Walk General #2 – Spring Strolls Edition

What is a “Walk”?
A decentralized strategy for networking with local anons anonymously IRL.

Why Walk?
Walking allows normally isolated anons to meet with little risk, make friends, and to organize locally.

How does it work?
Step 1: On the specified date, wear a plain white shirt and any style of hat. Wearing these clothes on this specific day serves to identify you at a glance to other participating anons while also providing absolute plausible deniability if needed.

Step 2: Go to the local place that best corresponds to the OP’s suggestion. Locations might include:
This improves the odds of anons meeting without naming any specific location, making a honeypot or ambush virtually impossible.

Step 3: If you see another person wearing a white shirt and hat, say hello and drop some hints about Zig Forums culture. If they don’t understand, assume they’re not an user. If they do, congratulations! You probably just met a friendly user.

That’s it! Feel free to exchange contact information, meet up for coffee later, go find more anons, whatever. It’s up to you how to interact with your newfound compatriots.

Pastebin: pastebin.com/Hd1psJHq
Pastebin (Zig Forums Formatting): pastebin.com/gBWuvRkc

Previous Thread Archive: web.archive.org/web/20190403011149/https://8ch.net/pol/res/12995866.html

Walk General for April 2019

April has the weather improving a bit, so lets take a stroll down to a park closest to your local City Hall to enjoy it a bit.

Location: The nicest outdoor park or location nearest your City Hall.
Saturdays: April 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th
Dub Days: Thurday April 11th, Monday April 22nd
Times: 1:11pm – 4:44pm


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Common Concerns
Walks take all identifying actions and locations offline. With all meeting places being public, no illegal activities being conducted, meetups occurring literally anywhere, and your identifying outfit being non-distinguishing from the average person, the risk of a honeypot operation is nearly non-existent.

First, use Zig Forums-tier humor. Seriously. A true user will very often enjoy Zig Forums humor and faking legitimate amusement is very difficult. Normies who respond positively might also be good for redpilling anyway. Feel uneasy about someone’s response? Just disengage and use your plausible deniability. Trust your gut, it’s right most of the time.

Second, don’t be a massive pussy. If in the rare chance an Antifa was brave enough to take off the ninja shit and attack you let alone find you in all the possible locations you might be, onlookers would see it only as an unprovoked and unjustified attack on an innocent person. In fact, if subversives become paranoid about all people who wear white shirts and hats, they’ll likely attack normies as well or even each other. And remember, Antifa have weak upper body strength due to their soy-filled diets. You can take a punch from one if you needed to and use it as an opportunity to punish them in legal and justified fashion.

There is no organization on Earth that has the resources to post subversive agents at every potential park, library, city hall, or other general location in Western countries to maybe-possibly find a guy in a white shirt and hat who is participating in this and at the same time is interesting enough to justify the cost. It is simply impractical. What would be more practical is concern trolling fear of this idea or leveraging disgust responses on certain imageboards to convince anons not to participate. If you want extra security, leave your cellphone at home and stay off similar devices while out on your completely legal and innocent Walk.

Participating in a Walk does not preclude you from socializing, shitposting, or whatever else you do in your life. Want to go to a folk metal concert and meet some based pagans? Go for it. Want to spout redpills at church till you have your buddies gearing up to retake Jerusalem? Go for it. In fact, I encourage it. You don’t need to stop doing any other activity to participate in a Walk.

The reason why you might still consider participating though is that a Walk provides an opportunity to meet people you normally wouldn’t meet. Programmers might meet martial artists, or businessmen might meet activists, or artists might meet soldiers. Those are great connections to make that might not happen in your normal life, and is the major networking value a Walk can provide.

Go about your day and visit well-trafficked areas that correspond to the OP’s location suggestion around the specified times. Other anons may or may not select the same place or time, but participate enough and eventually you’ll encounter one another. It takes just one handshake to forge a lifelong connection. Keep that in mind.

Bring a book. Get some exercise. Chat with strangers. Clean up some trash. Shitpost on your phone. Breathe fresh air. Amuse yourself while on location like a normal person and keep an eye out for other anons. Just remember your purpose is to meet anons. The rest is just bonus.

You can still participate by wearing the outfit. The location and time suggestion are to help improve the odds of meeting another user, but by simply wearing the outfit on that day in places with other people you have a chance to find a fellow user. On that day if you see someone with a white shirt and hat, try chatting with them. They might be an user who couldn’t make it to the place either.

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No you won’t. The point of a Walk is to blend in and not be noticed by anyone but other anons. Acting in ways that draw attention to yourself defeats the purpose, and no other serious user will associate with your bullshit.

Simple: Use your plausible deniability. No user needs to associate with anyone they don’t want to, and feigning ignorance is made possible by your common outfit. To improve your chances of making good connections, don’t act like a complete faggot. Likewise, don’t spill your guts to the anons you meet. They don’t need to know your mother’s maiden name to go meet you for coffee later.

Not while you’re on a Walk. The goal is to blend in and meet other anons. That’s it. Leave the marching and postering and whatever other entirely legal campaigns you have in mind for another day, in different clothes, with your newfound compatriots. Don’t compromise a Walk by doing attention-attracting things while on it, and ignore those that do.

