Why (((THEY))) are scared of Tarrant

This will be a re-write of user's post and which will be followed by short excerpt from Curt Doolittle's short piece on the JQ. It will explain why glowniggers are pissing their pants over what just one Aussie chad nationalist did.


Do you know why we can see these false flag screeching idiots? Some say they are actual glowing niggers, shills, etc. A lot probably are. They are shitting their pants about the possibility of copycats and the tremendous danger of a rising white terrorism, which is, inherently, potentially a thousand times more dangerous than terrorism done by low-IQ Arabs.

But, I believe most of those retards are just cowards. Pure cowards. Cowards so through and through, that their malfunctioning brains cannot even physically grasp the mere thought that some regular white guy like Tarrant (without any military background or anything really special about him) could actually not just STAND UP, but also RETALIATE against our degenerate kike system with such power and efficiency.

So, they have to create these ridiculous pants-on-head-retarded scenarios about false flag (although lacking motive and any tangible proof whatsoever), they have to come up with those absurd shit like color of the socks or "vanishing" casings etc. And they are not able to defend those claims, because of how demented they are, but they still believe into this false flag narrative bullshit anyway. Why? Everything but to just think that there is something real going on. Something that may one day knock on their own door. They subconsciously very well know they will not pass this test. And with current acceleration, their hysteria will only rise.

What Tarrant did was also the greatest separation of a wheat from chaff. (He separated the real soldiers on the board from the armchair LARPers.) Tarrant is a hero of a white race and no amount of glowniggers and cowards will ever change that.


Why (((THEY))) are scared of white terrorism

It's actually pretty simple and has to do with the fact that even though whites are currently cucks, we are still the most war-oriented race and literally created warfare as the world know it. We were shaped by it and it's still in our genes. Doolittle explains.

If your gene pool does not have an evolutionary strategy that it can compete with against other groups, then it will fail. Europeans were poor people on the edge of the bronze age who had to rely on small numbers to hold land. To do this they favored technology and a novel kind of cooperation that we call the individualistic and heroic mythos. Jews by contrast were not a landed people, but a migratory one, right at the center of the bronze age explosion, and unsuccessful at holding land.

0) Use small numbers, technology, mobile tactics, professional warriors, and egalitarian enfranchisement in property rights to hold land and animals against competitors.
1) Suppress all free riding, so that everyone produces, leaves, or dies.
2) Break property (land and animals) into family divisions to eliminate free riding
3) Prevent the centralization of power, so that members retain their property.
4) Outbreed so that relations and trust are widespread, and conflict is minimized.
5) Conquer if you can. Raid if you can. Trade if you cannot.
This system is weak unless there is high criteria for entry. The enlightenment weakened that limit on entry, and universal democratic enfranchisement eliminated it.


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Modern Euros were born out of the individualistic and heroic mythos which their ancestor's held for aeons. We are made for war and can function as extremely dangerous people – even in rather small groups. Breivik and Tarrant were a glimpse of that: amateurs operating almost like spec-ops terrorcommandos. Their genes directed them as master killers as they carried out their respective well-designed attack strategies. Both rocked the world. But, as John Mark says in his video, imagine what will happen when white men start doing these attacks in groups. What do you think will happen when paramilitaries form? A city's police force isn't trained to deal with that. They wouldn't know what to do. Military would be required but the military is full of nationalists who may not follow orders. And remember, the police and military only make up roughly 1% of the population. Thus, it's the day whites decide to strike back that the system collapses.

These Jews are pissing their pants! They don't want you to see the video because they fear it may ignite the heroic flame inside our spirits. Too late! We will be seeing you kikes, niggers, and gooks at the business ends of our weapons of choice.


Bonus: sandniggers are shitting their sandpyjamas: arabnews.com/node/1471931/world

>Why (((THEY))) are scared of Tarrant
They're not.

Fucking based. They should be scared.

You're a {[accuse them a a kike, (4)deny their}@(@ kike=\]—————–

Hi, Moshe. Please, fuck off.

This is not true at all. At all. Thinking like this will get people killed and the persistence of such thinking is a strong argument for the sidelining and exclusion of conservatives.

Do you live under a rock? There are hundreds of articles kvetching about how there are NatSocs and fascists in the military. Especially in the upper echelons.

