As an Australian, what's the chance of me getting raided by the cops because of writing Brenton a letter asking for a signature?

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As low as your chances of getting laid are.

About a million percent.

So pretty high then huh?

Getting passed around at the trap house doesn't count.


According to recent reports, he's being denied mail and all outside contact, so who do you think you are writing?

Your thread is epic, by the way. Why don't you take Tarrant's cock out of your mouth and make another one?

Spook #67


Kill yourself.

You first

they already know you want to do it, it's too late to bitch out

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I'm surprised you even have internet access in Australia anymore, tbh famicelli

Probably pretty high, considering you're a fucking moron.

Basically this, not sure why this thread exists.

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About the same chance as you putting the dick out of your ass.

In addition when Brandon is working with the Jews reach to fight and took his gun and the work dirty. Why are you still interested in why the Jews that after first to get rid of their rivals and school?

Absolutely nothing you wrote made any sense.

I don't know cunt as am not Australian. Is your country so fucked that you need to ask this question, or are you a major pussy? If the former, don't do it. If it's the later, use a remailer.

Do me and everyone a favor and shut the fuck up.
This board would be better off without fags like you.
Tarrant is a kike.