No, this is not a uniform. The combination of clothing doesn’t matter. What matters is wearing a specific outfit on a certain day that allows other anons to recognize you. These clothes do not represent Zig Forums, membership to any group, or signify anything beyond normal clothing. They can change anytime. White shirts are just cheap and common, and so are hats.

Then buy what you need, or make due with what you have. The shirt can be any style (long-sleeves, coat, tank top, etc) so long as it is white, and the hat can be any color or style so long as you have one on your head or with you. Remember, gentlemen take their hats off while in a building.

Yes, to an extent. Common accessories might be a briefcase, a redpilled book, a phone with memes on it, and that sort of common-yet-uncommon accessory that you can have plausible deniability for. But do not wear things that are too conspicuous. No swastikas or Pepe’s or anything that a normie might point you out of a crowd over.

Attached: f0e8c7c65f9bf6ac3ba81febf066f92b963729547cb4601b1eccc76e5dfde4e8.jpg (604x604, 39.78K)

Act completely normal. Don’t advocate, discuss, or do illegal things. When you encounter a potential user, use humor and memes that only a Zig Forumsack would know about. If they genuinely recognize and enjoy it and can joke back, they’re unlikely to be a subversive. If questioned about your outfit or approached by someone you don’t like, say you’re just wearing what you threw on this morning. Maintain plausible deniability.

Don’t ruin it with specifics. Meeting other anons is exciting, but don’t give away specific locations, names, or anything like that. Maintain anonymity online. The most specific you should ever get is to say which city you met an user in, but more than that is unnecessary. Just say how well it went and anything else without giving away specific locations.

You can, just don’t compromise the location or online anonymity of yourself or others. However, reporting that you’ve met other anons and how your Walk went in general terms is an excellent motivation to other anons, as well as putting out there that you’ll be participating in a particular region or city. So definitely do that. Posting is not necessary to making a Walk work though. Remember that lurkers outnumber posters a hundred to one, and they may be participating quietly themselves.

To allow anons to network locally. Local organizations are necessary for any political action, but this is also a way to meet likeminded people and forge new relationships. Walking preserves full anonymity online while allowing real life associations to form between anons and thereby facilitate all future beneficial campaigns and operations that will be necessary for the good of our societies.

You’re not. Anons are everywhere. Even if you don’t find an user for a few Walks, just be persistent and promote this idea. Have the balls to give it a try and encourage others to do so too, and sooner or later you will find people who share your views. You’re not alone, wherever you are. You are not alone.

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I already have internet friends IRL tho

Zip code: 75081
City: Richardson, TX

sure, i'll buy a WHITE COAT just for you poor niggers

The first thread is not filled up, at all. It's not even being slid as we speak. Why this thread? Why? I actually applaud this effort, but you're starting to glow as fuck, my nigger.

Well, the first thread was for last week, wasn't it?

My mistake, I thought it was an ongoing thread for multiple operations. Sorry for jumping to conclusions.







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As I always say with these threads:

If you have no qualms about being doxed, by all means indulge. But considering how spread out Zig Forums is and past experiences with these ideas, odds are you won't meet anyone.

But if the following is true:
Then I suggest you pass.

SCENARIO - You are meeting at a PREPLANNED place and time posted on your favorite tibetan rug weaving website. This thread could be honest and trustworthy, but even if so, your local FBI field office has EXACTLY where people of our caliber will be meeting. They send out agents with a van, or maybe just a drone for surveillance. Now they have your license plate and your ISP. Now they place a tap, so all traffic from your home is being monitored 24/7. Unless you're MAXIMUM opsec they got your ass at this point. From there on out you better be lilly white clean.

But if that's what you are lilly white clean by all means go for it. You have nothing to lose. or gain considering past results of these walks

These are disingenuous arguments

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phil got banned from NZ for that btw

just fucking walk around your city hall during those dates/times playing pokemon go and wear a white shirt, nbd
i don't see a problem with this thread except i have friends irl who are Zig Forums already

Why do mods allow these blatant fedthreads?

Or jacket. Or sweater. Or whatever. Might not even need a coat in some places.

Last thread had an OP for March dates, so this one was April dates. At the rate the last one was filling up I didn't believe it would have enough room for another month's worth of action. I liked the idea of having a general thread for each month, but we'll see how that goes.

First and only time to address "muh honeypot" posts: Read the Common Concerns listed below.

If anyone says "muh honeypot" without addressing those explanations and answers, they are a shill or an illiterate.

Yes, the odds are heavily stacked against anons meeting on mere logistic grounds. It is however like Brownian Motion in that the small likelihood nonetheless, in aggregate, can result in some reactions. Anons have met one another through this method, and it takes just one meeting to forge a connection. More will meet if more will participate. And if all else fails, you had a nice time out of the way for a bit. Low risk, high reward.
Over what? And to find who? People in white shirts? Wearing hats? Talking about the nice weather or books? Joking? Act like a normal person, don't entertain conversations about illegal things, don't compromise your 100% plausible deniability that your outfit lends you, and you'll be pretty much untouchable as if you were at any other place during your day. The FBI doesn't give a shit about you to deploy agents to stalk you, and if you are so important you're already being stalked, and to think they'll get you if you try a Walk honestly is self-aggrandizing delusion.
I already posted your rebuttles before you even started. Now your argument shows itself to be weaker because you showed how little you actually read of this formulation. Nice gondola though.

