Can we make a paramilitary group?

Honestly, I want to go on a fucking crusade. I'm sick of watching everything fall apart in front of me. I've had it with our Western "Culture".

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Lone wolf attacks, at this stage are much more effective. Unfortunately, groups at moment are infiltrated very effectively by the feds.

Damn, you're not wrong there…

Learn how to siege cities , it ain’t hard in the modern day modern age. Cut off water and like one road in and you are GOD of an area

If you are gunna do something do it faggot, dont talk about it first dumbass.

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Go to the Philippines, become a mercenary for Duterte, hunt down ISIS rats and drug dealers.
Document everything online, encouraging other huwhites to join the cause, and get some training for the wars to come.

Now that's not a bad idea actually.

I honestly have no idea why he got shot, really.

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I don’t know enough about him, was Grant one of the better presidents?

There are ALWAYS options. Do not allow worry stop you. Use it as motivation to prove (((them))) wrong

If you mean militia then go ahead and make one. It's not illegal or anything.

Another bigmouth will never do anything

No, FBI.

Expelled the jews.

(((you))) can

I probably wont, but it's still something to think about.

Good man

Oh, I was just using him as a reaction to Trayboon, in ask of "why did little trayboon get shoot-shoot?"

Checked. Right on , fuck niggers and jews
I like history and historical figures. I need to research him more

Oh shit! Dasright! I can't remember if Vertigopolitix or someone else made that timeline of expulsions.

For what purpose? You have to specifically target foreigners.

Lotta foreigners in LA user…

Guys militias are legal, why dont we form one and just keep a little plausible deniability and not openly call out kikes or the gov. Just kinda get organized armed and funded with a wink wink kinda thing.

better off starting a religion

ideologically aligned bros, regular meetings

start families, buy up houses on the same street, same block. keep jews, niggers, pajeets out

literally what jews are doing in NE US and all over the world

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I dig it.

I have a legion of cryogenic cyborg SS stormtroopers thawing out.,,,

are we done larping now?

how about you go out and put up some stickers?

That way you can say you did something.

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Fuck yeah man. Would be awesome so long as you don’t get Waco’ed
But fuck it were all gonna die anyway mind as well go out in style

Yeah sure actually. I'll just have to go out and buy some sticker paper.


Also what the everloving fuck? I'm judging you right now. In progress…

I judge thee…
Hand in your badge and head to the nearest FEMA coffin for recycling

Hello, FBI. Your tactics are worthless here, because, due to the established power structure seeking the destruction of good White men, every user understands that if he were planning to undertake retaliatory action, that action must be planned and executed personally, so as not to alert glowniggers such as yourself.

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You ever thought about what it would be like trying to shill people 30 IQ points your superior, who have all the knowledge in the world except for the drug and child smuggling details of course above and beyond you? How demoralizing is that? We put these retards into the loony bin on the regular, I have that on good authority.

Hey shill-kun! You know what they do to you when they figure your mind isn't worth you .02 shekels per post anymore? Welp, they shoot you up with brain destroying drugs until your mind breaks, then hook you up to an empty IV until you die of dehydration. Hey buckaroo, don't shoot the messenger. I'm just Saiyan. That's your fate. You chose…poorly.

yes, do it.

It means something. Most of our people have completely lost any sense of racial consciousness. They don't even believe they have a right to organize.

This must change. Don't frighten them with nazi symbols go slowly. Just tell them it's okay to be white.

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Know what I thought? Thought I'd just print a run of business-card size or less IOTBW stickers and put them inside toilet stalls and porta potties. Why there? Because if you're taking a shit you're stuck looking at the thing for a couple of minutes at least. A captive audience, indeed

Mandatory reading for modern day guerilla combat

Toilet stalls are a great place to put propaganda. No cameras, captive audience like you said. You can even put long-form stuff there and people will read it. Beats staring at the wall any day.

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And it's a classic

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form local groups with people you can trust. Be ready for when it finally happens

Remember what GLR said, you can't wink wink anything, they'll see straight through it and Whites not wanting to be exterminated in their own countries is considered a supercrime and all rights go out the window.

These long term plans would take decades and the feds would still end up raiding it. Not to mention they'll just force diversity on it.

I mean redpilling is nice, but maybe we need more than that.

It's scary but it's time to act, we tried all the nice guy tactics, time to get our hands dirty.