Written by the same people kvetching about Trumpstein, no doubt. It's a process of building bonafides. If there were genuine National Socialists in the military, the country would be a fundamentally different place than it is.
High level military is easily the most ZOGged strata of American society save for central bankers and the pornography industry.

Except we have pictures of these troops flying Swastika flags.

All boomers like you get the rope. Fuck you cowards. You bring dishonor on our ancestors. I honestly wish you'd all fucking die.

Full house checked. Great post OP. It's a nice way to encapsulate the problem and solution: lean into our survival strategy.

He's a troll.

And he posted here so that the mass media can stigmatize Zig Forums and other imageboards and finally exterminate them in the future as they are pretty much the only place left for truly uncensored and free exchange of ideas.

You mean one picture from some small detachment of Australian special forces?

Is English your second language?

And he posted here so that the mass media can stigmatize Zig Forums and other imageboards and finally exterminate them in the future as they are pretty much the only place left for truly uncensored and free exchange of ideas.
Wrong, if worst came to worst we could just go to Tor and post on a board there. THere really isn't anything they can do and that's why they won't shut us down. Plus they like to keep us so they know where we are.

That's one example. There was also that German Spec Ops group a few months back who were planning some kinda genocide.

Keep the violence going. All jews are just inferior genetic defects that can be easily genocided. They have no real power. The white race has. White people are living Gods. It is time to exterminate all other races for being a detriment to our (and only ours) world.

That is literally all it is. They love being edgy and on the fringe of society and it's ideals, they love ti harp about how this must change and that must go back to the natural order - but this forced them to take things to their natural logical conclusion. We aren't waging a war of ideas anymore - we are the Wests last chance at demographic sovereignty and that this isn't a political disagreement over economic policy but an ACTUAL war. And there is no bystanding when War comes to you.


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Baby's first psyop, huh?

Everything is dead you pathetic defeatist. Also, Kek at thinking the normal web is safer than Tor. Oh, it isn't? Oh jeeeez!!!

Translation: I'm a coward and too weak to fight.

My giant robot is nearly complete, Soon, my comrades, soon…

are we done larping?

Now go outside and put up some "It's okay to be White" stickers,

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What a nonsense.

You kikes are so obvious.

Ironically it is, as your data doesn't run over compromised nodes.
Alternatively use Russian VPNs.

Uh, dude…

Another (((terrant))) thread.Im shocked,shocked I tells ya.
Yeah,i know, kill yourself kike.
Never seen this much cucksucking fanboi faggotry.

We didn't talk about encryption at all.

Right behind you tough goy.
If you don't see me when you get there start without me .
And this ((( manlet))) didn't do anything either.Nothing good for us.Maybe he did.
This psyop might backfire on ZOG

CGI from Weta studios.

Did you believe Trump, too, baby? When will you learn your lesson and put your emotions in the trash?

I used to think Tarrant was bullshit in hurting innocents. I still do, but from a "you guys want to win" point of view, the not innocents tend to stab their own more than anyone, so…..

The original Godzilla movies were better than this digital hash.You ever see one of those super low budget action movies where muzzle flash is animated in and the actions on the guns dont even cycle and no brass is ejected?

They're scared of said people because they're either law enforcement, not white, race mixers, degenerates or worst of all COWARDS.

hey Shitheapers

I see you like to delete my posts or even entire threads where you don't like what i say. So much for free speech on Shitheap

Anyway I just want to contribute to the OP

No one is scared of Torrent. He's locked up son!!! He's in for an ass spread daily

White people have always been the craziest mofos shooting up bombing killing people that's nothing new at all.

I don't even know what you mean by false flag

I don't think people care more about "white" terrorism than any other terrorism. Same shit on a different day

I think OP means people are scared of what he's done to accelerate everything… i think.

Literally go back to Reddit.

Accelerate cunts hating on Australians?

reddit sucks too chump

No clue what you're referring too

I wholeheartedly support Tarrant, but to be honest, there was no spec-ops terrorcommandos tacticts in his act. He went in, shot the bastards and went out. He was decisive and cold-blooded though.