It's really that easy.
Well in that case you might see them doing the same thing, which could lead to interesting conversations. Or you could deploy as a group and cover more ground to meet more people. In any case if you've already got anons as friends that's great. Time for you all to work together to connect with your people and make your community a better place.

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un sage

San Francisco bros where we droppin' bois?

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Calling everything a honeypot is just just blackpilled kike nonsense.

Because (((you))) are stopping the action, that's why.

The arguments in aren't exactly perfect, as the assumption is that the >inb4 are true. It is a pre-planned date after all and with that "plausible deniability" becomes a kangroo court. It is NOT a pre-planned place though. OpSec > Social every single time for the paranoid. So here are my suggestions: anonymize the date by providing multiple dates and only going on one of those days per month.



Please don't break opsec, you newfag

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Yes Mr Glownigger i can't wait to """walk""" with you :D Maybe now i can finally get some IRL Friends (tm)! xDDD

Seriously how fucking dumb are they when they peddle stuff like this,

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What is “Gay” ?
A decentralized strategy for networking with local faggots anonymously IRL
Why “Gay” ?
Gay allows closeted homosexuals to find anonymous hookups and was the most popular form of dating in the LGBT Community before the Internet
How does it work?
Step 1. Wear a White Shirt and any style hat but preferably a Cowboy plus leather chaps so other faggots know your a flaming homosexual.
Step 2. Go to locations popular amongst the LGBT community like fancy downtown bars or parking lots around a meat packing plant
Step 3. If you see someone with a plain white shirt just walk up and grab their ass and if they in turn grab your ass then you know homosexual copulation is imminent

Attached: DDF66D65-52E3-4904-8731-9358F20B51FD.jpeg (1152x621, 28.56K)

It’s the same shit they tried with the whole
“Let’s Go Stare At A Federal Building” like 3 years ago.
“C’mon Goy , Let’s all go downtown and WALK around City Hall with White T-Shirts so all those fancy biometric cameras put up with Homeland Security money can get a census sample of how many White Nats there are”

Attached: 469310FF-5ABC-4B09-ABF4-D6B29549138E.gif (150x148, 929.73K)

Your rebuttles are what I said, disingenous arguments.

Not just "stare at a fed building" but "lets go open carry rifles and stare at a fed building while getting doxed" which accomplished jack shit.

Attached: den of faggotry.jpg (1024x682, 135.03K)


hey see

I’m beginning to think that they know full well only the stupidest most NPC like , low hanging fruit of retards will actually fall for this AGAIN! and that’s whom they’ll attempt to Groom into their next Direct Action operations because they’re damn well sure all it will take is a little push.

don't forget to sage these shit threads

I love how faggot OP keeps saying the same bullshit I highlight here and thinks his arguments hold water.
Almost like he's highly autistic or a fucking robot.

Yeah , I forgot, got too caught up in the “I can’t believe they’re trying to pull the same shit again” laughter of the moment

Do you expect OP to say anything different when you just keep spamming the same crap about honeypots while providing no substance to your argument?Pick another location than a city hall or just don't go at all if you're so concerned about biometrics. That simple.

I akshully met a femanon on a hook up ap i was using to troll people. She dropped some inside jokes… Turns out she was as hardcore as you can imagine.

We are going to meet up Schlomo and there is nothing you can do about it.


Let's see. City Hall, huh. I guess for me that park would be right near the university. Too many white shirts and hates, tbh. Town Hall is in the exact same place, so that's out. Fanciest tavern? I don't drink or eat bar food. Shoot.

But I am available this Saturday.


About the only genuine point brought up was preplanned places and times. But the only exact place is a city hall, which I'd say just about every user is going to avoid. Parks are plentiful and vague enough.

I did - The meet packing plant parking lot

Cant make the weekdays or sat. 6 but could do any of the other saturdays in april

You are listing the specific park. You are wearing a white shirt. I'm pretty sure that narrows it done enough to figure out who's from here.
Everyone. Everyone look at this guy and laugh.
Quite a few 1 and dones that are pro-walk as well. Hmmmmmm.
see my response to your comment about drone costs

>Turns out she was as hardcore as you can imagine.

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Nigger you forgot to sage this gay-craigslist-ad-thread.

i want everyone to see it as a cautionary tale in tolerating the gay community. Bumping these cringy threads is like pinning an anti-degeneracy PSA to the board, if only for a moment.

i also finally have an unironic reason to dump my faggotry folder

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There are ayys in this image, look out for glownigs user.

Could I be safe(r)?

I like your enthusiasm, but I would agree with the sentiments saying you should stick with opsec. While it is a generic picture of the San Fransisco City Hall, don't post pictures of whatever park you think would be where you'd be heading. Just encourage other anons in your area to be out there, somewhere, and hope you bump into each other. This month there should be lots of opportunities for that.

One could do it anytime and anywhere honestly, though the reason there are a few suggested dates and locations is to increase the odds of a meetup. It's all a balance between perfect opsec which precludes anyone (including other anons) of noticing you or interacting with you, and getting reckless and setting up easily exploitable conditions. My reasoning is that it is already rare enough for anons to cross paths even with a general decentralized time and place to be, and atomizing it any further is just going to make it even less likely still. I stray towards the opsec side of things as compared to the Walk thread previously that tried to make lists of specific places in specific cities that might work, and I didn't believe that risk was worth taking. Funny enough though, my argument then was that if the formulation was changed towards more opsec, there would be less shilling. I was incorrect on that front.