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I'm a police officer. I'd be willing to defect and join this group. I think every police officer I've ever known would also be willing to join, aside from this one that I know who is kind of distant and seems to actually get offended too easy. Even the chink police and pajeet police would want to fight for the cause of ethnonationalism but I still just wouldn't trust them, I'd consider them a liability. Seriously though, so many redpilled police officers just forced to serve this system, who would all join.

Sure, I'll let Zig Forums know. They can bring brownies.

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I have an idea on how to form an effective paramilitary group.

This is a combination of lone-wolf plus an actual gathering of people.

It relies on one person alone to carry out the initial stage. All you got to do is get a truck, a lot of weapons and ammo, and have a group of anons you know would fight with you and whom you meet up for perfectly peaceful memeing purposes normally.

All you got to do is, when the time comes, you get in your truck and drive to the meeting. Everyone has no idea you've got your truck, and expect it's just another peaceful gathering to shitpost IRL. You then turn on your GoPro and announce you're about to start the crusade, addressing those around you that you have brought everything needed, and imploring them to join you.

If they don't want to join, you reject them all for your cowardice, and they don't get in trouble since they never want to be part of what you are doing… and you go on your own and do the whole thing yourself.

If they join you, you all get in the truck, get a rifle to each man, and begin the crusade.

There won't be enough time for them to infiltrate or respond to the threat. You also must absolutely not discuss your truck and weapons beforehand. Everything must just be gatherings to meme and put around posters and stuff like that, there should be no advanced warning you're actually going to crusade. This way they simply won't be able to respond in time to the event.

I think this would definitely work and they wouldn't be able to stop it.

I repeat: the key is not to announce the start of the crusade until the very minute before you begin it, if you ask people to crusade with you "tomorrow" or "in a week" or whatever and tell them about your plans, you're fucked.

What if you're a mentalist master and very good at reading people? Then nobody can infiltrate your group.

Other than that little white genocide thingy ,he was a great president.

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This is assuming btw that your other crusaders don't have weapons.

Other idea is, amass weapons, vehicle, explosives, and whatever else you need.

Get your go pro and manifesto ready and start a thread.

Immediately announce in the thread that you have started the fire and demand other anons to join in, have included a list of targets you want anons to hit, and say you'll be out there fighting and you are calling up all anons in your area to help out whether that's start distractions like random fires and cutting power and stuff like that to create chaos all over the city and divide up emergency response personnel or whatever a couple anons all starting shit at the same time can create a ton of chaos. Even demand the military and police join you in your uprising and that they should signal in some way their willingness to join if they don't want to be a target.

Guys with rifles getting together and training isn't against the law.

Like said, it's better to do it alone. But don't forget, you need to record it/stream it in order to make people realize there's consequences for bringing up (((multiculturalism)))

Your first mission: suicide. Fuck you, fed.

Wow, you're paranoid.


Other players are probably not going to join you or are even going to report you to the admins if they aren't admins themselves fishing for griefers, if you going to do something go alone and keep your mouth shut up to the last moment, if you want to make a thread about it and/or stream it instead of being banned at 3 a.m. by the admins.

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I never actually proposed I'd do anything. I just raised the idea of a paramilitary group and expressed my anger towards the west.

It's just advice. If you're going to do something, shut your mouth till you do it.

Who is going to pay for it?

Is this serious? Sounds like a joke, but a bit long and not very funny. If not, LEOs pre-emptively infiltrate these gatherings. When you announce they would arrest or shoot you on the spot.

hello JIDF

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You have no idea how Tor works. Everyone on Tor has the same ID. We aren't all the same person.

Not possible as you'd have a gun in hand and they wouldn't. They'd not be able to do shit to stop you. The moment they try to arrest you, you'd just shoot them, and the rest gathered around that aren't LEO will see right away how serious you are and join you or else also get shot.

Not him but I ain't going to do shit **except continue to work on a secret weapon of a nature I will not even hint at which will have devastating effect on the enemy and which they will have to shut down all reportings on it when I put it into use in Minecraft just to make sure the general public doesn't even know such a weapon exists and can easily be built"

Holy shit, you fucking nigger. I thought the fedposter was dumber than dog shit, but now. . .

Holy shit, you fucking nigger.

Okay then, as soon as you drive away the LEO tells his HQ and within minutes national guard is deployed to stop a dangerous terrorist group on the loose. Now what?

National guard won't be able to respond fast enough before all the invaders are already dead.

>"Not enough fellow racists have responded to my legitimate offer to blow up many federal buildings filled with minorities and women. Here is a more detailed and incriminating version of our plot. Is /Paul/ with us me and me alone?"

