What do the Runes mean to you? I believe they have power behind them...

What do the Runes mean to you? I believe they have power behind them. The Ancient Germanics put them on their weapons and their clothing to empower themselves with the Runes. I also find them beautiful. As a follower of Asatru, maybe in a past life they meant something to me, and that is what calls them to me.

Looking for answers from Asatru followers.

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Praise be unto Asartu… Runes hold tremendous amount of Aryan energy… The origin of which is Welteislehre

The Jewish ADL wants to call our sacred Runes "hate symbols"… the bastard kikes

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They are the disgusting bastard sons of Loki… Abominations. Their time will come…

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They are shaped like our dna is. Certain things activate in the blood of white men when they look at them

Hail Wotan, Hail our sacred White Race.

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Can someone explain to me how Rune magic works? Is it real? If it is, do I just draw the symbol somewhere……


meaningless symbols from primitive societies

That is one way, this hoodie here, is how a lot of the ancients did it is as well… Have the rune in the middle, draw this circle with the runes at the four cardinal points.

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Kvetch harder kike

I'd love to own that.

Remember, our blood is our faith, our blood is our nation, we are our ancestors, they live through you. The Runes are also a connection to our past, to awaken the Aryan spirit. Our tribal Gods are calling us.



I don't want to be the only one that represents and actively uses the Runic magic. As racial brothers we fight together

Wanna be ultra based?

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I’d wear it


much resentment, wow

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You're an idiot.

Gorgeous. I have a matching ring and pendant.

just ordered this

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