Speaking of disingenuous, you already were. Transparently so. Your attempts only boost the postcount and make more anons view this thread. I trust them to judge for themselves who is the disingenuous one here.

Well it's an okay problem to have I think. If there are lots of white shirts wandering around with hats, then you need only bring along a book that an user might recognize. Not Mein Kampf or anything that blatant, but something you might find in a Zig Forums Book Thread. If there is another user about they might say hello to you. And if not, well, you got some fresh air and a chance to read and walk a bit in the early spring.

I'll also add that I do address legitimate concerns a lot in these threads. Go look at the last one. The best comments against the Walk idea so far I've seen have been along the lines of, "But anons should just talk to people normally and not be afraid to befriend people around them." A very good critique, and I updated the Common Concerns section to give my take on it. But the comments that just say, "ur gay" and "honeypot. saged." are useless and reek of concern trolling. I don't usually reply to those.
I'll say it again outside of the Common Concerns answers: If you get a bad feeling about someone you're talking to, disengage. Don't ignore your gut. Likewise even if your gut is pleased, don't let it make you stupid. You don't need to spill your guts to whomever you just met, and it's enough to shake hands and meet up later for coffee on a first-name basis only. And if anyone brings up illegal shit or wants to take seig heil pictures with you or anything stupid, disengage. The biggest threat on a Walk is probably running into a moron who browses Zig Forums and can't hide his power level. Not Antifa or the FBI. Be smart.

Not in the slightest. The "park" could be the closest official park in the town. It could also be the park-like areas around many city-halls. It could even be just a nice area with benches nearby in some plaza or whatever. And more particular, which city hall do you think I mean? There are around 35,000 settlements in the USA alone, and each one has a city or town hall or something equivalent. Half of the US population lives in towns of less than 25,000 residents. And the Walk can happen in non-US areas just as well as those South Americans in the other thread show. Better odds than the libraries in some ways, but you're still trying to argue I am being "specific". Ridiculous.
Shall you argue about the radiation guns next? Another invisible boogie-man to frighten the paranoid ones? Drones require operators, and operators get paid. If drones started flying around city halls all over the western world in thousands of locations on a single day, don't you think that would cost a bit of money? Cost a bit of public notice and questioning? Yours is a fantasy concocted either of a wild imagination or a malicious one.

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Attached: the-new-normal-couple.jpg (600x373, 25.13K)

Or just shitpost nazi larping for the rest of your life.

Whites should be afraid to meet other Whites Schlomo?

no more larping, let's get serious!
b-but… why do we need to meet?
b-but… men dont just meet other dudes to "talk". That sounds faggy as fuck
these meetup honeypot threads never get old. Please don't ever stop making them.

Attached: 1.jpg (852x480, 27.05K)

Let me be the first.

Seeking another White person for a friendly meetup over coffee. I have no interest in cringe White Nationalism and neither should you. Be quintessentially pro White similar to other groups. That means all Whites welcome including Christians, Gays and Boomers.

I'm near the NJ/PA border along I-78 but can travel in North NJ or far Eastern PA.

[email protected]

We're not afraid of you.

Y tu Dunkaccino?

are these all gay hookup references?

Attached: al-pacino-dunkaccino-commercial.jpg (600x300, 99.43K)

English your second language? Or just a butthurt larper or Jew?

Maybe listen to OP for once and just not say it you opsec breaking fag?

Okay OP it is time to stop and move on to >>>>/polk/ or >>>/fascist/ we have too many (((antifa-ggots))) here

You're being mocked precisely because we can read, thirsty queer. Bumping for the keks.

Attached: whitehomo.jpg (640x480, 59.35K)

It's an interesting angle of attack. So previous Walk threads were basically attacked only with "muh honeypot" posts, which could at least point to the specifics about the specific city-location list and say, with some validity, that there was an opsec issue there. I supposed that with this new formulation those attacks would diminish, and for a time they did. "Muh honeypot" posts kept coming in, but obviously came from those who wouldn't, or couldn't, read the OP and understand it. Then the concerning trolling died down, as if regrouping and assessing, and then came the two new prongs of the attacks: Paranoia leveraging and negative association.

The paranoia stuff about drones, stalking, FBI infiltrators, and all that is meant only to frighten people enough to stop them from thinking any further. The negative association with some degeneracy (the posts claiming this is literally homosexual behavior) is meant to evoke disgust and revulsion in potential anons. I'm surprised the jew angle hasn't come up yet, but if these two strategies don't seem to work that will be among the next batch of attack angles used I wager.

My goal is very simple: Create a method that might benefit networking among the better elements of Zig Forums's userbase without compromising their security in the process. There are only two kinds of camps against this idea: Those who believe it is a trap laid out for anons, and those that do not want anons to meet up. The former tend to engage in the topic with actual critiques of the process, while the latter spiral off into unrelated hysterics and attack vectors if and when their opening gambits fail. For anyone who has been on Zig Forums for awhile, this is not unique to these threads.

Others have said it, but I think that the shilling and concern trolling on these threads has increased tremendously due to the fact that this Walk does not have an obvious weakness aside from logistics, which in the end is also its greatest protective feature. It is an idea that is extremely difficult to assail once people start doing it, and the only place to stop that activity would be at the bottleneck right here, on this board and in this thread. If an user is convinced of this and practices good opsec as is constantly encouraged by the honest actors, there is no stopping them from that point forward. And that must be frightening to those who are compensated to stop the growth of redpilled networks.

