The triggering continues

I’m ready for another operation boys. Which politician are we going to spam next? Meme war 2020 has already started and I haven’t seen much action yet. It’s time to start operations.

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No one gives a fuck. It's a choice between a ChiCom democrat and a cuckservative mega-zionist who refuses to do anything but give israel shekels.

I understand what you’re saying but it doesn’t mean we should just cuck out and let 2020 pass us up.

Underage = ban
Fuck off faggot and stop spamming the catalog with your trash.

Pass us up how? Another four years of a crypto jew zionist or do we vote for chicom welfare state instead? Personally, I'm an Aussie so I think you should vote for Yang so we can watch your country collapse in real time. This is the last year you'll be able to vote republican anyway because you've already lost the demographic war. Just bit the bullet.

The times of the soapbox and the ballot box have come and gone. Trump's treason was the last drop. Now is the time of the ammo box. You cannot vote away the people who want you dead and your culture buried. And no, "triggering libruls" is not a valid political goal.

Go back to preaching about how you love Hitler and being a do nothing cuck as the demoncats campaign. The midterms were a failure and 2020 could be too unless you get off your fat fucking ass, faggot.

This. Trigrering le librulls is fucking gay. It's not politics. You aren't funny. It's just gay. And it's a waste of time. The only legit option now is accelerationism.

Tulsi/Yang/Bernie are all good.

Like it or not, no one is starting a revolution. So we are going to settle for someone.

So what you want us to do is vote for your Zog emperor? You realise democrats aren't actually conservatives right? They're just liberals, which means they're leftwing.

So what’s the plan for accelerationism?

that question proves you don't even know what it is. Filtered for low IQ. Come back when you're 150.

So what are you going to do for 2020? Nothing?

As I mentioned, retard, I'm Australian – so I'm going to be laughing from the other side of the world as your last Republicuck president is a Zionist Philosemite huckster who sold you out.

I do know what it is. I just want to know what the next move

Then you’re fucking useless.

So you don't know. That's not a question that needs to exist if you do. What foundational texts have you read on it? Have you even read Land's contributions to the field? Obviously not.

Go back to the Zognald on Reddit, you cuckservative faggot. We don't care about your Zionist Israel-worshipping piece of shit president because we are above triggering liz for teh lulz.

t. rod rosenstein

t. some fucking teen faggot from cuckchan who migrated from the r/the_zognald

Speaking hard but you won’t do shit to accelerate anything, cucklord. You saying you’re above shitposting and trollery is code name for being a giant fucking pussy.

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I own the /translation/ board and I've already helped translate his manifesto into over 15 languages. I'm also publishing it on and importing it into bookstores, worldwide. You are a projecting LARPer.

So, we are at the race war now and there is no turning back huh? Shit talking aside, I really wanna know your thoughts on this

Not necessarily but we are slowly shifting onto the path of civil war and that is the path of our salvation. We all know it is. Cuckservatives and Demorats aren't going to stop replacing unless something huge happens. I'm all for making that happen. Personally, I want to destroy our post-industrial world. It is a mistake and a corruption of good.

Hello there my fellow antifa meme master. we must spam ronald drumpf as much as possible. have you collected your george soros money voucher yet? your memeing is worth money, so make it count. if you haven't received the money you can redeem it in methamphetamine at the local synagogue or jewish school. always look for the star of david symbol on your drug packet, this will help fund your brother memers at the jidf.

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There are shit tons of centrists who can be redpilled, people need to reach out to them. Translations are good but folks need to be on the ground talking to them if they want any real success. A legitimate party needs to be created because there will be a power vacuum once all the dust settles.

Meme wars are part of pop culture, they do work.
But I think you may be right about voting, which makes memes irrelevant. People are ready to kill each other at this point.

Patrick Little names the (((JEW)))
How come Zig Forums does not discuss him much?

Pedophiles for Biden

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lol no

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No we are not. We are going to accelerate and kill our enemies.


I'm not going to do anything that can be turned into something pro-Trump, like happened to the NPC meme.

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And it's not going to be Trumpenstein.

Dear God I need to bleach my eyes from seeing that abomination of a meme. It’s not even that it’s about Trump, that shit looks like you made it in Microsoft Word

Your meme is bad and you should feel bad

Trump is getting from me in 2020, what he's put in for the White race in 2016 to 19… absolutely nothing. I put in God knows how much time last election getting that Zionist Supreme into power (I even put my own money to pay for Ubers for poorfags to go vote for Trump), and was stabbed in the back. If Patrick Little or another actual fascist runs as a Republican, I'll vote in the primary for him. But if not I'm just going to vote for whatever the most accelerationist candidate is.

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Vote for Ilhan Omar posters in Jewish neighborhoods.

Subscribe to PewDiePie posters near mosques.

Voting solves nothing you 4cuck refugee faggot

Actually doing things on this board was banned after Tsar Nicholas Rulecuckov was overthrown.


Doesn't fit the kike mods narrative of course

its ok to vote white

How can the Cadre Kushner crew try to push us in to helping the Zog Emperor if Patrick Little is recognized as the White candidate?

Political solutions are no longer viable. We've entered the era of meme shooters

No refunds, fag

Get out.

It also doesn't mean we should cuck out and shill for a party that hates white people.
fuck off.

Despite Trump figuratively being in bed with (((them))), we also know that's it's required to have (((their))) blessing to be able to do anything in US politics. Anyone speaking out against (((them)) are labeled as anti-semites. Trump was born from Christian parents, and his father did not like Jews, meaning he was probably warned about their conniving ways. He has been taking steps to prevent immigration and he is continously fighting the (((democrats))) and their (((leftist))) bullshit. He may not be the ultimate personification for the ideal anti-Zionist, but he repeatedly puts wrenches into their plans. Considering (((Bernie Sanders))) and (((Mark Zuckerberg))) are running, he's currently the best bet as he has also gathered much public support with his high employment rates.

I still believe that he will drain the swamp. The rhetoric of the Fake News will be unearthed and be traced back to (((them))), mark my words.

Oh boy the votecucking has already started, can't wait for half the board to get permabanned again.

Because he attacked Saint Fields, Saint Bowers, and Saint Tarrant. And is mingeling with (((KIKE PENOVICH))).

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Why do you trumpniggers bother shilling here?

Trump is jewish on his father's side.

The only propaganda you need to focus on is #IsrealFirst and #NoWallNoSecondTerm or something in those concepts. #Accelerate etc… Agree and Amplify absurd jewish and leftard talking points and blast them at apolitical demoralized whites.

Trump's father:
His grandparents: &
None are or look Jewish.
Where's your source for this claim?

Kill yourself you jew fuck.

Kike Little IS a jew.