>"I would like to add my two cents or NZ Dollars, whatever the Kiwi government pays its pathetic agents to the discussion, me from three different posts. We should plot to murder law enforcement agents, and I say this as a renegade white supremacist LEO myself.

Choke on shit, pig. Even if you did help us, we'd still rope you during the victory parade.

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As a police officer I've done more to fight the niggers than you ever have in your life LARPer. My job is fighting niggers every day.

Its very simple.
If you hear about a good happening in your area grab a specialized SHTF pack for this scenario and join them. Have at least three separate minecraft servers you have already planned to grief so that they won't know who to ban and where to ban them. Or you could try rescuing your buddy from a ban.

Do you kill them? Do you have permission from your kike boss to deport them? No? You can just take them off the street and put them in jail with their friends for a while to be fed by my tax money? Okay then, you can shut up and join your gallant brothers in blue who've already killed themselves.

for what it's worth that wasn't trayvon, user

But local PD will respond very fast and stall you until NG shows up.

You're a retard, but I'm going to help you anyway. Maybe one day you'll grow up: You can use Tor on this board which hides your IP. Because your true IP is unknown, 8ch uses 000000 as the ID. This is why you see this repeating ID so often. Download Tor browser and see for yourself if you don't believe me.

I wasn't going off of IDs, faggot. Your text glows in the dark.

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Then how come you don't accuse any non-tor IDs? I proved you wrong, now you're trying to pilpul your way out.

Not on the clearnet.

and is the same guy with his reddit spacing cancer, but the other posts I dont think

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for terror need chaotic cleaning, isis style: children, women, teens, old man, the weakest. and take responsibility for these actions should network decentralized structure with a single name and symbol/symbols, for example ==WHITE EUROPEAN ARYAN FATHERLAND==.

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If one would hipothetically shoot up a bunch of so said invaders, one should focus on women (of any age) if one faced the need to decide which sex to aim at.
Without women there is no reproduction. 1000 men could NOT make more than one child every 9 months if there was only ONE woman, but ONE man could make 1000 babies with 1000 women in under a year.

Just saying. For the record, it's not like I endorse any of this.

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Where did you newfaggots come from

Yes, only in a self defense situation, now we would never, ever initiate violance against anyone.

That's not why I said that.

Hook up with Soldiers of Odin and other militia's.

Clean the streets yourself.

After a while you are fit enough, then root out who is in for more.
Clean the streets, any arab/turk/negro gets executed on the spot.

Not 1 mm back. 9 mm for the Invaders.

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The problem with your theoretical logic is that the theoretical invader males can theoretically impregnate a thousand white women all on their own in a nine month timespan, while each of the theoretical invader women can only pop out one baby each every nine months.
There's a theoretical reason these theoretical invaders that theoretically invade thousands at a time by boat are all male.

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motherfucker you need money and people. Why need an edgy paramilitary you little dick faggot? Go get a house, share it with other Whites you can trust and build up money and resources first. Fucking idiot.

Might I suggest that although in principle it is not even difficult to start your own army, a better course of action is to gain favours with someone else who already has one, such as a political leader of an independent nation state, and then gradually convince that leader to let you use the already existing military resources for your particular purposes. You will have to explain to the political leader (who is almost certainly also the head of the armed forces) as to why it is of advantage for the state commission of that particular country to allow it. That's where your detailed understanding of international politics and society comes in useful. Keep in touch, and let me know if I can be of further assistance to you.

Quote is literally from the Talmud, kys kikeposter

Break into prominent journalists homes, force them to write their own suicide letter denouncing their progressive agenda, then kill them… in minecraft

Newfag here, does any cunt have links, photos or anything here that redpills me about "FBI that lurk here" cause I can't see a government bureau looking at these scattered, autism riddled threads.

And I'm not a Jew…

Jesus no.

You can, but wouldn't it be easier to just go to the F.B.I field office in your area, and pick up the undercover officers, and just cut out the middleman?

We have made one in Finland

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I think Saint Tarrant already told you what to do.

that will not stop muslims and niggers. but still better than doing nothing.

More like every white organization become honeypot if you have than 3 members.

Nobody trust police. You are ZOGbot. Do what your jewish master tell you.

Your job is protecting politicans. Nothing else. If you belive you are some hero, you are wrong. You worse than antifa. You sold your soul to devil.

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does anybody remember moonman? is this meme banned? will it become the first illegal meme?
is moonman a mossad meme intended to support false flags?

because terrorism works.
i would suspect that anyone going through all this trouble would choose somewhere like chicago as a target.

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looks like the neekeripataljon

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