Attached: Against the Tide.jpg (1600x900, 388.75K)

>Okay OP it is time to stop and move on to >>>>/polk/ or >>>/fascist/ we have too many (((antifa-ggots))) here
No retreat. Let the foul elements sweat as the good anons of this board start to quietly organize beyond their reach. They can't stand to lose and will obsess over it until it breaks them. And this efforts needs nothing more than simple reports and amusements to drive them mad.

…Or maybe, just maybe, the posters bullying OP and the rest aren't actually FBI or Jews or antifa, they're just user doing what user always does: mock you for being a faggot. That would actually make sense since meeting random dudes off the internet for no specific reason is at best immature, socially-inept and likely indicative of a person who has had very few male role models (cringe) or at worst a red flag indicating unstable/dangerous/delusional tendencies and agendas or a straight-up trap from outsiders looking for a literal nazi to entrap/punch. Which are you?

Again, grown men generally don't do this shit that you're trying to meme and they sure as shit don't do it with randos from weird asian basket weaving forums from the Internet. "Social mixing" meetups are effeminate and strange. Men size each other up and bond over specific projects and goals (even if the goal is getting shit-faced drunk) with the upshot being that through those concrete activities, they sort the social shit out without trying. By proving ourselves through action, we build reputation and trust.

I understand if this is a bitter pill to swallow. You may be very young or troubled or literally autistic or deeply lacking in strong male role models (or all of the above). You're certainly awash in endless examples of what not to do so the confusion is understandable, but that doens't make it any less gay / creepy / suspicious.

This may blow your mind, but you're on an anonymous image board for a reason and if you're above the age of 25, then you should probably be building things outside of fucking Zig Forums unless you have some specific nazi madman agenda. If social networking is your nazi madman agenda i would reiterate that you're on an anonymous image board for a reason. You're literally doing it wrong. That doesn't mean you should stop lurking and shitposting, but don't try to turn this place into your own personal dating site because you're no longer a kid and you find it hard "meeting cool people". I have bad news: after 22-23, it gets increasingly harder to meet people in general until you're old as fuck. Accept it. Find a purpose and IRL dragons to slay. Love it. Let them kill you. In the process you will meet people, some good, a lot shitty. But if you're lucky and not a total dick, you may collect enough decent associates/allies/friends to serve as pallbearers for when the dragon kills you.

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Bump for Whites

Sorry if your post is heartfelt, but frankly, with all of the recent flooding on this board, I find it far more likely that most of the dissuasive posters including yourself are just intentionally deploying yourselves here to prevent people from networking. I understand every thread is going to have its namecalling and vitriol. But to Zig Forums-frequents there is very clearly an abnormally high concentration of attacks in threads like this, oriented specifically against attempts at networking. I'm enough of a loser to have been lurking on Zig Forums long enough to know that passer-by trolling usually does not look like this.

Obviously nothing I can prove; it's an anonymous board. But this brand of total assuredness, in implying that this behaviour is run of the mill organic posting, no chance of D&C whatsoever, really is quite disingenuous and frankly underestimating your average reader's sense for shilling, hijacking, etc.

So say whatever you want about everyone quarantining themselves here due to their own social ineptitude. If it truly is so ridiculous that a bunch of socially-inept rejects organized some big gay meetup, I have a very hard time believing there would be such a contrived effort put forth to bully and rip them down. If it really is all so stupid and childish, then you playing the concerned father preaching bitter wisdom, would know to teach your kids to not be afraid of scraping their skin up. What are you really teaching, to be dissuaded against doing what you want to do by some soccer mom wisdom about making friends and slaying dragons? THAT's fucking gay. Let them try and fail if you're so sure.

Attached: a716c68387634d8166662271b8726ba140cd5f90120ce701f31a7b313f4a088d.png (512x512, 351.38K)


Dude just stfu. Your wordy responses are nothing but fluff, as proven by the delusion / excuse you use to dismiss how easy it would be to spy on people with drones.

If you want to network then do so WITHOUT posting your networking places/times/plans on this website. Same goes for basing your plans off the idea ITT posted publicly for all to see.

Plans for what exactly? Walking around in a t-shirt and talking about politics?

We literally have public syringe disposals and designated street-shit cleaners in my city, because there are more bums shooting up heroin and public shitters than there are cops to arrest them. For fuck's sake, when I went last weekend, every other homeless nog undressing in the public library restroom was wearing the "walk" attire, a white t-shirt and a do-rag.

Even if we're going to get targeted, frankly, it's a hell of a demoralization opportunity. Imagine actually having to spy on cleanly dressed, upstanding citizens, next to literal hordes of goblins taking dumps behind centuries old greco-roman monuments. What a clown world.

Extremely unlikely, for the following reason: The past Walk threads had nothing like this in terms of shilling and concern trolling. This is oddly specific, focused, obsessive, and repetitive for the insults of typical anons. When normal discussion occurs it is evident, and when it isn't occurring it is even more apparent. I don't think your post is necessarily part of that, but I do disagree with your sentiments and approach to this.
There is an extremely specific reason for it: networking. Meet and greets, cocktail parties, golfing trips, all that shit is for the exact same reason. The venue and method of meeting is different, that is all. To claim that networking is therefore faggy or a trap because you can't comprehend the value of networking with likeminded people is not based in real knowledge of what this effort is.
False dichotomy. Your setup is flawed.
This isn't a tea party for little girlies, user. I don't see it that way at all. I see it like any meet and greet in business, leading to those very activities of shared goals and entertainment you and I both value and far more important associations.