To even think that spec-ops tactics would even be necessary to go into a mosque and shoot up a bunch of ppl while they pray. lol

The only variables involved were: number of ppl there, number of exits in the building. That's it. any chump could have done that if they wanted to

Muslims aren't people, aren't human. They are pests. You need to go back.


I also think it is a mistake to assume the military would immediately side with us or anyone for that matter. It's best to assume the worst and be happily surprised when it isn't awful.

There are no 'sides' for most people right now. Cuckservatives are just leftists with some lag so there's pretty much just one side for your average White man. That can change pretty quickly though. Weirdly enough, Sir Tarrant actually gave us some legitimacy. We're shaping into an opposition movement in the shadows.

Conservatives are losers, it's even in the name. One good thing that Trump actually did was show there are alternatives even though he's essentially a (very vain) pressure valve.

Things can change really quickly. Remember how we weren't even on anyone's radar 6 years ago? Remember how they bombed cuck/pol/ because we just kept going? Things are moving even faster now.

You want to have a serious conversation and try to say muslims arent human,
Of course they are fucking human you dipshit
Are you a white with a "high IQ"?
Humans, homo sapiens, look it up

Nope, they are not. And jew niggers like you aren't human either.

Im not muslim, i'm white

Just saying, Torrent had no skills, lucky because he didnt need any

Also, its lucky he had the money to afford to do that

In the first shooting I estimate 6-8 magazines with 30 rounds in each were used, that's about 240 bullets. I calculate, including the car, the whole operation may have cost $40,000-$50,000.

Ok nice one sir
You're a fucking cocksmoker

You are a nigger for simply not understanding that a single white guy with no military background exterminated 50 invaders in the span of half an hour or so.
Mudslimes can't have such a high level on efficiency even if they attack in groups and in overpopulated cities. That's why they tend to blow themselves up in the most crowded areas, since they understand they are unable maximize the death toll due to being inbred low iq morons.

Have some jewish candy

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An invader/occupier is not an innocent you retard. As soon as they step on our soil they are enemy combatants.

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he forgot to include the plane tarrant used to fly to NZ
what an amateur

(((They))) only have power while people openly advocate for white replacement. They need to fear opening their mouths

I don't know about your country but her at least half police and half army are crypto neo-nazi.

Your parents were not innocent when they made you take a shower.

He should have shot them for violating the NAP.

sources ?

Go fellate a shotgun you brown eyed mongrel.

sources? my experience. i don't say they are all secret sleeping cells who will start revolution on command. simply guys who like guns and abuse others. not exatly our guys just like neo-nazi idiots are not exactly our guys. but if they have to chose if they kill white or non white, they kill non white.

I theorize that he posted here because this (((place))) is already public and it tends to deradicalize faggots and waste a lot of their time who might otherwise be frying some dark and/or kosher eggs.

There are Zig Forumss on Tor and zeronet already; the kikes will have to make the internet wholly unusable before they can stop Zig Forums.

They just Shill this Tarrant Hero Of The White Race to death don’t they.
Mods should put a Star Of David on top of every one of these threads

I assume this is addressed to your fellow jidf kikes?


I see you

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wtf i love israel now

Great. Another thread where glowniggers are pushing their false prophet. Trump supporters are more organic than this shit.

great. another cuck who thinks we can win war without violence. when 70% of Zig Forums support someone, it is not glowniggers works. looks like you are cuck who think that you will survive white genocide be being nice to others.

You are a coward that cares more about a fucking image board than the truth and your own race.
You are disgusting. I am sickened that I share a board with a coward such as you.

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It seems to me, that the reaction is always the same, regardless of what we do. I don't understand why certain weakling cuckolds here still cling to a certain one of those things while virulently disavowing others. They probably listen to too many alt-kike talk shows to get their ideas. NPCs are everywhere, even in circles that call themselves "red pilled".

You’re WAY overestimating there
The entire operation could be done for less than five grand with a possibility of never being caught either (if it was executed properly that is)


they want to replace all white people. these people act like white leftist crying about white males. your head will be on chopping block anyway. enemy don't care about your optics.

Nothing is coming. No one is doing anything. Your false flag is meaningless to how whites actually behave.

Okay, no one believes you.

dumb user written by a capitalist

Guys don't read capitalist recycled drivel like the dumb user op. It's revisionism.

