What does the Pelvic Bone x-ray reveal?

Faggot arguing with me covered up his grandmoms ID’s to authnticate that I’m really supposed to be arguing with a 65 year old retired Woman Vet that not only Internets but knows all the cool kids lingo on the Internets

Facts don’t phase these people especially another paid Shill account like this one

No , This is my Butterfly Account, my actual (but still user account) got purged for good all after Free Speech Weekend when Jack had to testify to Congress on Censorship.
This is a great thread for those that don’t know what I’m talking about (Well until OP goes off on a tangent about a stripper, sociopaths and creating a new emotion)

I want a cat girl gf so bad.

Can confirm. The first person to discuss transgenderism was an academic. The first transgender person committed suicide after operation. Totally horrific story.

It all stems from Academia needing to publish. They have become so desperate to find something new, they legitimize idiot ideas. Many such examples. Sad.

What in the name of goddamn!

In 2012 these were just accelerationist jokes. "Check your privilege" was confined to tumblr and we laughed about it one day being state policy.

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No shit.

The libershits turning to SJ are the criminals in Batman: TDK turning to the Joker. In their desperation for power, they turned to a force they did not understand.