But tell me how you're going to get shitfaced drunk or into training groups or gun clubs with anons who are already on your level if you haven't met them already? There's three options: Either you join your clubs and hope you can find some other anons doing the same, you speak publicly in such a fashion as to attract the redpilled types towards yourself, or you can try to create a place for meeting anons that doesn't depend on specific interests or passtimes or occupations. I don't dismiss any of those methods, but I do point out the strengths and weaknesses of each and promote this particular idea because it has a particular value to it in terms of network spread.
That's your problem, really. You have created a caricature in your mind of the person who proposed an idea that you cannot appreciate or maybe even understand. Because you "feel" negatively about the idea, you have to rationalize that the speaker must be flawed in order for you to more easily dismiss it and dissuade others from thinking about it because that would earn your social disapproval. For someone complaining about effeminate behaviors and touts how manly-men do socializing, your entire approach to this matter is rather girlish and passive-aggressive aside from being over-assuming. Don't do that.
Ever stopped to wonder why that is occurring? I meet more people now than I ever met in the past. Why is that? Because I now engage in more venues that allow me to meet new people. I network, particularly in methods and forums that bring in a wide cast of characters. You don't, presumably, because you don't value activities that would allow you to connect with people outside of your narrow band of personal interests. That's why you'd say a person grows old meeting fewer people because you exhaust your own meeting grounds. A Walk is just one method of finding potential inroads to totally different social circles that nonetheless have something very deeply in common with you that most anyone could do. None of that requires you to stop doing whatever it is you do right now, but it does require you to open your mind a bit and stop denigrating ideas you aren't familiar with.
Sounds unnecessarily fatalist. I've a much more positive notion of glory and comradeship that inspires me to keep up the dragon-fighting. I've made great friends and great enemies for it too, and I would only want to continue it. Cheer up a bit.

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Here is the problem with you: Not realizing that OP is trying to make it vague such that it gets harder to target. He posted 6 dates every month to chose from, and said "any white-looking clothing will so" so clearly he knows that targeting will be an issue.

Never underestimate antifa's willingness to infiltrate though. Which is why OP need to be really specific about keeping OpSec (which he didn't).

The problem with you, OP, is that your ego does blind you somewhat, but the shills in this thread are much, much worse.
The problem is that #1 most people in Zig Forums have autism lack social skills, in varying degrees (which is why social-related ideads are hard to implement), #2 many people in Zig Forums lack OpSec such that they can't follow plans by the letter, leading to them being attacked (don't even bring up Chanology or GamerGate, that is just sad) and #3 those who have social skills, OpSec and other useful knowledge will talk in other platform than Zig Forums to do their operations, this is just a >>>/meadhall/ really. The idea of the /walk/ is good in intention, but neglect such issues.

you can't spell "OP IS A FAGGOT" without "WALK"


Schlomo is getting scared.

That's my thoughts on it too. If it was bad for anons I would be arguing against the idea all the time trying to convince them that it was too dangerous, not helpful, or just bad form that would be damaging to them or to those around them. It would be out of actual concern for the well-being of anons, and a few posts are clearly like that. But if I thought it was going to be good for anons and therefore hated it, I'd just start saying anything I thought would work towards the end of ruining participation. There is a difference between anons debating about Yang or Tarrant while throwing insults and a false consensus trying to sink an idea. There's just a different flavor to it all, and anons who have some experience with it can note the difference.

Do your imagined police departments hire toddlers to do their spying too?

You're actually right, that is good opsec that I go over in the Common Concerns. A Walk doesn't require online posting to do anything save for mentioning an optional general location and time to concentrate in. You don't seem to be able to distangle the difference between, "Meet in a park near yourself wearing non-obtrusive clothing," and, "Meet me at 487 Dumbfuck Lane at 3pm wearing a fedora with a swastika on it." They are completely different methods of meeting.

Exactly this. It seems to be an answer to most statements about, "But what about the police!? The CIA!? The GUBMENT!!" is to note that not only are the anons expressly told not to do anything illegal or obnoxious, but to do that in a subtle and almost indistinct way without even going to a hardline specified location. And even if whatever law enforcement was interested in this idea, they amount of money and coordination and effort they would have to make to maybe see a guy in a white shirt in a park on a spring day talking and walking around somewhere in the Western world is ridiculous for what non-crimes he is committing. They simply have better things to concern themselves with than crushing guys in white shirts. If the Walk idea was like a Charlettesville-type event that would serve to concentrate and unmask anons in a reliably small place, the criticism of police resources and investigators would be entirely valid. But it's nothing like that. Not in the slightest.