Did Jews use violence, at least the way (((Tarrant))) did?

The pushback won't come in the form of national socialism. National Socialism failed.
The pushback will come in the form of a reawakening of white identity which will most certainly be christian in nature.
The jews will probably try to cuck it, and in order to prevent that cucking, it may be smart to push all the swastikas and gay larping to the side.
National Socialism is a non-starter because of the stigma behind it. Take the good parts of National Socialism and repackage them into something else that is more modernized and with a better name, but don't for a second think anything with the words "National Socialism" will take hold in any of the white(for now) western democracies.

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Besides what OP said, the false flag is obviously overcomplicated for one simple reason: they don't need a false flag to get us to fight back. Even slaves and inmates rebel and rise up at some point (whether or not they can free themselves is another story). From my POV, the reaction is natural and possibly even desired by (((them))). You don't just flood the west with millions of violent muslims and africans without expecting some kind of negative reaction. It will come sooner or later. The only danger is whether they can they use it to justify enslaving us further. Seems like the hijab-wearing PM in New Zealand is going down that path, but there's a lot of resistance by the public (almost nobody is turning in their guns for example). Maybe we're not quite a cucked as they were hoping.

They don't need to compromise Tor, since it's much easier to instead MITM at the reverse proxy layer (cuckflare), where the "SSL is added and removed here :^)", thus allowing them to easily inject any spyware/malware javascript they want. With Tor, there are tons of nodes, and they can't control all of them.

If you advocate against white genocide you are considered a nazi anyways. The only path to survival is to rehabilitate the image of National Socialism to the average person and clear away the jewish lies, so that when you are considered a nazi (and you will be) it will not be considered a bad thing. Anything else leads to extinction.

You need to be less obvious schlomo. You want us to fail, thats why you push this trash.

You couldn't be more obvious as a piece of shit jew if you tried. Only a jew would be so triggered by the mere notion that kikes lie about National Socialism.

It's hilarious watching half the white nationalists saying its a false flag and the other half saying Tarrant is a Saint who is an inspiration and both sides accuse each other of being Jews.

Jews don't have to tear you down, you tear each other down much more successfully lol

Correct. We need to forge our own path forward that will have ZERO to do with (((jewish government))) their system. We don't function like them all their systems and ideas are death. We are going to build something new on Earth, something wonderful.

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Prophet Tarrant.

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no one believes you too. you are just lame shill

That's a shit plan, since we'll just end up moving to decentralized chans. Wait, did you actually think we're just going to stop shitposting?

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>Did Jews use violence, at least the way (((Tarrant))) did?
Palestine, ISIS, Mossad, Holodomor, Civil war in Wiemar republic. Jews use violence in same and similar ways like Tarrant did.

No, no one expects whites to ever actually fight back or do anything other than whine about their problems on honeypot websites.

More like it expose that half of white nationalists are just useless cucks who expect to win war by upvoting Mark Collet's videos.

Niggers love to talk about how tough they are.
But I haven't seen one of these cianiggers practicing what they preach and following in the footsteps of their "saint".
Not one.
Shut your fucking kike mouth and fuck off.

Not like this first white terrorist attack. And you know it is not last one. What is your plan to remove non whites from europe? Be voting AfD?

People who are asleep don't fight back. Talking is always the first step, as nothing can be done without awareness and understanding. The MSM has done us a great favor by mentioning this site. They would have been better to remain silent.

Exactly! That 'family values' kike lesbian cunt who is allied with Goldman Sachs and China will save us from the mean ol' semitic filth (kike and turkic/sabbatean satanists)…you will see user. If we don't do anything at all but sit with our fingers wedged firmly up our ass the INVADERS will get bored of raping and murdering our children, subverting our nations and just 'go away'. We won't have to kill them or burn them with fire to get them to leave…this will be an 'invasion' like no other invasion that has ever taken place…(kek)

Great job, chief.

FTFY. It was always a one-way street.

stay mad

I will send you all my plans just as soon as I find my EVIDENCE folder. I seem to have misplaced it. Forgot it at McDonald's I'm thinking now.

The shit you're trying, it's a little infuriating. Is it that you think I'm stupid, or is it that you're fucking stupid and can't do any better?