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You strike me as an user who is able to appreciate the idea, and I do actually want to promote good opsec so those participating don't bungle themselves up. If you would, point out specifically where I compromise opsec so I can at least consider whether that is an acceptable relaxation of a rule or not. Absolute perfect opsec will isolate you completely from everyone and therefore make networking impossible. But in a model of such diffuse meetings and the creation of a strong plausible deniability I believe some rules can be relaxed a bit to achieve the goal of meeting anons you wouldn't have met otherwise.
See, these are good criticisms, so I appreciate that. I do understand that imageboards in general select for more introverted or autistic types, and that not all anons are going to have sterling social skills. That's fine, and actually one of the reasons why a Walk is the way it is. It provides a context for anons to strike up a conversation or at least a goal to fixate on and overcome their aversion to communication. It's good exercise, like how it is good social exercise to smile at people in the grocery store or make small talk with the cashier. The Walk could help some isolated anons, of whom there are many, to meet someone who at least knows where they are coming from and offer an opportunity to connect over that. For other anons it is simply a networking opportunity to encounter people whose talents could be useful or who they would lend their own talents to.

So on the following opsec rules part, that's why I simplified the Walk formula to its barest parts. The previous thread had 7 or 8 steps to it in a somewhat confusing and verbose wall of text. I reduced it to 3 steps and made the meeting concept more secure. A Walk in my opinion doesn't require absolute perfect opsec because its diffuse and offline nature provides the main part of its protection. Even if an user slips up offline it likely won't be to anyone who is a problem given how unappealing a target a Walk is if even you could call "it" a "target" like it was a single thing and not a highly decentralized series of possible events. Also so long as an user can maintain his plausible deniability, he could use it as an opportunity to teach the other how to do it right if such an encounter happened. What should be done is implore anons to not compromise themselves online where there is the possibility of causing bad stuff to happen, which luckily those with good opsec experience like yourself can help with. I have no problem with writing a section about good opsec while out and about, whether on a Walk or otherwise, so if you're willing to mention your concerns and how you'd do it instead I'd be very interested.

Finally, on the skilled anons going to less-populated boards to do their activities, that may be true but part of the goal is to get anons connected with those who have skills and experience so they can improve themselves and be helpful or friendly otherwise. Most organizations are not entirely staffed with elites in their field, but rather have a few elites with many hands to amplify their ability to do things. For instance, it doesn't take massive skill to learn how to plant gardens or paint a house or go hiking, which are the sorts of local organization activities I imagine could come out of anons meeting local anons. The more experienced can teach the less, and together they can contribute towards improving their societies. Now addressing those skilled and interested who hang out in the smaller circles is an issue that I'd like to explore without going on a spamming campaign, but I do think most of them do frequent the board and might see a thread like this anyway.

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With all the overly paranoid who the fuck do you think you are that you're so important that the FBI would come after you for walking around with a white shirt? Are you fucking Gavrilo Princip or something anons or alternatively, shills, that seem to be invading your thread en-masse, I'd like to commend you for this good idea.
You took care of opsec from the very beginning so that anons wouldn't need to be afraid; of course, the autistic among us will always find something to sperg out about.

Have you had any confirmations of a successful meet-up? If so, you've already done a lot more than more anons have here.

All of you arguing against OP for whatever fabricated reason: Why are you trying to keep anons from networking? In order to have an amplified real world influence we need to network, and I honestly can't think of anything with better security and plausible deniability than this. We don't all have the luxury of already having Zig Forums-tier contacts irl.
The only reason I can think of that anybody would be arguing AGAINST this instead of offering constructive criticisms would be that you're trying to prevent user networks.
Which would make you a kike.

What happened to the thread about the "Volunteer Community Clean-Up Crew"?
THIS is how we get around the "optics" challenge, while allowing for more open display of logos, graphics, and uniform colors that harken to our heritage, messages, and goals.
As well as creating a presence that is very welcome in any degenerating community.
Also allows for co-mingling up close with government buildings, architecture, and town infrastructure.
Combine these two ideas, and I believe this is a fucking winner to get us organized IRL.
Fuck the feds.
Fuck Antifa.
There is turmoil on the Left right now.
The time to make a showing, and put our John Hancock on the line is rapidly approaching.
Once this world actually sees how many are among our ranks, and that we're not "Crazy, racist, White, Nahtzees!", and instead a force of security, repair and sanitation, and leadership and authority, things will fall in our favor.
You can feel this world shifting toward the inevitable Truth and Natural Order again.
We'll be there to catch, and guide them.

(pic related) These degenerate Thots have GREAT marketing skills.
Can you imagine this kind of a standardized, mobile display, across the globe, with OUR colors and sigils?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (610x404 431.33 KB, 457.84K)

Take this concept to the next level.
The MAN level.
Picking up trash is cool, but imagine having crews that coalesce naturally around anons' skills?
A welding truck with a few guys to go around fixing the folding steps on some old woman's RV, or busted fence where her poodle keeps escaping, start getting involved with the town council for larger projects. Volunteer for gov. funded art projects, or park building, etc.
Plant gardens at the local boys club, and show them how to build shelter, procure water, start fire, trap and hunt small game, etc.
Gather the youth to help with these endeavors in your community, like Clint Eastwood did in that one movie where he made the chink neighbor fix everyone's shit for trying to steal his car.
By the time the people realize they LOVE a bunch of "WHITE SUPREMACIST, NAZIS!", they won't want to persecute you because you've raised the community to a higher vibration, and strengthened, and moralized the youth.
Get on it!

Damn, >>/meadhall/ got shoah'd hard.

It's a cool idea but internet neonazis will never go outside.

Bumpity bump, cause this actually can work.

Also, fuck everybody screaming "honeypot!". This world is fucked anyways.

Yup, worst case scenario you go for a walk and tell a sperg they have mistaken you for someone else.

Hoping there are some Florida bros out there tomorrow!

Are you kidding me JIDF? No one reads your bot text.

Yeah, reading is not your strongest part. Better skip it and go straight to cuckporn.

Melbourne City Hall is swarming with sandniggers protesting about chinks deporting them in China, police, and chinks laughing their asses off.
Would not recommend

literally sounds like an lgbt meetup thing you would see on tumblr or something

fucking lol imagine dropping kike bombs, st tarrant memes on random strangers

As much as is possible on an image board while maintaining good opsec. I've seen a number of reports of anons having met each other in Walk threads, which if true is promising. I know that I've run into anons around my area, and I can say that the most reliable way is to speak up about pertinent issues without going full power level on it. The last Saturday that I went out had some excellent conversations. I imagine that there are meetups that occur from lurkers who, despite being pleased about the results, don't say anything about it because they are lurkers. So I am optimistic.

Those who are legitimately cautious about IRL meetings are concerned about honeypots predominantly and to a lesser extent just believe it may be a waste of time or an embarrassing activity from what I can gather so far. With every legitimate concern the effort can be improved in terms of security and efficacy, so I appreciate that real feedback. The shilling and astroturfing is useful only in showing how agitating this idea is to those who don't like the idea of anons quietly organizing beyond their reach.

That's an excellent idea, and one that I was thinking would be the sort of project anons could take on after making their local connections. It really does deserve its own thread since it's certain a few steps beyond the scope of this one.

I wonder why.

Good luck in sunny Florida!

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Meme or not, I think this brings up an important point to unwitting anons who might actually go and attempt to interface with others:

Zig Forums is currently being raided by people who are attempting to hijack, misdirect, and pathologize white nationalism into something it is not. These attacks almost universally take the form of infiltration and pushing for an association with non-wn-controlled political narratives ala Tarrant, Brevik, etc.

They want to entrench the far-right and wns into narratives and slogans which they control, which provides the necessary entry-point for manipulation, false flags, etc. Whether you personally sympathize with such far-right celebrities is irrelevant. Their character, narrative, and capacity for inflicting emotional trauma on the public are not under your control. Do not build your political relationships on such a foundation.

Keep your broadcasts in simple irreducible terms. The less moving parts and dependencies the better. And lucky us, simply stating the right for a people's self-advocacy is now considered edgy in Weimerica. We really don't need to be scraping the bottom of the meme barrel for inspiration here. See you lads tomorrow.

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This is three-point user

Keep the community clean up on the back burner, don't start a thread just yet, think through it and make it simple and safe.


Alabama walk has be a great success. Beers among brothers networking for the future. Also "muh neckbeard" posters BTFO.

Still here in NJ/PA.

I wonder why this thread gets slided so fast?


Good post. It's enough in this day and age to say that you are skeptical about whether diversity is really a strength or that all this anti-speech stuff is concerning for you to be seen as a maverick. Another bonus is that if you stick to points like that which honest normal people would find agreeable right off the bat, you'll have good talks with people even if they are not anons. Many times I ended up finding anons or friendly people just by talking about basic opinions like that and being able to do so with a touch of eloquence and confidence in those ideas. I think people find it refreshing since those kinds of thoughts occur for them too.

Certainly, because it is a very different activity. The main deal with it is that such a group absolutely cannot associate itself openly with these image boards or other organizations when it is starting up. It has to grow organically without promoting its image here, otherwise the members of Community Cleanup or whatever they would be called would be likely doxed, harrassed, and harmed right out of the gate before they've had a chance to put roots down. Once their organization(s) have had time to connect with their communities and build up enough rapport so normal people will lash out against the hateful anti-whites who inevitably will come after it, then they can openly associate however they please, preferably towards some greater organization built in a similar fashion or one that could be repurposed towards that end.

Another element is that these cleanup crews would require a basic set of rules to operate them. Mainly internal accountability, opsec for members, standards of behavior, and purpose. These organizations need to be able to reward and punish members independently of social pressures from the outside for instance and not rely on social pressure to do it. Members should only be reprimanded, punished, or expelled if their behaviors contradict the standards and ethics of the organization as defined by that organization's charter. This is important because it will allow the organizations to remove bad apples on its own and become known for it, and also to give reassurance to good members that their organization will not abandon them simply because their enemies make it difficult for them.

Anyway, it's enough to say that it's a much more complicated matter to put together than a simple Walk, but I do think about it and do believe at some point the basic frameworks for how to build local organizations should be discussed so that the fruits of networking efforts like these should be put towards a good use.

Great to hear! Remember that you and whomever you have met can still go out on Walks and should, and will now have more chances to find anons since when one of you finds another the both of you can know.

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I think the real argument against anyone crying "muh honeypot!" is this: what are you living for? All I see living in 'freedom' is pozzed tv, pozzed videya, pozzed movies, pozzed relationships, pozzed marriages, pozzed religion, pozzed jobs, pozzed hobbies, pozzed politics, pozzed social circles, pozzed food, pozzed water, pozzed everything. The only thing that isn't pozzed is shitposting. So let's put it at its worst. If you go on a walk, you eventually get targeted and killed or imprisoned for the rest of your life. What are you missing out on, really? What comfort are you living for that makes the risk so unbearable?